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Sam’s Club Customer Satisfaction Survey

Are you a member of Sam’s Club? Give your valuable suggestions and comments on it by joining in the Sam’s Club customer satisfaction survey. Your responses will obtain yourself a greater visit to Sam’s Club next time. Furthermore, you are accessible to the sweepstakes to win one of five $1000 Sam’s Club shopping cards as long as you are a legal America aged 18 or older.

Sam’s Club Customer Satisfaction Survey Guide

  • Enter the website for joining in the survey and sweepstakes at Reference Link 1 at the bottom
  • If you would like to enter the drawing directly, choose your preferred language from English and Spanish and then press the “Continue” button to proceed. Or you may choose the Mail-In entry with your contact details enclosed. For the mail address and other further information about the drawing, just view the Official Rules via Reference Link 3 below

Sam's Club Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Input the captcha in the box. If you can’t read clearly, click the trumpet icon at the right side to listen to it

Sam's Club Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Read the information about security that you need to know if you become a winner during the drawing. Tick the box to proceed to the next step

Sam's Club Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Select the year of your birth and input your contact details consisting of First Name, Last Name, Street Address, City, States, Zip Code and Phone Number

Sam's Club Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • If you would like to firstly voice your opinions on Sam’s Club by taking the survey and then participate in the sweepstakes, you need to enter the survey site by clicking on the corresponding link at the homepage or via Reference Link 2 below. To begin the survey, you need to select your preferred language and the year of your birth. Note that employees of Sam’s Club and the dependents are not allowed to join in the survey and sweepstakes. So, if you are one of them, click “Yes” in the following question to stop the process

Sam's Club Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Read the information about the survey. If you have any question, just refer to the FAQ at Reference Link 4 and press “Continue” to proceed

Sam's Club Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Input your Club and TC numbers and select the date of shopping, all of which can be found on your receipt

Sam's Club Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Answer the questions based on your own experience and then you will be directed to the contact information input page. Upon survey completion, you will be entered into the sweepstakes

Sam's Club Customer Satisfaction Survey

About Sam’s Club
Sam’s Club is a warehouse retailer in the United States, which is owned by Wal-Mart. With over 600 clubs across American, Brazil, China and Mexico, it still steps up the pace of extending. Sam’s Club focuses on membership, offering both products and services to its members. As the extending of business and increasing food and service requirements from customers, Sam’s Club needs more lofty ideals to work with them. View Sam’s Club careers and seize the chance to apply for the position you like from Sam’s Club.

Reference Links

  1. Sam’s Club Customer Satisfaction Survey Link: www.survey.samsclub.com
  2. Sam’s Club Customer Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes Official Rules
  3. Sam’s Club Customer Satisfaction Survey FAQ
  4. Sam’s Club Customer Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes Link: www.salsaritascomments.com
  5. Sam’s Club Official Site: www.samsclub.com

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Rating 3.054votes

  1. Rated 5

    They have great business and friendly workers 1000

  2. Rated 3

    On Sunday June 9, 2019 me and my husband entered Sam’s Club in Danville to purchase a few items. As we approached the area where the cashiers were there was a young lady jump roping with a device that they use to block the registers off. My husband had to move over almost knocking me down so he wouldn’t be hit with the object. I know sams has safety rules and that associate was not following them. It will be a long time before I come back to the Danville Virginia location

  3. Rated 2

    So I came in Sam’s Club Danville Virginia and I was visiting. I spoke to a young lady that was in the section where you sale the soap and lotions at she looked at me and turned her head. I proceeded to ask her for help to locate some vitamins and she stated I’m going on break. So I just proceeded to leave.

  4. Rated 2

    I came in on Monday 5/21/19 I was not please with the service I received from the girl at the customer service desk with the scarf on her head. That is unprofessional. Then her attitude was very rude. I may not be renewing my membership after this year

  5. Rated 1

    The music was too loud on the front by the register I tried to turn ot down but got yelled at by an employee. I probably won’t renew my membership

  6. Rated 5

    I was very pleased with associate Pam for locating the alpine supergrain bread that was not in stock on the shelf.Excellent customer service at the Rapid City,SD store.

  7. Rated 5

    We were having a tire problem and stopped at the Sam’s Club in Rapid City. The service from Bill in the automotive department was very professional. He also exhibited excellent customer relations skills.

    Thanks Sam’s Club

  8. Rated 1


  9. Rated 4

    Need more than 1 checker in place at 3:30 pm

  10. Rated 1

    SAMs club in Tinley Park Illinois gets worse every time I go there ! Not only don’t they carry much anymore now when you ask at the service desk if they still carry an item they tell you basically to do the work. When I asked if they still carried Victor Allen Whole Esspresso beans she told me they never carried them. When I told her I’v been buying them for years and that they had several different kinds of Victor Allen coffee on the shelf but no Esspresso she then said that SAMs club doesn’t order it ,the distributor just brings it. When I asked if they could ask the distributor to leave Esspresso Beans she said I would have to call corporate. Why am I paying for a membership and then expected to do there work ? Guess I won’t be renewing that membership ! I’m sure Amazon will have it & I’ll get free shipping!!

  11. Rated 3

    I spoke with the manager at our local Sam’s store in Pueblo, Colorado. More self check outs? Now no boxes? Just guessing next time I go there I’ll have to stock the shelves for 1/2 an hour before I shop. Why are people putting up with this stuff? Do people not understand these are jobs that are going away! With no boxes, items will just roll around in the back of the car or trunk…not to mention having to carry them into the house a few at a time. Sounds like a decision made from behind a corporate desk with no clue how things work for the rest of us. Perhaps asking customers’ opinions BEFORE enacting such policy changes would be considerate. Always looking to cut costs, cost jobs, convenience, and makes the shopping experience as impersonal as possible. I am ready to drive the 40 miles to Costco, if I even pay for another warehouse membership.

  12. Rated 1

    Very unhappy with service. We went to Sam’s because of promotion you had to get phones which was Sam’s gift cards that would total to be $550 for 2 phones. The reps were unable to help us because something kept coming up. They told us to return the next day . We called sprint to verify what was on going on and sprint said we were good and qualified for 4 lines. We returned next day to Sam’s like they told us to and spent more than 3 hours to tell us they still couldn’t help because of their system. We went to sprint after and they had no issues and helped us within 30 min. Sam’s not only wasted our time but also we missed out on shopping there.

  13. Rated 5

    I have served volunteer at international Institute of the Bay Area (IIBA) from San Francisco since 2010 , and currently served as the Young American Leader , 1St Level Manager at CTFO based at 630 Orange Dr Ste Q Vacaville CA 95687 , I have five children

  14. Rated 4

    I am a disabled/retired police officer and cruelty investigator. I had shoulder surgery 3 weeks ago, and have my right foot in a medical boot. Albert, a young man in a green vest, stopped what he was doing and retrieved 4 Primo water jugs. At register #2, Mrs. Joan got the line moving so I could get off of my feet. I was also assisted in loading my water by a cart retrieval employee. I can’t recall his name, but he is a tall, thin, black gentleman. Despite any other issues your system has, these employees and the others like them, are only reason I shop there. Here’s a tip. Pay them well, treat them well, and don’t run them off. They are too few and far between.

  15. Rated 5

    Sams, tiene muy buenos precios

  16. Rated 5

    Me encanta comprar en Sams

  17. Rated 1

    Sam’s club of big ben in florida have the worst service ever. Every time I go there something happens, and they never resolve nothing. I tried calling the office and complained and they did not care about the service, this is my last year with my membership

  18. Rated 3

    Very rude cashier Walked away after scanning card to tell another cashier a joke

  19. Rated 2

    I’m so disappointed by the food court
    You guys should have more people working and faster workers I was supposed to get my meal but left disappointed

  20. Rated 4

    I went shopping at Sam’s Club 83 and McDowell today finish shopping there was a few member ahead of me csm lady with the green vest Felisha was just standing around Talking with another tall gentleman with a green vest,Farida from membership desk was passing by grab the few members from the line took us over to membership and check us out quickly it was a much pleasant experience ,if these two leads were on the register there would not be any lines.

  21. Rated 1

    Today around 1pm i visited the sam’s club store on preston hwy Louisville ky.finally i had bad service from the one employee she works at the bakery location she need to change her bad attitude and also need to know how to talk to the customers!!!!!!. I asked her to give me some hot and fresh bread ,she didn’t……but i was waiting for the manager until i sow him then I talked to him about all what she said to me…….after that he went to the bakery and he gaves me 3 bags of fresh bread the one’s i asked her for it.
    I’m the manager too,i have employees too.I’ve never let them treat the customers this way.
    Anyways i will be back again and trying one more time.

  22. Rated 1

    Sam’s club will not get our renewal again, i am a member of Costco but my wife stayed with Sam’s, because of a few items.however the Lafayette la location store has horrible unpleasant sales associates. I exsperienced this 3 times on my visit today in automotive, food and beverage, and host . If this wasn’t bad service from so many platforms i wouldn’t have done this survey. ( i understand people have bad days) but after all of this bad treatment I’m sorry to say we will stick with Costco’s

  23. Rated 1

    I was at Sam’s Club in Southlands, Aurora, CO to return an item. There was an associate helping acustomer and another associate (Misha)who was just done helping another customer. She saw us, didnot greet us neither offered to help us. She just left saying she will be back but she never did. We had to stay in line to get help from another associate for like 5 minutes. That associate have a lit of attutude which Ihad notice earlier as well. If you are in a customer service job you need to have that quality as well

  24. Rated 1

    Shopped at Sam’s in Texarkana Texas. Decided to get a hot dog. Ladies at counter were indifferent. Went to get condiments…none. Went to counter lady’s said they were out. After I finished my hot dog, here she comes putting the mayo, ketchup & relish up. Just lazy people drawing a check

  25. Rated 5

    I just wanna share my pleasant experience at the Sam’s club in Northlake,IL.
    I was looking for a pair of Seven sandals that I couldn’t find at the local club. So I called the nearest club after the one by us, and Natalie Martinez answered the phone and asked how she can help me. I explained to her that I was looking for a pair of Seven slip ons and that I didn’t have a number or anything. She said that she’s gonna try her best to help me. She put me on hold and went around the entire club and couldn’t locate anything with the descriptions I gave her. So she offered to call the other clubs around to see if they have any. So she put me on hold and started to call around till locating the sandals.
    This is great customer service that is unfortunately is hard to find now a days! Thank you sooo much Natalie for going above and beyond your duty to make a customer happy!

  26. Rated 1

    I returned some items today.(bag of cookies and laulau. The employee at customer service shouted “aunty you are wasting us money. We are just going to throw it away. She grabbed the bag and angrily dumped the pkg into the wastebasket. Sam”s club Keaumoku, Hawaii

  27. Rated 1

    After spending a significant amount of time carefully selecting my produce I finally made it to the checkout. I noticed that the belt was wet probably because of frozen food or raw meat therefore I was being very careful to avoid placing my groceries on it. Suddenly an employee comes to the belt and start shuffling my groceries. I informed him of my intention of ovoiding the wet spot on the belt and that I will get my groceries on the belt. He returned multiple times to move my groceries which I found very offensive especially as he repeatedly was wiping his nose. Since he was so insistent on the placement of the groceries on the belt, I left them for him since obviously they were his groceries and not mine. I informed the manager and went to Castco to get my groceries. It was a much more pleasant experience and they actually have better selection! Thank- you Sams’ employee for reminding me of my option!
    West Road and 290 in Houston TX

  28. Rated 2

    I went to Sam’s club on Goldenroad to return a pressure washer that wasn’t working, mage the long line because I wasn’t sure about the return policy
    an associate by the name oh NIKIA she told me that I have to make sure that the gas tank was empty, I told her that the tank was full when i purchased the pressure washer,, she told that regardless I have to empty the gas tank, I went out to empty the gas tank and when came back she told me that I have to make the line again, however 2 minutes later she is taking care of a lady that that step out to her car. I really don’t know why she needs to descriminate, doesn’t make feel like I want to return to Sam’s.
    Fortunately the managers Olivia and Millie are great with customers

  29. Rated 5

    I love Sams Club, clean and pleasant shaping environment. Sometimes it’s hard to find someone to help you without having to walk back to the front for help. Overall employees are very pleasant and helpful.

  30. Rated 1

    I go to Sam’s club in Novi. Their customer service is horrible. Tonnya at the self check and Windy are so rude. They treat customers as if they were theifs probably because they themselves are ones and think everyone else is like them.

  31. Rated 5

    I love going there to look and shop. Could you put in your store a big jar of bread and butter pickles , me and my mother love to eat them with pinto beans and cornbread.

  32. Rated 2

    Ibrodbeowbeievfleldbelsid flfofkfjgnelsldkdjrnrkrorjfnrod

  33. Rated 5

    I love sams club.

  34. Rated 5

    Most of my trips to Sam’s club is to visit the optical center. I have to say the entire staff is very knowledgeable I have a great experience everytime I go in. Claudia is one of the best opticians I’ve had. Love the frame selections. I don’t need to buy in bulk but as long as the optical is there I will keep my membership. Store 6228

  35. Rated 2

    There’s 2 people working while waiting to buy my lunch, just talking and walking back and forth Acting like there’s no customer.

    What’s going on? I’ve noticed this lately.

  36. Rated 1

    My child was having a party at the school. So I went this morning to pick up cupcakes. There were only chocolate. This is a big party. Only chocolate. So I put them in my cart and noticed they looked like they were frosted while in the container. There was frosting all over the container separation parts. This was horrible for kids trying to get a cupcake out. I am very disappointed.

  37. Rated 5

    I should have done this back in May. Doing my end of the year clean up, going through papers on my desk I came across a receipt from Sams with a note I had written “don’t forget to say thank you to Nicole” My husband and I were shopping at the Southgate location which we really love. Also needed to pickup prescriptions. I recall Nicole in the pharmacy being so patient and kind. What a wonderful lady. May God continue to bless her and all she does in life. :)

  38. Rated 2

    No one manning the photo section. After a few minutes I went to customer service to ask them about it and they called somone on the loud speaker to come help me. I was told to wait in that section again and after 15 minutes still no one showed up to help me. Had to go back to the service desk a second time. Needless to say a 2 minute photo pick up ended up taking 25 minutes after all the waiting.

  39. Rated 5

    I am so pleased and delighted with customers service was provided to me by mrs Beatrice and mr seb .which store is located in sky park city of torrance.they were very friendly and helpful.they spending a good amount of time with me to finding the merchandise I want .thank you both awesome

  40. Rated 1

    I bought a bbq pit at sam’s club back in july. When I got home I found that the bbq pit was to big for me to put together . I went back to where I got it from Sam’s Club 13 mile rd and John R. I was told Sam’s Club would put together anything they sold. I am a elderly man and this would be helpful. I had to find someone to help me put the big BBQ pit into a car and back to the store as I had when I first bought it. Now the BBQ pit has been at sam’s Club since before LABOR DAY . I am just getting a run around about when the BBQ PIT will be put together. I have missed the warm weather and good times I could have had with my family and I am no closer to having my BBQ PIT.DO YOU DELIVER

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