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ARAMARK Healthcare Customer Experience Survey

ARAMARK Healthcare is everywhere when it comes to caring for your health. To know how they are doing, ARAMARK Healthcare invites customers to rate the food/environmental/logistics/facility management/healthcare technologies service they received. The team promises to listen to your feedback and improve as you need. Upon completion of the survey, you will get 10 chances to win $1,000 daily and other prizes in the survey sweepstakes.

Aramark Healthcare Customer Experience Survey Guide

  • Go to the online page of ARAMARK Healthcare Customer Experience Survey. (See Reference Link 1)
  • Choose the way through which you would like to enter the survey. Enter by invitation requires you to select the hospital and location you visited. Enter by receipt needs you to provide survey code, amount spent and visit date from your receipt.

ARAMARK Healthcare Customer Experience Survey

  • Select the frequency of your visit to the ARAMARK Healthcare location.

ARAMARK Healthcare Customer Experience Survey

  • Give your overall impression on the products and service you received on your recent visit.

ARAMARK Healthcare Customer Experience Survey

  • Rate the employees from various aspects, including the greeting manner, the interaction, the efficiency and more.

ARAMARK Healthcare Customer Experience Survey

  • After you finish all the questions, you can choose whether or not to enter the sweepstakes.

ARAMARK Healthcare Customer Experience Survey

  • To get enrolled in the draw contest, provide your name and contact information.

ARAMARK Healthcare Customer Experience Survey

About ARAMARK Healthcare
ARAMARK Healthcare operates under the brand ARAMARK and delivers top healthcare support service to hospitals and healthcare centers across the US. Some of its most important healthcare solutions include central patient transportation, patient dining and nutrition services and plant operations. To offer powerful support for its clients, ARAMARK Healthcare trains its employees in professional techniques to help them better understand their job and role.

Reference Link

  1. ARAMARK Healthcare Customer Experience Survey Link: www.healthcarediningvoice.com
  2. ARAMARK Healthcare Customer Experience Survey Sweepstakes Official Rules
  3. ARAMARK Healthcare Official Site: www.aramarkhealthcare.com

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