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L.L.Bean Customer Satisfaction Survey

L.L.Bean truly values your feedback about your shopping experience. You can share your valuable opinions that enable it to know how they can do better in the future through this L.L.Bean survey. It only takes only a few minutes to finish the survey.

L.L.Bean Customer Satisfaction Survey Guide

  • Visit the L.L.Bean customer satisfaction survey page in Reference Links 1
  • Enter the 7 digit code found at the bottom of your receipt

L.L.Bean Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Enter the 2 to 4 digit store number found below the barcode on the receipt

L.L.Bean Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Enter the day you visited and answer these questions according to your own shopping experience

L.L.Bean Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Choose a transaction type and give your ratings of the staff members

L.L.Bean Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Provide your basic information for classification only and conclude the survey

L.L.Bean Customer Satisfaction Survey

About L.L.Bean
L.L.Bean is a retail company based in Freeport, Maine, United States, founded in 1912. It mainly sells clothing and outdoor equipment. With over a century in business, a satisfied customer is still one of its important goal.

Reference Links

  1. L.L.Bean Customer Satisfaction Survey Page: www.llbeanfeedback.com
  2. L.L.Bean Official Site: www.llbean.com

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Rating 4.115votes

  1. Rated 5

    Had a blast; bean didn’t cancel despite the rain yesterday and small group(just 2 of us) so this was like having a personal guide. Saw osprey and a bald eagle and learned a lot about the area. Brian K was a terrific guide, full of great anecdotes about the area. His love of the outdoors and enthusiasm for sharing it is palpable. Of course, got some terrific feedback on my beginner stroke and felt confident enough by the end that we went to the Bean store afterwards and bought my first kayak. Am already planning to take advantage of the programs offered by the new store that just opened in my area.

  2. Rated 5

    Went on a paddle board adventure with a friend. Being a senior with not-so-great balance, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to stand up. Dan (out of Victor, NY) gave me some hints and tricks so I could stand and paddle. Hooray! Had a blast. Will definitely go on more adventures with LL Bean.

  3. Rated 1

    Purchased the tooth cleaner dog toy which was 24.95 (0TGH201000) and was so disappointed knowing how well things are made for llbean that it didn’t make an hours with our dog and parts she got to eat the pieces fell apart.

  4. Rated 5

    Standup paddle boarding at camp ocky was great. Instructor Kasey was excellent. We will book another adventure soon.

  5. Rated 4

    Couldn’t access the online survey form as shown below. The link went to a sweepstakes survey, which I am sure is not yours.
    Three of us went to the Discovery School and took paddle boarding lessons(code ODS17). What a blast! I am 62 yrs old and it was challenging but I did not fall. This activity is great for improving balance. Our instructor, David, was professional, relaxed and very helpful. One suggestion I would make. The instructor should take a picture of each person doing an activity and post it on a site where they can get a copy. Then they can share it on social media and this might encourage others to take a class or two!

  6. Rated 5

    I was given a fly fishing lesson as a gift from my best friend, his wife and daughter. The Outdoor Discovery School is very good. Glen taught the fly fishing at the Ringwood Lake area of New Jersey July 30. He was excellent. We all learned a lot. Especially me. All my experience was salt water fishing. Glen was patient
    and informative. I am considering to return with my fishing club. Thank you Glen.

  7. Rated 5

    Wonderful day out kayaking with Stacy and Mandy. Excellent instructors and they took extra time with my 3 grand children. I highly recommend the discovery school and we can’t wait to go again

  8. Rated 4

    I filled out the survey under link 1.
    thanks for a nice experience

  9. Rated 5

    I returned a pair of NB Walking Shoes to the Albany, NY store on July 21, 2017 at about 11 a.m. I ordered a new size, of the
    same brand, and was told to expect a shipping date of Tuesday or Wednesday of the following week.

    Imagine my surprise when the new Walking Shoes were delivered on Saturday, before noon, on July 22!

    Outstanding service!

  10. Rated 1

    1) I cannot access the “llbeanfeedback.com” (with store code: 0780) for the 06-26, 2017, 6:59 PM, tran: 48, Reg: SK001) purchase bought by myself using my TCF Credit Card.
    2) The item I bought is “very good” quality at a “very good sale price.”
    3) A linked “L.L. Bean Visa” (other than my TCF Visa) application, encouraged by the salesman was denied by “Barclays” Bank, by way of “Trans Union”; with “Trans Union” making a number of “odd,” as well as “totally inaccurate, very negative” comments regarding my “Credit History.”
    4) I happen to be a Social Security Disability individual (received as involving my “first divorce case” in Nicholasville, KY; a case with many crimes committed against myself by “the System,” linked to my “Doctor of Medicine” status as a Psychiatrist by specialty), tied to my employers as well as my (1/2 paid each) F.I.C.A. taxes paid into the system.
    5) I live within my monthly allotment, without difficulty.
    6) I am not a Medicaid individual, nor have I ever received Medicaid.
    7) I’ve complained to Chicago’s F.B.I. about the denial’s criteriae as stated very inaccurately; perhaps maliciously by “Trans Union.”
    8) I enjoy your store, yet your Credit Card (I’d have considered changing to your LLBean Credit Card from my TCF Bank Visa Card) application, perhaps manipulated by “Trans Union” is very abnormal.
    9) I wouldn’t use “Trans Union” were I an “L.L. Bean” store; as my “overall credit” [linked to my three homes bought and sold in two different States of “the U.S.”; cars bought, including College of Medicine “loans” (all paid off by my marital family)] was totally misrepresented by “Trans Union.”

  11. Rated 5

    Loved the discovery school stand up paddle boarding class. Our family of 3 were the only ones in class today. We lucked out with a private family lesson. The instructors Allie and Kevin were awesome, very professional and excellent instructors. Iwe as a family would and will take this class again. Thank you Allie and Kevin

  12. Rated 2

    We were very pleased to see a store in the area we were visiting. The quality is always good but the lack of selection in sizes was both surprising and very disappointing. If you are XS, S or M, no problem but if you are looking for Large or XL, it was an extremely limited selection.
    Not good!

  13. Rated 5

    I was hoping to buy another travel wallet. I use mine all the time to travel overseas and here in USA. You do not make them anymore :( mine has three zipper areas for foreign and domestic money, place for credit cards and it fits my passport and iPhone in the top pocket. It also has a long strap for over the shoulder. I really hope you will make them again. Please let me know if you have a solution. I already looked in your store today and could not use the ones you have. Thanks for listening.

  14. Rated 5

    0040076 code 004075 Store 80 March 01/17
    I am replying this way rather than through the Readsurvey site as I do not want my computer downloaded with unwanted programs and default sites.
    Our experience at the outlet Store 80 in Freeport was rewarding as not one but two ladies, Susanne and Tammy went out of their way to find the desired Boat and Tote Bags as well as helping find the correct size of the clothes we bought. They were exceptional in their service

    Code 0460112 Store 40 March 01/17
    Linda was very helpful in a price adjustment on a clothing article from another store and patiently awaited while I went to my vehicle to retrieve the the article which was wrongly priced and refunded the difference.
    Great service

  15. Rated 5

    Such amazing service- my favorite store to shop in hands down.

  16. says:

    Dear Linda Bean,

    My family and I have been 3 generations of customers. We will never buy another product from your truly great company again. Your support of Donald Trump is unconscionable, and I say that as a long time Yankee conservative. It is a shame that you have chosen to support a xenophobic candidate, whose foreign policy with Russian, as well as public comments, will put our amazing people in uniform at grave risk.

    It is a real shame. I try to support American companies, but you have really crossed a line.

  17. says:

    Just left the Cranston store and Ms. Erin and Ms. Summer went above and beyond to make my experience a very positive one. Left the store feeling very satisfied.

  18. says:


    STORE #410
    Gene and Evangeline Parent

  19. says:

    Shopped the Legacy Village store and was impressed with Katie, she made the purchases memorable. Store manager Kayley made sure I had a good experience. Great store, very organized and clean. will definitely return thanks to Kayley and Katie.

  20. says:

    I normally do not leave reviews but i believe the salesman name was Al or Steve older gentlemen. He shared his aretha franklin story with us to match the conversation of the shoes we were looking at. He made us laugh and he was very pleasant. Most salesman just speak of the product but i would never forget that boot because of the story he told with it. Great job ll bean!!!

  21. says:

    Paula in glens falls NY outlet was a helpful women when I was looking for New jeans I would go back there

  22. says:

    Margo was great to work with. She made me feel like I was an old friend and went out of her way to make sure I got what I wanted.

  23. says:

    I was waiting for a good sale on the Men’s Flannel Lined Khakis at $64.95 each and I wanted to order 3 pair….there was a 20 percent off previously but I thought that closer to Christmas might bring a better discount…now there is no discount at all! I ended up ordering from Eddie Bauer at a 40 percent discount.
    I couldn’t take the chance of waiting any longer and then risking the sizes being out of stock…

  24. says:

    Sorry, I don’t take surveys because my SN/ID is sent to various soliciting companies which gets to clog my EMail account.
    If it’s worth anything, I think your store in Short Pump (Virginia) is outstanding. The service rendered my purchase was terrific. Cindy was a great help! Just what I’d expect from an outstanding retailer like L L Bean. My first purchase was made at Freeport, Maine, back in 1963. I still wear that jacket. Thanks for coming to the Richmond, VA, area!

  25. says:

    This evening I went to exchange my moccasins and my mothers moccasins at the LLBean in Evergreen Walk Manchester,CT. I have never had an issue doing this exchange in the past years. On the receipt it says no questions asked and the guy who was helping me out asked me why I’m returning them. I told him the stitching on pair was horrible, as it was when I got them last year but wore them anyways because I didn’t have time to go back. He told me it’s not a reason because my shoes show obvious wear, and it’s not apart of the satisfaction guarantee. But the other pair I brought back he didn’t question and had more wear on them. He told me next time I come back for a new pair I have to pay $69 again. I’m sorry but I’m not willing to pay another $69 for another pair of moccasins.

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