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BJ’s Customer Receipt Survey

You may have bought goods from BJ’s Wholesale Club with relevantly lower prices, then you must want to say something about your purchase experience there. Your voice really matters a lot, because the business operators want to hear it and thus make meaningful changes to serve customers better and better. Give your feedback by taking its customer survey. Upon the completion of the survey, you will also get a chance to join a monthly sweepstakes for a $500 BJ’s Gift Card.

BJ’s Customer Receipt Survey Guide

  • Just pay your visit to the survey website (See Reference Link 1 below).
  • Make sure you or your immediate family are not employed by BJ’s.

BJ's Customer Receipt Survey

  • Make sure you still hold the receipt from your recent BJ’s shopping trip.

BJ's Customer Receipt Survey

  • Enter the required information from the receipt into the blank boxes.

BJ's Customer Receipt Survey

  • Rate your recent Shopping experience at BJ’s by answering the questions presented.

BJ's Customer Receipt Survey

  • Submit the sweepstakes entry form to get your entry into the prize draw.

BJ's Customer Receipt Survey

About BJ’s
BJ’s Wholesale Club is a warehouse club chain mainly operating on the east coast of the United States, and only American Membership can join this chain. It is dedicated to provide customers with high quality products at prices lower than other retailers. The products BJ’s provides include Groceries, Electronics, Computers, Toys, Office Supplies, Housewares and more, covering almost all aspects of customers’ daily life.

Reference Links

  1. BJ’s Customer Receipt Survey Link: www.bjs.com/feedback
  2. BJ’s Customer Receipt Survey Sweepstakes Official Rules
  3. BJ’s Wholesale Club Homepage: www.bjs.com

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  2. Rated 3

    I don’t like the loss of the paper coupons as there is no longer any reason other than buying in large quantities to shop at BJ’s. I can get great savings at WalMart and they do accept coupons.

  3. Rated 1

    I purchased a sausage item and after I paid for the item I noticed that it had some mildew on the product. I walked up to the customer service area prior to leaving the store to return this item. I noticed that there was a sign posted that we do not return items because of the pandemic. The customer service representative asked me when I purchased this item and I explained that I had just purchased the item two minutes before. She then took my receipt and returned the item and credited the purchase on my credit card. I have noticed since the pandemic that BJ’s does not return any products with or without a receipt. I feel strongly that BJ’s is taking advantage of the situation. I have reduced my purchases at BJ’s approximately in half. I currently have been a member for 20 years, hold the cash pack premium membership card and use the BJ’s credit card. I am strongly considering not renewing my membership when it expires next year in March. I purchase from other supermarkets and either they give you your money back and or give you the product for free. I have had issues in the past including one associate in the check out lane told me that I would have to walk to the back of the store to take a picture of a pizza prize discrepancy because she was too busy. The discrepancy was only $1.00 and she apparently did not believe me. My experience in general has been poor.

  4. Rated 5

    Great shopping experience at BJ’s

  5. Rated 4


  6. Rated 3

    I am not a happy customer. I have not been receiving a coupon booklet. When I signed up, I gave my address which includes an apartment number. I was getting a coupon booklet up until a month ago. The last one did not have my apartment number on it. I have had this problem in the past and was corrected until now. I probably will not be renewing my membetship.

  7. Rated 4

    I enjoy shopping at BJ’s. I sell at the Farmers Market and I like that I can get everything I need in large quantities which meets my expectations: so great job BJ’s

  8. Rated 3

    Had a good experience at my Quincy Massachusetts store until I went to the checkout counter. The cashier was very unfriendly and just threw my items into my shopping cart after ringing them up. Thanks to that a few items were crushed and a bottle of hand soap leaked on other items.
    I should have gone back in and spoken to the manager or told the cashier to make some effort and do his job right

  9. Rated 5

    I was assisted by Katie Zulsdorf at the Victor, NY location. She was very helpful, had a great sense of humor and was very easy to talk to!! Please acknowledge this amazing employee who is a true asset to your business!! I have gone to the same store and have been treated not very professionally. I now look for her when I need assistance. Other employees can learn from her example!!

  10. Rated 5

    Elba member service manager in the pompano beach location was above and beyond helpful with me this past Sunday!!! Thank you for your hard work!!

  11. Rated 5

    Costumer service was friendly and very professional. The items that was in sale with coupon was accessable and easy to find.

  12. Rated 4

    Love my BJ’s store. Just opened a deli and I have used it and it’s great.

  13. Rated 5

    Awesome service every time I come into the store the cashiers and clerks greet you with smile they treat you like you mean something thanks

  14. Rated 5

    Want to send a note re Mike (Michael) in the deli at the langhorne store. When I placed my order for sliced cheese, he took the time and made the extra effort to clean (in hot water) and wipe down the tray, then put on clean gloves and properly sliced my order and packaged it as I requested. Ths little extra effort should be noted

  15. Rated 1

    I was just in BJs brought 5 items. Put up by registar, she rung up the items. As I was leaving the girl said one item was not on the receipt she said go customer service which had a long line or go back to the registar where I came from. I said isn’t there an easier way and she said no there was only one girl at customer service. I felt with all this aggravation, was is even worth showing her anymore. I have been working for forty years now. I’m all for the customer first. I just don’t get it.

  16. Rated 2

    Bad svr

  17. Rated 4

    I tried to purchase Keurig green mountain coffee..box of 100 clipless coupon of $7.00
    it says any Keurig green mountain coffee…I purchased the decaf and the coupon didn’t
    come up..they said it’s only for the regular coffee…In my opinion…any box..means
    ANY box of keurig green mountain coffee 100 count..I would like someone to respond to this and send me a check for the $7.00 …The date of the coupon 3/30 – 4/17/2017 I purchased on 4/15/17
    This is false advertising and I’m not too happy with your company right now…I’m on a fixed income and $7.00 is $7.00. Thanks

  18. says:

    ive tryed to enter sweapstack it always says closed

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