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Lowe’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

Did you find the home improvements items to decorate your new house or outdoor living stuff to upgrade your garden at Lowe’s? Share your most recent Lowe’s shopping experiences in Lowe’s customer satisfaction survey and you will have an opportunity to enter a quarterly drawing for a chance to win $5,000 Lowe’s gift cards upon completion of the survey. You don’t need to purchase to enter or win. View Official Rules to see whether your are eligible for the sweepstakes prizes.

Lowe’s Customer Satisfaction Survey Guide

  • Go to the survey page and select the country you live in from US and Canada. Click the “Next” button
  • Select the language you preferred to use from English and Spanish. Click the “Next” button to continue

Lowe's Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Enter the time of your visit, the total amount spent and the 12 digit ID number on your receipt

Lowe's Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Answer questions about your recent visit to the Lowe’s and provide your feedback
  • You need to fill in your personal information for the purposes of the sweepstakes

Lowe’s is one of the most popular home improvement retailers in the country, if you shopped a lot for your home decoration recently, you may also visit The Home Depot, never forget Home Depot customer opinion survey if you have a valid receipt and win The Home Depot customer survey $5,000 gift cards.

About Lowe’s
Lowe’s is the second-largest home improvement retailer worldwide running houseware and appliance stores and has retail stores in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Customers can shop online or at a Lowe’s retailer for Lowe’s merchandise.

Reference Links

  1. Lowe’s Customer Satisfaction Survey Link: www.lowes.com/survey
  2. Lowe’s Customer Satisfaction Survey Official Rules
  3. Lowe’s Customer Satisfaction Survey Winner List
  4. Lowe’s Official Site: www.lowes.com

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  1. Rated 1

    I recently learned that my father order a John Deere 0 turn lawnmover from Lowes…surprisingly he was given confirmation of the mower and order number, delivery date, etc…low and behold your company sent him an email a day before he receives the mower at his address that the mower is none available and out of stock…my father is 82 yrs old and I do not appreciate your company giving him confirmation of delivery and then nothing..he went to Lowes talked to 2 managers and they said Shreveport store made a mistake…well they were wrong again…the mower was coming fro your store in Longview Texas…I understand if something was done as a mistake but for almost 2 weeks I think is a little much…so I decided your company isn’t very reliable for its word in taking care of a customer…he was given only the option to order again and wait again to see if maybe you will deliver…he’s shopping elsewhere now…you just lost him as a customer and his son as well…take care and good luck with your business

  2. Rated 5

    I went to Lowe’s today 1850 E. Primrose, in Springfield, MO to purchase some paint. There were many people waiting about the area. Brandon, one of the Paint Dept employees, noticed me looking over the display products. He asked if he could help. I told him of my project and found the correct items immediately. He was polite, tinted the paint quickly and most importantly, he was courteous. I do not not know what he is earning but it isn’t enough.

  3. Rated 5

    I went to the Lowe’s Home Center at 3840 East 10th St, Greenville NC today to find items to build a bespoke cat tower into/onto my existing screened-in porch. After browsing on my own it became clear to me that I would have a heck of a time locating the items I was searching for. It was just at that moment of cognition that I notice a young man who is in your employ, and asked for his help.
    It turned out that his name was Johnny, and that he did more than simply pointing me in the right direction. Despite my protestations that I did not want to take him from his tasks Johnny insisted on taking me to the items I was searching for. The various brackets were on completely different aisles, as were the screws that I needed for each bracket type. Once I explained my intentions for my project he grasped what I wanted immediately, and made the entire shopping experience wonderful. What had been a endeavor that I was almost ready to give up on instead became a fun and enjoyable scavenger hunt, with Johnny leading the way to prizes at each stop along the way.
    I spoke with a manager about said experience and how helpful Johnny had been. Alas I was remiss and did not write down the gentleman’s name, and have since forgotten it (my sincere apologies to him).

  4. Rated 5

    Went to store 1211 in Columbus Ohio one of the workers Jen was so helpful even took time from what she was doing to come help me really helpful because I had no clue what I was doing need more workers like Jen

  5. Rated 5

    Found what I needed quickly. checkout was quick, efficient and very friendly. Joan was the individual at the register.

  6. Rated 1

    My husband and I shopped at your store at 440 marks street Henderson Nbr 89014. We didn’t buy much, but when we Asked for a military discount she said we were not in the system my husband gave-her his military I D and she said again we weren’t in the system. She did not bother to find out how we could get a discount. We have bought many items at your store. Dishwasher, washing machine among many other items. We will no longer shop at your store.

  7. Rated 5

    It’s always important to provide feedback. Sometimes only negative encounters are remembered and positive ones are never noticed. I’d like to provide a positive feedback to Angela Beckett in the receiving department for her assistance in scheduling a important delivery. Her personality and professionalism was appreciated. Angela Beckett works in the Defuniak, FL receiving department and I hope that her professionalism doesn’t go unnoticed. Thanks again Angela;) Blessings

  8. Rated 2

    Recently we bought a char grill from Woodbridge Lows, the assosiate named Andy was very helpful and friendly and polite, I give 5 star rating for him.

  9. Rated 1

    I am done with Lowes. When buying online from Lowes Hendersonville NC I have repeatedly had merchandise I “bought” later be shown as unavailable. I believe this is due to the merchandise being sold to someone else between the time I bought the item and when it was picked in the store. This has happened twice with lawn tractors and once with lumber. There appears to be no way for a consumer to know if they will get an item or not. I can’t do business like that.

  10. Rated 5

    I went to Lows Woodbridge store on july 2nd, and the assosiate named ANDY was so helpful and very nice and very friendly, He knows how to do the job,
    We are so thankful to him.

  11. Rated 5

    I went to Lows Woodbridge store on july 2nd and the assosiate named ANDY was so nice and very very helpful and very friendly, He knows how to do the job, we are very satisfied and very thankful to

  12. Rated 5

    I went to the Beaufort Sc today and an associate named Elaine was so helpful and and nice. She really went above and beyond to help me.

  13. Rated 5

    went to lowes in Fairlawn/ the cashier in garden, Stacy, was friendly, warm, knew her job. Enjoyed the few minutes of contact with her. Brought several plants. I was there 7/7/2020 store number 0633

  14. Rated 5

    I went to Lowes San Bruno Store# 1019. Aaron from garden department was so helpful to me. He was very nice and polite and went beyond with his help. I am a disable woman and could not move the cart with its heavy weight. He came outside to help me. I offered him a tip and he said no thank you, I am not allowed to to take any tips. I asked him can I buy you lunch and he said no thank you. I was amazed with this customer service. I think he should definitely get a raise.

  15. Rated 1

    i am done shopping at your store i am normally there almost every day. i do alot of projects for people. they are not big projects but in the course of a year i purchase a lot from you. i have been working on my own patio for the past 4 months or so i only work on it on the weekends because i do this work during the week. i bought 20 sheets of your 7/16 LP KNOTTY BARNSIDE PANELS. i have bought this on and off for over 20 years for different projects. now i need 5 more sheets of it to finish my patio. i already have the 20 sheets up and installed. now you took it off of the shelves i can not get it anywhere and nothing will math it that you sell. i talked to you assistant store manager in new castle pa. who was rude and of no help what so ever.you have had this product on stock for over 20 years and in a week you ship it all back. what am i to do? you could at least make it so i can special order it. now i have to rip 20 sheets that i bought off of you. off of the wall and start completely over. well guess what. i will be buying the new panels off of home depot and they will be getting my future sales also. and i will let my customers know why i will not be buying from you anymore.

  16. Rated 1

    I call Greece store for lumber they tell me yes come in .I drive 45 mins see and see lumber up. High they say fork truck driver went home I say can I pay and come back they say absolutely take my money I go to dinner come back and the manager breaks my balls and said that lumber is not for sale I ask for refund from the girl that took my MONEY manager says he has no record of me buying my wife had receipt I now have no lumber and still manager does not apology I will tell you this I buy 3 thousand a month from lowes you lost my buisness for being so rude and took my money and refuse to give me what I paid for or my money back

  17. Rated 5

    Keven @pro was very good with helping me with a electric water heater at Morgantown pa Lowe’s store2476 he helped me load it on truck I would look for him again for help he deserves a 10

  18. Rated 5

    Today my wife and I went to the Harrisonburg, Virginia Lowes to buy window blinds. We have purchased blinds from this Lowes on at least three other occasions. One of the reasons we return to Lowes is MARTA HART. We specifically went at a time when we knew MARTA HART would be on duty. She is terrific at her job. Her pleasant personality, combined with product knowledge and thoroughness makes it a joy to work with her. The Bowers family gives MARTA HART five gold stars!

  19. Rated 5

    I went into your McMinneville Oregon store today with a shopping list from my carpenter, and I do not do well in big box stores at all. When I entered the store I asked if I they had such a thing as a personal shopper, as I get overwhelmed in Lowe’s/Home Depot/Costco etc—I was told No—-
    I worked my way to lumber and eventually grabbed a young man by the name of Steve. Steve helped me find all the wood I needed and checked for flaws and
    selected some good straight ones, then he helped with the
    outdoor wood I needed, light bulbs, sandpaper, finishing nails— Steve was such a blessing to me today! I wanted to shout out about him so his manager can add to my kudos!! Absolutely a sweetheart and a God-send!!! Thank you Steve!!

    Promote this kid!!!

  20. Rated 1

    Worst service ever!! Cashier rude, lazy!!!! Garden area, receipt no.19625370 sales no. S2572TR1265504namepossibly Tanya??? Mechanicsville store

  21. Rated 5

    Rick an Lee were awsome,with getting my 400lb grill in my back yard.i feel they went out of their way to make a special trip to my house,in Petersburg ky. I don’t know what we would have done without those guys.Thanks again for the two of them.

  22. Rated 1

    I was satisfied until I filled out your survey 500 and tried several difference with my phone number no results, explain what is it you mean with xxx-xxx-xxxx? very confusing

  23. Rated 5

    Just wanted to let store manager for store 1555 you hava an amazing hard working associate by the name of George with a Batman tattoo, I had stopes shopping at you store because I can never find any help but recently I gave you guys another try an I was very amazed with the help I received. George got on the lift machine and brought down soil that I needed help me load it in my car very friendly and with great customer service thank you George you gained a customer again.

  24. Rated 2

    My actual email is f.ilderton@gmail.com, above is my wife’s, I could not seem to update it.
    In reference to store 1073 you have a associate name Jarred. He is by far the top performer in the store in terms of taking initiative and exceeding customer expectations. My understanding is his brain cancer is back and will be taking some time off. Congratulations to Lowe’s for paying for his upcoming leave. When I say he the best this is not based on a belt curve based on this cancer but upfront 5 star service. He goes the extra mile to listen and act. Today for example I went into the pro area and needed service so I went to the cashier waited while she was eating her M&M while talking to another associate. I indicated I needed help to buy plywood, she said she would send someone. After a wait i went back to another cashier and she asked two employees behind the counter to take care of me. The person that did was very good. This is a example of a associate that cares and on that does not have the guest first in mind. Thank you.

  25. Rated 5

    Just had a refrigerator delivered byJohn G. And Colby P. They were so friendly and did an amazing Job!!!! I give these guys a 10. Lowe’s in Chillicothe MO.

  26. Rated 5

    Store # 2245. 9:43am. 6-27-20.
    Jacob helped me in ladders. Very polite and knows the store items well. Highly recommend. Knowledgeable. Rate him a 10.

  27. Rated 5

    Jacob helped me with purchasing my dehumidifier. Industrial fan. Explained on how to work the item. Highly recommend him for helping others. I give jacob a 10. Louisville Ky store at Norton Healthcare Blvd.

  28. Rated 1

    I have spent most of this day trying to obtain the Ortho product Snake B Gone. When I searched the enter net the product was listed as available but when I drove to store to pick it up the clerk said the product did not show up on the store inventory.

    Also I have ben on hold on the line for over an hour.

    What is going on with your service?


  29. Rated 5

    Bought dishwasher from Lowe’s in Alcoa, TN. Our card had expired. Rebecca waited on us. She was so patient and wonderful. I give her a 10.

  30. Rated 5

    Had a very bad experience with lowes cheap subcontractor, basically it was a subcontractor that submitted the lowest bid. This pos contractor took 3 weeks to install our siding.
    We thought we’d gives Lowe’s another try and had them install new flooring. A total turn around, Jose and his crew went above and beyond on our flooring. The craftsmanship was second none, they stayed late to complete the job. We were very satisfied with Jose and his crew and would highly recommend them. We used the north end Lowe’s in Springfield, il

  31. Rated 1

    Ordered 24 sheets of plywood and was told delivery on Sat. then rescheduled for the Monday now rescheduled for the following Saturday(MAYBE). No phone calls to keep me abreast of what is going on, each time I had to call to see were my materials were. Oh, I did pay for the plywood,Lowes has both my monies and plywood. Ask for the Manager to call, STILL waiting!!!
    Just placed an order with HOME DEPOT.

  32. Rated 5

    Paula is delightful every time we go into the garden sections of Lowes and when possible we always look to get in her checkout line.

    ID#203888 157911 768443
    Store 1579 terminal 20 6/24/20 10:45:04

  33. Rated 5

    We were very pleased with CAROLINE who went above and beyond to help us find a belt and blade for our riding lawnmower! She was very friendly and willing to help !

    ID# 108546 065371 756797
    Store: 0653 Terminal:10 6/23/20 19:23:38

  34. Rated 5

    06/23/20 – 16:37:19 trans 9948227 at 78.82. Excellent service from employee BRAD.He told me about a product I was interested in wason sale. He found a platform dolly, loaded all the items I wanted. We checked out at cashier and he followed me to my SUV and loaded it
    all in, and my 82 yr old back thanked him for loading all, especially those 40 lb sacks.
    He told me he’s been there 14 yrs and LOVES HIS JOB and it shows. I’m retired from owning a 50 year old business and I know how valuable great loyal employees are. LET BRAD KNOW he’s a great asset to your Lowes staff!

  35. Rated 5

    You a very patient & knowledgeable man named Ken at your Atascocita, TX. Give him raise!

  36. Rated 5

    shannon from porters neck NC Lowe’s was awesome. Wasn’t even on the clock and helped me and my friends find the perfect Father’s Day lawn mower. She was incredible!!

  37. Rated 5

    Check out person was very courteous and respectful

  38. Rated 3

    Curbside pickup doesn’t work when neither curbside nor customer service answer the phone and when someone finally answered the call kept getting dropped. Thank you to Michelle in Flooring at the Sylva NC store for going out of her way to assist us today. 5 stars for Michelle,

  39. Rated 1

    I wanted to express my concern about one of the cashier’s who directed my husband and I to another line after standing waiting for a while as if she was closing her line when we looked over we noticed she took on another White female customer, yes we are African American customers. The black cashier had twisted plaits, this seems to be the norm for this store, rude cashier’s, service employees can’t answer any questions and if you ask them you get I don’t work over here, or they tell you they will be back and they never return.
    Sad store service.

  40. Rated 5

    Wonderful service here from this amazing source of help to any customer of this place. I KING OSHANE have been treated well by my customer service appreciation employee and it have been successful in getting the product checking the restock import and export dates and availability even now at this time. Thanks the member a crew whom made sure shopping have been fun.

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