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Target Guest Satisfaction Survey

How was your shopping experience at Target? Did the service and products satisfy your needs? Target wants to hear your feedback in order to offer better services and products. It only takes a few minutes to finish the survey. By finishing the survey, you will get a chance to win a $25 Target GiftCard in online instant win or a $1,500 Target GiftCard in a sweepstakes.

Target Guest Satisfaction Survey Guide

  • Visit the Target guest satisfaction survey page in Reference Links 1. Note that the survey will time out after 20 minutes of inactivity.
  • Choose your preferred language from English and Spanish.

Target Guest Satisfaction Survey

  • Enter your survey user ID and password printed on your receipt.

Target Guest Satisfaction Survey

  • Answer all the questions about products and services to help them improve.
  • On completion of the survey, you must complete the Online Registration Form in its entirety,
    including your full name, complete physical address, and daytime phone number and/or email
    address to receive any prize in either the Online Instant Win or the Sweepstakes. You can read the official rules to know more about the sweepstakes.

About Target
Target, an American retail, is the second-largest discount retailer in the United States.  It is committed to providing you with the best experience possible on every time you shop. Target mainly operates discount department store, hypermarket, supercenter, superstore and each area requires enough members to guarantee their business operation. If you are just hunting for a position in retail industry, Target application may give you choices.

Reference Links

  1. Target Guest Satisfaction Survey Link: www.informtarget.com
  2. Target Guest Satisfaction Survey Official Rules
  3. Target Official Site: www.target.com

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Rating 3.2180votes

  1. Rated 5

    Writing to give kudos to Georgina #545913 aka Gina who usually works in Salem NH but was filling in at the Optical in Woburn Mass on Saturday 5/8/2021. She was alone on a busy Saturday, with a line of people and phone constantly ringing. She managed it all with professionalism and grace and went to great lengths to make sure every customer left happy. I honestly planned on leaving when I saw the line but she assured me she would get to me asap and once it was my turn she was knowledgeable and patient. I came for a lens replacement on a pair of glasses purchased elsewhere and ended up buy 2 complete pairs of glasses thanks to Gina. I plan on continuing to Use Target Optical and made an appointment for my husband before leaving. Just hope it get’s someone as great at Gina. Best Target experience ever!!

  2. Rated 3

    The experience was just a little below average. They want you to fill out their survey yet don’t give you a financial incentive to do so. That’s pretty damm stupid.

  3. Rated 4

    Target store in Missouri City, TX is clean, large, and well ventilated. Everyone on the floor goes out of their way to be helpful. My only regret (and reason I do not shop there more often) is the check-out. Because of some handicapping issues, I do not use the self-check. Yesterday, there was only one cashier available and 5 shoppers ahead of me. I had frozen items. The family in front had kids running through the clothes that were hanging. It was hard to social distance. Finally I got the attention of an associate and asked for another cashier station to open, which she did right away. Shouldn’t someone be in charge of monitoring the registers to do that anyway?

  4. Rated 5


  5. Rated 4

    I was very please with Chris, who checked me out. She was very friendly and helpful.

  6. Rated 3

    I went to the deli and was informed it was closed as someone called in sick. There was additional info provided which I did not fully understand. No backup?? Very odd staffing to not have a contingency for unexpectedly absent employees!

  7. Rated 5

    Never fails I just go in for one ITEM and come out with several more items, I find that are just to good to pass up, at great low prices. There are many selections to choose from size and colors.
    Staff is always close by to ask for assistance, and that’s always good to know. They are pleasant and have smile on their face. Target is store for all ages..

  8. Rated 5

    My husband and I came to Target to purchase a new “smart” phone. Shavanna Perez was a big help. I am challenged by all things on a computer. She was very polite, helpful and cheerful while she guided me through the process of setting up and transferring information my my old phone to my new one. I appreciated all her efforts. Please tell her my husband and I will give her high praises if anyone asks.

  9. Rated 4

    I visited target at South Brunswick, NJ yesterday to get sterile normal saline in a bottle, but I was not able to buy it because you do not carry simple normal saline, very disappointing. But the service people were great, since I had talked to 3 people in medicine area and cosmetic area.
    I am rating 4 stars, even though I did not get what I wanted due to very kind service

  10. Rated 5

    I’ve always wanted to work at Target ever since I first saw the store back when I was in Ft. Myers, 25 yes ago. But the uniforms-the colors of them upset me. I prefer black skirt and white top, or black pants. I hate the khaki and bright orange red colored shirt, and until you change the uniform code, or just let the workers wear a red bib, then I could never work at the store.

  11. Rated 1

    MARY at the entrance of the store watch me like if a steal something and she keeps me watching…?
    I’m not sure if I am coming back.

  12. Rated 5

    I was at Target on Sepulveda in Sherman Oaks on Saturday and had the pleasure of being at the check out with Cecelia again. Always a wonderful welcome from her. She is very helpful, professional and kind.

  13. Rated 5

    I was purchasing items in your Floowood MS. Target. Your employees showed me the best customer service I’ve seen in years. Christa and Hayden were awesome. Please if there is some form of compensation they can receive I am wishing that you give it to them. Great team Taget!!

  14. Rated 5

    The Champlin Target is my favorite. The store is always spotless, stocked fully and has such great employees. The checkout people and stock people are always so friendly and helpful. The checkout today, Jane, was especially helpful and is always friendly. Thank you for all of your hard work to keep the store clean and stocked. Many stores have slacked off on cleaning the belts for checkout and keeping products stocked. Love my Target! Kudos to the manager…a well run store! (I do agree, I would prefer to have the survey on the target site so it is secure…too many choices for posting a survey from survey companies that are not known)

  15. Rated 5

    Tamara at the checkout was very personable. She did a great job bagging our groceries! The store in Stonehill Center in Pflugerville is so nice and clean and spacious. It was easy to socially distance and still enjoy shopping.

  16. Rated 1

    Also, I agree with the comments that it is WAAAYYY too hard to find the “2 min” guest survey mentioned on the receipt. I have wasted quite a bit of my time trying to find where I could take the survey and didn’t even find the right place, which is frustrating. I hope you will fix this and make the surveys more easily found and accessible. It would be better for both you (Target) and us customers. Thank you.

  17. Rated 5

    I went to the Champlin Target. I usually do self-checkout, but today I went through the lane where Alvin was cashiering. He was super friendly and nice!

  18. Rated 1

    I went to the Target in Washington Twp. All their Dannon fat free plain yogurt was outdated..all 4. I purchased Milano cookies, and when I got home and opened them…ALL THE COOKIES WERE SMASHED…ALL CRUMBS so in the trash they went. Now, this is the 3rd time I’ve gone to Target for something in their refrigerated section only to have the item out dated….not good

  19. Rated 5

    i just received excellent service from Marissa At Bemidji Target.. big smile and friendly’
    very helpfull

  20. Rated 5

    I purchased several items at the Glendale Target, and was given wonderful service from Karine. She went the extra mile to ensure I got a coupon to help me save money, especially during these difficult times.

    Thank you so much Karine! I truly your patience and excellent customer service! Target is beyond lucky to employ such a quality human being. You are more than an asset to Target; you are a role model!

  21. Rated 5

    We have had luis check us out multiple times and is always very nice and has lots of positive energy!

  22. Rated 5

    Karen was very pleasant and accommodating while we checked out. Very sweet woman

  23. Rated 5

    I was attended today by Sara she was really polite..

  24. Rated 5

    Not satisfied with personal check purchase limit at check out. No information before checkout.
    No one to escalate problem to. Failure of personnel to advance problem to.

  25. Rated 5

    I went to the Super Target Store on Oracle Road in Tucson twice this week to buy 400 spiral bound notebooks that we donate to charity. I had two different cashiers, Bash and Ben. They were two of the most efficient, kindest and helpful young men I have had the pleasure of be waited on by. I spoke to one of the store managers and told her how great these young men were and I hope that they can be recognized by corporate. It was a pleasure to shop.
    Peggy D Smith

  26. Rated 5

    Went to Target for a Bluethooth over on Bruckner in the Bronx. A young lady named Chontel W. helped me understand the product and how it works, and how to set it up. Wow, she was GREAT! I told her she should be doing commercials! She could sell the store with no problem! When I go back to purchase any electronics, I’ll be sure to look for her. Oh yeah, she was stocking the shelves! Thank you Ms. Chontel W. By the way, I just had a birthday last monthe 69 years young!

  27. Rated 3

    Hi I was right there because I like and love to buy my groceries there , but the guy was in the register was so rude , he does not have good attitude to serve to the client the name was kail he don’t have the name tag i would like everyone to attend like Daniel thank you for you attention .

  28. Rated 2

    Tried using a coupon online, but no way to enter it. So I chose to pick up my order. Girl at customer service tried claiming I didn’t buy the right item. I did. I tried explaining there was no space online to enter coupon. Went back and forth. Finally resolved. Next time, Walmart!

  29. Rated 5

    I called the customer help line because I wanted to exchange a pair of boots that were too big. Sebastian was on the other line and he was very polite, helpful, and professional. When I commented that it’s great he knew what he was going, he said of course it’s my job. True, but can’t really take that for granted these days. When I asked him to repeat something he said, he apologized that I couldn’t hear him because he said he had to wear a mask! Wow maybe just my hearing was bad, but he had a great customer service attitude. And he genuinely seemed happy about helping customers and doing his job well. Everything about my order and exchange was handled well, and he even explained how to stack gift cards with small amounts together on the website. Good job Sebastian! Thank you Target!

  30. Rated 1

    So unsatisfied. Because did the promotion of spend $35. On select items and get $10 gift card back. I did no got any gift card back.when I went to customer services they said many differ things, like ” was not applaying for it ” because I paid with a target gift card, or my because I had another coupons They did not solve my problem. Because they. So wrong because I had done this before and never my older gift card or coupons and never had been affected.

  31. Rated 2

    Something that I purchased on 05/28/20, was not in my bag, and I have been trying to get in contact with customer service for a while. No one is answering the phones. I live in another city

  32. Rated 1

    On April 29, 2020 my friends and I had checked out and headed to the restroom when the guy cleaning the carts informed us we were leaving the wrong way. We told him we were going to the restroom. He then informed us to”keep it short”.
    This happened at the Springfield, Illinois store aroun 2:40 pm.
    My friends and I were very put off by this. I asked to speak to a manager before I left and the gentleman I spoke to, I guess the checkout manager, told me to send a complaint in. Hopefully, this will not happen again.

    Patti Storer

  33. Rated 5

    I went to target in Fort Lauderdale Store 0140 This location is always good but today they were in fire they were performing outstanding job I want to recognize Camille the cashier and Mimi the supervisor because I think they are heroes behind the scene. They need more recognition I hope the company recognizes it and giving them an incentive for these outstanding services. Thank you Camille for always smile and Mimi because you are all over the place helping customer thank you thank you thank you

  34. Rated 1

    I asked the person at the door if Isopropyl Alcohol are in stock and he worked his magic on his radio and said Yes. I got in the line, got upstair, asked again because the shelf was empty and ‘One per person at the checkout’ was the answer. I got in the line, again, got to the self checkout and the attendant there said they were sold out. I walked over to the non-self checkout counter to ask the attendant there and ‘We don’t have them anymore’ was the answer. I asked for the Manager and the Manager was paged and a few seconds later the Alcohol cartons were carted in to the back of the counter. I know these things happened but what would it have taken to avoid this kind of stupid situation?

  35. Rated 5

    It was very pleasant shopping and getting to window shop also during the coronavirus I saw Items Iwould like to get but I have to wait for some money or maybe I could get a gift card , that would be awesome There are very nice clothes and I’m really excited. And very much appreciated.

  36. Rated 2

    The experience was satisfactory but when I get to the line all the prices were different than what the shelves

  37. Rated 5

    Shelly at Hawthorne store was absolutely amazing.. great customer service..

  38. Rated 5

    Here is what happen I bought all my stuff and my husband and I decided we would get a pizza which just wonderful but the soda machine was broken so I went back into the store and could not find a cold Dr. Pepper Diet to buy then I saw “Confidence” and he had such a warm smile. I said you don’t have Dr. Pepper do you? His reply oh yes we do look right over here and then he rung me up. What he did not realized he did was he made me feel special and that is priceless.

  39. Rated 5

    I do NOT do surveys, and you have just confirmed why I do not. I wanted to leave a positive message about a cashier named Janet; I spent 15 minutes filling out a product survey–never allowed to do what I wanted to do: leave a good message for my cashier named Janet. Your sites are NOT user friendly. I typed exactly what was on my receipt, and I have been unable to leave/write about what I wanted to communicate to you. My User ID (which I was never asked for): 7995 3914 7992. My password is 080 173. I am extremely angry about your response sites; the only reason I have persevered is because of a cashier named Janet who has helped me several times. I shop for myself and my 92-year-old mother. I always have 2 separate purchases: one for me and my mother. Most customers and cashiers verbally make negative comments when they realize I have 2 sets of products when I am checking out. I am one customer, but I am making 2 separate purchases. Janet, a cashier I have had at least 3 times, has been very understanding–even praising me for shopping and taking care of my mother. She has given me a needed boosts on difficult days while I am taking care of my mother who has a terminal illness. –Your sites are unbelievably NOT user friendly. This should be a big concern for you. Granted, I am not young, but I have an advanced degree from Stanford: I could not figure out how to do a receipt 2-minute survey. Such a survey was not available to me. Please do better. –One of the things I have discovered since my mother’s illness and she wanted me to shop at Target, is that your prices are considerably cheaper than CVS. Pay attention, someone. Your media department is screwing up. Sincerely. My life is seriously in frantic, survival mode. For me to take this much time, is a critical message to you. You need to do better.

  40. Rated 1

    I was shopping with my daughter, and I was getting some chinos slacks on clearance. I was happy to find some for $14.98 from $29.99. I went to one of the self checkouts and found the green slacks were ringing up at $22.98. I asked the checkout supervisor about the price discrepancy, was told someone put the wrong sticker on it, not sure if she was accusing me. So she said its $22.98. I said ok but there are a lot of those pants back there and they all have clearance stickers. I asked if she would just void the whole transaction and I was going to look for some other pants. I went back to the clearance shelf to pick out something else. There was a salesperson near us so I asked her if I could ask a quick question and I asked about the pants and she scanned them and said they’re no longer on clearance. But to tell the front cashier to go ahead and give it to me at the 14.98 because of all of the stickers. She started scanning all of the clearance on the whole rack and said most of them were not on sale anymore and that she can not give it to me for $14.98 now. I realize someone made a mistake but I feel honoring a tag that is on clearance with 30 other pairs, I should have got the slacks for the price on them. I was not trying to rip off Target , just shopping without hassle

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