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T.J.Maxx Customer Satisfaction Survey

Do you like your most recent T.J.Maxx visit? They are hosting an online customer survey to get your feedback. Upon completion of the survey, you will join its monthly customer satisfaction sweepstakes which offers a $500 T.J.Maxx gift card. As the place with brand name and designer fashions for you and your family members, you will get the latest fresh item not the same as any other store selling thousands of similar clothes. The sweepstakes of this customer survey is a monthly sweepstakes. Please do not miss the time.

T.J.Maxx Customer Satisfaction Survey Guide

  • To start the survey, you will need to enter the survey number, your visiting date and time.All those information are printed at the bottom of your receipt.

 T.J.Maxx Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • If you did not have a receipt on hand or visit T.J.Maxx recently, you can still join the sweepstakes by hand print your name, address, contact information and email address on a card and send it to T.J.Maxx customer satisfaction sweepstakes team.

About T.J.Maxx
T.J.Maxx vision to grow TJX to be a global, $40 billion value retailer is as clear as it has ever been. They operate a focused portfolio of four large divisions, which together represent tremendous growth potential for TJX in the U.S. and internationally. With over 2,900 stores today, T.J.Maxx see the potential to grow to up to approximately 4,500 stores long term with their current portfolio in current markets. Importantly, T.J.Maxx is proud of our ability to invest for the long term while simultaneously driving strong, consistent sales and earnings growth and returns for shareholders.

Reference Links

  1. T.J.Maxx Customer Satisfaction Survey official link: www.tjmaxxfeedback.com and www.tjmaxfeedback.com
  2. T.J.Maxx Customer Satisfaction Survey official rules
  3. T.J.Maxx official link:  www.tjmaxx.com

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  1. Rated 5

    I just interviewed with TJ Maxx in Langhorne. Pa. I was very nervous, after being interviewed I realized how impressed I was with the assist manager. I feel this Co. has a wonderful interview process. They made me feel they care about employees needs as well as Corp. needs. I was made to feel relaxed and actually excited to be part of this team.

    Tina M

  2. Rated 5

    We always go to the TJ Max store on 76th street in Milwaukee WI to shop. You have an awesome employee that is in the fitting room department. Just by shopping at the store we have become to know Mary Ellen and she always remembers us when my wife tries on clothes. An awesome personality and a kind person. She always thanks the customers when they take the clothes and says thank you for shopping at TJ Max. She deserves a god star for awesome customer service.

  3. Rated 5

    We love tj maxx we always get great deals and are able to find the brand’s my son loves with great prices…0360064239

  4. Rated 5

    MS.Crystal have excellent customer service.from Tjmaxx 0804025368

  5. Rated 1

    I was very unsatisfied with the customer service I received at the Williamsville store. I was returning a dress because I have lost a good amount of weight and it is now to big. I have the receipt and tags and never wore it but the manager and another girl both would not give me store credit because I bought it 2 yrs ago. They said they could not verify that it was a dress from your store simply because the tag was not attached to the dress. The tag & receipt both had the store name on them. I feel this is totally ridiculous. I could understand if I had no receipt or tags. I was very angry and may not ever purchase from your store again unless this can be corrected. Thank you in advance for your time.

  6. Rated 5

    Went to TJ Maxx & Homegoods store in Pensacola, Fla in May, 2017. I paid for all my items and returned to Orange Beach, Ala. As I was going through my packages, I realized a pair of earrings I purchased were not in my bag. My receipt reflected that they had not charged me for the earrings and were just overlooked when checking me out. I called the store and spoke with Tish Reyes. I can’t say enough about this employee! She was wonderful. I explained what had happened and she not only said she would try and locate the earrings, she sent me pictures so that I could point them out to ensure they still had the ones I wanted. They did still have them and Tish mailed to me to my address in Mississippi. I have shopped at many TJ Maxx stores but never have I received this level of customer service!!! I can’t say enough!! Most stores would have just blown me off and not have bothered with me but Tish went beyond and made this lady happy. I got my earrings!!!!! Thank you Tish and your manager!!!

  7. Rated 5

    I just wanted to comment on the excellent service and (quite frankly) attitude and personality of Cynthia High, at the store in Bridgewater, NJ.

  8. Rated 5

    Morgan at the TJ Max in Willoughby OH provided superior customer service. Thank you, Morgan!!

  9. Rated 5

    I was shopping at the TJMaxx in Mill creek Utah and I must say it is one of my favorite stores to shop at. best service and top quality service clerks….Cindy was extremely helpful with helping me find Sunglasses and also informed me if I needed anything else to just come ask her and she would be more then happy to help me

  10. Rated 5

    I love this store, never a problem, people are fantastic! ! The only problem I have is trying to sign up for your chance to win anything. But thats ok, I still love this store. Thank you.Shevonn34@gmail.com.

  11. Rated 5

    I shopped at the TJMax in Dickson city Pennsylvania and I must say it is one of my favorite stores to shop at. best service and top quality service clerks.

  12. Rated 2

    The survey would not load

  13. Rated 1

    Me gusta comprar en TJ Max por la calidad de las cosas

  14. Rated 1

    On 03/03/17 at around 5:30 pm. I went to your Wall Street location 14 wall st. I had the worst experience. I actually came in to exchange a dress I brought at the 59th street location. I exchanged a dress I brought online for a wedding for march 11th. I’m on crunch time. The dress was beautiful but too tight. I got lucky to find another emerald greene dress at the 59 th st. Location. So just to check a store I never been into. I visited the wall st. Location. This is why I need to contact corporate. I shop online and many locations throughout Brooklyn & Manhattan. I’m always pleased with my findings. I shop online with TJMAXX like social media stalker on instagram or face book. I just can’t stay off the site. Let me explained this horrible experience. I’m looking at everything, things I didn’t come to buy. But I’m so tempted. As I’m walking around the store a associate short Caucasian with short blonde hair ask about the Stewart wieztmen shoes I had in my hand and she asked if I need a basket. Yes I did. She was very nice and upbeat and helpful with her opinion about the emerald Greene dress I brought from 59 th st. And that particular shoe. The shoe didn’t compliment the dress. I see I was impulse shopping. I gave her back those shoes. I continued shopping. I found 3 pair of jeans I thought were great. Again I didn’t come to purchase jeans. I came to see if you had another beautiful dress that I may like better than the one I purchased from your 59th st. Store. Another young lady of African American decent heavy set build also ask if she could help me. I thought, I need to find out where the rest room was the fitting room and I thought about a sweater of jacket. She pointed me in every direction I needed. I went to dressing room first. I needed to get out of there. It was getting late and I’m just impulse shopping and I knew it. I’m at the fitting room now a lady black but from the island of Jamaica not sure. She counted my items and told me I couldn’t take a pair of shoes I found that were super sexy in dressing room. I put shoes in the cart to the side. I went inside dresssing room. I came out disappointed because I couldnt fit either of the jeans and didn’t have time to look to find correct size. I also started to remember I need the restroom. Now I can’t think. I got the last pair off and they were inside out. (Too tight) so I come out. I tell the fitting room associate too tight. I handed her the jeans and she looks at me with disgust. This associate name is (ALIX) ALIX says: DID WE GIVE THESE JEANS TO YOU LIKE THIS inside out???? I said, excuse me. ALIX REPEATED DID WE GIVE THESE TO YOU LIKE THIS??? I was taken back by her attitude and what she said, she was so nasty her facial expression looks as if she was looking at a pile of feces. I became emotional and I couldn’t believe this woman spoke to me in this manner. I just couldnt figure out WHY? Just hurt and confused and turned off from spending my money here at TJMAXX. I went back and forth with ALIX. I told her I work as a Cleaner for MTA and I pick up and clean feces, vomit, spit, and all types of garbage. If a customer put any of those things on the floor while I’m there. My job is to remove them and keep station clean as I could depending on the volume. If they didn’t do those things. All of a sudden they’re is no garbage I’m out of a job. I told her I will not accept her speaking to me in this manner. I am not her child. I have a 21 year old. I may look younger but I’m a women who happens to own a store and cosmetic line as well. At no time will I treat my customers with such an attitude or disgrace them. Your out of line and I need a manager. Another associate came over a Spanish women she immediately called for a manager. Manager Andre came over of the wall st. Location. I had tears in my eyes. I explained my experience to him. He said he’s sorry. He didn’t give ALIX any eye contact. He said he will speak to her when I’m gone. He does not want to make a scene in a sense. I didn’t believe that ANDRE THE MANANGER WAS ADAMENT ENOUGH FOR MY SATISFACTION. What I was feeling he just didn’t give me he cared enough. I then ask for the corporate number. I ask for associate from fitting room ALIX LAST name but he said he couldn’t disclosed that. Mind you ALIX turned her name tag over. Andre the manager did give me her first name. He ask will that be all. I said, yes. I proceeded to the register. Once I got there I went to associate Sharell R. I know this because she wrote it on receipt. SHARELL smiled and ask me how was I doing and we engaged about the items I purchased previously ( Greene Dress) for wedding. I was feeling a little better closing my sale. Then all of a sudden another associate name (JUNE) also older lady in 50’s just like THE OTHER ASSOCIATE (ALIX) maybe from Jamaica she comes next to me yelling loud with her finger twitiling in the air saying CHATTER BOX, CHATTER BOX, CHATTER BOX, over and over pointing toward the associate SHARELL R. Totally disrupting conversation that associate SHARELL R. And I were having. I ask the associate JUNE how can she do this? It’s inappropriate and disrespectful to me and your co- worker. I was feeling better and SHARELL R. was closing the sale and doing an excellent job with customer service. How dare you. JUNE THE OTHER ASSOCIATE Replied, I don’t care she talked to much, she talk too much to customers, she know I love her. But she talk too much. I couldn’t believe this. These associates ALIX & JUNE NEEDS TO BE TRAINED ON WHAT EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE IS. I will continue to right to corporate to share this horrible experience. I will continue until I get an apology from these associate and know the dates they will be taken off the clock with no pay to be re-trained to compensate the humiliation and disrespect they showed me while I shopped at your Wall Street location. They left me hurt and in tears. I will never shop at this location. I’m hoping to get results from this so that I can continue to shop with TJMAXX over all.

  15. says:

    Super nice store

  16. says:

    The sales person is very accommodating.

  17. says:

    Very friendly and helpful employees

  18. says:

    I like to tell you about my customers service. It was great the people over there give good customer service. The people are friendly and careing .

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