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Meijer Customer Feedback Survey

Your feedback is greatly crucial for Meijer to improve. Tell your own shopping experience in the Meijer customer feedback survey for being better greeted on your next visit. Meanwhile, you are available to a sweepstakes for winning a $1000 Meijer gift card as long as you are a legal resident of the United States aged 18 or older.

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Meijer Customer Feedback Survey

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Meijer Customer Feedback Survey

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Meijer Customer Feedback Survey

About Meijer
Meijer is a regional American hypermarket chain based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Its products include beauty products, toys, sporting equipment, electronics, housewares and pet supplies etc.

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Rating 2.5124votes

  1. Rated 5

    What is stopping Meijer from setting up a table where a store employee can sign up the customers for the rewards program. I tried to find it and failed !

  2. Rated 1

    Keep up the bad work at Store 231.
    More and more items I used to buy are constantly out of stock or discontinued.
    Personnel are oblivious of customers (Krogers personnel were much friendlier and always greeting) . Pallets of items, for restocking(?) left in the middle of aisles. The Silk Protein w/Vanilla was fond at Krogers, cheaper than Meijer as well as the water island. Meijer water island has not had the car showing that the the water island was serviced… monthly per law.

  3. Rated 1

    overcharged over $20 for items I did not get. thanks Stephanie.

  4. Rated 3

    I have gone to your store in Walled Lake MI several times now and you seem to no longer stock the diet version of V8 Splash juice. The shelves are full of the regular V8 Splash juice but NOT the diet version. The diet version is very low in sugar content and great to drink for diabetics like myself. Would you please check into this please ?

  5. Rated 2

    Feedback survey doesn’t exist.
    What happened to’Silk Vanilla Protein’. Hasn’t been in stock for more than 3 weeks.
    Fancy Feast cat foor section on poor supply.

  6. Rated 5

    Had the best customer service I have every had at 96th Street, Indy Store today from Tina P.
    Know you will value her, got my MPerks fixed and made my day. Such a valuable employee in Tina P. Appreciate your getting more and more less sugar foods, organic and quality foods. Again, kudos for such a great employee in Tina P. I hope you reward employees like her.

  7. Rated 3

    I shop in the Petoskey store. I had my coupons, gave them to the cashier when she asked for them and when I got home found that she had not taken them off my total. This is not the first time this has happened. I was diligent to watch after the first time but was distracted this last time and it happened again. I’m tired of this as we make an effort to turn in the coupons and expect the cashier to do THEIR job, not ours to patrol them!

  8. Rated 1

    why does Meijer have to scan my ID to buy beer.I am 58 years old. Then have the clerk talks down to me.Because I cant buy beer on less she scans my ID.I go to wall mart from now on.

  9. Rated 3

    Love the variety of meijer. The prices are higher than most places. The cashier was extremely sweet.

  10. Rated 1

    It’s to hard to get to your survey

  11. Rated 3

    Store 231: What happened to selection of Spinach. Use to 3. No Spinach-Jale.

  12. Rated 2

    Store 231-
    Silk Protein. There use to be a protein in a ‘blue’ label. Now it no longer exists. Replaced with chocolate (too much sugar). This and other removals has caused me to do most of my shopping elsewhere.
    Took last of No. 675 hearing aid batteries.
    Personnel oblivious to customers, walk in front of them-or through them.
    Aisle 15 still has no separator.
    Repeat: Feedback survey no longer exists.

  13. Rated 1

    The pharmacist and staff are always coy, & unprofessional and I have reported them already to a regional manager or something, but that person never returned the call and I surely left my phone number. It like going to a zoo when I go there I get quite a few prescriptions every month or every 30 or 60 or 90 days and this type of customer service is awful. Meijers acts like the customers do not matter, since you do not return calls from customers.

  14. Rated 3

    Survey link does not work. Loves park, Il. store has fewer checkouts open every time we go there. 8/21/2017 there were only 2 open with 4 or people in each line. Whats up with that??Produce selection and quality is getting less/self weigh on produce was removed/ saved time at checkout.

  15. Rated 3

    Normally shop at the Portage IN. location and always do self check, what really irritates me is there will be 2-4 employees standing at the kiosk where they watch you self check while people fight with the bags trying to get them open so they can get out of the store. There is only one girl who is helpful and I dont know her name but I will make it a priority to do so next time I know she is Asian. Also, the deli at Portage you cant get waited on they will walk right by the hot item area when you are waiting to be served and play with the dirty pots and pans or BS with their fellow employee. It’s no wonder you dont get rid of the fried chicken and its in the cold case all the time you cant get waited on. 2nd complaint ….. as I said Portage In. is my normal shopping store but yesterday I went to the Michigan City IN. store its Friday so they were busy in the afternoon, not enough checkers’s the one I was in line for Jennifer was so slow she acted like she was in a fog. After I spent nearly 85.00 no thank you kiss my a– just get your stuff and get out. I will not be frequenting that store very often. I do really like the M Perks and clipping coupons on line. I have saved 710.00 so far this year. Thank you for letting me vent.

  16. Rated 1

    help. it is now impossible to get to the customer survey as you are directed to a dead link. Again , as usual, the orange juice people at the Portage Meijers refuse to stock orange with pulp.

  17. Rated 3

    Shopped at the Acme store today. Last week had troubles with LOTS of holes in your shelves and not enough cashiers. Today was a better experience. Still LOTS of holes. especially in paper. is there a supply problem? In the service department it was busy but it was moving along. Brad H did an awesome job as my cashier and was nice to see Dawn N as usual. much better than the last visit by far.

  18. Rated 5

    Your employees, whom we have had contact with, have been very pleasant and accommodating. We especially like the way you hire handicapped persons. We like your prices and do most of our grocery shopping at your stores.

  19. Rated 3

    Shopped at Jenison store today. Checkout clerk, Marva, was very unfriendly and barely mumbled a greeting. I separated all of my refrigerated/produce items together at the end of my order, yet she tossed them into bags with everything else! Do checkers have NO training at all? Also waited 5 min. @ Customer Service before any assistance given. Store dirty and old looking. Sale items sold out. One meat dept. employee was helpful, no one else seemed to give a rip. Visited other chains in NC & IL recently that were sparkling clean with team members HAPPY to serve their customers. Not happy with this store.

  20. Rated 5

    Hi. I got a Beautiful full sheet Cake of which I picked up on 8-12-2017. It had 60th Jubilee, Sr. Mary Patricia with praying hands/cross and pink and red roses. The recipient just loved it. Thank you for whomever did this cake. I cake decorator did an excellent job.

  21. Rated 1

    I checked out and had 7 large cans . The person at the Register put them all in one bag took my money and started writing in a book on the caddy where the bags are at so I couldn’t pull my bag around to get it when I tried it ripped in the can still on the floor she continued to write while I picked him up very dissatisfied she should have at least said oh I’m sorry offered me a bag I would have picked them up but very unprofessional very very unprofessional

  22. Rated 1

    Shelves were empty freezers were empty in spots everything I look for was not there I had to go to another grocery store after that to finish my shopping and anytime I look for somebody there was nobody around my rating would be a 1 or less if I could go less will not be back at the store

  23. Rated 1

    Shopped at your Brighton store on 7-30-17. Let’s see, the clerk bagged two half gallons of ice cream, a box of ice cream bars and then proceeded to add a box of dog bones to the bag. Who does that? My husband always checks the meat pads under the meat products. They were full of dried, old blood and dead flies. Makes one wonder how clean the meat cutting room is. Also saw a employee learning over a case of Miracle Whip, texting, , didn’t look up or acknowledge the customer Speaking of which, they (the employees) go out of their to avoid looking at you or giving a greeting.Last of all, we bought fresh fruit, peaches and pears, the clerk slammed them around so much that they were bruised when we got home.

  24. Rated 1

    A CUSTOMER SHOULD NOT HAVE TRACK DOWN AN EMPLOYEE WHEN THE SELF-SERVICE REGISTER STATES “ASSISTANCE NEEDED”! This happens to me Every. Single. Time. For example, today I scanned a coupon that needed verification from an employee. I spotted an employee slouched over her stand looking like she hates her life. I waited and waited for her to actually do her job and come help me. I waited so long I had time to bag all of the groceries and stand some more. I finally gave up and walked over to her and explained what my screen was saying. She reluctantly walked over to my register as if I interfered with her time. She never said a word and was completely unprofessional and rude. Who ever was the cashier on 8/4 @ 12:26, shame on you and get another job. You suck. Bye Meijer, I’m over it.

  25. Rated 1

    I was at the Plainwell #191store, where my husband and I regularly shop, had groceries and beer. Some new guy I haven’t seen before asked for my ID,which I showed him in my wallet.The information is clearly visible, but he said he had to scan it in .I’m 63 yrs. of age,we are in the store 3 or 4 times a week, and have never had this scanning done before. It’s absurd that this happened when normally the clerk hits the “over 40 button” and that takes care of it. We shop here so often, that long time employees know us and there is not an issue. If this is a new policy, you need to change it!This has happened to my husband who is 71.He said if this continues, we will shop elsewhere. The lack of products, and this kind of bs is what drives us to shop at Aldis,Walmart, Hardings etc. I note from the other feedback that Meijer has some serious issues with customer service! Who sets policy, a Trump relative???!

  26. Rated 2

    I was at your Plainfield grand rapids mi store on Sunday 7/30/17. While I was checking out I realized that I had gotten 2 items and only wanted 1. While I was waiting for the cashier to finish with the customer before me I picked up the item and held it in my hand. When It was my turn to be cashed out the cashier looked at me and said what’s wrong? I explained that I did not want this item and she ripped it out of my hand and throw it under the register. She then proceeded to check me out with out saying another word to me. As she was checking me out the customer behind me starting putting their stuff on the belt. She saw what they had in their order and asked them if they had heard of Kens Market? Because they had the biggest Pig ears for dogs. (her pit bull just loved them). This was going the whole time she is checking me out. At the end of my order with my debit card in the card reader she said are you getting cash back? I replied yes. She then took out my cash and with the receipt basically shoved them at me with out saying anything. I left very upset regarding this very rude treatment at your store. I have worked in the retail market for over 25 years, 6 of that at one of your stores. I would have never treated anyone that way. After all with out customers you have no job. This cashier was Stacy E. She was covering for Phillip on reg 19.

  27. Rated 1

    Went to the pharmacy and dropped off the RX. Was told to come back in 2 hours. not a problem. Returned 3 hours later to pick it up. Lady said never turned in. I told her who took the bottle, she checked. They laughed together. We waited and waited. They said they were working on it. Finally, a young man returned-same one who took the bottle from me hours ago, and said the pharmacist laid it down and got busy. We paid for it ..9 times the amount it was at CVS, got home and checked it and they gave us 30 pills instead of 90. That price was way out of line and so is there service. They are in control of peoples lives and they screw up like this?

  28. Rated 1

    I had the worst shopping trip of my life and I am 63 years old. when I shop I like to know where things are and get in and get what I want and get out. I am a Firefighter and don’t have time to spend shopping. I could not find what I needed then the self checkout it kept screwing up and I had to have a young lady help me about 10 times, god bless her and her patience. I was so flustered I don’t want to go back. Kroger is closer.

  29. Rated 1

    Horrible non-service at the self-checkout. When a clerk, who was standing talking to others about her personal business, she objected to my asking her a question and just mutter something rude and walked off. This is the Canal Winchester, OH store. There are other grocery stores in the area, thank God.

  30. Rated 1

    Was very excited that curbside pickup was available. I have to drive to the Fraser store for pickup when the Sterling Heights store is much closer to me. The first experience was not good. I needed items for a work event, but it took several extra hours until my order was fulfilled so I purchased the items at Walmart. I decided to give curbside another shot (the employees are always friendly). I don’t mind substitutions, but today I ordered a block of mozzarella cheese which was green!!! How does someone not see mold; it was not a little spot? My husband is making another trip to the store and I have to start my meal prep over again with non-moldy food. Too late to finish my dinner. I’ll have to stop relying on curbside orders and pick out the foods myself.

  31. Rated 1

    I would have spent a lot more money if the shelves were not empty of what I wanted. Plus your produce looked old.

  32. Rated 5

    Absolutely loved the cashier Abagael. She was such a friendly and kind cashier. She welcomed us with a smile and a hi did you guys find all that you were looking for. Its so nice to talk to and appreciate like she made me and my father felt.

  33. Rated 2

    The Algonquin Illinois store always seems to out of sale items. Today was the first day of their new sale and already they were out of sale offerings. This has happened multiple times to me. They would not give me a rain check because the sale still had a week to run. However if you won’t give rain checks the first day of the sale then at least have enough product that you don’t run out. This was very poor customer service. We are all so busy that I cannot shop multiple days to get sale prices for products that are advertised but unavailable. I am very disappointed in the Meijer stores and cannot recommend you to others. I used to shop at meijer a lot but don’t want to waste my time anymore.

    Just thought you should know,

    Christine Brodsky

  34. Rated 3


  35. Rated 5

    many thanks for getting Drake’s cakes and Tastykake products. also Danielle cold cuts

  36. Rated 1

    Too many times I walk into the store on a Sunday and find empty shelves where products should be, Gold Bond foot cream, shelf empty. I don’t ask anymore because of the sarcastic remarks I get for answer. I just go shop elsewhere.

  37. Rated 1

    Same thing week after week, No items on the shelf, after 2 weeks you would think they would have it in, that was tomato juice, one week, all out of Miracle Whip on had lite or in squeeze bottle. Asked one of the staff, they told me to buy Hellman’s I

  38. Rated 1

    All three doors to the Garden Shop had the same sign, “EMERGENCY EXIT ONLY..USE OTHER DOOR”. So I wasted time going door to door. No sign saying the Garden Shop, which I had just visited five minutes ago…was now closed. Disgusting waste of my time…it won’t happen again. Thank goodness we have Wal-Mart

  39. Rated 3

    Not a very good experience at the Escanaba Store, took my out of town family there to shop they were so excited to go since they have never been ther, to only experience the ride check out person in isle 12 by the name of Crystal. Beside the tattoos showing, and rolling of her eyes the rude not wanting to help answer her attitude towards the person in front of me , myself, and my family behind me showed us no courtesy or friendliness, she should get sent home with that kind of attitude, my sister was going to purchase a smart tv to take back to Madison, Wisconsin but was not able to find anyone so she was going to ask at check out but Crystal did not even give her a chance! So now you have lost a $600 sale and Walmart got it, please teach your employees friendly costumer service so we can continue shppping at Meijer, this by the way is not my first experience there. Thank You

  40. Rated 1

    Meijer feedback Survey does not exist.
    Store 231-
    ‘1000’s prices dropping’ and many rising-e.g., Tuna fish $0.69 to $0.89 and now $1.00.
    Out of spinach, as usual.
    ‘Silk’ protein milk has been out for 2 weeks.
    Still many empty shelves.

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