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eegee’s Customer Feedback Survey

eegee’s is looking forward to your visit all the time. To serve you better for your future visit, it is inviting you to take the customer satisfaction survey to hear your feedback. You can be assured that your voice will be heard.

eegee’s Customer Satisfaction Survey Guide

  • Visit the survey page through Reference Link One at the bottom
  • Choose the language you prefer

eegee's Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Please enter the 15 digit code as it appears on your receipt. Once entered, click the below Validate link

eegee's Customer Satisfaction Survey

About eegee’s
eegee’s is a chain of restaurant in the greater area of Arizona. It mainly serves subs, salads, French Fries and slush.

Reference Links

  1. eegee’s Customer Satisfaction Survey Link: www.eegeesfeedback.com
  2. eegee’s Official Site: www.eegees.com

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Rating 4.03votes

  1. Rated 4

    it is not allowing me to enter the code.

  2. Rated 5

    Great customer service from these young workers, korina, Steven and Trey from the store in Tucson 12th ave Ajo. Very respectful and are great example of what customer service is suppose to be, it’s difficult to this type of customer service……

  3. Rated 3

    I think you guys should go back to the chilli you had before, I honestly don’t like the new one

  4. says:

    at eegees customerservice survey i wasn’t allowed to click on “english” or “spanish” or allowed to enter my 15 didgit code. Too bad i wanted to congratulate you on the excellet service provided by Karla at the drive through window. What a delightful and efficient young person to deal with. Hope you get this message.

  5. says:

    As one of the original eegees customers since the day it was built, I continually support all of your new ideas in everything you do. The food is outstanding and so is your customer service. From the subs, salads, cookies, and just about everything the company as to offer, the name Eegees is so well known throughout the United States. People always asked me if they can come to the Eegees first when they arrive to Tucson. The owners have spread the stores around Tucson and it has been made a unique experience for everyone who arrives to see the restaurant. They cater to everyone, donate, and do just about anything for the City of Tucson. I just have the pleasure of being one of the first customers to have been to the first Eegees when it was built. The lemon eegee has gone into different tastes and now different sub sandwiches. Salads & cookies,etc. The store located on Speedway/treatst. 4thAve/6th st.were two of the originals. Eric Greenberg did an excellent work in discovering this wonderful ideal restaurant.

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