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Long John Silver’s Customer Experience Survey

Long John Silver’s hosts an online survey allowing you to share your dining experience, so it can know how well it has performed and how it could improve. Your evaluation will certainly help it make progress in the future. By finishing the survey, you will be entered into a sweepstakes to win a prize. To be eligible, you must be a legal resident of the United States and 18 years of age or older.

Long John Silver’s Customer Feedback Survey Guide

  • Refer to the Reference Link One at the bottom for survey completion
  • Please enter the store number and ticket number located on the top portion of your receipt

Long John Silver's Customer Feedback Survey

  • Answer some questions based on your own dining experience

Long John Silver's Customer Feedback Survey

  • Rate your satisfaction with the friendliness of staff, cleanliness of the restaurant and much more

Long John Silver's Customer Feedback Survey

  • If you would like to enter into the sweepstakes, please leave your personal information including your full name, address, Zip, phone number and email address

Long John Silver's Customer Feedback Survey

About Long John Silver’s
Long John Silver’s is an American fast-food restaurant that specializes in seafood. The first restaurant was opened in 1969 in Lexington, Kentucky. The name of the brand is borrowed from the novel Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson.

Reference Links

  1. Long John Silver’s Customer Feedback Survey Link: www.mylongjohnsilversexperience.com
  2. Long John Silver’s Official Site: www.ljsilvers.com

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Rating 5.08votes

  1. Rated 5

    Love to come home grab this drive all the way frm philly for this

  2. Rated 5

    Fast food, very good service, food was still hot on ride home

  3. Rated 5

    The food was great fast and hot, the cashier Lauren was very funny and pleasant and helpful

  4. Rated 5

    Good was great Roxanne S was an excellent cashier

  5. Rated 5

    Good Service Good Food

  6. Rated 5

    The food is very good i love long Johnsilvers

  7. Rated 5

    Place was a very clean an very good servers..

  8. Rated 5

    Love the workers

  9. says:

    Benny was great

  10. says:

    I attended 314 Wilson Way store to my surprise it was very different. I believe management made the difference. Charlene seems concerned and dedicated to quality service. The new cashiers are warm and helpful. The cashier Sequarier has a nice smile, she offered me a good deal on my order for my family I spend like $40.00 but the day I went in she let me know about the new promo sale. Then she let me know that it might change in a few month so enjoy the savings while they last. I still spent $40.00 I just was able to try the deserts finally because she always asks me if I want to try one so I bought all three. Thanks JHS

  11. says:

    I experienced good treatment at the Long John Silver’s located at 314 Wilson way Stockton. The store has taken many changes I believe it’s due to the new management. The new cashiers are very friendly and when they smile people feel comfortable, I know I did. Charlene works hard to provide quality food at the same a pleasant environment for all. I experience excellent service from an employee named Sequarier, she is great with taking orders and has a genuine concern for people. Me and all friends come now Thanks LJS!

  12. says:

    I could not take the survey because the ticket had grease on it and I could not read the store number or the ticket number but it was the worst experience I’ve had it fish and this was on January 20th 2017 the french fries were old and refried so are some of the fish patties the best thing in the whole meal was the hush puppies and the coleslaw there something about the grease that really messed up my stomach this is regretful because I always liked Long John Silver’s

  13. says:

    Charleen, the hostess of your store on 12-02-2016 at 8:32 PM.was the rudest person I have had the displeasure to meet in any store in the last 3 months shopping! Store #32094, ticket#3351. I Expected a pleasant experience while ordering and waiting and did not expect an extra person crouching down behind the counter and a hostess with a rude attitude-not one smile! The experience and small $7.52 order was too disappointing. YOU MUST DO BETTER OR LOSE BUSINESS !!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. says:

    Ordered two battered fish dinners to go this evening at the Sapulpa OK, Long John Silvers. The fries were cold, the fish was lukewarm and we did not receive hush puppies with the order. Hopefully this will not be the type of service we can expect with future orders.

  15. says:

    went thru drive thru ordered 2 #6 with corn on cob instead of fries.paid 13 dollars, came home only recieved ONE DINNER. went back the female manager was nasty didnt apologise…came home opened the box had fries no corn on the cob no slaw!!! if this are the kind of people you employ no wonder you are going out of buisness!! also my wife called told the female manager about the order screw up and said she took order and called my wife a liar…and said if i came up there and started anything id be arrested…if this is how you guys do customer service….well consider my family no longer a customer!!!

  16. says:

    My wife and I were very disappointed in our meals on 10/26/2016 at the Englewood Ohio location and took part of our food to the counter to show them how greasy it was and how it wasn’t completely cooked and the girl said she was sorry but that doesn’t cut it for us…
    Horace and Teresa Howington

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