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Dollar Tree Customer Satisfaction Survey

As a company that respects customer needs and their feedback, Dollar Tree set up a website to collect customer suggestions and their shopping experience. For those who complete the survey, they will receive 10 chances to win $1,000 cash daily. Plus, they could instantly win other great prizes valued at $1,500 weekly.

Dollar Tree Customer Satisfaction Survey Guide

  • Visit Dollar Tree customer satisfaction survey  page and read Contest Rules
  • Choose your language from English and Spanish
  • Enter store number, total amount spending, date of visit and time of visit printed on your receipt

 Dollar Tree Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Rate your overall experience at this Dollar Tree, like the employees, service, store overall
  • Answer some questions about your recent experience like”Dollar Tree is a fun place to shop”, “I find unexpected values at Dollar Tree” and so on

 Dollar Tree Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Tell Dollar Tree a little about yourself. Don’t worry! This information will be used for classification purposes only. All of your responses are confidential and they never give your information to other companies

 Dollar Tree Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Fill in your personal information so that you can enter into the sweepstakes

 Dollar Tree Customer Satisfaction Survey

About Dollar Tree
Dollar Tree, is an American chain of discount variety stores that sells every item for $1.00 or less. The company operates one dollar stores under the names of Dollar Tree and Dollar Bills as well as a multiprice-point variety chain under the name Deals. To expand its business, the company needs to infuse new blood into its team. Think about your brand new Dollar Tree careers and give yourself more opportunities to achieve a balance between life and work.

Reference Links

  1. Dollar Tree Customer Satisfaction Survey Link: www.dollartreefeedback.com
  2. Dollar Tree Customer Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes Official Rules
  3. Dollar Tree Customer Satisfaction Survey Winner List
  4. Dollar Tree Official Site: www.dollartree.com/home

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  1. Rated 5

    A very special Thank You to a gentleman employed by your Clearwater store 1291 on McMullen Booth Rd. His name is Lakendric Staley (KG). KG went out of his way to assist me with my many items. It was on May 31, 2020. The company should be very proud of this young man. Thank you again.

  2. Rated 5

    I go to the Dollartree in Apollo Drive and Prince William Parkway woodbridge VA and I call them female Warriors or Warriorsses because they always take great care of me when I go there, that Dollartree literally makes me feel like im right at home each time I pass by there to do a little grocery shopping! Love it overthere, (Lourdes) helped me last time I was there and soon I can’t wait to do much more shopping there again! I just love the atmosphere there as well. Everyone there has perfect Customer survive skills as well! Professionals for sure!

  3. Rated 5

    I went into the Dollar Tree Store on Franklin Rd in Roanoke, Virginia. This past Saturday I went in to get balloons and it was Sherry that waited on me and she helped me a great deal on how to set the balloons to make them beautiful. This was my first and she did fabulous and definitely has great customer service, she cared and very friendly.

  4. Rated 2

    During this crisis, I rediscovered Dollar Tree and have been doing a “pilgrimage” of different stores near my home. I have been really happy and feel like Ive been on a great treasure hunt. Recently I was disappointed when I visited store no 4568 on Maine Avenue in Baldwin Park. Of all the stores I have visited, probably that was the 10th. Maine Ave was the messiest. It was disapponting, I went on 5/13 at 4 pm. I know Baldwin Park demographics is lower income that the others and excused it by saying that the store probably has less staff…. I believe the store is the reflection of the Manager’s style…. BTW too the prior one I visited in Rancho Cucamonga north of the 210 near Milliken and that was exceptionally clean and the young man who was in the store at that time was helpful and always puttering and rearranging staff. Next time Ill remember to also praise the good…. this is all in the spirit of constructive criticism. I have always shared my feedback, raffle or no raffle…… there was an article on print or read on the internet that Aldi s and the Dollar Tree both are doing extraordinarily well during this times.

  5. Rated 5

    I shopped at store 5304. Lily was amazing. Great attitude, very helpful and professional.

  6. Rated 5

    A shout out to Lyle at the Sheboygan store on S Business Drive. He was very helpful finding products, cleaned the counter thoroughly and was friendly and helpful.

  7. Rated 5

    I want to thank Marysville Ca
    I want to give a shout out to
    The Manager, he was amazing
    He made me feel safe and comfortable in this
    That is a great store with cool employees
    “There are leaders and there are bosses”
    I will always go to that store
    Liz Fox

  8. Rated 5

    Dania store 1167 manager JOHN is the one person who makes a difference, He takes pride in his store stocking it with toilet paper and bleach. People who shop at this location know John by name and face he cares about his customers. He goes the extra mile and makes people feel special taken care of blessed. All who found toilet paper paper towels napkins were walking out the store as if they were millionaires. Websites apps can not take the place of peoples kindness and care to shoppers. Thank You John and your staff.

  9. Rated 1

    Store 6661 in Corona Ca… Worst customer service. One cashier and line travels to back of store. Cashiers are kind as as frustrated as customers because the manager is clueless. When the manager is approached about the line he just lifts his hands up( like what am i supposed to do)? try opening up another register. idiot …

  10. Rated 1

    Store 1400 the manager are very disrespect and store are not clean.

  11. Rated 1

    You really need to do something about the manager or the new manager at store number Really not sure but it’s on the Apollo dr in Woodbridge.

  12. Rated 1

    Store 07177 in Mount pleseant iowa has the worst, most rude employee I’ve ever seen. This employee Sam was rude, and was glaring at me the entire time I was in the store. The poor cashier was paging for help over the intercom, and help never came while the line was backing up. She was even talking bad about another employee on the sales floor in front of customers. I am appalled if this is the kind of people that they’re making managers.

  13. Rated 1

    Unbelievable store number 2620 on 17th St. in Idaho Falls Idaho the store’s dirty the employees are rude and lazy there was a line of 15 people the cashier who is a little bit handicapped was struggling to check everybody out I went to find another cashier and the girl told me she didn’t hear anybody page for assistance I went and got back in line and stood there for another five minutes and he paged again and after five minutes she finally came up and says oh you should’ve paged me. I Will not be back

  14. Rated 1

    Store#6861 8484 Curryford road Orlando fl 32822-7803. Sales Associate: MARILYN. ( Very rude cashier didnt even smile or acknowledge me or say hello. I had to say hello. Needs to learn to be more professional!!)

  15. Rated 1

    I recently shopped at your Quincy IL store, the store was unorganized, filthy dirty, bare shelves everywhere, in knowledgeable rude employee disinterested manager. Cashier used the excuse for the horrible condition of the store and bathroom, well we do not have any stock people. You need to get in there and clean house. If 0 stars was an option id give the place a -10 (minus)

  16. Rated 4

    every thing is great in this store,,but the store manager has a loud mouth and cant talk quietly about other employees…shes very rude!!!!!!this is the reidsville ga store…learn to talk quietly when talkin about others

  17. Rated 5

    Employee Jenny located at River Oaks,Texas GAVE a clip to me to secure gloves on at belt.
    Jenny’s kind act should be recognized as ‘top notch” with customer need.


  18. Rated 5

    I went to dollar tree on 2900 erie street in racine wisconsin store 1779 . and very respectful,helpful, patient cashier as my card declined and i had to come back to pay for all my 40 dollars worth of items.. I just want her to get some kind of recommendation for being very respectful and patient with all jer customers.. Thank you .. Her name is nadja

  19. Rated 1

    I went to the Hartville Dollar Tree on 02/04/2020 when I checked out the Clerk forgot to put one of my items into my bag. I discovered it after I arrived home. I called the store to see about my item and M. Bushey stated item was there and “I had forgotten it” I corrected her and said the Clerk forgot to put it in my bag. She was kinda snooty with me and I explained I would be back tomorrow to pick up my item. I’ve never had a problem at that store before. But “the attitude and rudeness of M Bushey will make me stop and think if I really want to shop there anymore. When I picked up the item on 2/5 The manager was very nice and apologized for the rudeness I experienced after I told her about the phone call. I’ll give them a chance But rudeness is NEVER acceptable behavior.

  20. Rated 1

    I just visited the premboke store near Home Depot (Dollar Tree) I found everything I nneed the store was clean I can’t say the same about management the cashier had a line and not one manager would go and help her. I went to ask and she got slick with me so that’s very unprofessionali also work in retail and that’s not how you run a store. The cashies are great can’t say the same for the store manager

  21. Rated 1

    I just visited the premboke store near Home Depot I found everything I nneed the store was clean I can’t say the same about management the cashier had a line and not one manager would go and help her. I went to ask and she got slick with me so that’s very unprofessionali also work in retail and that’s not how you run a store. The cashies are great can’t say the same for the store manager

  22. Rated 5

    I go to the Dollar Tree on Puente Avenue in Baldwin Park California at least once a week and I am amazed at how thoroughly organized and consistently clean from clutter they keep this store. One of their newest members onboard their team is a young lady named Angie who is such a delight and pleasant person. Kudos to management for bringing her on board. It’s nice to shop at a place where people love their jobs and it shows in the quality of service they provide. I have definitely recommended this place to my friends. Thank you Dollar Tree!

  23. Rated 1

    I shop at the Lexington Virginia store at least twice a week. Today 1-18-20 was a bit different as I was pulling in there was a young lady coming across the parking lot with food and a drink I didn’t think nothing of it till after I got inside I heard some aurgueing all I heard was something about tatertots then I heard somebody say but you have a car then a little lady storms out of the office after she had gone I take it the store manager and another employee were down talking this girl. And talking about they wonder what she is going to say about having to walk back to Burger King. I checked out and as I was leaving the parking lot I seen the girl come back. She looked very upset I asked her if she was ok and she said yes just having a hard day and them forgetting her bosses tater tots did not help. I find this very mean for the store manager to make an employee walk to get food in the freezing and then make her go back again bc her order was not right. This store needs some major adjustments.

  24. Rated 2

    As in the rainforest store Dollar Tree 1523 East Main Street Suite Suite A store number 3151 the time was 1423 hours the date was one 8:20 at which time went to try to get in the bathroom the door was locked it was approximately three of us started to lineup do you use the bathroom finally I walked up to the front man and he said they lock lost the key to the bathroom I am handicapped and I are going to record to say this the time was 1423 hours the date was 1/8 20 at which time went to try again in the bathroom two doors lock it was approximately three of us started to line up to use the bathroom family I walked up to the front man and he said they lock lost the key to the bathroom I am handicapped and I’ll go on to record to say this I have a colostomy bag it broke outside your store because the man would not let me use the restroom employees have to go to the bathroom somewhere next time I’m in your store I have to go to the bathroom and they tell me no I’m going to tell them I’m going to report them to people with disabilities and I will call the local newspaper please have this taken care of within a week I am very embarrassed right outside your store then that look nice thank you

  25. Rated 1

    i have not been happy with store the manger in there are very rude (all of them) and that everytime im in there. You cant ask any question or when they have mark downs they act like they dont want to ring them up knowing that that have a sign there saying merchandise mark down i feel they need more training in customer service

  26. Rated 1

    Dollar tree 1599o

  27. Rated 1

    The store location is branch avenue in temple Hills md 20748 1649 301 702 7304 store 4618

  28. Rated 1

    Hi I’ve been shopping at the dollar tree for years now and I’ve noticed that my local store doesn’t have a clean environment it’s boxs all over the floor when you walk in and blocking the aisles I can’t find certain things like hair oil dedorant sugar washcloths and just basic things they should have and is always short staffed

  29. Rated 1

    i use your store 558 a lot and it continues to get dirtier each time im in it.
    i shopped a dollar tree in lamar mo the store was spotless . maybe you should send the manger from the jefferson city mo store to lamar mo to see how a store should be run and stocked

  30. Rated 1

    I am a regular customer and love the store. STORE #6828 at 3570 N. HWY 16 IN DENVER, NC. My complaint is regarding Nicole Persinger, Manager, who was rude, loud and unprofessional to a valued customer. I simply came in to exchange, with a receipt two items I overbought and was told by Freddie that can be done with a receipt but no refund. That was fine with me. I spend a lot of money at the store being a volunteer 1st grade craft teacher assistant. This young lady needs some training on handling simple problems and not a good example to run your store. By the way, I read on my receipt “WE WILL GLADLY EXCHANGE ANY UNOPENED ITEM WITH ORIGINAL RECEIPT. WE DO NOT GIVE REFUNDS. I got treated like a DOLLAR’S worth of respect. I would greatly appreciate a call back on how this ends up resolved. Thank You.

  31. Rated 1

    STORE #4695–Do you not check on your stores or do you just open them and walk away? This store is worse than a rummage sale. They had a busted front door with tape on it for 3 months Today, Friday I went there and nothing was unpacked from a Monday delivery! Shelves were empty-you could not get into the aisles because of all the unopened cartons piled on wagons. A real fire hazard. People were tearing open the shipping cartons looking for products=junk all over the floor. They had a broken fridge a while back- never put a sign up. I will not buy from this fridge/freezer. This store is a health hazard and a fire hazard but I guess this clientele doesn’t care. They should look at the store in Fort Lee, NJ. a well managed store with everything in place!!!
    This- real shame of a store (10/25/19)

  32. Rated 1

    My shopping experience was on October 24th 2019 @ 12:13.
    This was my 3rd & LAST shopping endeavor here at store# 6934 Zackary is in dire need of a Customer Service Refresher Class.
    I entered & said Hello with no response given he just continued to have his conversation with a lady & they both looked at me as if I had beamed in from space. I made my few selections and proceeded to leave. I’ve never had such a horrible shopping experience in my days!
    I will be driving extra miles to shop at another Dollar Tree!!

  33. Rated 1

    I go to store #7435 on Rt 130 N on an average three times a week. I was told I would not need coupon on October 13, 2019, for appreciation day. I asked over and over and was assured there was no need. After running errands I stopped and spent my usual $17 and was informed that I would not be given the discount because I need the coupon. The cashier was short and abrasive. She simply dismessed me and went to the following customer. I like shopping in this store because I like to support loal stores. Maybe instead of so much adverstising your company should invest in training for your employees some people skills.

  34. Rated 1

    Was at store number 7344 had a lot of bags from my purchase and no one to help me take to my car that was a distance from the store. so I took the cart out of the store to get to my car and when I was returning it in the middle of the parking lot The store managers came at me and screamed that I can not take the cart out of the store I was taking it back and they had no other carts. I was so embarrassed and surprised I just stood there and said nothing and she’s keep going on and was not nice about it. I have a medical condition and can’t carry a lot of bags at the same time and no one to help me. I wish she could of been nicer about it and not yelling at me in the middle of the parking lot it was embarrassing. I will never return to that store again she was lucky I did not pass out from the stress she caused me I have a heart condition. I strongly suggest that you train your employees to be a little more courtesy and not yell and embarrass the customer when they can not supply the shopping cart for the customer. What are they supposed to do and have no help?

  35. Rated 1

    I usually like Dollar tree but today I visited store 6700 at 8580 East Broadway and a girl named Cynthia waited on me was very rude didn’t say thank you didn’t put anything in the bag that I asked her I didn’t want to carry three people behind me stopped outside and says was that not the rudest person you ever met and I said well she’s pretty rude so I won’t be back to that store

  36. Rated 4

    At store #5445 today I was charged twice for the same item. Didn’t notice until 50 miles down the road. Not worth going back for $1. Feel cheated

  37. Rated 5

    I would like to thank the gentleman that waited on me I have a grandson who has autism and we were in the store to find bracelets to ward off the monsters which we were unable to locate and as we checked out I asked the cashier if he had what we were looking for and told him why he went above and beyond and found us the braclets and then told my grandson that the green ones are good but the red ones are better and my grandson hung on every word he said it was awesome it was a fantastic experience he is calm and happy to show everyone his bracelets because of this wonderful person

  38. Rated 3

    I visit Store 4286 at least once a week…. cashier is not friendly, very hateful, rude & disengaged, I use other cashiers if they are available. I cringe when I see her on duty! Sometimes I just go to another store.

  39. Rated 5

    Store #7592 on 127 S. Memorial Drive, in Appleton , Wi is Top Notch! From cleanliness, to over-all professional atmosphere. Being from the better business bureau I have an eye for company efficiency and good management practices. Keep it guys!

  40. Rated 5

    I was at a Dollar Tree store Today (1699) and as soon as i enter the the store the cashier said hello as she was stocking and cleaning up i think her name was nini as i went shopping i couldn’t find something in the freezer and there was a employee there putting and rearranging the shelf i asked where were the cherry icee and he walked with me to were it was and then i asked him about you guy’s use to carry small potatoe salad and he told me we haven’t had them for a while but he called someone over to see if they would get it again i think he said fred and fred said they might not get it so i went up front to check out and i forgot something so i went to get it and could’t find it so i seen the young man that was in the freezer and i asked him if you carry knorr chicken rice you use to carry it,and he walked to were it was and it was on the third shelf instead of on top with the rest of the knorr stuff,so i went back up front to check out and the cashier was very nice and didn’t talk to much evcept for saying did you find everything ok and have a nice day my visit was very nice and the employee’s were very helpfull.

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