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Sam’s Club Customer Satisfaction Survey

Are you a member of Sam’s Club? Give your valuable suggestions and comments on it by joining in the Sam’s Club customer satisfaction survey. Your responses will obtain yourself a greater visit to Sam’s Club next time. Furthermore, you are accessible to the sweepstakes to win one of five $1000 Sam’s Club shopping cards as long as you are a legal America aged 18 or older.

Sam’s Club Customer Satisfaction Survey Guide

  • Enter the website for joining in the survey and sweepstakes at Reference Link 1 at the bottom
  • If you would like to enter the drawing directly, choose your preferred language from English and Spanish and then press the “Continue” button to proceed. Or you may choose the Mail-In entry with your contact details enclosed. For the mail address and other further information about the drawing, just view the Official Rules via Reference Link 3 below

Sam's Club Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Input the captcha in the box. If you can’t read clearly, click the trumpet icon at the right side to listen to it

Sam's Club Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Read the information about security that you need to know if you become a winner during the drawing. Tick the box to proceed to the next step

Sam's Club Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Select the year of your birth and input your contact details consisting of First Name, Last Name, Street Address, City, States, Zip Code and Phone Number

Sam's Club Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • If you would like to firstly voice your opinions on Sam’s Club by taking the survey and then participate in the sweepstakes, you need to enter the survey site by clicking on the corresponding link at the homepage or via Reference Link 2 below. To begin the survey, you need to select your preferred language and the year of your birth. Note that employees of Sam’s Club and the dependents are not allowed to join in the survey and sweepstakes. So, if you are one of them, click “Yes” in the following question to stop the process

Sam's Club Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Read the information about the survey. If you have any question, just refer to the FAQ at Reference Link 4 and press “Continue” to proceed

Sam's Club Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Input your Club and TC numbers and select the date of shopping, all of which can be found on your receipt

Sam's Club Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Answer the questions based on your own experience and then you will be directed to the contact information input page. Upon survey completion, you will be entered into the sweepstakes

Sam's Club Customer Satisfaction Survey

About Sam’s Club
Sam’s Club is a warehouse retailer in the United States, which is owned by Wal-Mart. With over 600 clubs across American, Brazil, China and Mexico, it still steps up the pace of extending. Sam’s Club focuses on membership, offering both products and services to its members. As the extending of business and increasing food and service requirements from customers, Sam’s Club needs more lofty ideals to work with them. View Sam’s Club careers and seize the chance to apply for the position you like from Sam’s Club.

Reference Links

  1. Sam’s Club Customer Satisfaction Survey Link: www.survey.samsclub.com
  2. Sam’s Club Customer Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes Official Rules
  3. Sam’s Club Customer Satisfaction Survey FAQ
  4. Sam’s Club Customer Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes Link: www.salsaritascomments.com
  5. Sam’s Club Official Site: www.samsclub.com

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  1. Rated 4


  2. Rated 5

    The cake is beautiful and was ready for pickup. Frazier you’re the BEST

  3. Rated 5

    All I can say is that the tire department at the Yuba City Sams club came in clutch. I know I had arrived in the later evening due to work but all in all I walked in and they listened to me and told me they could change my tires before they got off shift. They weren’t mad or upset and they made sure to go above and beyond. Esteban their manager was super nice and showed me new things about my car in the process and after leaving I felt happy and like a pressure was lifted off my chest. Thank you Esteban and your team! You definitely are making my travels a lot Safer and easier this weekend.

  4. Rated 5

    Fazie from Sams club Bakery is A phenomenal baker she’s always providing excellent customer service, Thank God for workers like Fazie!!

  5. Rated 5

    Cindy Davis at the jewelry is a gift . God truly a blessing. She made my holiday!

  6. Rated 5

    I went to sam’s club Miramar bakery and the designer fazie helped me out so much! She was really a life saver! Completely on top of my cake and understood and helped me execute my idea perfectly ! I will be back to sams to order my next cake just because of her!

  7. Rated 5

    Sams Club Miramar bakery. Baker Fazie is the best customer service assistant, she is so nice and give you exactly what you ask for,she is so hands on in details and design, I recommend Fazie for all your cake needs, ask for Fazie when you go,she is the best.

  8. Rated 5

    I was shopping in Sams CLub in Longview on Saturday November 21. Me and my 71 year old friend was walking to my truck and a worker asked us if we needed help loading our stuff. We had one of the long carts full of dog food and water. She helped us load all our stuff. She said she did not work in the store but worked at the gas pumps. I told her no one had ever asked us if we needed help. I shop at this store every two weeks and get a lot of dog food and heavy stuff. The employee was DIANNA GORE. I called the store manager JAY CHO and this is what he told me to do. She needs to be commended or given a raise. SHE WAS AWESOME!

  9. Rated 4

    I would like to thank Mrs. FAZIE in the bakery dept. She is exceptional at what she does. She made my wedding cake it was so beautiful it was perfect. She has an amazing personality and exceptional listening skills. She is the best hands down Mrs. FAZIE awesome job.

  10. Rated 5

    Outstanding service at SamsMiramar Bakery … Fazie and Jorge are the best!!!!! They accommodated all of my wishes this is gonna be the best 30th party ever!!!!

  11. Rated 5

    Fazie in Sams Club In Miramar and Pembroke Rd is the BEST CAKE MAKER AND DECORATOR ask for her I swear you won’t regret it Her cakes are Not only beautiful but delicious not to mention she has the most beautiful personality when dealing with customers she pay attention to details very open to suggestions overall fantastic person

  12. Rated 5

    An extra special “Thank you” to Ms. Fazie at the Sam’s Club located in Miramar, FL. I was picking up a last minute birthday cake for my niece who was having brain surgery on Monday. Her birthday party had to be cancelled because of the medication she was taking made her feel bad. The venue was supplying the cake so there was no need to purchase one. She had the energy to celebrate at home so we needed a cake. The cakes in the freezer were not what I wanted for my niece who was turning 13, after I told Fazie my story she created the perfect cake in 30 minutes. I can not forget that this took place at 7:15 pm when the store was closing at 8 pm. Most people would have turned me away in regards to customizing a cake for me but not Ms. Fazie she went above and beyond to make sure the cake was what I wanted. The cake was beautiful. Ms. Fazie represents exceptional customer service and Sam’s Club should be proud to have her as an employee. We need more people like her. Keep up the good work Ms. Fazie.

  13. Rated 5

    A very special THANKS to Mrs.Fazie from Sam of Miramar for her great customer service. She got my son birthday cake ready in about an hour.That was a real express service. Once again thank you so much Mrs.Fazie. Kep up the good work

  14. Rated 5

    Normal Illinois Sams Club, Sean and the tire department helped me with an issue where I had to get a new tire covered under road hazard. The process went smooth and I was very satisfied with the service and process.

  15. Rated 5

    Sam’s at Miramar Bakery
    The cake decorator Fazie was amazing, her work is spectacular. Every time I order, she leaves me satisfied. Fazie nails it every single time. Very welcoming and friendly.

  16. Rated 5

    I would like to say how friendly and helpful Fazie in the Sam’s cake department is. She went above and beyond to help. Sam’s made a great chose by hiring such an amazing employee. She put a smile on face and will make my daughter’s Birthday a very special day.

  17. Rated 5

    Sam’s at Miramar in the bakery is awesome. Fazie is awesome and great customer service. Dalton is great as well. Special thanks to them

  18. Rated 1

    So I arrived at the Ocala Sams Club early today. I took a 4-mile drive and got there at approximately 8:40 am, Now because I’m not a Gold or Prime cardmember, they wouldn’t let me enter the store. I’m so fed up with these store’s rules and policy, I might just cancel my membership with Sam Club. I was told to come back at 10:00 O’clock, I’m freakin pissed!!!

  19. Rated 5

    I went to Sams Club today to get some cheese. The cheese that I wanted came in big packages that were awkward and heavy and they were on the top shelf in the refrigerated section. I was trying to get 2 packages and having trouble getting them down. A very helpful employee came up to me and told me to stop struggling that he would get them for me. He didn’t have to do that for me, I imagine that he was busy stocking but he took the time to get them for me. His name was Tony, he works in the refrigerated section at 159th and Harlem in Tinley Park, Il.

  20. Rated 2

    On 6/29/20 I purchased a package of uncured black forest ham, which I opened on 7/1/20. It was wet feeling the day I opened it, the next day it felt slimy and today it has what looks like snot dripping off the slices of meat, very disgusting looking and feeling. It smells OK and tastes OK. It has a use by date of 8/4/20, today is 7/3/20. I’m glad you finally started putting use by dates on the lunchmeat because I refused to buy any without a date. Who knows how old the lunchmeat was on the shelves. At least the lunchmeat is high enough that the female that stocks the shelves can’t stand on it, which she does with the bottom shelves.

  21. Rated 5

    Hi Sam’s my name is Donnell Strange. I have been applying for Sam’s In Mansfield for the last 2 months. I don’t have any experience in grocery stores but I do have 1 years cashier job experience. I have good customer service as well. I was hoping you could look at my application. Have a nice day as well!

  22. Rated 1

    It’s time to bring back early shopping for the pulse members. Those of us that pay the extra money to be a plus member is to have the option to shop early! Now that the scare of the pandemic is almost behind us lets get back to a normal life and get what we pay for or give us a break on your membership prices.

  23. Rated 1

    How can you allow retailers on Amazon and even Walmart to sell Member Mark products for highly marked up prices when it is out of stock for individual SAMS Club members? Take for example Member Mark Member’s Mark Ultimate Clean Dishwasher Pods, Fresh Scent, 105 Ct. It is offered on Amazon for over $21.00 and Walmart (even worse) for $13.98 when SAM’s Club sells it for 9.98. Is this the reason that Sams Club member’s can’t buy it at Sams Club or order it online at Sams Club because it is out of stock due to these large retailer. Are they given preference over individual members? Are these large retailer more important than your individual club members?

  24. Rated 3

    I am an almost 8-year regular customer, I never felt disappointed like yesterday. some of the associates are so rude. In the future, I have to think……

  25. Rated 1

    Now I’m very upset to say the least. I agreed to the $4.95 shipping for the Keto. It then became $6.95 for Gedeon Keto Blend plus $6.95 for Gedeon Forskolin and $39.95 for First Choice Cream. Call to cancel and it says “Npbpdy is available to take your call at the moment. Please try again later.’Now I got an email conformation for $92.95!

  26. Rated 1

    I am absolutely disappointed. I submitted a club pickup order and outside the store there was a huge line. I called the store if I still needed to make a line and they said yes and replied then what’s the point of the pickup!! Other stores helping those customers!! You all need to come up with a better plan to help those customers using the services. Now my order was cancelled and I lost the items.

  27. Rated 4

    I feel Sam’s all personal are helpful, I know when this first hit, shoppers were hoarding,
    and even now there holes in the shelves,,,But overall, the stockers have had to overcome
    and present what has been delivered to the store the best they can…They are friendly and
    tell you what you where items are at or available…My Thanks to all grocery people as the
    does keep coming and we are Thankful….

  28. Rated 5

    Lauren Nguyen, Staff Pharmacist
    Lauren aways patiently explain the medication and check insurance coverage. Her professional service to her client is excellent.

  29. Rated 5

    I want to commend Sam’s Club on Clairmont Road, in Atlanta, Georgia for excellent customer service. I had ordered toilet paper from Sam’s on Thursday night. The receipt said to pick it up between 12-1 on Monday, March 16. On the way I got a text saying the order was cancelled. I went in anyway. There was no toilet paper and my order had in fact been cancelled. I went to customer service and talked to Kimberly (I hope that was her name from her name tag–I thought it would be on the receipt but wasn’t). I explained to her what happened. She apologized and took my name and number. Then on the way home, she called me and said to turn around and come back so I did. And she had toilet paper for me! I was so happy. Thank you, Sam’s Club for hiring good employees!

  30. Rated 1

    many times i have filled out the survey and not once have they responded to me. I would like to see them put in a cash machine in the self check out lanes or have mor cashiers during the dahy. the other day there was only two cashiers and hardly anyone in the self checkout line.

  31. Rated 3

    Dear Sams Managers
    With this Letter I would like to Compliment one of your Employees ( Jaivan Graham) Cashier
    For the excellent service he provides all the time.
    I observe him giving others the same treatment.
    I’m very please with his service, this is the type of professionalism to the highest level of customer satisfaction has to be acknowledged.
    Having in mind such a pleasant experience with this young man ( Jaivian Graham)
    It would be my pleasure to continue doing business with Sam’s Mr.Nathaniel & Marcy Mulligan

  32. Rated 4

    Jaivian Graham (Cashier) need to be acknowledge he exceeds the customer satisfaction!
    He has a beautiful attitude! I love it!
    This is the kind of person you need working for Sam,s
    He also offers to help take things out if they are pretty heavy ! He is very helpful and respectful ❤️
    This needs to be acknowledged not ignored
    I don’t know him but I wish he were my son with that great personality please acknowledge this young man

  33. Rated 1

    I was at one of your locations today I totally was upset when I ordered food,the cashier Jill was very rude as if she was giving me the food free even if it was so she needs to be friendlier at the position she was working ,she needs to leave her bad behavior at home we all work hard and we all have bad days ,but when it comes to customer service you always have to have respect for others ,this was the first time I’ve encounter such rudeness behavior please to your associate Jill if she is not happy to work at your company she needs to find else where she she can freely display her attitude I’m a believer in good customer service because I work in retail also .
    She was rude and disrespectful to her surroundings which is clearly its a bad image to your company,and hope you will fix your associate’s attitude.

  34. Rated 1

    Every time I go park my car in a handicapped parking lot I have to get out move the shopping cart and handicapped cart out of the way to pull up my car. I came in and told one of the employee at the enter door about the shopping cart and handicapped cart being in the handicapped parking space she laugh at me and said it’s not my job. Can you put notes under the handicapped sign saying don’t put the shopping cart here put it in the cart rail that I see all over your parking lot.I pay for my car I don’t want damage on my car by your shopping carts

  35. Rated 2

    It seems that over the past 1-2 years name brand items have been phased out and replaced with Sams brand. They are not the same quality & the price is the same or more than name brand. Many other items that have been a staple for YEARS are being completely dropped! The last straw was the Daily Chef meatballs. Used to have 2 sizes then down to only the small and now completely replaced by Sams brand. The main issue with that is these aren’t Gluten Free as the others were!!! I am now scoping out BJ’s and Costco. The only reason I have stayed on so long is I have been with Sam’s for 20 years, and I love the convenient location. However it really isn’t worth it anymore.

  36. Rated 1

    I purchased a set of four new tires for my vehicle at Sams’s Club, along with the tires I bought the road hazard package. Unfortunately with just 1500 miles I picked up a nail in my tire and had to go to the nearest Sam’s Club which was in Gainesville, FL on Saturday, December 7, 2019.
    The Service writer “Debbie was most helpful, she told me it would be a couple hours. I explained I did not have two hours to spare today and I would have to come back. She asked me to wait a minute while she checked on something, she came back and said I was in “Luck” the 11:00 appointment was a drop off and she could take me in right away and assured me she would have my vehicle out in less than an hour…well I can tell you that was a line of Bull! The vehicle went in, up in the air and the tire was removed there it sat for the next 1 hour and 30 minutes none of the four service techs touched it! I’m not a very patient person so I stayed close and got a bit upset at how this shop is run…the techs would huddle up laugh and joke with each another while my tire sat there! The repair is about a fifteen minute job, I know this as it was my job in my past to run an auto/truck repair service. Nothing is more irritating than to pay for a service and watch such a performance! I was forced to wait for 1 hour and 45 minutes before I got my vehicle back. Debbie earned her pay I can’t say much for the Techs on this particular day.

  37. Rated 5

    Reynoldsburg, OH:. Mary in clothing IS Phenomenal..!thank you Mary…

  38. Rated 5

    I visited the Monroeville Sam’s Club on 11/25/19 because I ordered something online that never got delivered. I wanted to speak with a customer service employee because I had a hard time understanding the employees on the phone from the online store. I’m so happy I got the chance to get my help from Lil at the customer service desk. She was able to get me the laptop I ordered along with a gift card. She spent 45 minutes on the phone for me, trying to figure out where my package was. Lil deserves to be recognized for her dedication to the customers!

  39. Rated 1

    Bartlett, TN store now opens at 9:00 a.m. for business accounts. Two hours later than previously. This is a problem for business members. Also, one checker at 9:30 a.m. with 8 people in line is an even bigger problem. I refuse to check myself out. I don’t work there.

  40. Rated 1

    I need a flat tire repair and I called Sam’s club at Ohio street in Texas asking if I need to make an appointment. The person answered a phone call at tire department told me that I do not need to make an appointment for the tire repair. So I went to the store around noon and waiting a line. Note: at that time, I have only one person in front me. Two minutes later, another guy walked in and stood behind me. Then a technician walked from the tire department out to help him looking for the car battery. After the guy in front me paid for his service, they called the guy behind me walked in front and let him pays for his battery and they provided the services for him immediately. I was stood there patiently waiting. Fifteen minutes later, they asked me what can they help. I told them that I need a flat tire repair. They asked me do I have an appointment, I said no because Sam’s representatives told me that I do not need an appointment. The customer service guy told me that I have to have an appointment otherwise I have to wait for 3-4 hours to fix my tire. This is not a consistent customer service that I received from Sam’s club tire department and would like to bring it up so it can be improved. I have to take a day off from work and the result is waiting not service. And they allowed someone cut in line because they know the technician?

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