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Dollar Tree Customer Satisfaction Survey

As a company that respects customer needs and their feedback, Dollar Tree set up a website to collect customer suggestions and their shopping experience. For those who complete the survey, they will receive 10 chances to win $1,000 cash daily. Plus, they could instantly win other great prizes valued at $1,500 weekly.

Dollar Tree Customer Satisfaction Survey Guide

  • Visit Dollar Tree customer satisfaction survey  page and read Contest Rules
  • Choose your language from English and Spanish
  • Enter store number, total amount spending, date of visit and time of visit printed on your receipt

 Dollar Tree Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Rate your overall experience at this Dollar Tree, like the employees, service, store overall
  • Answer some questions about your recent experience like”Dollar Tree is a fun place to shop”, “I find unexpected values at Dollar Tree” and so on

 Dollar Tree Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Tell Dollar Tree a little about yourself. Don’t worry! This information will be used for classification purposes only. All of your responses are confidential and they never give your information to other companies

 Dollar Tree Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Fill in your personal information so that you can enter into the sweepstakes

 Dollar Tree Customer Satisfaction Survey

About Dollar Tree
Dollar Tree, is an American chain of discount variety stores that sells every item for $1.00 or less. The company operates one dollar stores under the names of Dollar Tree and Dollar Bills as well as a multiprice-point variety chain under the name Deals. To expand its business, the company needs to infuse new blood into its team. Think about your brand new Dollar Tree careers and give yourself more opportunities to achieve a balance between life and work.

Reference Links

  1. Dollar Tree Customer Satisfaction Survey Link: www.dollartreefeedback.com
  2. Dollar Tree Customer Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes Official Rules
  3. Dollar Tree Customer Satisfaction Survey Winner List
  4. Dollar Tree Official Site: www.dollartree.com/home

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Rating 2.8276votes

  1. Rated 1

    store #3399 look like a dam hog pin , i will neve go back in that hog pin is what the doller tree all about i will go to the doller store were it is clean thank but i will not go hog pin it trash junk very unhappy

  2. Rated 1

    Store #7220 4/27/21 at 13:24
    Tammy the sales associate was very rude and short with me and not only that she did not bag my breakable items correctly and some of them broke on the way home. Only one item has any cushion paper around it and it was done loosely and tossed in a bag with other things and of course when I got home I had a bag of broken glass to throw away after carefully removing other items that were not damaged. I also had other breakables that were also not bagged correctly. The only reason those didn’t break is because I was careful to get the dividers that were between them so they wouldn’t clank together. (Ceramic Bowls) All Tammy the sale associate did was put all 4 bowls into a single plastic bag. Not good and not happy with this.

  3. Rated 5

    Store 8018 employee Lisa was outstanding. She was professional, polite, and courteous. She deserves recognition and a raise. This was one of the most pleasant visits I’ve experienced at Dollar tree and I am a frequent customer. She is an excellent employee, definitely one of the best! She should really be valued.

  4. Rated 2

    Amy left her check-out station to chase down a customer who had already left the store. After that, she had a short conversation with this valued customer. She came back to her checkout station and handed me my receipt. When I was leaving I overheard her apologize to the lady who was in line behind me. She didn’t apologize to me. I guess some of us are valued customers and some are not.

  5. Rated 2

    store 66 Kinston NC – Melody was rude. She did not say hello, goodbye, thank you. My son spoke to her and she didn’t even speak back. If she is that miserable at work, she doesn’t need to be working with the public and doesn’t need to be working for Dollar Tree around families.

  6. Rated 3

    shopped at store 3841 Man named glenn gave me a lecture on going to walgreen and and buy cards very rude just asked about change on return, very odd and inappropriate no questions regarding price just change please.

  7. Rated 3

    Store #2948..nice store…great items at great prices but please…provide customer service training. Rude as hell!!!

  8. Rated 5

    (9725 crosshill blvd: store:4212) the dollar tree was amazing, and had a nice cashier named holly, be back there soon!

  9. Rated 1

    Store # 5099 1701 Utica ave there was only one cashier the manager was in the office when it was 50’people online the cashier got off her register and help a customer outside at 6.18pm didn’t care about the customers that was waiting if this was a white area this wouldn’t happen

  10. Rated 1

    Rude young lady at store # 4416 named Brieana. Doesn’t make eye contact, talks rather things sarcastically & tosses receipts at customers with a couldn’t care less apology when they have to pick it up off the FILTHY green carpet!

  11. Rated 5

    i love dollertree

  12. Rated 5

    Thanks to Tracey & his Staff @Store#7632 for having the cleanest well organized ( all shelving ) unit that I’ve been in and a special shout out to Lele for showing her friendly knowledgeable skills as a Cashier. “Great Team Players”

  13. Rated 5

    Thanks to Chrystal, the sales associate at Store 8512. She kept calling over customers to keep the check out lines short. She was fast, friendly and efficient! Please share this positive feedback with her!

  14. Rated 5

    Omg seriously dollar tree why wouldn’t you still be accepting surveys? I was in a rush yesterday morning and there was a line with one checker. When this lovely lady came to my rescue. I had Birthday balloons I needed and they were running low. I started to chat with her and she was very pleasant. I swear I have never even spoke to anyone there before besides the checker. Mostly because I feel she is the only one there. But Nikki helped me was super awesome and even checked me out!!! Made my visit there well worth it. You just don’t get service like that any more. This is store4049# 225 Sheridan shout out to Nikki ask the manager tot doing a great job keep it up!!! Give these hard workers a raise for God sakes!!!! Thank you Nikki your a rockstar!!! Sometimes I feel like they find these managers under rocks lol

  15. Rated 5

    We used to go to the Cedar Mill location because the manager kept it so clean.
    She left a few years ago and we kept going out of habit. there are 3 locations closer to us.
    Today we stopped in at the location on Scholl’s Ferry ( store #3244 ) on our way home.
    We had not been in that location for many years because it used to look so run down.
    First comment my wife Celia and I made to each other was “This store is a clean as the one Angie used to run
    in Cedar Mill!”
    Angie was standing a few feet away and heard us and turned around. We were surprised to say the least.
    That location was absolutely spotless. ( they could use new carpet though ).
    Angie could teach organizational skills to some of your other locations.
    I hope you reward her efforts, she turned a rundown location into a model one.
    Steve & Celia Fisher
    12402 SW Sheldrake Way
    Beaverton OR 97007

  16. Rated 5

    Shopped at the Dollar Tree Store # 1705, 9620 Ft. Meade Rd, Laurel, MD on, 30 January 2021, at or about, 15:30. I’ve shopped there on several occasions, and most times, store is extremely crowded. This day was no exception. However, on this day, as most days I visit, Ms. Linda was there, working the first register. She greeted me, as well as all who entered the store, with a pleasant, “Welcome to Dollar tree”. I must say, though very busy, not once, have I ever seen her without a pleasant disposition, or polite conversation. Always courteous, asking did I find everything I need, and thanked me for shopping at Dollar Tree. During this pandemic, it’s refreshing to find someone who truly exemplifies what customer service is all about. I nominate her for whatever award(s) are given to outstanding employees of your company.

  17. Rated 1

    Dollar Tree: Tamarac FL, Mcnad RD! I was having an event and I needed some gold charger plates, on the website there were these beautiful gold charger plates so I purchased 36. When I found out my order was ready I went to the store to not only find out that the Order was misplaced but to also find out that the order had been put out on the sells floor to be sold. Also I found out that only 12 of the 36 plates I order were shipped and the other 24 were not coming at all. I called Corporate, they were also not helpful. I ended up with NOTHING, Worst experience ever! I love Dollar Tree but this was literally the worst service ever!

  18. Rated 1

    Went to the Dollar Tree in Cairo, Georgia it was the worst costumer service I ever seen. Cashier was rude as crap. She was standing a few feet away putting up items as I put my items on the counter, when she did decide to come to register, her attitude was terrible. Not once did she speak, she put my cleaning items in with my food items, that I changed as soon as I got to car. She acted as it was the worst thing to do, to stop and rang up my order, for the first time in my life I didn’t ask her what the problem was, had I had the time to go elsewhere I would have. Matter of fact after I put my card in she just walked off without even asking nor tearing off my receipt. This service doesn’t even have a rating. Giving the service there should be a ZERO.

  19. Rated 2


  20. Rated 4

    Cashier Sheri was extremley pleasant and professional to myself and the 100 other people in her line…. You need more like her.

  21. Rated 1

    Cashier was extremely rude at the Franklin, IN location. She did not say a single word, kept her headphones in, and proceeded to get on her phone during my transaction. Unbelievable honestly.

  22. Rated 5

    Store # 2712 had the Best Manager, Melissa from Long Island, New York & Hope she & Loved ones are doing Fine! ALSO, today the 14th of December 2020 your employee, Mr. Terry …. Was So Exceptionally Brilliant & Welcoming & Really With The Happy Hanakkua & Merry Christmas Spirit that made him Shine in & of The Light! Thank You, Dollar Tree & to Melissa & Terry and some of the very special other people working for you on West 11th/97402″+ in Springfield’s Olympic Street location/97477!! ^^ Most Gratefully & With Best Regards, (online) Lorna Kim in Eugene, Roman Catholic Joan-Therese,

  23. Rated 1

    people have nasty attitude I will never go back to the place thanks for nothing thanks for nothing

  24. Rated 5

    I had a great experience while shopping at the Dollartree store#5389, 1548 Benning Road, Wash. DC 20002.

    The cashier Ms. Rhonda Walker demonstrated outstanding customer service, interpersonal skills, and professional ism when dealing with multiple customers during this global pandemic.

    She was pleasant and courtous, in a very hectic atmosphere. She is definitely an Asset to the company!

  25. Rated 2

    Store# 2076

    This location is run pretty much bad, poor ass customer service. The cashier who stated he was also the manager. Wore head phones in his ear the whole time. It took me almost 45 minutes to cash out.

    I’m curious to know if corporate reads these comments. So ill be back to see if they did any changes at all. In the meantime i will meet with my local representatives about this store. Because its in a urban area that dont mean we don’t deserve the very best like other areas.

  26. Rated 5

    I go to DG #04748 several times a week and I wanted to say how the store has improved. It was doing very well when I first moved here 4 yrs ago. The manager then was awesome. She was a joy! It fell for a while due to the employees, but that was dealt with. The manager and most employees are always so sweet and very helpful! I would recommend giving the present manager a raise. She is always smiling and willing to help. She busts her butt stocking and checking out customers.Please give her the recognition she deserves.

  27. Rated 1

    Total disaster. Store #5216 is just that, a TOTAL DISASTER. Located at 5270-A Chamberlayne Ave. Richmond, Va. 23227-2950 is not a good store. Read some of the comments and a lot of them hold true. This particular store has green shirted employees walking around and apparently hiding in the back so as the lines are long and so is the wait to be cashed out. The pandemic has not been but so bad whereas people have to line the aisle before getting to the register. Dollar Tree sucks. Rating as far as I’m concerned is on the negative side.

  28. Rated 5

    I know you probably here mostly bad things.I’d like to compliment an associate named Stephaine, and her manager on duty Daniel. They both work at store#7404. You both handled a customer complaint quite well in my opinion considering the issue(s). Keep it up, and don’t let it get you down! Thanks for your great customer service.

  29. Rated 1

    A cashier named Alicia when I walked up to the cashier person she didn’t say hi or did you find everything okay she just said the price and than hand me my change and than didn’t say have a wonderful day or anything to me

  30. Rated 5

    I would like to compliment Carl Sadler and Megan at Store 3364 in Youngstown, Ohio
    Thanks for the wonderful Service – Customer Rhonda Wilhelm 330-318-3744

  31. Rated 5

    I enjoy shopping at the Dollar Tree Store#8307 located at 2860 Cerrillos Road Unit B-1
    Santa Fe, NM 87507. Cheryl the manager of this store always goes out of her way to greet
    me and make me laugh. She is awesome. Tina went ‘above and beyond’ to assist me. Tina is
    very kind, courteous, respectful and attentive to detail. Cheryl & Tina are hard workers and
    deserve a raise. Thank you Cheryl & Tina for making my shopping experience enjoyable during this covid-craziness! Karen

  32. Rated 1

    I visited you store at 738-A Peoria street, In Aurora Colorado on Friday, October 2. After finding some of the things I needed, I got in a line of about 5 other shoppers that quickly grew into 12. Another lane was opened, and shoppers quickly filed into that lane. I was left as the last shopper in the original line. The 2nd line was about emptied so I entered that line and was meet by the cashier saying “I’m not really open.” I looked at the 3 items I had. Are your employees really that lazy? I decided to go across the street to King Soopers, where I was treated better by their staff, got all I needed, at better prices and far better quality. I Will NEVER enter your store again!

  33. Rated 1

    Kailen needs to be trained in customer service. Only words he spoke were , “$20.72″ and “nite”

  34. Rated 5

    I wanted to thank Beatrice for being so kind. I had a big balloon order and she was very sweet and helpful. It is nice to be treated well as a customer and she made me feel welcome and appreciated. She was working very hard to get the job done and get back to her customers in line. A great employee to your team!!

  35. Rated 5

    Zsa Zsa at the 4740 Jonesboro in Union-city Ga is a OUTSTANDING Manager she is the Best employee I’ve ever met in 15 years! Very helpful and informative!

  36. Rated 2

    store 405 E Pass Road Gulfport Mississippi has a lot of empty shelves as well as opened products on the shelves to include food products. Half of the departments in the store are half empty.

  37. Rated 1

    James at Whitinsville MA Dollar Tree
    So rude!!!

  38. Rated 5

    The Dollar Tree Store #3690 located in Rio Rancho, NM is a great and fun store to shop at because of the employees. Bill is very professional, customer oriented, friendly, attentive and courteous. Scott is also a really nice employee is also very courteous, kind, customer oriented and pays attention to detail. Bill & Scott are very hard workers and made our shopping experience enjoyable. Both have a great sense of humor. Thank you for your hard work Bill & Scott! Dan & Karen

  39. Rated 4

    Nancy was very rude! I like coming here because it’s close but maybe I’ll need to go elsewhere. The manager an older heavy set woman is also rude everytime I come shopping. If you don’t enjoy your job then quit!! Grand terrace store

  40. Rated 3

    Nancy was very rude! I like coming here because it’s close but maybe I’ll need to go elsewhere. The manager an older heavy set woman is also rude everytime I come shopping. If you don’t enjoy your job then quit!!

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