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Post Office Tell Us Customer Survey

Do you think the service of Post Office is considerate and helpful? You can tell Post Office your evaluation through this customer satisfaction survey. Upon completion of the survey, you will get a chance to win 250 pounds worth of High Street gift vouchers.

Post Office Tell Us Customer Survey Guide

  • Visit the survey page mentioned in the Reference Links
  • Choose the method of your entry, using invitation card or receipt

Post Office Tell Us Customer Survey

  • If you use an invitation card, enter the branch response code, visit date, language and click on “Enter”

Post Office Tell Us Customer Survey

  • If you use a receipt, enter the branch postcode, visit date, language and click on “Enter”

Post Office Tell Us Customer Survey

  • Answer some questions based on your experience there

About Post Office
Post Office is a retail post office company in the US. It provides postage stamps, banking to the public nationwide.

Reference Links

  1. Post Office Tell Us Customer Survey Link: www.postoffice-tellus.co.uk
  2. Post Office Official Site: www.postoffice.co.uk

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Rating 4.5153votes

  1. Rated 5

    Just posted another parcel at my local post office. I only go in there 3-4 times a year to post presents to my nieces and yet the lady in there always remembers me. All the staff in there are very friendly and always helpful, no matter how big the queue is or how busy they are. I’m very impressed.

  2. Rated 1

    acctually we have booked a bussiness parcel with session id 2-443980 not having consigment number to track the parcel. please help me for tracking my order. FAD NO:1522426 booked on 17th august

  3. Rated 5

    005 113 6 – Sheila took time to advise – Made travel arrangements easy and 15% off insurance when you get your travel money at the post office as well – good deal all round and all in one place.

  4. Rated 5

    005 113 6 – Newmarket High Street. Dave stayed behind after the post office closed on Saturday 9th Sept to let me have my travel money. My card was declined as my bank thought it was fraud due to the amount I was spending. I rushed back to my bank to sort the problem and then back to the post office to collect my travel money. Thank you Dave.

  5. Rated 3

    I sent a parcel to Canada this week, and my payment included tracking. You should be aware that when mail goes to Canada, it is not tracked further than the airport. I know this since last Christmas I posted a parcel (in early November) and paid extra for tracking. After arriving at London airport, I could not tell where the parcel was for over 6 weeks until it reached my family in Ontario! According to what I discovered, UK mail tracking service is not compatable in Canada. Perhaps you should rectify this, and meanwhile stop charging for a non existant service. Also the claim of parcel being at destination in 1 week was way off!

  6. Rated 5

    Very good service no waiting around straight in and dealt with thankyou Angela at rotherham post office great help code 0093408

  7. Rated 4

    Like post offices
    Good services

  8. Rated 5


  9. Rated 5

    helpful staff

  10. Rated 5

    0050083 Camelia was helpfull . Help me to return the item . Thank you

  11. Rated 1

    Kennington Park Post Office the most dreadful service. After I waited an hour to be served, I politely ask the clerk to give me the wet sponge in order to put the stamp on. She told me the wet sponge is not for stamps. Dreadful woman, dreadful PO!

  12. Rated 5

    Code -0118559 john was kind helped we my postal very kind sold me item with no fuss thank you Motherwell Brandon st post offeice thanks again

  13. Rated 5

    0118559 john was kind helped we my postal very kind sold me item with no fuss thank you Motherwell Brandon st post offeice thanks again

  14. Rated 5

    Went to the kirkwall (Orkney post Office) Customer response code-0028452 to re new driving licence and passport. Emma was kind, patient and knowledgeable. She is a real asset to the service provided. Outstanding support

  15. Rated 5

    Sue was very friendly and helpfull

  16. Rated 5

    Really good service from Nicholas at Ashington branch while renewing both home&car insurance. Branch response code1543288 rated5

  17. Rated 5

    lovely staff …helpful and friendly


  18. Rated 5

    Always very friendly and helpful and an essential service in a village location.

  19. Rated 5

    Response code 3504182, Lancaster whs branch which I use quite often, very helpful especially kath a member of staff who always has a friendly smile !

  20. Rated 5

    Rated 5 07/08/2017 Simone-Natasha says…

    Love the Post Office here in Tunstall in the City Of Stoke-on-Trent the staff always is going an extra mile for me as client, especially Chris The Branch Manageress she is a very kind, lovely and always professional and helpful person who I never want to miss in this branch.

    Cheerio to all the staff there especially Chris and her team from me,

    Simone-Natasha with my family…

  21. Rated 5

    The best employer in New Malden post office mrs Halmeta

  22. Rated 5

    Love the post office very friendly people and very helpful.

  23. Rated 5

    Branch Response Code 1221094
    I used the Buckingham Branch of the post office at Market Hill Buckingham. I was served by Denise excellent! She gave me advice and informed me about things things I did not know about posting items.. She knew about eBay and some of the difficulties. I was great being served by someone who understood. I am an eBay seller, since 2000, I am 73, and I post items every week, usually at the post office in Smiths shop in Aylesbury High Street. The service there lives a lot to be desired. Last week I was charged 1st class postage,, when I clearly said second. To start I always say everything second class, proof of posting please. There are exceptions to this BUT I always say when something is to go signed for.

    Thank you Denise for making my day a good one! AWESOME!

  24. Rated 5

    excellent and professional service at the PO branch at Charing Cross Glasgow G3 7PH. the post office counter is always well managed and you are never kept waiting too long. the lady who manages the foreign currency is particularly helpful and always friendly. It is a pleasure to visit this branch. keep up the great work

  25. Rated 5

    Excellent service at Barnsley post office

  26. Rated 5

    Excellent service.. Thank you

  27. Rated 5

    Very efficient and clear explain

  28. Rated 2

    The service i got at the W.H.Smith Post Office in Lowestoft was abrupt and impatient, I have been using this post office for 10 years (although they have just moved in to W.H.Smith) the rest of the staff are brilliant but for one gentleman if I can call him that, he is always the same, I really do not think he likes what he is doing.
    He is stuck in a job that he dislikes and he lets the public know it, he is never rude but he comes very close to it, when I go to the post office and he is serving i always hope for someone to finish early so I dont have to face him again.

  29. Rated 5

    Daley in the Liverpool India buildings Post Office was amazing, helped my son repackage his parcel then made sure he knew what to do. Friendly wonderful service.

  30. Rated 5

    Jenny in the Worthing post office on Chapel Road was very friendly and helpful. 0099082

  31. Rated 5

    Excellent service from Zoe at Acton Post Office. Considerate, effcient and very helpful.

  32. Rated 5

    Good service lovely lady helped me with all my queries. Branch response code 0205117

  33. Rated 5

    Hello.I sent a package to italy.And has not received the package until today.Please solve this problem.Or to tell me where the package is and when it arrives at your destination.wait for response.thank you

  34. Rated 5

    The Newport Pagnell Pot Office is under New Management and is working well. There was no problems with the previous management but the new one is just as good, the staff are the same, the service just as good and we have had an addition of a TV screen that eeverybody watches while they are in the queue.

  35. Rated 1

    Queues in Beccles post office are horrendous. I had to photocopy documents again which meant queuing twice. Staff actually made another customer return to provide house number as well as house name for parcel, the customer had posted to this address in the past without problem, this felt like an imposition and there was no sense of providing a timely service. One staff member was observed laughing with a customer about the customer who had to queue twice, which I assume was me. I was not impressed. When you charge for services such as document checking I think it would be appropriate to staff your premises adequately. I do not like wasting hours of my time in a cramped hot space and the staff do not appear to enjoy working in these conditions.

  36. Rated 5

    Very helpful not open long enough in the day

  37. Rated 5

    Very helpful- 0186147 Jane

  38. Rated 5

    Very helpful

  39. Rated 5

    West Nile St branch in Glasgow…Sharlene extremely pleasant and helpful. Transaction carried out in minutes with no fuss. Great customer service from a knowledgable, personable staff member.

  40. Rated 5

    Very good job and. I’m satisfied

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