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TruGreen Customer Satisfaction Survey

Are you satisfied with the service of TruGreen? Or do you have any ideas to help TruGreen do better? Leave your suggestions and opinion through the Customer Satisfaction Survey, and TruGreen will value your feedback and try to improve its products and services.

TruGreen Customer Satisfaction Guide

  • Visit TruGreen customer satisfaction survey page
  • Fill the branch number located on you invoice. If you have problem, you can click for help

TruGreen Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Enter the customer ID up to 6 digit

TruGreen Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Please provide us with your email address so they can send you valuable tips and information about your lawn

TruGreen Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Rate your overall satisfaction with your Trugreen service

TruGreen Customer Satisfaction Survey

About TruGreen
TruGreen is the largest lawn and landscape services provider in the United States. It offers specific care for customers lawn at different stages. It has specialties in Lawn Care, Landscaping, Lawn, Tree and Shrub Fertilization.

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  1. TruGreen Customer Satisfaction Survey Link: www.trugreen-survey.com
  2. TruGreen Official Site: www.trugreen.com

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Rating 4.215votes

  1. Rated 5

    Can not use your web site. Specialist Javier Correa, branch # 5850, Rocky Hill, CT should receive a 10 for his work. Customer # 7001059200.

  2. Rated 5

    Cannot use your survey site but want to give my lawn specialist a rate of 10. Mike H with Branch #5771 does a great job caring for my lawn and always takes the time to listen to my questions and to give me answers. Thanks Mike for a job well done! Customer # 7003680257

  3. Rated 5

    After several phone calss to the Monroeville trugreen location and them telling me when i am scheduled for service and no body showing up to discuss a lawn problem that developed in my lawn somebody finally showed up. While discussing the problem he told mew that he does not know what caused the bare/dead grass area in my lawn. I was sheduled for service the following week and when the tech arrived I discussed the problem with him,His name is Jonathan Jozefczyk. He was very helpful and considerate. He treated the lawn and now I have a waiting period to see the results. I would rate him about a 4 or 5 if the problem is resolved

  4. Rated 5

    Would like to give my lawn specialist a rate of 10 his name is Rob Hover very considerate and tells me what to do for my lawn e hen I can!! Thanks Nancy Koop

  5. Rated 1

    Your company is horrible, not customer friendly at all. Only Leon Hopkins was very friendly, helpful and actually reached back to me every time i called because Jeff Hall definately did not care.

  6. Rated 5

    My new technician, William Conway, was a real professional. He answered my every question and showed that he was really concerned about my lawn. His willing to go the extra mile to attack my problem and to follow up means great customer to me. Looking forward to having William to service my lawn.

  7. Rated 1

    My technician burned my lawn I called they were sending out a manager instead they sent back the technician, who asked me what did I want him to do and should he retreat?
    If he is suppose to be the expert lawn care technician why would he be asking me what to do– if I knew lawn care why would I hire a company who is supppse to help me get my lawn nice– I have gotten more advice and suggestion from my landscaper thank god becasue he pointed out the red thread in my yard (which I had no idea) and he told me to water my lawn to heal the burn that my lawn care expert did. Why when I called on the phone did they not suggest that I water to see if it helped and I also have a fungus — that my landscaper told me I had no my lawn care expert who still did not notice I had fungus (leaf spot )
    Very disappponted in this company

  8. Rated 5

    Does a good and though job, real pleased with service, got a good personality. His #5769. customer #7001402123

  9. Rated 1

    Note: Last Wednesday I had an unauthorized sales call from TruGreen – He did not have any identification.
    He refused to take – “No I was not interested as an answer”. I reported this incident to the TruGreen Company.
    Note we have had several break-ins in our area this last year.

    City of Defiance Ohio Municipal Code – Reads as follows:


    No person shall enter upon the premises of a private residence for the purpose of soliciting
    orders for the sale of goods or services for profit unless licensed as a peddler in accordance with this chapter.
    (Ord. 6067. Passed 10-26-99.)

  10. Rated 5

    Couldn’t Use Site. Rick Hackenberg branch 5785 did a great job on my lawn. Very profession. Knows what he is doing. Thank you Rick.

  11. Rated 5


  12. Rated 5


  13. Rated 5

    I couldn’t use this site, it has something wrong. It was not active, and i couldn’t write anything.
    I am very happy with Mr. Callum # 08968. He was very friendly, and so helpful. He answered all my questions. I am very satisfied with his service. Thank you

  14. Rated 5

    I am very happy with my specialist Mr . Parker# 049583. He came to my house and did a wonderful job. He is very kind and friendly. He opened up my eye to a lot of things that I did know about my lawn. His professional is great and I recommend him to any one. He really cares about helping people and giving the right advice when it comes to your lawn.

  15. Rated 5

    I was very happy with our specialist Larry Tennant #57503. He explained what service he would be providing today. He spoke kindly, very approachable and looked me in the eye. I appreciate his knowledgeable manner as we discussed treatments. He is happy to help with out being “pushy”. I would recommend him to any of my friends because he would service them well. He wants to do a good job and that is goal. I appreciate his attitude, he focus is not all about money. I would love to have him be my regular Trugreen lawn specialist.

  16. says:

    2/1/2017 Our new TrueGreen agent is Robert Brown. His specialist # is 52955. We live in the Palm Harbor area. I would like to leave a positive response regarding Robert. He has become our favorite specialist of all time! He told me that when we are gone, he does not leave the paper notice on our front door, which is exactly what we want. If we are home/in town, he leaves his message, and talks to us about our lawn. He is mature, knowledgable, and friendly. We hope to maintain his services for a long time!

  17. says:

    October 11th Joseph Rodgers service my lawn, aeration and seeding. He answered my questions, is knowledgeable, showed interest in doing a good job. I was very satisfied with his service.

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