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Kroger Customer Feedback Survey

Take Kroger customer feedback survey to win the Grand Prize of $5,000 in grocery gift cards, or one of 100 $100 grocery gift cards. You are eligible to enter the feedback survey sweepstakes if you are 18 years of age or older.

Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey Guide

  • Visit Kroger customer satisfaction survey page (See Reference Link 1 below)
  • Choose your preferred language: English/Spanish
  • Read the sweepstakes official rules by clicking Reference Link 2 below
  • Enter the date and time of your visit as well as entry ID printed on your receipt

Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Answer some general questions about your visit

Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Rate your satisfaction with the ease of finding products, the number of check lanes, etc

Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • At the end of the survey, you will be asked if you would like to receive coupons, special promotions and if you would like to enter the sweepstakes.

Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • If you want to enter the sweepstakes, just enter your contact information

Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey

Anything else to talk to Kroger? Leave your feedback and comments and talk with friends via Facebook by adding a comment below.

About Kroger
Kroger is one of the largest grocery retailers in the world. It runs business under approximately two dozen banners and specializes in grocery, general merchandise, retail, grocery manufacturing, distribution and Supermarket. It’s not simply a grocery store but a strong team dedicated at delivering best shopping experience for families. For a job hunter, it’s the best place where you could start your brand new career by complete your Kroger careers. It is always cool to shop at Kroger, share your feedback with them and enjoy better experience for your next visit.

Reference Link

  1. Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey Link: www.krogerfeedback.com
  2. Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes Official Rules
  3. Kroger Official Site: www.kroger.com

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Rating 4.372votes

  1. Rated 2

    Very disappointed that there were flyers all over our local kroger saying if you take the survey you will be given free fuel points. Took the survey and it was never mentioned. Even called the store and no one could tell me what website to go to so I could redeem the points. Waste of my time.

  2. Rated 1

    Kroger Branded teeth whitening products manufactured for you by Ranir LLC have the
    worlds absolute WORST, most frustrating packaging. So bad that I will return the
    unused product and will never recommend these to anyone.

  3. Rated 5

    I love kroger

  4. Rated 5

    I love the salad bar it should be in all of the frys store

  5. Rated 5

    dear sir

  6. Rated 3

    I’ve been a Kroger customer for over fifty years. In recent years the service and stock items are gradually getting worse. Often there are common items not available, and I have to shop at another market to buy what your store doesn’t have in stock, or doesn’t even sell. I’m beginning to wonder why I don’t just shop at the other market to begin with. It appears that Kroger’s is replacing brand name items with their own brand. Some OK, but some not of equal quality. In a nutshell, I feel Kroger’s is doing all they can to increase profits; however, the customer is not near the top of your of your decision making.

    Today I am frustrated because there is no employee working at the cheese counter. I needed a cheese rind two day ago and was told no one was working that area. Today, I went back to Kroger’s to get the cheese rind for my recipe and guess what, no one is working that counter againe. There have been times you have been out of the meat I wanted–pork chops or stew meat for example! Also, fruit juices you do not sell like Simply Juice Orange Pineapple, or R.W. Pineapple Coconut. For a long time, you were out of 5oz. Dixie cups. You do have the 5oz cups now, but in your own brand.

    I suggest that your management visit the Von Maur department store where they have a modern store with old fashioned service. It’s obvious they put their customers first.

    I could go on making a list of items that you are either out of, or don’t stock at all. One last gripe, your business would increase a lot if you would teach you employees to smile at their customers. Unfortunately, many of them walk past you like you are invisible. I’m an old man, but I have been in my own (successful) business for most of my life. I guess I’m just old and remember when business put the customer above all, and gave good service.

    Wishing you much success.
    Herman W. Reed

  7. Rated 5

    I’m speaking of the food 4less in Riverside, on Chicago/ University…EASTSIDE is the right side..just saying..

  8. Rated 5

    I tried to answer survey questions but just didn’t work.so my comment is what I want heard. On 8/15/17 @ 11:25 pm rushed into my food 4 less (been a customer since 03 this store) I didn’t have my glasses, was greeted by TRAVIS, he was my eyes,he was so helpful, he compared prices for me, he was the ABSOLUTE best. I went to the manager whom also is the BEST MANAGER I’ve seen since I’ve been coming here.He interacts with the community, 5 remember when he was a checker here…I always get a wholesome greeting from him.While I have your attention, there’s no checker in my view , that has always been consistent and caring and professional that’s KEN…I would contact you,if something was wrong, believe That! So why not when it’s right! I’m a stickler for common courtesy and mutual respect, smile greet me like I pay you your check…or your in the wrong job..I love my food 4 less, I
    periodically have to use the disability cart, I notify them to come get it every time, because several years ago, I caught some one trying to steal it. I was probably about 57 yrs old, w/ disabilities. I rode up on their assistance so quick, made my point, I also have alittle juice in my hood.. XXX
    O.G status. So I take my neighborhood seriously..Thank u, I’m not trying to win something, of course it would be nice, sorry this is so late, I became very ill, had to be hospitalized. But I’m back…please let all 3 people know they are special. U would let them know if they were in trouble….Let me share, one more thing, so u can understand me better. There’s only 2 people in business, your either a ASSHOLE or a ASSEST. These 3 are DEFINITELY ASSESTS…(who do I talk 2 about my addiction to Kroger vanilla yougart?) The absolute best 4get the rest KROGER is the BEST! I need a SUPPORT GROUP!…..SMH! LMAO.

  9. Rated 5

    I love the store I will come again more often most of the workers was nice helping me in products the guy paul was nice to help me out the fruits

  10. Rated 5

    South lyon krogers is the best

  11. Rated 2

    I have always preferred Kroger stores and Kroger products. But I am very aggravated by 2 of your sales tactics. I dislike digital coupons! And I hate the buy 5 to save —and I am suppose to keep track of buying products in groups of 5! Crazy!! You are ruining my shopping experience!

  12. Rated 5

    I love the Pharmacy at Kroger’s on Sunset Drive in Johnson City, TN. The Pharmacists and Tech’s are professional, helpful and always kind, caring and interested in answering any questions I have. Besides that I love doing my weekly – sometimes daily – shopping there. The butcher is a wonderful, helpful person and all of the cashiers and other employees are unfailingly kind.

  13. Rated 5

    8/7/2017 I always enjoy the Auburn Fred Myers store. My favorite. The employees are very -customer friendly, informational and helpful. I can’t remember the cashiers name today, but she is always very pleasant and brightens up the line with her beautiful smile.
    Time 12:50 PM entry id 701-221-79-19-1-80.

  14. Rated 5

    I had Ashlee as my cashier and Cass was my packer. Both were very friendly and smiling and made me feel welcome and asked me how my day was which is a very
    nice touch to the chore of grocery shopping. Cass made sure to ask if I needed help to
    get my groceries to my car and so happy Ashlee asked if I needed stamps because I did and I did forget until she asked. THANK YOU girls for you friendly smiles and help.

  15. Rated 5

    i was in the kennewick store today to get a few things. one of the reasons was the coupon (digital) had trouble with the system to get the coupons but the staff as USUALwas so accommodating and assisted with my shopping. especially whitney. he was so helpful in my getting the water i wanted but was too heavy for me to carry, so he offered to break up the water so i could get it in two packages which i could carry. i so appreciated that, he made my day. also the staff made sure i got all my digital coupons savings which was a huge savings. the customer service at this reason i do 99.99% of my shopping there. cant do without them

  16. Rated 4

    Tammy has always been pleasant

  17. Rated 4

    The only con this visit is they were so busy and my cashier had no bagger so I did it myself

  18. Rated 4

    Could not enter sweepstakes on your web page ? Wanted to do so

  19. Rated 5

    Love this store

  20. Rated 5

    KROGER is the best.love shopping at krogers. I find all I need. always in stock, and good supply. rating 5.0

  21. Rated 5

    Is the best grocery store ever been here in Yuma AZ

  22. Rated 5

    Shopping a one stop store is what I was looking for when we moved here from California and Fred Meyer is that store

  23. Rated 5

    It’s always a pleasure to shop at your store I’m very pleased with the prices

  24. Rated 5

    Kroger always go tome

  25. Rated 5

    I’m hoping to win a $100 gift card from Fred Meyer or roger store, at 8530 Everegreen way Everett w.a 98204, I like shopping at Fred Meyers. Thank you Mary Allen my phone is 425 931 1550, call if I’m a winner.

  26. Rated 5


  27. Rated 5

    The meat market today was such an improvement from my past visits to Kroger. The products were beautifully displayed looking fresh and inviting. I bought my first purchase today which was Talapia. There was no odor as I have mentioned in the past. I complimented the butcher. I was so pleased.

  28. Rated 5

    Wanted to recognize two employees at the Chandler Fry’s store at 1950 W Ray. Anthony and Tara C were my checkout team. Both were very good – Tara C was exceptionally helpful with loading groceries and bagging. Date of visit was May 31, 2017 – checkout time was shown as 12:09 p.m. on receipt. Thank you Anthony and Tara!

  29. Rated 5

    I love to Shopping @ Kroger good service

  30. Rated 5

    I love my krogers. In pearl ms & Brandon ms nice clean friendly staff.staff go out there way to make sure i got everything i need just a all around good family store thanks Joseph Bates

  31. Rated 5

    I wanted to take the time out to said thank u for a wonderful staff every time i visit the pharmacy at store on 850 S. Hamilton Rd. They treat me like family Mrs. Lynn was the cashier who had taken care of me. Then Mr. Shane i asked if he couldget me my shots that i was due . He recommend Mr. Mike who done a excellent job. Mr. Mike made sure i was relax first and at my request to let me know when? Also Mr. Nathan i asked him would he please dont go away and i talk to him also too help me not be nerves. Thank You for your great staff at krogers pharmacy hats off to these employee please recognize them all for their helping me today.

  32. Rated 5

    I just love my food for less Watts on 103 an Compton Ave

  33. Rated 5

    Great Super market!

  34. Rated 4

    Great shopping experience

  35. Rated 1

    Recently I purchased a Kindle from an Oregon Fred Meyers store and found it had been reported lost or stolen. The previous owner’s account info was still loaded and on the device ready to use! I had not been informed it was used merchandise at the time of the sale. The devise had been pulled from under the counter to sell to me. After I had trouble deregistering the Kindle I called Amazon who told me it could not be used as it had been reported lost or stolen. I spoke to the Fred Meyer store about the incident thinking this type of security violation would be an extreme concern but I am very dismayed to report the seemed unbothered by my report.


  36. Rated 5

    I need it help at the fruits I couldn’t decided what’s better to buy so one of them I think he’s name was paul he came to me if I need help so its was nice of him to help me out to make the right choice on well I’ll say thanks to him I mind come again

  37. Rated 5

    I wish to say thank you to Kroger store 116 @ twin aire, for the outstanding job the bakery did today making a little girls birthday cake, using imagination and creativity, when the situation called for something above and beyond the call of duty and then having the store say happy birthday to her. Made my day, I read the story on Facebook. Kudos Kroger

  38. Rated 5

    Love it

  39. Rated 5

    I love it cause we’re double rewarded prices are low friendly customer service
    Everything’s fresh awesome

  40. Rated 3

    A great place to shop

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