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Cracker Barrel Customer Satisfaction Survey

Want to have a good meal? Cracker Barrel is a fantastic choice for you and your families. They are professional in cooking tasty food. You are invited to show your feedback through this customer satisfaction survey. At the end of the survey, you will be given a chance to enter a monthly drawing to win your choice of either a Cracker Barrel Rocker or a Cracker Barrel Gift Card.

Cracker Barrel Customer Satisfaction Survey Guide

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Cracker Barrel Customer Satisfaction Survey

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Cracker Barrel Customer Satisfaction Survey

About Cracker Barrel
Cracker Barrel Old Country Store is an American chain, combining restaurant and gift stores with a Southern country theme, headquartered in Lebanon, Tennessee. It aims at the family and casual dining market.

Reference Links

  1. Cracker Barrel Customer Satisfaction Survey Links: www.crackerbarrel-survey.com
  2. Cracker Barrel Official Site: www.crackerbarrel.com


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Rating 3.1137votes

  1. Rated 5

    Danielle was our waitress and she was absolutely marvelous. So sweet. Will be back because of her.

  2. Rated 1

    Access Code: 100-264-262-530 Store # 100 Burlington NC 9-21-17 11:06 am
    Let me just say I will never go back to Cracker Barrel in Burlington AGAIN! My sister ordered eggs and toast and country ham. She was cutting into the ham and I told her that it didn’t look like country ham … it looked like City ham. I tasted it and it WAS city ham. The manager brought it back out and said it WAS country ham because he just cooked it! I KNOW COUNTRY HAM WHEN I TASTE IT AND IT WAS NOT COUNTRY HAM. Evidently they have changed where they get their ham and I hate it! IT TASTES EXACTLY LIKE CITY HAM AND ITS THICK LIKE CITY HAM. THE COUNTRY HAM I HAVE EATEN AT CRACKER BARREL NEVER TASTED LIKE THIS BEFORE. Has anybody noticed how they have changed their menu items. I’ve also noticed that when you get chicken and dumplings when they should really call it chicken sprinkles and raw dumplings. They have really changed EVERYTHING. I don’t like going there anymore. Probably won’t go back either. I know every CB is not the same but I believe it rises and falls on the management. If anyone in management is reading this please change back the way it used to be.

  3. Rated 5

    Great service and good food

  4. Rated 1

    Food was cold some items they were out of and wasn’t told until the waiter came back 20 min after order was taken.I observe several table with the same problem.Staff wasn’t ready.RATE 1

  5. Rated 5

    It’s a great place too eat yummy

  6. Rated 3

    I have usually enjoyed eating and shopping at Cracker Barrel until my last visit on Sept. 10th. The food and service were great but the cashier failed to count out the 3 elf gift bags I requested from behind the desk. While she charged me for three, when I returned home there were only two in the bag. Granted, a large amount of money is not involved but it is an annoyance especially since I live an hour away from your Clifton Park store. My access code is 293-253-207-235 and the cashier was Jacqueline. I’ll think twice before I shop there again.

  7. Rated 3

    Was invited to take a survey. The link takes me all over the place. This is a joke and very frustrating.

  8. Rated 5

    We took oiur 4 years old on a “lunch date” yesterday. We love Cracker Barrel to say the least. We have never been disappointed in anything we have ordered. The waitress was very helpful and as always the food was delicious!!!!! Thanks for providing us with a special place to go for lunch that is affordable, and delicious.

  9. Rated 1

    There were pieces of bugs in salt. The waitress said it was pepper. But you could see the legs on the the bugs. Needs to inspect the kitchen. Won’t return.

  10. Rated 1

    Your online customer survey stinks. Can not find any way to make comments.

  11. Rated 5

    Very nice food and service.

  12. Rated 5

    I see these post with negative comments and I think you just need to visit Cracker Barrel in Texas. I don’t know but we always have a wonderful experience. Longview Store 719. They are the best!!Restraunt always so clean, staff always friendly and the food is always great. I usually buy from the gift shop too. We love this place!!The GM Rudy at Longview is always so polite and nice and well dress too, which is a big plus when a manager comes to speak to you. The staff uniforms always look nice as well. I have never been to this Cracker Barrel where a manager did not speak to me. They are all great!!Great experience EVERYTIME! Longview Texas Cracker Barrel is the BEST!!!

  13. Rated 1

    We just came back from our local CrackerBarrel. My husbands trout meal was fine but my French Dip Sandwich was the worst I have ever had. There was one thin slice of prime rib plus some fried onions on it. All you could taste was the bread and onions. The french fries were old and hard. I asked for catsup and they didn’t bring it. The server finally came back by and I told her and she brought more french fries but they were just a bunch of small pieces. She offered to bring a whole new serving but by then my husband was almost finished eating so I told her no. She did take the french dip off my bill but this is not the first time we have had poor meals coming from the kitchen. Sounds like poor management to us.

  14. Rated 1

    When I got home with my “To GO” order the food was awful. The biscuit and corn muffin were cold and hard as a rock! The chicken fried chicken was undercooked and when I tried to reheat it in the microwave it turned to rubber. The mashed potatoes were like a blob of glue! I had to throw the entire meal in the trash! What has happened to the good quality of food at Cracker Barrell?!?! Something has changed with the way the food is being cooked and or processed. The Cracker Barrell in Lake Park, Georgia needs new management and fast!

  15. Rated 5

    great tasting food and waitress whoa id marry her great personality great service she could even joke around

  16. Rated 5

    Cracker Barrel store #417 Louisville, Ky—— We spent 4 days in the area of this Cracker Barrel, we ate there all 4 days during the State Fair. Wow what a pleasant experience! Waiter: Drew, and Kassisdy, Sam were terrific! The manager at this place has it “going on” such a great group of waiters, food was great! We were able to enjoy our stay in Louisville during the fair, thank you Louisville Cracker Barrel! Thank you Drew, Kassidy and Sam!!

  17. Rated 1

    Yea store #5 Dalton GA. August 20, 2017. Ticket scan #004958 yep

  18. Rated 1

    First of all I eat here all the time. So let’s start with a very poor server. Never came to give us refills of ice tea. When you pay $2.50 per glass yes you expect more than one glass or asking other servers for some. Next my meal was cold. I ordered meatloaf dinner, mashed potatoes and brown gravy, side salad or should I say just lettuce tomatoes, 1 cucumber. Salad dressing dripping. And cooked apples. The only thing hot the apples. Had to go walk tho find a server, to send over manager. Took my plate away n brought back got meat loaf n potatoes gravy with a very hot plate from the microwave. Well about half way thru bite a big piece of something when put in my hand, a raw piece of hamburger, the size of a quater. So in all this never saw our waiter. So had to walk again to find a employee. Asked again to see the manager. Well he apologized and took my meal off the bill but still played the other meal, also 2 sweet tea’s. That only got, not one refill. So ya not happy, and oh ya, threw up on way home. Also couple more when got home. So this time absolutely no stars. You are forcing me to give a star to post this, so I am telling you NO STARS.

  19. Rated 2

    We ate at the Cracker Barrel in Norristown, PA on 19 August. The overall food and service was poor. A mix up among the servers caused a long delay in getting our orders taken. My wife’s chicken salad (a special) had the chicken so burned much of it could not be eaten. I mentioned the problem to the lady at the cash register but she was busy and largely uninterested in my concerns. Overall, a poor dining experience.

  20. Rated 2

    My fish on a Friday night was fried so hard I couldn’t eat the fish!!!! I was charged 10.39 for food I couldn’t eat with my family!!! In the end they offered me some fish to take home and charged me for the meal!!! My wife got the kids Ckn& Dumplings and they charged us for the drink!!! Which was supposed to be free!!!! My bill for supper was 43.48!!! Our waitress Rosa H was very nice and complimentary!!! But I wasn’t happy with my meal and had to wait extra time to get our food!!! The manager didn’t even come out and express her feelings about the mess up !!!! My reference # is 030877864390014 and my ticket # was 7786. This was on 8/18/17 at store #308 in Batesville, MS. There were 4 of us eating. We checked out at 7:02 pm, TBL 122/1. My access code was 308-230-778-636. I’m sorry to grip but the food wasn’t up to the standards that I have had in the past at Cracker Barrel!!!!!
    Sincerely, John Henderson

  21. Rated 2

    Food was room temp, and blue berry muffin was extremely under cooked. Two weeks in a row with sub-par experience. This may be our last visit. Disappointing.

  22. Rated 5


  23. Rated 5

    Visted CRACKER BARREL Sunday August 12th …Great experience server was wonderful and very helpful.. I have been in ones before the one in Fredericksburg Va was great .. Highly recommend

  24. Rated 3

    Visited Cracker Barrel on August 4, 2017 in Forest Park, Ohio. The restaurant is dirty. The hostess cleaned off a table for us, wipe all the food and etc. right into the floor. I said something about that and she said she would sweep it up – did not do this. Food was on the wall above the table. Why can’t the tables be wiped off with a clean cloth???? I felt like I was eating and walking in a pig pen.

  25. Rated 2

    On August 5 my wife and I took our grandsons to the Cracker Barrel in So. Portland #665. My food was cold, my grandson’s meal was incomplete and at 6PM they were out of biscuits and corn muffins. It appeared as if the cook was not a professional.
    This is the second time we have had a a bad experience at that restaurant.

  26. Rated 1

    We stop in for launch we order all food . it took about 15-20 min. Not to bad The waitress gave me my water and my husband his coffee and never gave if any milk for his coffee we had to ask for it . we got are food I got chicken tender and I asks for honey mustard and I got bq . she never came back and ask how are food is . we was sat there and she walk by the Window with her keys in her hand . my husband said that was are waitress. We had to ask for for are bill I told the manager she never came back.he said he will talk to her I hope so I have been a waitress for many year I would never do this to any of my table .

  27. Rated 5

    Food delicious! Customer service great!!!

  28. Rated 3

    spent over $30.00. Bought items from store also…cashier failed to put leftovers in bag with items I bought which were sitting with food containers. Didn’t notice until later in day. Was looking forward to leftovers. Called spoke with manager at store #150 in Fenton, MO…she wasn’t very empathetic. Was disappointed in her demeaning attitude. Hurt my feelings. I hung up. Not a good way to expect return business!!

  29. Rated 2

    Visited the cracker barrel on Miller Lane in Vandalia oh . I order lunch special meatloaf $5.99 and extra side of green beans. When I received my bill I was charged 9.99 for meatloaf dinner. when I called this to the attention of waitress she was very rude.
    She said since I had three sides she ordered big dinner without my knowledge. Half of it I left on plate(too much food). I ask her to adjust bill, again very rude when she (Shaun) came back she had adjusted bill 5.99 for meatloaf and she charged enough for green beans to make bill stay the same when I told her there was no way a dish of green beans cost that much she just walked away.Very disappointed since I was a regular customer there. don’t think I will go back anyways soon.

  30. Rated 5

    Very satisfied with personnel, service, & food, except it was cold when I picked it up 15 minutes after ordering it. Portions were adequate & appetizing. Have eaten in several locations across the country, & find the only consistent problem is the food is not hot, it’s warm or cool. We will continue to patronize Cracker Barrel when we feel led to.

  31. Rated 2

    We have been customers of Cracker Barrel and have loved it for may years. When we travel we try to stop at Cracker Barrel, recently the food has not been up to the quality we have learned to expect. Yesterday there was 4 of us for lunch about 2pm, in Kenosha, Wi location, it was so disappointing. Getting our food was very slow, small portions, and our food was cold. This has happened at the last 3 Cracker Barrels we have been at. So sad to see such a good restaurant go down, as it seems this has. We will not be stopping at any of them anymore. Also the bathroom in the restaurant yesterday was very dirty, have not found that before. Very very disappointed in Cracker Barrel.

  32. Rated 2

    We stopped for lunch today (July 28, 2017). I asked for a gluten free menu and found meatloaf on it. I asked our waitress (Janee) if for sure there were no breadcrumbs or fillers in it. She said no, it’s just green peppers and other vegetables with ketchup atop. I bit! Indeed it was tasty. I come home & looked for the copycat, gluten free recipe. It has a stack of Ritz crackers in the ingredients!!! Ritz crackers are not G.F.! There certainly is a recipe for G.F. Ritz crackers, but I highly doubt that Cracker Barrel will take the time to make it and use it in their meatloaf! I feel deceived and am disappointed that Janee did not know what’s in it. Whomever writes their menus should revise it, or contact me and straighten me out to what’s G.F. in their meatloaf. Cause if I get sick, I won’t be a happy camper!

  33. Rated 1

    The service was terrible! My husband and I ordered breakfast. The waiter brings our food but says the biscuits need 3 more minutes in the oven. We waited staring at gravy, grits and the rest of our breakfast while waiting for biscuits. By the time the biscuits were ready our over hard eggs were cold, grits and gravy barely warm. We eat at Crackle Barrel often since it’s in our home town and never had we encountered neglance as this! Why didn’t they keep the food in the kitchen warm until the complete meal was ready? Our bill was over $20.00! We are so disappointed with our service!

  34. Rated 1

    Store #446, manager needs to learn how to delicate, NO hostess, 1 cook and he’s running around trying to do it all, on top of dealing with customer complain. Three were 11 tabled in one area only 2 had food. When wer finally received our food, my husband was very undercooked. Unacceptable

  35. Rated 1

    We tried eating there again for dinner and it was cold! If the manager from last year was there it wouldn’t have been I’m sure. I feel like bringing a food thermometer to test the temp I’m sure it wasn’t a safe temp to be served.

  36. Rated 4

    Wonderful service

  37. Rated 5

    We love coming to your place. We always have good service and the food is always good and a lot of it. It seems we always have to take some of it home.

  38. Rated 3

    Had a great server attendive to the grandkids and pleasant experience. Although the bathroom were filthy

  39. Rated 5

    We used our Gold Card for dinner tonight at #342, our waitress was Kenisha. She was lovely, very accomadating. Our meal was perfect. Much better than our trip there a few weeks ago. Thank you.

  40. Rated 1

    I visited Cracker Barrel Store #66 in Battle Creek MI on my way back to Canada I paid 9.42 for a burnt grilled chicken,bacon,lettuce and tomato sandwich which was served with BURNT chicken not just overcooked but burnt black you as a company should be ashamed of serving that quality of food. Is it because you are on a well traveled route and don’t need repeat business. The restaurant was not even busy as we went between meal periods shame on you

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