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Red Robin Guest Satisfaction Survey

Now, you have a chance to win cash from Red Robin while at the same time help them improve their services. Lucky customer will have 10 chances to win $1,000 cash plus an Apple iPod. Share your feedback and comments to help Red Robin improve.

Red Robin Guest Satisfaction Survey Guide

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Red Robin Guest Satisfaction Survey

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Red Robin Guest Satisfaction Survey

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Red Robin Guest Satisfaction Survey

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Red Robin Guest Satisfaction Survey

About Red Robin
The original Red Robin stood at a corner in Seattle. The building  was first called Sam’s Tavern. The owner, Sam, sang in a barber shop quartet and could frequently be heard singing the song “When the Red, Red Robin”.

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Rating 3.623votes

  1. Rated 5

    Seth at foothill location was awesome!

  2. Rated 5

    We just had early dinner at the Red Robin on eastern in henderson nv. Kaylee was our server and was great. Having been in the food industry myself for years she totally took care of us. We had our son with us who is a tv star and she waited until we had eaten before acknowledging him and telling him she and several other employees were fans of his. Food A plus and service even better. Thank You

  3. Rated 2

    Visited the Wilbraham, Ma location tonight at 6:23, my server connor was in need of some manner training…Greeting was “Ya know what you want to order yet ” ? Empty water glasses no offer of a refill until I asked..”ya think you want any dessert tonight “? We hadn’t finished eating yet, we were both chewing..He did however bring our check quickly….It was not busy in there at the time. Food was well..just ok…no rush to return for sure.

  4. Rated 5

    I would have like to have left a survey regarding our server today. ‘Morgan’ was awesome! I called the Red Robin in Meridian, Idaho on Eagle Road and told the manager, but I want to make sure Morgan gets recognition for an outstanding job. My family ate lunch at !:15 PM according to our receipt. Cost was$64.79 cents and a tip of $15.00 dollars was added. Why doesn’t your survey work?

  5. Rated 5

    Great food, great service

  6. Rated 5

    Taylor was pleasant and did a great job at the Livonia, Mi location.

  7. Rated 5

    My survey code is124. You guys are wonderful. So glad you deliver!!!

  8. Rated 1

    Monday 5/29/17,myself and 4 other ppl from my party had a very demeaning and demoralizing experience at the redding location. It was memorial day weekend and our party of 5 had driven from humboldt county to redding, roughly a 3 1/2 to 4 hr ride. We stayed the night and decided on red Robin before we were to leave that monday.2 of our party had never even had red Robin and were excited to experience the burgers and fries and drinks for the 1st time. We were seated clearly b4 3 tables…after about 5 min we noticed that the waitress came t the table behind us which had been seated after us. We overlooked it thinking she would speak to us next. She not only did not speak us when she came back she spoke to the table beside us. All the while a blonde waitress kept walking past us not attempting eye contact to even check if we had been served. After 10 min and menu’s clearly down looking for service or acknowledgement we decided to up and leave. The hostess was very kind and apologetic but by that time I believe all of us were over it. Sadly the 2 ppl in our party have still never experienced red Robin and the magnificent food they provide. I felt your company should know. Thank you and good luck in all you do!

  9. Rated 2

    I placed a to go order and they said 15 minutes showed up 20 to 24 minutes after my order and had to wait 30 minutes to get my order that’s ridiculous I will not be ordering again

  10. Rated 2

    Very disappointing in tonight’s meals. 7 sides of fries and not one of them were fresh. Not acceptable when paying 17.00 for burger and fries. When I said something to the waitress her reply was, ” oh we get alot of complaint about our fries. We try to make a bunch ahead of time when its busy but then they’re not as fresh. Thanks for letting me know, I’ll make a note of it?” What good does that do us then? Discount would have been nice.

  11. Rated 1

    After 15mins still no service. After I talked to the manager I got the wrong drink, and it didn’t stop there there was hair in my food!!!!!!

  12. Rated 5

    The previous “5 STAR” outstanding comment by Linda Cambell was at the Garner, NC location

  13. Rated 5

    My daughter and I went in to eat lunch and had the best experience. Heather was our server and she was absolutely wonderful. From the time we entered the restaurant until we left, our entire experience was wonderful. The hostess Skyler greeted us with the best attitude, and as she was escorting us to our table, we passed another employee, who I later found out was one of the exceptional bartenders, Ashley and before we left the Manager Brandon approached us to ask how was our visit. All these employees were very courteous, personable and cared that we received what we ordered, how we ordered and that we had a great dining experience. Red Robin will continue to thrive with employees that care and treat their customers like this exceptional team did. And I especially loved the comment that the bartender “Ashley” made to me when she stated that my daughter was my “Little Mini Me”. There is nothing I love more than being a mom and this comment absolutely made my day!!!! God blessed my husband and I as “late bloomers” and we are truly blessed. We will definitely be back and request Heather’s service and would love if the rest of the same team is working on our visit. Thank you for an incredible dining experience for the both of us. Linda C.

  14. Rated 1

    I got a plain hambuger. It was not good, I got better one at jack in the box. my bill was 12.23. I usually get fish and chips. I got onion straws and they were cold. I asked for some hot ones and they brought me burned ones. The last two times the food was not good, the food has gone down hill and the service too

  15. Rated 2

    We ate today at lunch at the Countryside location in Fl. Our receipt number is 70001. 1st our server was great but the food was an epic fail. Not only ours but every table around us got cold fries. 2nd my burger was completely wrong. There appeared to be an off duty employee in the rear of the restaurant which seem to have the attention of all of the on duty employees including a manager or 2. In fact we never once say tge manager in the restaurant besides at that table. I spent 39 dollars and that was a huge waste of my hard earned money for 2 adults and 1 child.

  16. Rated 5

    We ate at the new Red Robin in Watertown NY. They food was amazing and our server Kristie was an absolute delight!!! She had a great positive energy and was Very friendly and knowledgeable. We will definitely be back!!! Outstanding service!

  17. Rated 5

    We were at the 106th street resturant. And Kelsey our waitress, had to be the best ever! She was amazing, and wonderful. She made our dinning experience super and wonderful. If I were the management I would be keeping my eye on her as she has the talent and energy to be a great manager representing your company. Very satisfied and will come back again to the location because of Kelsey.

  18. Rated 5

    We were at your 95th st store in overland park Is. Cami was our waitress at 8:43 Friday 3.3.2017 table 27/1. She was an amazing waitress. Although we only spent $20.00 she was fast friendly and came back often with no waiting time. I wanted to give her a great kudos for an outstanding job on her waitressing skills!

  19. Rated 5

    We were at your 95th st store in overland park Is. Camo was our waitress at 8:43 Friday 3.3.2017 table 27/1. She was an amazing waitress. Although we only spent $20.00 she was fast friendly and came back often with no waiting time. I wanted to give her a great kudos for an outstanding job on her waitressing skills!

  20. Rated 5

    Alysia was kind and courteous and the service and food was exceptional. Good work

  21. Rated 1

    Burger was burnt and fries were so dry. we wont be going back. service was fine. couldnt add my email or my name.unless I changed the 1 rating to a higher one. What a joke

  22. Rated 4

    the service and food was great

  23. Rated 1

    At Red Robin’s in Albany, OR looked forward to a great meal as don’t get there very often due to distance. Started out ok, but when the food finally arrived the fries were not hot, barely warm. Stopped a waitress and told her and she said she’d get some hot ones “real quick”. They never came and no one ever checked on us. Kayla was the server that started us out. It was Ashley that we stopped to tell about the fries. When we were ready to leave Kayla who brought the bill was told what happened and she blamed Ashley and said it was “lack of communication”. However, it could have been corrected if some one had bothered to check on us at any time. Very Disappointed! Seemed there were lots of waiters and they were all running around doing who knows what. Not checking on how everything is for sure.

  24. says:

    Ordered to go in enfield ct n host ashley was very nice server sarah was great great place to eat great food n great service

  25. says:

    Server and food were great!

  26. says:

    we went on jan.14 for a 18 birthday. There was five of us and we did reserve our table. when we arrived our table was not ready,ok no worries. We got seated then it really went down hill. we had a couple of drinks ,our food came.When we where done we asked for more fries never got hardly SAW OUR SERVER We waited and waited ,nobody took our dirty dishes off our table nothing. then finally we asked for our bill. got it and she wanted us to pay as soon as she gave us the bill. we did and left. Got home and looked at the receipt found she charged us for one extra pina colada drink we only had one , charged for a soft drink nobody had one . So on the whole we where not happy. This used to be a great PLACE TO COME AND HAVE A GOOD MEAL.Things are really going down hill.Not a memorable birthday .I have managed a restaurant and am disgusted with the service we got.Have the receipt .4970-137 ave. edmonton alta.780-456-8700 server kathrine 45, table 70-1,8:31pm, 50059

  27. says:

    It was our anniversary today and we both had a craving for RedRobin. As usual the place was quite busy. Caleb approached our table and was going to be our waiter. He asked us what we would like to drink and we just wanted hot water with lemon. He brought us that and then gave us time to look at the menu. However he was so busy that Glen showed up to take our order. After we gave our order, he showed up quite quickly with an appetizer of herb/parmesan fries to munch on till our orders came. In spite of how busy it was we didn’t have to wait that long for our food to arrive. As usual, we both enjoyed our meal and ordered the dessert – the mile high mud pie. Thank goodness we only ordered one to share as it was massive as well as being tasty. Caleb was great as he constantly checked back on us to see if we needed anything. It was an enjoyable evening, great food and great service. What more could you ask for when dining out.

  28. says:

    well cooked meal quite enjoyable

  29. says:

    Was at the Red Robins on Tolmie Ave in Victoria today with my wife and 3 kids. Of coarse being a Friday and the weekend of the New Year it was crazy busy. Thankfully we had Amy as our server as she was amazing and never let the pressure of tons of people some happy and of course some not so get to her. She always had a smile and never rushed us even those things were crazy busy. Thankyou Amy for making our Friday with the kids a great evening, we will be back and hope to see you next time.

  30. says:

    I and a friend ate lunch at your restaurant in Langley at 6141 -200 st. 604-530 4484 on Dec 28 at 12:53pm server: Niki 13 Table 41/1. I ordered the baked potatoe soup… it was delious but barely warm. The waitress offered to bring me a new soup but I had eaten some of it already so I said no thanks,but she did take it off the bill. It would have been nice to have had it hot! I also ordered the tomatoe bruschetta. IT was awful…… one had to put it together and the tomatoes were falling off everywhere. The bread was dry and hard, no butter or anything on the dry hard toast. The miniscule amount of cheese fell off the dry toast and so there was no cheese. I have had this in many other restaurants but never like this one. My friend had the smoke and pepper burger ….she said it was only ok but didn’t taste any peppers. Just wanted to let you know about the most unsatisfactory lunch we had today.

  31. says:

    Sorry to see that we are losing a bunch if these great restaurants. We live in Vancouver, not downtown, but decided to go to the North Vancouver Red Robin (because the Metrotown location closed) and we were shocked to see it closed. That left us with the next nearest in downtown Vancouver. NOT the easiest place to visit, and probably will never return. Nearest now is the Coquitlam location…
    We had a good meal, everyone in our party was satisfied with the food and the service we received.
    We alway have had a good meal at Red Robin…
    OHHH, on a side note… BRING BACK THE CHIMICHANGA !!!

  32. says:

    Server was great, good vaule and fast food

  33. says:

    Service was slow wanting to pay bill to leave and food was dry, wouldn’t or couldn’t eat without water or a beverage that’s for sure.
    Thought we would give it try again but disappointed again
    4970 137 Ave 11/03/2016 8.17 pm 2guests 20083 $32.10
    for the cost of eating there staff don’t seem to care about our comments on food
    All we got was I’m sorry, but I bet they like the tips they get.
    my mushroom burger didn’t have fresh sautéed mushrooms but a very big heap of dry mushrooms, which was hard to swallow so We both asked for water to wash our food down, and I also asked for some mayo which I added to the burger, helped a bit.

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