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Red Robin Customer Feedback Survey

Do you like burgers? If you are a burger lover, you can get rewarded for your love for Red Robin’s fire-grilled burgers. Take the Red Robin Customer Feedback Survey and tell them your feelings about their food and service. Upon completion, you will receive 10 chances to win $1,000 daily plus instant win $1,500 weekly.

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Burgers and a movie, destruction never tasted so good. Go, Red Robin! Go!

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Red Robin Guest Satisfaction Survey

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Red Robin Guest Satisfaction Survey

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Red Robin Guest Satisfaction Survey

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Red Robin Guest Satisfaction Survey

About Red Robin 
Red Robin is famous for their gourmet burgers. Burgers are really mouthwatering and you can’t resist any of them. Except from fire-grilled burgers, there are fries, wraps and much more you could enjoy. Everything you eat at Red Robin is freshly prepared and made to order and that is the uniqueness of Red Robin.

Reference Links

  1. Red Robin Customer Feedback Survey Link: www.redrobinfeedback.com
  2. Red Robin Official Site: www.redrobin.com

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Rating 2.543votes

  1. Rated 1

    Our last visit at your resturant was awful. The buns on our hamburger was very stale . we told the waitress and she said sorry then gave us a bill for 46.00 we won’t be returning very soon.

  2. Rated 5

    We had a great dinner. You have a saver her name is Alyssa she is a great young lady she was very helpful to all the people she waited on and answered everything we had asked. Very knowledgeable I didnt know I had a free meal she told me I had gotten my for free
    She is a keeper

  3. Rated 1

    that was the worst expirance ever the burger was made hours be I orderd and they made me sit in the smallest table they had I asked for a normal table but was told no. all other tables had a mess and no one would clean one . bonney lake store

  4. Rated 2

    I thank Red Robbin for the free food on Veterans Day. The server was running around trying to help a very packed station. I ordered coffee with my food, it came to my table almost room temperature and tasted old. I requested a new ( hot ) cup of coffee. All they did was add some of the old and microwaved it to total death. Came back way to hot to try and drink, when it did get to where I could taste it, it tasted like old ( burnt ) coffee. I had the endless fries, when she passed by she took the empty container. Later she stopped and asked if there was anything else. I yes yes some more fries, that she could have asked when she scooped up the empty one. I do understand she was busy but common sense would ask when you take the empty to ask then , not ten minutes later. The coffee, well no excuse sorry. Total fail to return with warmed over bad coffee. I tried to enter ticket number and info but this program would not let me fill it in. Again fail………..

  5. Rated 1

    This is what I have to say about my experience when I walked into the Red Robin by the parkmeadows mall in Lone Tree Co. First of all we were seated quickly which I thought was nice but then maybe a little too quick he put us in one of the booths that are up against a long wall in the restaurant and walked away. alright this is me nit picking to compared to the rest of my visit but these booths are so incredibly low theres absolutely no privacy at all from table to table its incredible the lack of privacy between these low booths its almost like some big weird joined table and since I felt like I was going to be sharing my dinner with complete strangers I decided to change tables this all happened in seconds but again my speed racer host was back to checkin his I phone at the front door anyway when someone did show up to our table I stood up so she could clean it because it was filthy even though cleared of any former use, she wasn’t happy to do this you could tell I think maybe I would have been her costomer if I would have stayed at the other table anyway when the waitress did show up she said she was training someone so she would probably just have her do all the work so she didn’t have to well… she must have forgot to tell her trainy also so anyway this is where my complaints and concerns get more serious than too low of booths with no privacy so I order a beer first I ask the price she doesn’t hear me I guess even though I swear I spoke clearly while pointing at the picture when asking how much for one, she was like ok so that’s what your going with alright what size and she names some sizes I chose 32oz now Im a beer drinking and I swear I have this basically exact same glass that this 32 oz beer comes in well I know by lots of experience this glass fits exactly 24oz in it with no head and no gap which I had both on my beer there but what am I gonna do argue the volume of this mug cause I have one at home.. ya ok.. anyway I order my burger and fries and so does my company of one person and I was then asked would you like fries before your burger, and I reply yes cause im hungry and endless fries was one of the selling points in my head cause im hungry so well the burgers finally come in a reasonable amount of time but no fries before and barely any on my plate or basket whatever so I ask could I please have some more fries, you should have seen the look I got from this lady, this is my only interaction with her, her bringing us our two baskets burger with a splash of fries in each me asking for more, her basically shooting me the most despicable look cause im asking for more fries on my endless allowed amount anyway so she storms off saying I need fries this guy wants more while finding some a single basket with another splash in it, I grab the ketchup and try to go easy on it so my mom can have some too.. cause I have no idea where our waitress and tag along trainy are I think I seen them almost the least anyway it doest work theres not enough ketchup to share between our 3 splashes of cold fries anyway we eat real quick I nurse my beer all however many ounces and gentlemanly like give my mom my water since Im not sure how you get more at this establishment (which is one of our bigger tipping points keeping our glasses full) anyway we finish quickly and sit there for ever while im trying to figure out how to fix out broken kiosk at our table so we can pay and go theres literally paper coming from out the bottom its blinking red im ready for this thing to blow up anyway I think our waitress actually by chance sees me struggling to pay and leave this place and she walks up and hands me the bill and takes off again so I have absolutely no Idea where anyone is or the few people I do see what there doing cause there is like no one here but us and a couple other poor party of saps, anyway so I see a guy dressing in a collared shirt and khakis so I think awesome real help… I flag him down, don’t even say anything about my experience and /or the fact that in my head im actually begging “can I just please pay and go?,”he says “”sure just use this kiosk” lol.. ha ha… a real joker this guy, you know hes got jokes cause for as awesome as my waitress has been (clearing throat) even she knows this thing is broken dude and so do I cause its smoking now with wires hanging out “oh ok” he says that’s the last time I seen him as he strode away with the cc, anyway maybe 10 min later our original awesome server comes back with the card and receipts and then stays to watch me sign them while im like “I don’t even believe this” in my head, this is all real, a complete real and unfabricated experience.. I did add a little humor at points I cant help that, that’s me.. youll know your in the right place if you go to the red robin in lone tree by the mall enter the restaurant go to the seating in the right side of the building theres 2 booths cutoff from the larger wall I talked about earlier well I was in the one closest to the entry of the kitchen area youll know for sure your in the right place/ wrong place if you look up at the vents just not too far above these 2 tables and see the inches thick dust and debre build up on these vents so if your reading this before you go you might want to bring an umbrella, and to red robin. I would love for you to get ahold of me I could do like a bar rescue for your place there lol anyway again all true all real I will never eat and I mean never eat at a red robin again and no absolutely not did I give her a tip even though she had the courtesy to sit there and watch me sign the receipts, anyway so um ya that’s my experience have fun

  6. Rated 2

    My husband and I were disappointed in your restaurant. We were seated at a table which had a burned out light bulb in the overhead fixture making it very difficult to see the menu. When our server came by we mentioned it and he, Ryan, said he could fix it but later came by and said only the bartender had time to change it. There were only two other customers eating at that time so it wasn’t very busy and we could have easily been moved to another table but the option wasn’t offered. We finally ordered our meal, a wedgie burger, which was over priced for what it was. The service was also very slow. Ryan said two of the other servers never showed up for work. We will probably never eat here again.

  7. Rated 5

    Red Robin should look into building a Restaurant Location in Brockport, NY due to College University, 4 Route Roads, Shopping Plazas, Franchised , and more!
    I Love Red Robin but having someone drive me 15-20 miles to Rochester, NY to eat there is too far!

  8. Rated 1

    We went to lynnwood read Robin on5-6-19 for my daughter birthday.guess the food was fine
    Service was bad. We ordered ring onion she gave us was no plates we also ordered a head fries she just drove on the table and left We also told her that today is my daughter birthday. The worst part is she just bring Sunday ice cream without singing happy birthday to my daughter. I asked her to sing for my daughter birthday my daughter is so disappointed so bad waiters

  9. Rated 4

    I visited your new store in Tucson AZ. The salmon was superb, the broccoli was superb, I am not sure about the coleslaw since there was less than teaspoon worth on the plate. I am a coleslaw nut so I was greatly disappointed with that portion. Everyone was extremely friendly and courteous. My server Franc was also nothing but the best. I do not what he could have done to be a better server. I did not complain to him about the coleslaw as I assume he does not assemble the plate! bragged to my friends on the quality of the salmon and the broccoli. I was the first customer of the day!

  10. Rated 1

    Worst dining experience ever due to a server that clearly was overwhelmed by the job and had a bad attitude. The Hostess was phenomenal and, even though we were told the wait would be 20-25 minutes but was really over an hour, she was very attentive and apologetic. She advises there were two spots that should be opening up – people were just chilling – once we were seated, I think the reason one group was “chilling” was because their server was horrible! We sat down to eat around 9:30 and didn’t get out of there until 11:40, even though we very much wanted to leave. The food was horrible – one of the couples in our party didn’t get their appetizer until right before the meal was served, even though she provided food/drinks/appetizers for a table who ordered way after we did. They mixed up the order of two people at the table, didn’t bring part of another person’s order and when the server was advised of this she stated “I think I’m going to lose it”…………the hostess, when approached by one of the people in my party, that we had not even received our drinks after sitting more than 45 minutes AFTER we ordered them, proceeded IMMEDIATELY and brought our drinks. The manager was called over and completely confused – found out later he had a 102 degree fever!!! A fever at a restaurant where food is served and a multitude of people would come into contact with him??? But, at least he tried to fix the situation. When the waitress wouldn’t separate our checks so we could pay – advising us to separate them on the machine at the table which WOULD NOT WORK – made the comment to us “it would have worked if you would have listened to me explaining it” — NO, IT WOULD NOT HAVE WORKED – and she kept talking while a person in my party was trying to explain that he attempted to make it work but he would have had to put his card in THREE different times to pay for him, his wife & daughter because she had them all SEPARATED. She just kept talking – RUDE and clearly not customer service oriented!!! When faced with the fact that the machine wouldn’t work, lo and behold ANOTHER server prepared out tickets separately so we could leave. My hamburger was definitely not worth the $11.91 I paid for it – burnt crispy and dry with a slab of cheese, tomotoes and lettuce – nothing else – and the fries were cold by the time I got them. It was the WORST dining experience I have ever had!!!! Nothing was even offered to appease the poor service we had been given. I couldn’t take a survey because a receipt was never provided………………….horrible. This was the Red Robin in Louisville, KY in The Mall. I had to give the rating a star but it deserves a lot less than that………..other than the Hostess who deserves well above a 5.

  11. Rated 5

    I like Red Robin I go every week with my friends I like customer service in Medford

  12. Rated 1

    I first got some stale fries I waited 20 minutes and did not get the new ones then I went and asked for a manager then I got some old ones dipped in some hot grease it was a nightmare 1st of January 6 p.m. to 6:40 p.m. at the Cordova Mall Pensacola Florida my name Reggie Thompson the world’s highest vertical Jumper the Guinness Book of World Record you can call me 850-525-4903

  13. Rated 1

    Ordered their 1/2 pound burger. Overcooked and dry. Asked for it to be cut in half in kitchen. When it arrived, burger and stuff had slid off. No toothpick. Had to eat with knife and fork. Terrible. Service was fair and friendly. Very difficult to get drink refills. Food server looked like she had 20 tables. Don’t waste your time.

  14. Rated 1

    11/11/2018, 7:00 P.M. Server, Rogelio, Turlock Red Robin. Service was terrible, other tables got there food, ate and left before we received our drinks. Food was cold, fish was over done on outside and cold inside, fried shrimp was slick and gooey. fries were good. One had a burger, it was good. deserts were bad also. Was the worst dine out night ever. I put the X on Turlock Red Robin. Never again.

  15. Rated 5

    I took a big group of 15 teenage young men to grab a bite last minute at the Red Robin’s at Northgate mall in Seattle Washington and had a very good experience. Everyone was very friendly and seated us very quickly within 5 minutes. Our server “Luis” took very good care of us. He was very friendly and professional. I was once a waiter in my life time and remembered not being excited working a large table, especially with 15 teenagers. The entire service was spot on, from getting our water, appetizer French fries, drink orders, food orders and even providing us with all the Special sauces. Hard to believe but It was pretty much a flawless experience. Luis is a very good prime example of what good and strong work ethics should look like. Good job Luis!!!!

  16. Rated 5

    Good place to eat

  17. Rated 2

    Ate at 10311 Gravelly Lake Drive Lakewood, WA on 07/31/2018.Server Shelbi did not ask if I wanted my patty “pink” or “no Pink”. She did not refill our water glasses until asked. My fries basket was empty until I asked for more fries. It was not the enjoyable experience we have had in past visits. We used the birthday royalty card for my free burger and received it , but it took a long time for the order to arrive. We’ll return reluctantly the next time. Please improve the service!

  18. Rated 5

    Best waitress we ever had. Answered all my familys questions and was smiling the whole time. Machine didnt work. Mayva is the best

  19. Rated 1

    Please call me about my experience on May 5 at the Enfield,ct location. 413-265-0210

  20. Rated 1

    1/23/18 Woodinville, WA RR….Sat in the bar. Hailley was our server. Order took a long time. Never asked to refill drinks. Table kiosk malfunctioned and did not give us opportunity to swipe the Rewards card. Went right to pay tip. We had a free burger due. Asked server about getting rewards credit…we needed credit for tonight’s burger and the free 10th. She said that is was too late, and that we had to pay and could call the 800 number later for an adjustment. Never offered to get manager to make the correction. My husband was pissed and went to find a manager. The manager made all inputs and corrections. Food was good, but service was at bottom of about 30 RRs we’ve been to around the country. Maybe 5 Guys will be better.

  21. Rated 1

    Horrible awful food and service we asked to manager he was rude and obnoxious. He accused us of calling him names and swearing at waitress, none of this occurred. This happened in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. We are snowbirds. We will never eat st a Red Robin again.

  22. Rated 1

    I took my youngest child to the red robin on rinehart road in sanford florida sunday december 3rd. I was very disappointed in how dirty it was. The floors had food and trash on them and the booth/table we sat at had trash and food all down the seat. My burger tasted like it was cooked on charcoal that hadnt had time for the lighter fluid burned off it yet and I burped it all night.

  23. Rated 2

    The food was awesome, as usual. However, the service was horrible! When we were seated our waitress took forever to stop by our table to at least get drink orders. We were seated at least 15-20 mins. She lied to us about the television remote (an old game was playing while there were live games on another channel). We had to wait a long while for the drinks to arrive (our waitress blamed the bar for being slow). She didn’t check on us through the meal (had to almost flag her down to get more fries, stopped eating the burger while waiting to get her attention). I called the next night to give feedback to the manager, and basically felt like she was just making excuses for the poor service received. I grew up eating RR burgers in Seattle. I’ve known RR to not only have the best burgers in the business, but to also have a fantastic experience there as well. Burgers won’t fix last night’s experience. You’ve lost one lifelong (over 30yrs) RR loving customer.

  24. Rated 1

    Very POOR SERVICE, WE WAITED 20 MIN BEFORE SHE TOOK OUR ORDER, AND ANOTHER 45 MIN BEFORE WE GOT THE FOOD, SOUP WAS WATERY AND COLD, burgers dry and cold, waitress never came to our table again except to bring the check. I will never go to RR again. Very bad experience.

  25. Rated 1

    Worst meal ever. Bug on lemon in water. Waiter just asked if I wanted another lemon! Burger was cold and. I bigger than a McDonalds cheeseburger. Told he would heat it up but I brought it home. For $10.79 quite a ripoff! I have always enjoyed going to RR. Tonight was awful. 60017

  26. Rated 1

    visited red robin 9/26/17 seated promptly took 15 minutes to get a menu…another 15 minutes to get drinks ordered..service very slow,,,in restaurant over one hour…have dined at your Champaign location a dozen times… it will be a long time before I go back

  27. Rated 3

    I had gone to your restaurant for my”free birthday burger”My husband and I both ordered the premium black and blue burger.When we got ready to check out,we were told the “free” birthday burger did not apply.We eat there many times,for various occasions.But this will be our last!!!Bait and switch..Very unhappy customers.

  28. Rated 3

    My second visit and first time ordering a burger here. The burger was good but nothing spectacular. I’d probably try a specialty burger next time. The enjoyment was really hindered by the terrible experience we had. We waited 30 mins for someone to take our order, 1hour 20 to get our food, the bday person got their food delivered to her wrong twice. Having waited so long we were just happy to have some food. I will say that the first time I went I had the cobb salad which stood out as one of the most flavorful and was a good portion for the price. Unfortunately our experience was very similar our first go around. It’s brand new to Jacksonville. The communication process and management response definitely needs work here.

  29. Rated 1

    We took our grandchildren to one of your restaurants and all was good till we got home and looked at the receipt and noticed that we were charged $1.99 entertainment fee. I realized that my grandson had taken the kiosk and hit play before I knew what he was doing. I put the thing up on a shelf and thought that was that. There are no signs or notifications about this charge. Very underhanded way to do business. This also happened at another ice cream shop and we haven’t been back.and we won’t be going back to Red Robin. It’s only$1.99 but it is the idea

  30. Rated 2

    I usually stop into Red Robin for a to-go order after going to the movies. Have always been happy with the results. What a DISAPPOINTMENT when I opened the container this time.

    About 1/2 cup of salad was laying next to the hot hamburger which seemed like a JR. hamburger size. In the past, the salad was in a container and a treat to eat!

    I hope this is not a new way to send to-go orders out the door. Very leary about the next time.


  31. Rated 2

    A final comment on my experience in Northridge, CA experience: I left no tip for the server. To be honest, just use the robot ordering screens at the tables and let them direct the servers what to do – that will do away with any bias. Either that, or hire a bunch of heartfelt Hippies who love their jobs and want to create a better world through dining experiences – like the “old” Red Robin.

  32. Rated 2

    Tonight, I am sorry to report some of the worst service that I have ever received at a restaurant. At the Northridge, CA restaurant my wife, daughter and I were seared together, ordered our food and awaited our drinks. At the table next to us were two women, and eventually a third, who ordered after my family and I. To wit, many servers in the restaurant, including ours, were familiar with the women at the other table and proceeded to serve my wife’s drink and our Onion Rings to these LESBIANS because they were more “popular” than my family. Not only did these LESBIANS not acknowledge that they were eating our food but neither did your staff – even our server who kept hugging and talking to these women while they were eating our food. Finally, after 15 minutes, our Sir Acha burgers were again nearly served to the other table before our server realized her mistake- because she was too busy socializing with her LESBIAN friends we were being completely ignored and thereby ruining our dining experience. In any case, my family was given Onion Rings at no cost on the bill while the server kept calling us “guys”- until she finally called me “sir” at the end of the meal. To be honest, you need to educate your servers to refer to men and women as “sir” and “ma’am” respectively and that their friends come second- and that there sexual orientations should be kept a secret otherwise they will be accused of bias – like in this instance. Finally, I have been dining at Red Robin since I was a kid in Seattle in the 1980s so I know good service from this institution is possible. If you cannot get the servers to improve then maybe you can just use the table menu robots devices – they won’t lose an order and go off to talk to a bunch of LESBIANS.

  33. Rated 1

    Service was horrible. Gave a 1 because it is the lowest I can go. Guess the food was fine but service was so bad. Had to wait for a staff member to seat us while a few just passed and never acknowledged us. Sat and waited about 15 minutes until the manager asked if we had been helped. Took our order.. Didn’t write it down just went off memory and got one of our orders right. Still didn’t see our actual server yet.. finally after eating half our food the server (who we didnt know was our actual server or one of the others who dropped our food off) started coming around asking if we needed anything. Not happy.

  34. Rated 5

    Sarah was my server,polite courteous, friendly,knowledgeable,perfect timing,food was great as ususl

  35. Rated 5

    Food was really good, service was amazing. I’m very pleased looking forward to my next trip

  36. Rated 5

    Meaghan was our server. She was excellent. Even with a bum arm she took care of with a refreshing sunshiney attitude. Your other servers could learn a lot from her. Not to impune the rest but she was so refreshing. Thanks for the pleasant experience.

  37. Rated 1

    Rating 1 5/5/17
    Got part of our order. We were suppose to get garlic bread. It finally came about time we finished. Ordered desert and the brownie. Cake was nuked so hard you could hardly cut it. We were never offered a refill on our drink. Service was very poor. Don’t think we will ever go to Garner location again. Second time there nothing changed since first time, Garner,NC Rateing1

  38. Rated 5

    I was there (Jessica Ranch in Apple Valley, Ca) with my family and our waitress was Natalie. I just want it to be know that she was such an amazing waitress. She was kind, patient and always checked to make sure we were ok. She kept a smile on her face. We need more people in restaurants like her. Thank you Natalie!!!

  39. Rated 5

    We placed an order at your concord, ca. Location at approx 5pm tonight 4/28. We ordered through door dash. When our order arrived the chocolate fruffles were missing the sauce and whipped cream. I called and spoke with the bartender on duty. she extremely pleasant and after giving her the drivers phone number she said she would get the sauce delivered. Not only did she make that happen but she sent an additional dessert as well. This young lady is an amazing example of great customer service. Thanks to her I would order from Red Robin’s again.

  40. Rated 3

    Jordan , my server was pleasant , not very patient with her co workers.
    Repeatedly put one make serve down , several times when he ask about a drink order?
    Just an observation

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