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ABC Fine Wine & Spirits Customer Survey

Have you ever shopped at ABC Fine Wine & Spirits? In order to make sure they can always provide customers with exceptional shopping experience, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits wants to hear from you through ABC Fine Wine & Spirits Customer Survey. You will have an opportunity to enter a monthly sweepstakes for a $250 cash prize, as well as to receive an ABC Fine Wine & Spirits coupon.

ABC Fine Wine & Spirits Customer Survey Guide

  • Visit ABC Fine Wine & Spirits Customer Survey online page( see Reference Link 1)
  • Read ABC Fine Wine & Spirits Customer Survey sweepstakes official rules and start the survey
  • Enter information on your receipt such as visit date and store number

ABC Fine Wine & Spirits Customer Survey

  • Answer some questions like “How often do you typically visit this or any other ABC Fine Wine & Spirits store?” etc.

ABC Fine Wine & Spirits Customer Survey

  • Rate your overall satisfaction with ABC Fine Wine & Spirits

ABC Fine Wine & Spirits Customer Survey

  •  Rate your overall satisfaction with ABC Fine Wine & Spirits team members

ABC Fine Wine & Spirits Customer Survey

  • Provide your name and email address to get the coupon and be entered into the sweeps.

ABC Fine Wine & Spirits Customer Survey

About ABC Fine Wine & Spirits
Located in Orlando, Florida, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits is a chain of retail stores. It’s the largest privately owned wine and spirits retailer in the U.S. It has a wide selection of gourmet foods, including cheeses, chocolates, and snack items, ideal for gifts, parties, or personal enjoyment.

Reference Links

  1. ABC Fine Wine & Spirits Customer Survey Link: www.abcfwssurvey.com
  2. ABC Fine Wine & Spirits Customer Survey Official Sweepstakes Rules
  3. ABC Fine Wine & Spirits Official Website: www.abcfws.com

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Rating 3.244votes

  1. Rated 4

    Come on guys….entering your survey for a chance to win a $250 gift card shouldn’t be difficult.

  2. Rated 1

    The associate that assisted us this morning was very rude ,after we spent $122.85,I felt like telling him he needed an attitude adjustment. We shop at that store all the time and we always have great services.

  3. Rated 1

    was very un happy was told my price would be under my loyalty account and today that price was not given to me, sorry service has always been great, but i will never shop here again.

  4. Rated 2

    I cant find survey. please email me link ty

  5. Rated 5

    I was searching for a specific Octoberfest beer which is only in certain stores and only around for a short time. After calling a few ABC locations with no luck I stopped into the ABC Located on Kennedy Blv in Tampa. I searched the store but did not find it. It was a Friday evening and the store was very busy. On my way out the door an employee stopped me to ask oh he could help me with something. I told him what I was looking for. To my surprise he knew just what I was talking about and said he had sold the last 6 pack that morning. Then he asked if I would like him to check other stores.
    He jumped on the computer and found a case at the store in St. Pete he called the manager to verify. I was really impressed with with his knowledge and readiness and enthusiasm to help me. As it turned out he was the store manager. His name is Sterling and the service he gave me was exceptional.

  6. Rated 1

    This was crazy I purchased two bottles of screwball peanut butter whiskey that cost 57.76. I gave the cashier 18558 at store 182 and he said that he could not change a 100.00 bill. The customer before me brought 60.00 worth of liquor and gave him 3 twenty. I found it very strange that he did have change.
    100.00-57.76 =42.24 so that makes no sense.

  7. Rated 5

    Real smooth process and an employee asked if he could help me

  8. Rated 5

    Staff is always helpful !

  9. Rated 2

    Cannot open the link – this site is not good

  10. Rated 2

    Cashier 19953 was more interested in answering his texts on his phone than scanning my items on the counter. Very poor service from this cashier!

  11. Rated 3

    please email me the correct link so I can fill out before Friday the 14th to be considered for the $250 gift card. I have spent too long trying to find the correct link. The process should be so simple to entice your customers to do these surveys so your corporate officials can get the proper feedback thy seek through these survyes

  12. Rated 1

    useless survey composed by incompetents

  13. Rated 5

    We love our ABC store super service and great well priced products thanks ABC

  14. Rated 5

    It is an wonderful presentation offered by ABC Fine Wine & Spirits Store. I really enjoyed the environment and cordial gesture offered by ABC Staff. My sincere thanks to the ABC Management. Thank you so much.
    “Merry Christmas”
    Best Regards.
    Hemi Dhar

  15. Rated 1



  16. Rated 2

    The survey is impossible to take. My daughter has a degree in Computer Science and said that your IT Department should be revamped. Love the store but will not waste my time doing or should I say try and taking your survey.

  17. Rated 2

    I brought a picture on my phone of the total wine website with the price for my beverage. Anthony said you can’t use that it has to be better than that. I have used this in several ab C stores and never had a problem. Doug agreed so I had to step out of line bring up the site and show them. Waste of time and harassment of the disabled elderly people!

  18. Rated 5

    Cannot find a true survey. The ABC store #159 is great. Helpful employees. Saw previous comments stating this is a scam. If so, you should remove the information from your receipts.It would be a lot easier to drop receipts in a bin for a monthly drawing. Are there really any chances to win anything such as receipt states????

  19. Rated 4

    New Trinity store is friendly and convenient however your survey can not be found by entering the info from the receipt…I also see many other reviews are saying the same thing.

  20. Rated 5

    Service is Great. Store is Great. Survey is a SCAM !!! You need to remove it from the customer receipt. Maybe a better chance for your loyal customers would be to drop a copy of each receipt for the month in a Big Ole Jar & draw one out. How hard is that?

  21. Rated 5

    All the staff for ABC by the Loop in Kissimmee FL are great and always helpful. Thanks to 3 of the men I am buying more and more wines.

  22. Rated 5

    Can’t find survey but love my Latrice and all the other employees

  23. Rated 5

    Love the new store.
    Survey is a joke.

  24. Rated 3

    Good service, but survey is a joke.

  25. Rated 4

    Can’t find survey…

  26. Rated 1

    Can’t get to actual survey. Great store good prices.
    Fell like the whole thing is a scam.

  27. Rated 4

    Can’t get to actual survey, but like my local ABC store.

  28. Rated 5

    Very helpful, and informative. Many different products and I had a great time walking around looking at the pretty bottles and the way they are displayed.

  29. Rated 5

    Very helpful,and informative. Many different products and I had a great time walking around looking at the pretty bottles and the way they are displayed

  30. Rated 5

    Listen, whoever said customer service is dead,lied. In Palm Coast, Florida, Latasha shows the incredible meaning of how much a service such as this is needed. I work for the federal government and I know kindness, so to see her with such a positive spirit and customer support made me write today to let you know, you have an employee I know, you would be proud of. ABC Fine Wines, old kings road area next to Metro Dinner. Thank You

  31. Rated 4

    Service and selections are great. Prices are very reasonable. Survey was the only problem.

  32. Rated 1

    I don’t know whether to be angry or amused, but the last 5 times I have been to the ABC EAST OCALA, FL location – some skinny lady named Luba has been following me around. At first I thought I was just imagining it, but the last two times I have made a point to really pay attention and wander in circles. She only follows me – Nobody else. I’m utterly clueless as to what changed when. I have been going there for years and am a loyalty card holder that always pays with credit card, so it is not like I am trying to keep my name a secret. It doesn’t seem to matter if I have tight or loose clothing on, jacket or no jacket, etc. This is the rudest behavior I have ever experienced.

  33. Rated 1

    Your survey never works!!!!!!!!

  34. Rated 5

    Had a great experience in your new store 51 on North Miami Beach, I sampled your exotics beers and purchase the Civil Society Exposure, a Nutty beer I should say.
    However when it comes to enter the survey there is a problem and unable to enter it.
    Please email me so I can have a chance to win a $250 gift card within the next 5 days.
    Thank you

  35. Rated 5

    Great employees

  36. Rated 3

    I purchase about $200 worth of liquor and wine today at your 4th street store in SP.. Wanted 12 yr old Balvanie Scotch which was on sale. Not in stock. I wound up getting 14 year old. Question: Why no raincheck offered.

  37. Rated 1

    Your customer service is AWEFUL!!! We were in your store #53 on 12/24/17, 4319 SO. Florida Ave. Lakeland Fl 33813. We made a purchase of total of $147.47, only to have our items slammed on the counter, so loud that you hear it all over the store. We had ll our items placed in bags, when asked for a box, like the other customers had. Kimberly got a box that she proceeded to slam on the counter and I immediately decided to take over and put our items in box because she the Kimberly was handling our products, she was going to break something. Kimberly was very disrespectful and angry, did not care if we knew it. I n the future we will know longer visit this store. We will go to Party Liquor in Tampa.

  38. Rated 5

    Great place

  39. Rated 1

    Survey not available….best way to keep negative comments in check. EVERY item I purchased yesterday was mis priced… $2-$4 per item. Still owed enough in corrections to buy another bottle.

    Pricing in a self service store is most important for consumer to make buying decision….why would I continue to shop in a store where I have to guess at the price?

  40. Rated 1

    They take yr money. But can’t do survey. What is the PROBLEM. FIX IT

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