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Safeway Vons Customer Experience Survey

How was your last shopping experience at Safeway Vons? Take Safeway Vons Customer Experience Survey and tell if you have easily found what you need and you were served well. You will have a chance to win $100 Safeway Gift Cards. To be legal to win, you must be a resident of the 50 United States, District of Columbia (U.S.), and Canada (excluding Quebec) age 18 or older at the time of entry, or if a Canadian resident, who are above the age of majority in the province or territory in which they reside at the time of entry.

Safeway Vons Customer Survey Guide

Just take a few minutes to finish the survey, you may be the lucky one:

  • Visit Safeway Customer Survey page (See Reference Link 1)
  • Read the sweepstakes official rules (See Reference Link 2)
  • Enter the date, time and survey code located at the bottom of your receipt

Safeway Customer Survey

  • Rate your overall satisfaction with the overall quality of the products offered in the store, the overall availability of the products you intended to buy, etc

Safeway Customer Survey

  • Answer several general questions about your visit

Safeway Customer Survey

  • Enter your contact information to win one of five $100 gift cards upon completion of the survey

Safeway Customer Survey

About Safeway Vons
Vons is a Southern California supermarket chain and a division of Safeway which offers high quality brands at low prices. Safeway brands include  brands, including the Safeway, O Organics, Eating Right, Open Nature, Bright Green, Safeway SELECT, Signature Café and more.

Reference Links

  1. Safeway Vons Customer Survey Link: www.vonssurvey.net
  2. Safeway Vons Customer Survey Sweepstakes Official Rules
  3. Safeway Official Site: www.safeway.com

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Rating 4.220votes

  1. Rated 5

    I always have good experience when I come in to get my bagel in the morning at our Vons #3330 671 Rancho Sante Fe Shauna is very helpful and always has a lovely smile on her face

  2. Rated 5

    I can’t get the survey to accept my information.but Thomas at the Temecula store on rancho California Rd. Helped save my day. Combo clerk Thomas found my phone in the parking lot. Thanks over and over again.
    I have

  3. Rated 5

    Maria & Bia, two of the ladies that work at the bakery department at the Liberty Station, San Diego Vons store are awesome. They both went out of their way to make up a fruit tort that I needed for desert that evening. They were pleasant, courteous & very helpful. They made up a beautiful, delicious, desert for my family.

  4. Rated 2

    your website is as bad as your machines at self check out. went to 2 machines and had problems with both.
    now i remember why i would rather spend my money at another grocery store that doesn’t have 5 people in each line and self check out that works right.

  5. Rated 5

    We have been shopping at our Vons #2613 on Sky Point Dr in Las Vegas. We were shopping picking up many of the specials. One of the specials we use the app to get the special price. It required some technical knowledge to download the app on our phone. Taneshia our cashier took the time to help us get the app so we could take advantage of the special price. She was patient and very kind. I always seek her out when I check out because she is so pleasant and helpful. I hope you recognize her in some special way because she went over and above the normal kind service we receive at this store. We have been going to this store for over 17 years. Thanks, John and Shauna Oblad

  6. Rated 5

    My comment is for the outstanding service from MARIBEL always meets you with a smile and a nice
    comment Maribel is always on the move fixing and helping her fellow workers and customers
    She makes shopping a pleasure and I always look for her line even if I have to wait longer.
    I have been business for 40 year and had as many 100 employees it would have been a pleasure to
    have her in my employ. I know she would have been in a management position. Maribel is very pleasant even in the rush hour. thank you William Hassoldt store location Rolling Hills Est.rated 10 out of 10 I would rate her 100% all the time

  7. Rated 4

    Meagan at the Poway Vons #2349 was extremely helpful by bringing my attention to an expired package of
    sushi. Normally I am very diligent about noting expiration dates but did not notice this one. I am very
    grateful to her for caring to notice and inform me.

  8. Rated 2

    My highest praise for those who can figure out or have the time to figure Von’s monopoly game.

  9. Rated 5

    Moses was kind and very efficient. I just wanted it to be known. Way to go in having such good employees like him. I’ve also had great experiences with all the kids that work in the deli.

  10. Rated 5


    The bakery did a great job on my birthday cake on 4/24/16. Sarah B. in bakery was great!

  11. Rated 5

    While shopping at store # 2826 on Eastlake Pkwy in Chula Vista, Ca on 4/13/17, I had the pleasure of being served by one of your floor managers named Sara. Pleasant and courteous as anyone could possibly model as a prototype employee, I even ran into her again at the checkout stand and watched her work her magic on other customers in line. It all made for a great shopping experience—–Thank you for having her on your team. Sincerely Maude Tate

  12. Rated 1

    I have been a customer at Vons for over 30 years! I’ve been faithful with continuous shopping at the Vons store. Tonight will mark an end to myseyand family shopping at the Vons in La Verne. The checkers name was Jacqueline . I’ve never experienced such a horrible customer service from this store.? I will never be back. Today’s date is April 12, 2017. Store number 2832

  13. Rated 5

    Today, Saturday March 25, 2017, I received outstanding service in the Vons Bakery store #2390. Both Rhonda and Francesca both went above and beyond to assist me with my bakery needs. They took time to ensure that all of my bakery items were fresh and had very sweet attitudes.

  14. Rated 1

    Horrible service by Jose ( manager ) at vons on 30th in north park

  15. Rated 5

    I shop at the Turnpike Santa Barbara Vons. I enjoy my time there, and Marlene is there to check me out. She’s absolutely great – so friendly and nice.

    Now about this survey. I have been trying for an hour to get this done! Would you please make it a little easier for folks to use the survey. My purchase date was 3/11/17. I can’t read the code on the sales slip. PLEASE MAKE THIS EASIER!!! My name is Nancy Tanner and my e-mail is Ladytanner@aol.com. I tried to put it in above, but I can’t see it. When I click on it, I can see it for a moment then it’s gone. So you have all my info.

  16. Rated 4

    Terrific selection fresh produce along with exceptional customer service .

  17. Rated 5

    There are three Vons stores within FOUR miles of my neighborhood. The Store Manager, Cynthia Rowe, went beyond the usual great customer service today along with her associates Arturo and another fellow who assisted a long time special needs customer at the Redondo Beach Riviera Village Vons. THANKS for continued great service and community minded kindness to all the employees that rotate through the store and especially Cynthia, Arturo, George,Roman, and Rennita for their attention this last year.

  18. Rated 5

    I visit very often Vons at valley center dr. location to have a sandwich at the deli station, and every time that this lady Roza makes me a sandwich I have the best experience, she makes the best sandwiches I ever had,Thank you Roza!!!.

  19. Rated 5

    Vons in Mission Oaks is wonderful…. Robert Ordes is the best manager always helpful and courteous to all his customers.

  20. Rated 5

    Vons in Mission Oaks is great… It has everything I need and more. Clean and the manager Bob Ordes is the best!!!

  21. says:

    My store is Vons in Pasadena on California.
    Ran in to buy baked goods and had the most wonderful guy, Fernando help out with selections we needed. He went above and beyond!
    I would hire him in a heartbeat!

  22. says:

    Magda Aranda of meat department in store 2130 on Bonita avenue was the most friendly helpful person I have met at Vons. She was so gracious so helpful when we were looking for marrow bones for our dogs on January 13, 2017. I’ve never written one of these before but she was exceptional.

  23. says:

    I shop regularly, in fact almost every day as I have 3 adult students, living with me. The Vons store I use on Balboa & Genesee in San Diego, CA.
    We have a new store manager< Brian that in my opinion is a great manager as I see him very often, "Walking The Store", checking inventories in all departments ,speaking with service managers and even engaging and helping customers. He even jumps on a register when the store is very busy. Kathy on self service is a delight and always helps me when time permits to bag my groceries and is so efficient and personable. Recently I sprained my ankle and couldn't walk in the store and Gabriel in Accounting along with the always polite, Steven helped me out while I waited in my car.Cody and Tanner have diligently helped my at the front desk, always professionally. The baggers Jordan and, JR and Melinda are very special young people that are also very caring , polite and good service people. Whenever I find an out of stock item that I really want Andrea has come to the rescue. Even Gio, in Produce, helped one of my students find some items when she shopped for me. Joe in Deli was also a great help over the phone with me, during the holidays and made sure to call me to tell me where my special orders were at because he wasn't in there the day of pick-up. I miss Harry who is on leave at present as do so many customers. Betty is also very special. All in all this store has some outstanding employees. I know this is a lot of people to acknowledge, and oh I forgot Irene in Floral who does a great job of delighting us all with beautiful displays as we walk in the front door. I use to direct a store years ago so I know what it takes. I spend a lot of money in this store each week because it is convenient, well run professionally, has a great inventory of more than 100,000 items, a great amount of organic choices and is fun to shop there. It feels like a Family and my Family has good food because of this store. Sincerely,

  24. says:

    December 03,2016
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    Once again my family and I want to thank and compliment Brittary Munford and Patty Beakers Department of your Vones store San Diego CA north park, for the excellent service and the awesome cake decoretion they mad and had sold us for my daughter’s birthday.
    Because of Brittary, Patty, and the Maneger who was on duty that day we bought, more cupcake.

    The cake display was very beautiful and the arrangements looks an art form. we’d like to buy everything in the display case.
    Please tell Brittary Munford and Patty “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! from Genet, Leah and The whole family”
Leah Zekarias

  25. says:

    December 25, 2016

    Merry Christmas~!

    Once again my family and I want to thank and compliment Mark Paszkowski, Meat Department Manager of your Hesperia store, for his continued excellent service and the awesome selections of meat he has sold us when shopping at your store this year and past years.

    Because of Mark, this year we bought, grilled or roasted cuts of special steaks and roasts–some of which we had never tried before.

    Mark always cuts our meat perfectly, making the transition from store to freezer smooth and easy. And the meat we buy from him is always delicious~!

    Mark’s meat display cases are always spotless and his arrangements of meat and fish are almost an art form. The produce is so greatly appealing that we often remark that we’d like to buy everything in the display case~!

    Mark outranks all meat department managers we know due to his consistent friendliness, outstanding service, great meat and fish selections, cleanliness of his department and great staff.

    Please tell Mark and his staff “Merry Christmas from Nita Ryan and David Williams” and also that we will see him early 2017~!

    Nita Ryan
    David Williams

  26. says:

    I like to thank Cynthia at Vons in West Covina for her willingness to assist any Vons customers. She always has a smile and does not complain even when old people like me ask dumb questions. SHe is an asset to VOns. PLease don’t take her away from West Covina.

  27. says:

    Today, I rec’d suboptimal service @ the Eagle Rock Von’s (#2655)
    ANTHONY is so arrogant & rude!
    He was adamant about an item which is not sold @ this Von’s. He implied I was stupid. In his arrogance, he did not give me my $2.05 change until I requested it. He said “I didn’t count it becuz I thought you gave me exact change.” Then he gave me a dime instead of a nickel. I told him he gave me too much. He said “don’t worry about it’ ???? I felt very uncomfortable. I don’t want anything extra, just what I paid for!
    He’s so arrogant & stuck up that another customer & employee overheard me complaining & they said, “oh, you mean Anthony,(she knew exactly whom I was talking about) & you should see how it is to work for him”.!
    This guy is a jerk & doesn’t deserve to work for Von’s. Send him to Super King! Get rid of him now!!!

  28. says:

    Cynthia in the bakery is such a doll. She is super sweet and extremely polite!!

  29. says:

    I would like to recommend an employee that has given outstanding service to my Vons store here in Moorpark. This employees first name is DIANNE. If I had to rate her performance I would rate her as a 10. She has given outstanding customer service, and make shopping at this store an outstanding experience.

    A.C. Angel

    • says:

      Once again my experience with my local Vons is outstanding. I would like to recommend cashier Donna as one of the outstanding employees, and I would rate this lady as a big 10. I would like my opinion to be published for the record. This store is always top notch.

    • says:

      Once again my experience with my local Vons is outstanding. I would like to recommend cashier Dianne as one of the outstanding employees, and I would rate this lady as a big 10. I would like my opinion to be published for the record. This store is always top notch.

  30. says:

    I love shopping at Vons not only because it is convenient, clean but also and importantly because of employees who are very friendly, helpful and courteous in particular is Erika Letzring a cashier and sometimes a bagger. Well done Erika, GOOD JOB !!! =)

  31. says:

    Fix the damn survey site. This is the third time I have went in and always says “thanks for your response but this site is not available at this time.”

  32. says:

    Shawn in the malibu pavilions clearly cares that the Customers get the very best product for their personal taste and also value for the money. He goes above and beyond every single time I see him. His knowledge and spirit are not only a positive reflection of him, but of the stores Senior Mgt. I can buy alcohol anywhere, but can’t get this level of service, which is why I always come back. Shawn is very smart and so nice. People wait in line to talk to him!

  33. says:

    Shawn in the Malibu Pavilions Liquor Department is very nice and extremely knowledgable. He should be complimented. He works very hard and is very helpful to all the Customers.

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