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Monical’s Pizza Customer Feedback Survey

Monical’s Pizza values your feedback in the Monical’s Pizza customer experience survey. If you are pleased with your recent visit with Monical’s Pizza or you left unsatisfied, share your opinions in the survey. Monical’s Pizza will listen to you and at the end of the survey, you can get a redemption code to validate the offer on the next visit.

Monical’s Pizza Customer Experience Survey Guide

  • Get started by entering the 2 digit store code from the survey invitation

Monical’s Pizza Customer Experience Survey

  • Type in the Order found on the upper portion of your receipt

Monical’s Pizza Customer Experience Survey

  • Select your time and date of visit

Monical’s Pizza Customer Experience Survey

  • Tell your visit frequency and visit type. Rate your satisfaction with its service, the restaurant location, its staff, etc. Tell Monical’s Pizza how it can improve your experience on your next visit

Monical’s Pizza Customer Experience Survey

  • Validate your receipt with the code given

Monical’s Pizza Customer Experience Survey

About Monical’s Pizza
Monical’s Pizza’s presence has been felt for over half a century. It serves up stuffed pizza, Calzone, specialty pizzas, etc. This regional pizza chain is known for its thin crust pizza. Monical’s Pizza is located in Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin.

Reference Links

  1. Monical’s Pizza Customer Experience Survey Link: www.monicals-feedback.com
  2. Monical’s Pizza Official Site: www.monicalspizza.com

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Rating 2.65votes

  1. Rated 5

    We love our local Monical’s and visit quite often. Our food is always hot and made to our exact order.

  2. Rated 2

    Very disappointing service for delivery to a hotel. I am staying in Champagne. When I called, I had to give the EXACT address, not the hotel name. How dumb/unhelpful/untrained are the employees? I ordered a pizza and a salad, and the delivery driver didn’t have enough brains to bring me a FORK to eat the salad. He said I had to request that. I told him I was staying at a hotel for crying out loud. Why would I travel with kitchen ware? It seems like there are incredibly strict policies for customers even though we aren’t aware of them.

    Date: 7-17-17

  3. Rated 4

    For some reason the boxes above are not active. Store:44..Order54131. Yes we will order again and yes we will be back. The pizza was burned on the edges – not good. The bowls for the salad need to be larger…and they need to include a knife when someone orders a salad..not everyone wants to try to get a huge chunk of lettuce in their mouth. Waiters should ck back more often. We were there about 1 hr + and he only ckd on us one time. Never came to ask about a refill on the soda.

  4. Rated 1

    Can’t even get started on your survey; it doesn’t work. Glass of ice filled diet coke is $2.25. I’ll order water from now on. Sandwich meat was lukewarm and it took 25 minutes. Also, you have to ASK for the receipt for this survey. Yikes!! But waitress was nice.

  5. Rated 1

    We order a pizza and 2 breadstick from your Washington Illinois restaurant with 2 extra sauces. The girl said an hour to hour and 15. It took 2 hours and our sauces were half full if that. Not that pizza very disappointed.

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