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Target Guest Satisfaction Survey

How was your shopping experience at Target? Did the service and products satisfy your needs? Target wants to hear your feedback in order to offer better services and products. It only takes a few minutes to finish the survey. By finishing the survey, you will get a chance to win a $25 Target GiftCard in online instant win or a $1,500 Target GiftCard in a sweepstakes.

Target Guest Satisfaction Survey Guide

  • Visit the Target guest satisfaction survey page in Reference Links 1. Note that the survey will time out after 20 minutes of inactivity.
  • Choose your preferred language from English and Spanish.

Target Guest Satisfaction Survey

  • Enter your survey user ID and password printed on your receipt.

Target Guest Satisfaction Survey

  • Answer all the questions about products and services to help them improve.
  • On completion of the survey, you must complete the Online Registration Form in its entirety,
    including your full name, complete physical address, and daytime phone number and/or email
    address to receive any prize in either the Online Instant Win or the Sweepstakes. You can read the official rules to know more about the sweepstakes.

About Target
Target, an American retail, is the second-largest discount retailer in the United States.  It is committed to providing you with the best experience possible on every time you shop. Target mainly operates discount department store, hypermarket, supercenter, superstore and each area requires enough members to guarantee their business operation. If you are just hunting for a position in retail industry, Target application may give you choices.

Reference Links

  1. Target Guest Satisfaction Survey Link: www.informtarget.com
  2. Target Guest Satisfaction Survey Official Rules
  3. Target Official Site: www.target.com

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Rating 3.0150votes

  1. Rated 2

    Something that I purchased on 05/28/20, was not in my bag, and I have been trying to get in contact with customer service for a while. No one is answering the phones. I live in another city

  2. Rated 1

    On April 29, 2020 my friends and I had checked out and headed to the restroom when the guy cleaning the carts informed us we were leaving the wrong way. We told him we were going to the restroom. He then informed us to”keep it short”.
    This happened at the Springfield, Illinois store aroun 2:40 pm.
    My friends and I were very put off by this. I asked to speak to a manager before I left and the gentleman I spoke to, I guess the checkout manager, told me to send a complaint in. Hopefully, this will not happen again.

    Patti Storer

  3. Rated 5

    I went to target in Fort Lauderdale Store 0140 This location is always good but today they were in fire they were performing outstanding job I want to recognize Camille the cashier and Mimi the supervisor because I think they are heroes behind the scene. They need more recognition I hope the company recognizes it and giving them an incentive for these outstanding services. Thank you Camille for always smile and Mimi because you are all over the place helping customer thank you thank you thank you

  4. Rated 1

    I asked the person at the door if Isopropyl Alcohol are in stock and he worked his magic on his radio and said Yes. I got in the line, got upstair, asked again because the shelf was empty and ‘One per person at the checkout’ was the answer. I got in the line, again, got to the self checkout and the attendant there said they were sold out. I walked over to the non-self checkout counter to ask the attendant there and ‘We don’t have them anymore’ was the answer. I asked for the Manager and the Manager was paged and a few seconds later the Alcohol cartons were carted in to the back of the counter. I know these things happened but what would it have taken to avoid this kind of stupid situation?

  5. Rated 5

    It was very pleasant shopping and getting to window shop also during the coronavirus I saw Items Iwould like to get but I have to wait for some money or maybe I could get a gift card , that would be awesome There are very nice clothes and I’m really excited. And very much appreciated.

  6. Rated 2

    The experience was satisfactory but when I get to the line all the prices were different than what the shelves

  7. Rated 5

    Shelly at Hawthorne store was absolutely amazing.. great customer service..

  8. Rated 5

    Here is what happen I bought all my stuff and my husband and I decided we would get a pizza which just wonderful but the soda machine was broken so I went back into the store and could not find a cold Dr. Pepper Diet to buy then I saw “Confidence” and he had such a warm smile. I said you don’t have Dr. Pepper do you? His reply oh yes we do look right over here and then he rung me up. What he did not realized he did was he made me feel special and that is priceless.

  9. Rated 5

    I do NOT do surveys, and you have just confirmed why I do not. I wanted to leave a positive message about a cashier named Janet; I spent 15 minutes filling out a product survey–never allowed to do what I wanted to do: leave a good message for my cashier named Janet. Your sites are NOT user friendly. I typed exactly what was on my receipt, and I have been unable to leave/write about what I wanted to communicate to you. My User ID (which I was never asked for): 7995 3914 7992. My password is 080 173. I am extremely angry about your response sites; the only reason I have persevered is because of a cashier named Janet who has helped me several times. I shop for myself and my 92-year-old mother. I always have 2 separate purchases: one for me and my mother. Most customers and cashiers verbally make negative comments when they realize I have 2 sets of products when I am checking out. I am one customer, but I am making 2 separate purchases. Janet, a cashier I have had at least 3 times, has been very understanding–even praising me for shopping and taking care of my mother. She has given me a needed boosts on difficult days while I am taking care of my mother who has a terminal illness. –Your sites are unbelievably NOT user friendly. This should be a big concern for you. Granted, I am not young, but I have an advanced degree from Stanford: I could not figure out how to do a receipt 2-minute survey. Such a survey was not available to me. Please do better. –One of the things I have discovered since my mother’s illness and she wanted me to shop at Target, is that your prices are considerably cheaper than CVS. Pay attention, someone. Your media department is screwing up. Sincerely. My life is seriously in frantic, survival mode. For me to take this much time, is a critical message to you. You need to do better.

  10. Rated 1

    I was shopping with my daughter, and I was getting some chinos slacks on clearance. I was happy to find some for $14.98 from $29.99. I went to one of the self checkouts and found the green slacks were ringing up at $22.98. I asked the checkout supervisor about the price discrepancy, was told someone put the wrong sticker on it, not sure if she was accusing me. So she said its $22.98. I said ok but there are a lot of those pants back there and they all have clearance stickers. I asked if she would just void the whole transaction and I was going to look for some other pants. I went back to the clearance shelf to pick out something else. There was a salesperson near us so I asked her if I could ask a quick question and I asked about the pants and she scanned them and said they’re no longer on clearance. But to tell the front cashier to go ahead and give it to me at the 14.98 because of all of the stickers. She started scanning all of the clearance on the whole rack and said most of them were not on sale anymore and that she can not give it to me for $14.98 now. I realize someone made a mistake but I feel honoring a tag that is on clearance with 30 other pairs, I should have got the slacks for the price on them. I was not trying to rip off Target , just shopping without hassle

  11. Rated 1

    I went shopping yesterday at Target in Orchard Park. I had 2 baskets full of merchandise,was in you store 2 hours.When I filled the first basket up I went to customer service and asked them if they could hold it for me so I could get another basket to do more shopping.I did shopping for food, toiletries, household cleaning, laundry products etc.When I finished I went and got in line to check out, I went to the service desk to get my other basket and I was told I had to get in line and had to wait . I told the young woman all I needed was my basket that I was in line at cashier number 6.and I just needed my other basket, she told me I had to wait in line, I told her I had been shopping for 2 hours and I was very tired, my back was hurting, if I could please just have my basket to no avail……. I am 74 years old, I had been shopping a long time for all the products I needed. Is this right I had to wait in line like that? I called the store earlier and talked with Steve, he was not that concerned said he would take care of it, I do not know if he was sincere, that is why I am writing to you. Thank You . Nancy Lombardo I rate overall about yesterday 1. The cashier wHas wonderful!

  12. Rated 5

    ON 1/21/20 I went shopping for dog food. Debra the cashier was polite and did a great up-sale. She mentioned the Circle Target advantage. I thought it was a credit card and she informed me it was a great way to get points and save money and that it was not a credit card. Also she suggested I call the 1-800 number on the dog food bag to see if I can get coupons sent to me. WOW, I never thought of that. Dog food for 2 dogs and a cat can be expensive!
    Debra was friendly, polite and a delight to interact with.
    Thank you for hiring friendly staff!
    User id 7997 8727 2991
    Password 928 750

  13. Rated 1

    The survey doesn’t allow me to put in my receipt information.

  14. Rated 5

    Amy, your Rock Island/Moline, IL store manager is special! She was at the customer service counter in the evening on the 23rd of Dec. I asked her for help because of an item that I believed I had left behind at her store that I had just purchased. Amy was more than helpful. With a fresh smile on her face, in the midst of the frantic days of holiday shopping, she quickly resolved my dilemma. Please let your upper management know of this experience. Great employees, I believe, are rare & need to rewarded. And by the way, that location still looked perfectly intact in spite of enduring the madness of Christmas. Thank you for allowing me to post my comments.

  15. Rated 5

    I had a great experience at target in aliso viejo ca.
    I was casually perusing the aisles when a woman asked if I would like a glass cleaner
    it was then that I realized there was a optical dept. and was greeted by representative
    febe who helped me to realized that even though I had used my yearly allottment , I was
    still entitled to 40% off I have notes and I will make decision soon.

    I also had a very heartening experience with the manager of guest services who helped
    me with an issue that had meeded to be resolved.
    He /I think his name was lance took my information and quickly and deftly resolved the

    Thank you target , I hadn!n spent much time here in the past but will definitely in the future.

    BarbaraBillings user id 7065 0974 1987 /password 463 641

  16. Rated 1

    I purchased an item on 12/04/2019 paid in cash $75.76. It was the wrong item I returned it on 12/05/2019. They did not have the item I needed so I requested a return. Person doing the return had to get an approval. When that person did the override she said I could either get it put on a credit card or target card. I said it was a cash purchase and she kept repeating the same thing. I then said put it on my debit card. The register wouldn’t take it so she said I had to take it on a Target card. I said no I paid cash I want cash. She said there was no way I could get cash. I ask to talk to a management person over her she told me she was the only person I could talk to. I was forced to take a Target card. The gift was for my special needs grandson and I only deal in cash. Now I have no money for his Christmas present as Target will not be getting the right item that I need. I want to know why I wasn’t able to get my cash back and forced to use a Target card? If I could I would give a double minus on Customer Service.

  17. Rated 1

    cashier did not help to bag if customer bring our own bag???????

  18. Rated 5

    Very good checjpk out process

  19. Rated 1

    I have a receipt & want to enter the contest, where is it?!

  20. Rated 1

    22 registers only 3 open, 13 customers on line for self check out, so i chose to go to a register. I was the 3rd on line and waited 14 minutes. Thats not the first time, so unless its something i really need i will not go to Clermont fl store

  21. Rated 4

    I had a very good shopping trip. I bought all the items I wanted and some clearance items.

  22. Rated 1

    I am only allowed to fill out one survey each month or so and not every time I shop at one of your stores.
    Regardless of the score, every shopping experience is different. I would rather fill out the surveys than do it because you’ve attached the bonus of a cash prize to my shopping experience and as a result, don’t count on me to ever fill out any more of your surveys. They’ll be thrown in my trash can: I’m sick and tired of your assumptions that I fill out surveys to try to win a prize. You “assume” to much!
    Take the word “assume” and ÷ it by 3 and what do you get?
    It’s It’s the last time that you”ll make an ass out of me!
    I can’t even qualify to be a bullseye insider.
    You people are cheap however, if you didn’t offer your customers a chance to win money your rubbish cans would be filled to the brim with receipts.
    Your store almost always get a rating of 5: one of my favorite stores-especially your produce Section. My favourite is your Sports Arena Target off Sports Arena Blvd in San Diego.
    Your associates are always quite friendly and helpful whenever I need their help.
    The register receipts? After I record what I’ve spent, into the trash they’ll go!

  23. Rated 5

    I went in to Target Tech in Grand Forks ND and was approached right way by a lady named Abbey. I told her my son and I both want to upgrade out phones. We both wanted iPhone. She asked me what colors and what size of GB I told her and she said I don’t have one of those colors but I do have this and that which I said ill glad take that instead. Then she helped us pick out screen protectors and cases. She was very polite and quick with answers to both my son and my questions. We are with Verizon, Abbey asked us the questions and asked to see my ID and a Bank card explaining its was verification. She went through asking if we wanted to keep the same plan I said yes then she asked if we wanted insurance through AppleCare which we both said no as we have it through Verizon already. She then said she had to place a phone call to someone for me to be verified, I said okay. The lady on the phone took 20 mins to asking me questions. Abbey apologized for the time it was taking. I told her it’s okay. After she was done she told me to hand the phone back to Abbey and then Abbey completed it. I made payment down and so did my son both showing that payment down went through. My son and I had no issues. Abbey was very kind and she made sure everything was done correctly. Thank you Abbey for the time and help with our upgrades. As far as the other review with saying how the mangers said this and that.. IN MY OPINION they should be grateful for having her. Because the hour we were there Abbey was not only helping us she was also helping checking out people and helping someone on another phone problem in which they came in yelling saying how their phone wasn’t working. Abbey asked if she could see the phone she took battery out and turned it back on and fixed in setting and called it and low and behold it rang. The customer said sorry to Abbey then lady gave her hug and thanked her. To those who I see have left negative reviews I see you both have ATT… Ever think that maybe its ATT because I had ATT 2 years ago and all I ever had was problems is why I switched to Verizon.
    Thank you Abbey for you help. Please don’t allow others to drag you down because them having a bad day. You handled that one lady with a smile even though she was yelling at you. You turned her day bright with her leaving Target with a smile. God knows what you do and see the impact a smile and a little patience can go along way.

    BTW I don’t know if you read these but my dog loved the dog food you suggested. Pebbles says thank you.

    Joanna Peterson

  24. Rated 5

    I wanted to give a shout out to Kysha at store 0810 in Rockford IL. I contacted the service desk by phone as I was looking for a bullseye spot item. Even though she had customers in front of her at the store she still allowed me to hold online until she was done to assist me. She found the items that I was looking for and held it until I could get to the store later that evening! Kudo’s Kysha I appreciate your assistance.

  25. Rated 5

    I was in the Auburn Hills, MI store & asked a worker where the car seats were. She took me directly to them, asked what I was looking for, checked her phone & helped me out tremendously! She said she could order the car seat online for me as they were out of the model I wanted. Well we walked around the corner & there in the middle of the aisle way were two boxes of the car seat model I was looking for! She carried it to the Customer Service Center for me.
    This young lady is what customer service is about! Her name is Mackenzie. Target is very lucky to have her working for them! She was outstanding.

  26. Rated 1

    I was in the Shakopee store and Joe the cashier complained that he was hungry then he referred to my Cosmopolitan as a dirty magazine that needed to get washed clean in the rain

  27. Rated 5

    I was at Paso Robles store shopping items for our new house and for toiletries for ourAirbnb property (total $531.93). Sandi came to ask if I needed help finding anything and actually I was looking for pale pink guest sponges, of which there was only one. Sandi walked me 10 aisles to find their match. Then we started chatting about guest towels and she showed me a product (single use makeup removers) that will absolutely change my guest experiences for the better. Sandi was gracious and pleasant and fun. Very rarely have I been treated so well.
    Now the cashier was what I have come to expect but Sandi made up for all of it!

  28. Rated 1

    Purchased a item at a target store. When I got home I realized that I was charged the wrong price. I called the store and was told by Kemique and the GM Alexis to travel back to the store to get the correct price charge. This is an inconvenient, but they don’t care. Alexis said she has to go because she is busy with a lot of things to do. This is a GM…really? Great customer service and training Alexis. This was in the Clarkstown NY store. I guess it should be called “Customer Disservice “. Target should be embarrassed with their staff.

  29. Rated 1

    to much priceing

  30. Rated 2

    I have been shopping at target on a weekly basis for my everyday household needs in large part because Walmart in my area implemented self checkout and cut their staff. Imagine my chagrin when I walked in and saw that part of the remodel being done to my local store includes self checkout. The cut to staff has already begun, as there was only one checker open. I truly hope that you rethink this choice and remain focused on people to drive your business.

  31. Rated 5

    Summer/Sonia and Karen I was at Target on State Street in Chicago and summer helped me to find my air fryer and gave me the price that was online and Karen gave me that price at the register it really made my day because I was very disappointed because I had just left Bed Bath & Beyond and they had nothing that I was looking for

  32. Rated 1

    I was at your Vista South Store this afternoon and was treated incredibly rudely by an employee named Jimmy. I am 75 years old female, recuperating from a hip replacement surgery so I have a temporary handicap tag. I had just finished unloading my groceries and was leaving my basket in the blue striped area between handicap spots when Jimmy made some smart alec remark about my not bringing my cart to him as he was gathering carts. I went over to explain that I was leaving it there on purpose for the next handicap driver. Having a basket is a big bonus because we can put our purse in it, our grocery bags in it and lean it to walk into the store. He walked away, wouldn’t listen was muttering and when asked if he was listening he walked away while I was talking and yelled, very sarcastically, you just have a great day. What a disrespectful way to treat any customer, especially elderly. I was so mad I was shaking and in tears. I called the store and talked to the mod, had a hard time hearing him, but I think he apologized.
    I spent 96.00 dollars yesterday at Vista Target North and 52.00 today at South. This is typical for me each week, only usually go to Vista North. I am so angry and so upset over this treatment. I want a major apology!!!
    How can you have such an employee on staff???
    Judy Boyer
    619 787-5839

  33. Rated 1

    I shop numerous times a month at target. Last week i bought two shape wear items. I had to return both today. I found some others and decided to try them on. I was told I was not allowed to try these items on. My question is why? I had swim suits to try on and that was okay. I can purchase them try them on at home and return them so why not save me the hassle of that again and allow them to be trued on at store? As a result I left without purchasing the item. I went down the road to Kohls where I was able to try it on and purchased my items

  34. Rated 1

    This is not the first time I have mentioned incorrect pricing ringing up at the register! I take a picture of the of everything I am going to purchase because never fails to have items ring up incorrectly. Some cashiers will correct the error while I’m there others will say I have to go to customer service. I stopped shopping at Target for this reason and decided to give it another try. Nope! Same repeated mistakes!

  35. Rated 1

    I ordered two week early . My Order took two weeks to ship 8 miles . Was late for the baby shower! Very sloppy customer experience.

  36. Rated 5

    Always find everything I need. All the employees are friendly & helpfull. Manager Lisa L. always cheerful & always has answers to any questions I have. This Target is my favorite.in Irvine, I shop here every few days.

  37. Rated 2

    Target is becoming an awful place to use pharmacy or shop. Servey Rejects password . Phooey

  38. Rated 5

    I love this it’s awesome I come there a lot for sports stuff

  39. Rated 1

    I am extremely disappointed in the service I received at Target today. I have loved shopping here for years, but I am no longer a customer. I made a return today and the service I received was abismle!! I was shoved to the side when I got out my phone to find my receipt, waited 4 times longer for a clerk to help the person behind me, then I was told that I could not get cash back on an item that I paid for with cash. Much to my amazement, I was told that it was what the computer said. When I asked for a manager, the clerk said I she was the only manager in today. I’m done shopping at Target!

  40. Rated 5

    We’ve come to expect very little from employees most anywhere in the past couple years, which is sad but true, even though my partner and I both have jobs involving customer service. So imagine my surprise when checking out last Saturday when Lindsey was cheerful, informative and extremely patient.We normally don’t shop at the superstore but we will definitely be doing all out target shopping there from now on.

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