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Kawasaki Owner’s Web Survey

Kawasaki invites customers to help them gain insight about their products for the purpose of making further improvements. Complete Kawasaki Owner’s Web Survey to provide your valuable feedback. The survey takes about 15 minutes.

Kawasaki Owner’s Web Survey Guide

  • You need to go to the survey page (See Reference Link 1) and complete this survey. Do not fill out the survey in the screenshots below
  • Check the box to agree to the terms and start the survey

Kawasaki Owner's Web Survey

  • Select the product category you own from motorcycle, ATV, Side x Side and Watercraft

Kawasaki Owner's Web Survey

  • Supposing you choose motorcycle, input the 17 digit frame number(VIN No.) of your vehicle

Kawasaki Owner's Web Survey

  • Answer questions based on this Kawasaki purchase and give your additional comments if you have any

About Kawasaki
Kawasaki is a global manufacturer of ATVs, Motorcycles, Side x Side Vehicles, Watercraft and Power Products. The company has distributors in Latin America, Bermuda, Guam and Asia. Motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles are are the most visible consumer product lines of Kawasaki Heavy Industries.

Reference Links 

  1. Kawasaki Owner’s Web Survey Link: www.kawasaki-research.com/NOOS/opening.html
  2. Kawasaki Official Website: www.kawasaki.com

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