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Peoples Jewellers Guest Experience Survey

How was your last shopping experience at People Jewellers store? Peoples Jewellers is now listening to your voices via Peoples guest experience survey. Take this survey and tell how you feel about their diamonds and services. You can get a validation code to receive additional savings.

Peoples Guest Experience Survey guide

  • Visit Peoples Guest Experience Survey page (Refer to reference link 1)
  • Enter the entry number on your receipt

 Peoples Guest Experience Survey

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  • Follow the instructions and finish the survey

About Peoples
Peoples also known as Peoples Jewellers. It is the largest retailer of fine jewellery and watches in Canada, with nearly 150 locations from the Maritimes to British Columbia. It is one the major acquisitions of Zale Corporation. It provide beautiful wedding jewelries, rings, diamonds, necklaces, earrings and watches. Peoples Jewellers has always provided customers with a trusted and helpful shopping experience.

Reference Links

  1. Peoples Guest Experience Survey Link: www.jewelleryexperience.com
  2. Peoples Official Site: www.peoplesjewellers.com

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Rating 3.665votes

  1. Rated 5

    My father bought 2 necklaces with pendants for me and my sister, however they were too short. We bought new ones but the pendants wouldn’t go on because the clasps were too big.
    Adriana paid to change the clasps when I bought the necklaces. She fixed everything. It did take and extra week but we are both satisfied. Thank you Adriana for all your help

  2. Rated 1

    My boyfriend bought me a pair of earrings two days ago and the stone fell out of one of them. I am so upset; I cried so hard.

  3. Rated 1

    I felt so disappointed I just pick up my ring from resizing, the Color’s change instead of yellow gold is like rose gold, it become thinner it’s is so different from the original Color. I compared it with my husband ring which is both 21k saudi gold. So thin the edge and deformed when I Tried to wear it. I wish I don’t get it repaired.

  4. Rated 5

    Thank you to Sam at Northgate Mall for a pleasant experience for us while purchasing our wedding rings for our special day.

  5. Rated 5

    Jassica has been very nice and attentive. I bought a pendant and a chain. She tried her best to give me the best deal on my preference. I highly recommend her.

  6. Rated 5

    Survey ID #is: 051-426-007-40 very good service kind women serving you

  7. Rated 1

    I was very disappointed that I waited over 3 months for a phone call from the Oshawa Shopping Centre notifying me that my engagement ring had been repaired and returned to their store. I finally called them and of course they said my ring was there. When I arrived the sales person opened a drawer and went through numerous plastic bags to find mine. I can only imagine they had that many bags is BECAUSE THEY DO NOT CALL THEIR CUSTOMERS BACK.

  8. Rated 3

    Purchased a pendant with a 20 inch chain that I requested. The clerk took the pendant to 3 different locations in the store before I made payment, unsure why. Then presented me a bag at the cashiers counter. I was not sure what was done to the pendant during this process as the clerk kept moving out of my view with the necklace. Normally everything is done in front of you after the item has been chosen. The pendant already was attached to a 20 inch chain and I just needed it to be put in a gift box. But it was taken on tour around the store. I was not even sure I was getting what I agreed to purchase as I did not see the necklace put in a gift box. So I opened the bag and the box to check it out. The look on the clerks face was less than impressed but what should she have expected. The pendant looked the same, the box was pretty shabby: excuses were given as to why I could not get a better box; I soon left. When I tried the pendant on Christmas day the chain was only 16 inches. Too small. Nothing on the receipt said anything about the chain. After the weird situation upon purchase, the shabby gift box and the -30 cold weather today I will not be going back to that store ever. I will purchase an extender or a 20 inch chain in a store were they are not so sneaky.

  9. Rated 4

    I had a very nice experience. I was looking for my 2 year little one .. it’s perfect what I was looking for.

  10. Rated 1

    I had a horrible experience at the polo park location last Thursday when I picked up my ring that needed resizing after I bought it last sunday. I waited for a long time as both staff members were busy, that was okay with me. I waited patiently with my daughter, Sandra(staff) acknowledged my present and said she’ll be with us after, another couple came after me also waiting, sandra said the same thing.
    After she was done with the customer she was serving, she went and helped the couple after me, which she knew I was waiting first. I was annoyed, but good thing the couple said to her I was there first.
    She went and helped me but I felt rushed with the service I got from her, she didn’t even offer me a case for my ring and just handed it to me with the receipts.
    I was a first time customer there as I usually go to appelts, but they were closed on sundays thats why I went to people’s. But never again I’m coming back to this place. On top of that, my ring doesn’t even fit properly from the initial resizing. Bad experience overall. I would stick to appelts from now on.

  11. Rated 5

    I am very pleased with my repair. The associate who helped me at the Oshawa Centre was very pleasant and knowledgeable

  12. Rated 5

    Thank you to May from Peoples Jewellers at Hillcrest Mall. She was amazing in assisting me to find the perfect earrings and ring. She is very knowledgeable and extremely helpful, putting the needs of the customer first. Excellent customer services and highly recommended!

  13. Rated 1

    The worst experience! A diamond on my engagement came off, the associate at the store advised that the warranty does not cover it. They made me talk to a bunch of people regarding this issue. Finally took my ring on Sept 26, 2020 and its been over a month and they are unable to track the ring. one of the associates said the ring has been shipped and would be ready for pick up on the 14th Nov, 2020. When i call them on Nov 17, 2020 they have no idea where the ring is, again says that there has been no update. Very disappointed in their services.

  14. Rated 1

    This was the worst experience with a jewelry store!I bought my husband a wedding band in 2008, along with a lifetime warranty. The ring broke so I took it to peoples in Sunridge Mall to be repaired. That was on February 24. Erica the manager told me they had to make anew ring, so I agreed to do that.On august 1, 2020 she told me my order had been cancelled but I could come into the store and pick out a new ring in exchange. The ring I picked out had to be sizedso, it was sent back. Then I got a call saying my original ring was in store. I asked if I could have that one back, and was told NO! Yesterday I went to pick up the ring that was sized and the band is paper thin. My husband and I are furious with this store and all of the run around that I got!!! I want someone from head office to contact me. This needs to be rectified IMMEDIATELY. You have my email address. Thanks Char

  15. Rated 5


  16. Rated 5


  17. Rated 1

    I just returned from the Oakville place store. I too can not enter this survey or attempt to find a way to directly contact customer service. For over 25 years my husband and I have been purchasing jewelry at this store. And I cannot believe the service I just received. I went in to pick up my ring that had to be repaired (it’s not even 3 years old). I received a call from Joseph the day previous to advise it was ready for pick up. Never said for me to bring in any paperwork. When I arrived I showed my drivers license to get my ring. And after checking it over one of the other sales people who wasn’t even helping me said oh this is in a mans name, my husband. Then demanded his number to call him, I said excuse me this is my ring, I brought it in and why is his name even on my account. This same ignorant employee proceeded to tell me this ring is really his and I should ask a lawyer. I was absolutely mortified that this woman would argue with me and act like I was a criminal. I eventually had my husband text a picture of his drivers license and I was given my ring. I informed the clerks that I would never buy another thing in the store and when my ring needs to be checked again I will attend another store. I have had other issues with this store due to rude employees when a ring they sized broke not even 6 months later. Apparently they do not guarantee their work and I had to pay again to have it repaired. I have had rings sized at other jewellers and they have never broken. You would think in this day when stores are struggling to survive that they would teach their staff some manors. This is the end of retail relationship. Avoid this store

  18. Rated 5

    Not able to enter the survey, but my experience at the square one store was wonderful. STELLA was of great help. She helped my family and I pick the perfect engagement ring. She had great input and was patient and considerate of our choices. Definitely recommend the store and will hopefully shop here again soon.

  19. Rated 1

    Per your receipt you have 14 days to tell Peoples about my experience, I have a survey ID however no where to enter it as I was unable to access the survey…Would have like to participated in sharing my experience however unable since there is no access…

  20. Rated 5

    I have tried multiple times to get into the survey and was not successful (survey ID: 057-611-434-51). I had given the store located in the Eaton Centre (store#: 5144) a call on 01/13/2020 and got all the information I needed for a quick purchase. When I walked into the store I was greeted by associate #858006 turns out she was who I spoke to on the phone, she had amazing customer service skills, so so helpful and really nice. Overall I had an amazing experience would recommend anyone, quick and easy purchase for a last minute birthday gift for my mom, thank you!

  21. Rated 1

    I cannot get into the survey,even though the receipt I have gave me a #356-326-428-03 for purchase on Dec 28/19. This purchase didn’t go bad, but when back today Dec 31/19 to buy 2 more items that I had looked at the day before. The actual sales person was night but the Store manager was horrible. I was never so humiliated when I when to pay my Credit Card came up declined not once but twice,so well I stood there I phoned my Credit Card Company well 7 people around me stared at me. When I new there was no issue with my card, just to have the manager come over to the sales person I was dealing with and ask what was wrong. The sales lady explain I was on the phone with my credit card company as for some reason my card had been decline. She then informed both me and the sales person ..oh do you have a Master Card I said yes, she said oh it won’t work as our system is down system wide. You would think she would let her staff know that you couldn’t pay by Master Card and let Clients know that. Instead of making people feel like sh*t, and have everyone in the store staring at you think you are trying to buy something with a bad card. I had asked the Manager if they would put on hold until they got there side for M/C but up and running. She said no she wouldn’t, the sale was just on for one more day and thats just the way it is, even though it your problem with your Credit Card Sight. After 15 mins of me polities stating it your problem not mine, as I did want to buy the 2 items I came in for. She final let me put it on layaway that way I will get the sale price still, and I could come back another day to pick up the items, but phone first but it could be a few days before it’s back up and running.
    I think the Manager at the Langley, BC Stores #5248 need to learn how to communication with her Staff and Customers when there is issue with like the one I experienced. Also When I was going to buy it the nice sales lady put everything in a nice box. The Manager took everything out of the box and put it in a ziplock bag both item together which should not have been put together as the fine chain with one of the items would get knotted up with the the other item, so it should be interesting when I go and pick them up. If the two item are damaged when I pick them up, I will refuse items and expect a full refund. Very poor service. Really not impress at all with the Manager that was on at 1:00 pm Dec 31/19 At the Willowbrook Shopping Center, Langley, B. C service. If staff and clients are told right away of issues it things would have been different.
    I do hope you look at complaint and response to my complaint.


    Launie C

  22. Rated 1

    I cannot get into the survey, but I must tell you my experience which will give future clients A BIG HEADS UP.
    On Dec 24/2019 I made a purchase of $1,343.91 and on Dec.30/2019 I went to return it , because it to big. I paid cash and this kind of transaction is refunded only by cheque by the head office in 21 business days. So I told them if the bank uses a client money they pay interest, moreover the store can sale the item during this time. Adding to my disgust is the fact that there are chances that the cheque can end up in somebody else’s mail box- which (the store says it) will involve an investigation – Good luck to me with that!!!I ask the store manager how come they can receive cash, but they do not do cash transaction for returns. No answer.
    This is outrages, specially in this country!

  23. Rated 1

    I cannot get into the survey but am leaving you my comments. I am very disappointed with my experience at People’s Jewellers on Dec 21/19. I made a purchase for $189.72 with tax and warranty. Apparently your computer crashed just after my transaction was approved. We had to do the transaction again as it was lost in your computer but charged twice on my Visa card. Your employee said I was going to get credited after approx. 48 hrs. Today is Dec 26/19 and I still have not seen a credit to my VISA…. Very angry. Transaction was on Dec 21/19, cashier #13533624 and #13506614 and Assoc #13529323. Can you please reply with a date that I will be credited on my Visa… This is the 5th ring I’ve bought from People’s with warranties and this has never happened before. I’m very disappointed. I need an answer ASAP!!!! My name is Line Rossignol.

  24. Rated 5

    I have shopped at Peoples in Fairview Park Mall, Kitchener ON for over 30 years. That is were my husband purchased my engagement ring and wedding band. I recently had my rings redone my engagement, wedding and enternity ring put together as one ring. The job that was done was fantastic. It means a lot to me as my husband past this past year. Diana and Virgina at the store are the best for customer service people any company could ask for. When I go to see them it is like visiting family. I will never go anywhere else for my jewelry. I could not get to the survey but my number is 354-925-818-85 Thank you Pauline Ortlieb

  25. Rated 4

    I had received a bracelet & earings last year from my husband. but they did not match one was yellow gold and one was white gold. with my busy life, I did not have time to exchange the Bracelet so it was a year passed I never wore it once and kept it in the box and had the receipt in it. the lady did let me exchange it and was hesitant only as it was over the exchanged date aka 60 days she did the exchange only if I purchased a warranty.
    I only did it because the original bracelet was useless to me didn’t match anything I currently had. I was disappointed with the other salesperson who sold my husband the wrong pairing of jewelry clearly this person just wanted a sale.

  26. Rated 5

    great service and great price

  27. Rated 1

    I cannot get into your survey….so much for valuing your customers experience.At ” Peoples” I cringe each 6 months when I bring my rings in for inspections…there is always a mess of my papers scattered on their desk with my rings lost amongst them. The jewelry should be at least put in a dish until ready to be sealed in the bags to be sent out. And 3 weeks ( last year it took them 7weeks) for rhodium plating is poor service

  28. Rated 1

    I have been trying to get in touch with the employees via text and email and I feel like I am getting totally ignored. I can’t even speak to a supervisor via phone call to find out about my shipment. Very dissatisfied!

  29. Rated 5

    I cannot enter into your customer satisfaction survey it’s very frustrating.I really want to extend my gratitude to the woman who helped me at the People’s in the Cambridge mall in Ontario she was very helpful and did not try to take advantage of me. It’s a rare thing these days to find someone who is honest and full of integrity. Very personable as well I can tell you this as a customer I will definitely stick to PEOPLE’s I had a very negative experience the same day in the same mall with another store .Thankfully I was able to get a professional opinion from People’s I am a very satisfied customer I just wish I had got her name I have her Assoc#13522439 please high five this woman for a job well done!! My surveyID #Is 255-416-859-10

  30. Rated 5

    I am trying to enter your customer satisfaction survey and cannot begin. I have updated my flash player etc but still cannot begin. I would appreciate someone from Peoples to contact me so I might complete the survey. It would be a true shame if I was not able to recognize someone for their outstanding service we were provided I will wait for your reply. Thank you

  31. Rated 5

    Cloverdale mall peoples is conveniently located the staff is friendly and knowledgeable

  32. Rated 1

    I purchased a ring for my daughter for a special celebration at your Guildford store recently. I asked the clerk if the ring was on sale. She said no, but gave me 10% off and suggested I return within a week to check for the 25% sale coming up & that I had 2 weeks to receive a further discount. When I returned the following Friday with my daughter to have the ring sized, I noticed 25% off sale price signs all over the store. When I inquired to the sales clerk (not the same lady as before) about this, she rudely snapped at me – “No we don’t offer discounts on top of discounts”. When I explained I only received 10%, she again said, no this ring is not part of the sale.
    I was offended and embarrassed, especially in front of my daughter. When we asked to look at different rings instead of the one I picked out for her, the clerk didn’t look happy to help us and we felt we were just an inconvenience to her. Ended up buying a higher priced ring, which she gave us the 10% discount on as well, but all in all, not a great experience. Been a long time since I’ve been to People’s Jewellers, won’t be in a rush to go back..

  33. Rated 1

    I’ve tried several times to login to your survey, not working…

  34. Rated 5

    Barbara from Erin mills people’s jewellery assist me and I had few things to do and she was amazingshe helped me patiently and cleaned my rings and give me my order and help me with the purchase

  35. Rated 5

    I wandered in to Peoples in Lindsay, Ontario. I was greeted by a lovely girl named Jennifer. I browsed and suddenly saw a ring that was pretty much exactly what I was looking for. Within 5 minutes I purchased it. I was thrilled! It was 2 sizes too small and when she told me how much Peoples charged for sizing, I told her that I would take it to my own Gemologist. I took it in the next day only to be told to my horror that it could not be sized. I called Jennifer. She was so nice. She asked me to give her a couple of days to speak the service dept.,which agreed that it couldn’t be sized. She then tried to custom order me a new one in my size. Nope, not available. She was very kind when she called to tell me the news and said the only option left was to refund it and perhaps I could find something else to my liking. I just want to thank Jennifer and Peoples for working so hard trying to please me
    ID #056-903-422-57

  36. Rated 5

    I was very happy and impressed with the sales woman she answered all my questions and help me pick out some lovely ear rings for my wife

  37. Rated 5

    I don’t usually post comments, but I was so happy with the friendly service I received, I had to write about it! Everyone was so attentive and knowledgeable, and I didn’t feel that they were pushing for sales. I’ll definitely shop there again!

  38. Rated 1

    I purchased this ring at the peoples Jewellers in the store located in West Edmonton mall, for a Christmas gift the store manager would not give me the first resizing in the cost of this ring. I feel that with that kind of customer service I will find it very hard to purchase anything from peoples Jewellers going forward. I don’t know if this is a company policy however can you please let me know if this is the case or not. I was told it would be $150.00 to have the ring sized.

    I did purchase the ring as I liked ti but will be going to independent Jewellers to have it sized. below is the ring purchased.

    Item #: 20280154
    2.00 CT. T.W. Composite Diamond Marquise Bypass Ring in 10K Gold
    I would not recommend this peoples location or any of the other stores under the Zale Corporation umbrella.

  39. Rated 5

    Very friendly and helpful service

  40. Rated 4

    great service so far

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