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Kay Jewelers Customer Satisfaction Survey

Dreaming of Kay jewelers? Wanting to have more Kay jewelers? Now it is the chance to try by finishing Kay jewelers customer feedback at their website and win the $1,000 Kay jewelers gift card. It started on February 1, 2012. Come on to let Kay know your opinions and they will do better with your feedback.

Kay Customer Survey Guide

  • Go to the Kay Jewelers customer satisfaction survey page in Reference Links 1
  • Read the Sweepstakes Rules
  • Click the “Continue” button

Kay Jewelers Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Enter the 11 digit ID code found on your receipt and click “Continue”

Kay Jewelers Customer Satisfaction Survey

About Kay Jewelers
Kay Jewelers is the No.1 Jewelry Store in America. For over 95 years, their knowledgeable experts have helped customers choose from a beautiful assortment of fine jewelry to find just what they wanted for any occasion.

Reference Links

  1. Kay Jewelers Customer Satisfaction Survey Link: survey.kay.com
  2. Kay Jewelers Customer Satisfaction Survey Rules
  3. Kay Jewelers Official Site: www.kay.com

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  1. Rated 5

    I love coming into Kay Jewlers at the Keizer Station. The manager Damien Nascimento has always given me great customer service. I had a trade in I wanted to return and Damien did an excellent job of helping with my return and then a excellent job of helping me make another purchase. Damien and Kristin always remember me by name and make my shopping experience a great one. I will continue to do my jewelry shopping at Keizer Station not only for the jewelry but the awesome customer service. I worked in retail for 22 years and customer service is important to me! I always get that experience with Damien, Kristin and the rest of the staff!

  2. Rated 1

    Why do you put a promise date when a customer has something repaired? If it is indeed a promise to have it there by that date, you lie. This has happened twice. It has already take from 2/16 til 3/5 to get a dang ring sized. That in itself is ridiculous, then I drive 40 minutes to pick up my ring on the date you PROMISED it would be there and they tell me , oh he must have gotten behind so it may be tomorrow or so… we will send you an email when it gets here. Hell no, you PROMISED it would be there by the 4th. Not a very good way for customers to believe what you tell them when you have been lied to twice. Don’t make promises you can’t keep

  3. Rated 5

    I just wanted to say that Sherri at the Ross Park Mall location really gave me a special experience with picking my fiancé band out. She was so helpful and really took her time with me in making the best decision. Sherri deserves all 10’s ;-).
    My Survey ID # 014-605-867-02

  4. Rated 5

    I have made numerous purchases at Kay in Seabrook, NH. Every experience has been wonderful and they always offer a great value!

  5. Rated 5

    Is always pleasant to walk in the Newport RHODE ISLAND store every one is very nice very helpful and really know sale their product without being pushi or annoying

  6. Rated 5

    Carmen was an amazing sales representative she made our experience my husband and I will be renewing our vows. After my husband is now in remission after a battle with Multiple Myeloma.

  7. Rated 5


    I would Love to tell you, that Rosa is a Perfect sales woman. She knows exactly what she’s doing & makes me Very Comfortable in Ur store. Every single time, I’ve been in Ur store (Jefferson Mall), she has a Very Beautiful Smile on her face & ALWAYS ask, how’s Ur day going? She is a Very Special lady. Her Smile is Contagious & makes me want to Smile, when I see her. She is the MOST Beautiful lady I have EVER met & I REALLY mean that with ALL my Heart.
    Rosa, Ur a 5 star for Excellent.
    Rosa, U are Very Beautiful & YOU keep up the Great work.
    IF you would like to contact me, Ur more than Welcome.

    Terry McIntyre
    My Survey No. 012-653-177-74

  8. Rated 5

    I want to recognize Ms Peggy at the Riverchase Galleria in Birmingham Alabama she was amazing and kind.

  9. Rated 1

    First off, the survey site address provided by Kay tell me “site not found” shocking.. Secondly, my fiance purchased my engagment ring from Kay, a very expensive ring might I add. Kay’s advertises that an appraisal is included with every fine jewlery purchase. When we went back the store to obain this for our insurance company he was told they do appraisals and take it to Jared… after spending the amount of money he did, I find this unacceptable so I called. I asked for the store manager, she was not available but the “assistant” was. I asked why the website states they offer appraisals when they don’t. I explained another other jewlery store we have purchased from does.. she just kept saying they don;t and to call their sister store Jareds. Well, if we wanted to use Jared we would have purchased from them. I then asked if we had to pay for said appraisal, her one word response “yup” so I guess spending over 8k in the store isn’t good enough, now we have to pay for an apprasial as well. Completly unacceptable, if I didn’t love the ring so much, we would excercise our 30 day rertun option. Any future jewlery purchases will not ve with Kay. Concord NH store, survey 013-421-342-34

  10. Rated 5

    Our Survey # is 011-300-488-44, and we would like you to know that your Middletown NY branch and its sale representatives, are always wonderful to us. We are always courteously greeted with a friendly smile and we are never rushed while shopping there. Ms. Theresa, ID # 013526311, is and always has been, most kind, polite to us and she patiently addresses our concerns. She is also most knowledgable regarding your jewelry items. Thank you for having such a nice branch here and for employing such wonderful people. We highly recommend your jewelry and your branch to all.

  11. Rated 1

    i made a purchase at kays,i had a pervious balance,i was told if I paid off the pervious balance before the new balance cycle began that my payment would bejust the new balance (which I did) but,that did not happen,so I was lied to in the store where I purschased it,i was lied to comsumer service 2 different times. now the have put both bills together and my payment is much higher.NEVER AGAIN I’LL PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM KAYS JEWELERS,( I have to rate this ,but kays gets a thumbs down 0 stars

  12. Rated 1

    My husband purchased a watch for me on 12/17/19. Since the watch was not in stock, the saleswoman ordered it. My husband paid $15.95 for two-day shipping because the saleswoman assured him that it would arrive in that time frame. He paid for the expedited shipping anobecause we were going out of town the morning of December 22, 2019. The watch arrived on 12/22/19 after we had left our house. I returned the watch on 12/28/19 because my husband bought me another Christmas present. I wanted a full refund-including the $15.95 expedited shipping. I called the store three times and talked with two managers. Dustin, the second manager, called customer care, and they told him that they would not refund the $15.95. He offered to give me a gift card to the store or to any other place of business. I refused. We will never shop at Kay again! Their customer service is terrible!!! Survey ID# 325-376-523-00.

  13. Rated 1

    We went in because of an advertisement on TV for a Christmas special for $99.99. No one in the store knew anything about it. They offered to order for us but the item would cost around $1,000.00. We were looking in the cases while the sales person was doing some checking on it. We found what looked like what was advertised but they had a price tag of $599.99. Bait and switch!!!! Not good business. We were very disappointed. survey ID # 301-825-447-49

  14. Rated 1

    In have a $350.00 dollar Seiko watch that the battery went dead,and I took it to kay’s jewelery in Lebanon in for them to put in a new battery. The manger took a screw driver and scraped inside the watch,them put the battery in and put the back on. Then took a pair of pliers to set the time , and told me I needed a new watch. she tore up my watch and would not make it good. so don’t take your watch to kay jewelery in Lebanon In. to get the battery change. The manger will tear up and not make it good.

  15. Rated 1

    I am not a happy customer, I wanted to put my items on lay away after young lady rang everything she had made a mistake on items, so when she went to put back in another sales lady came over to help after she had already taken my deposit, the other one told her I could not put items that were on sale on lay away I had to pay regular price, and when I picked it up if the items were on sale then I would get sale price… doesn’t make sense to me… I also ordered an item which they had to order when I called to see if it was in they salesperson the salesperson was VERY RUDE I spent $478 at that SUMMERVILLE SC STORE will never shop there again very disappointed!!!!!! rating O

  16. Rated 5

    Our survey ID #321-595-712-26 We have always gotten fantastic service from every salesperson at the Centralia, WA Outlet. We buy a number of items,every time we go in and they are right there, very attentive and helpful. They are always smiling and cheerful and we always leave with a smile on our faces. Love those people!! Thank-you to all of them!
    Steve and Claudia Danehy

  17. Rated 1

    Im so disappointed in my experiences with Kay jewelry and this is putting it mildly!! My grandson ordered his 2 little girls engraved bracklets for Christmas He left for the Marines in November and wanted the bracklets for their Christmas with pictures sent to him with them wearing them well , the order was to be in nov 22nd, delayed with lame excuse called today and still not engraved and informed will be AFTER CHRISTMAS I cannot tell him this because he would be so upset I will not do business with Kay’s again

  18. Rated 5

    Really awesome ladies to help me!

  19. Rated 1

    Received item from UPS it was wrong item, tried to call a number of places after trying to go to UPS store where they told me I would have to pay to ship it back. Did get to on line chat with a lady who told me there should have been a return slip in box, which was not. Ended up having to drive 10 miles to return it. I feel it was very inconsiderate to have to do so. Very disappointed.

  20. Rated 5

    my survey link did not work and I found this. I hope it gets attention from Kay but doubt that it will. My survey ID is 326-593-473-25 I know we always hear negative feedback that is why I wanted to share a positive one. The ladies in the Rehoboth beach store were patient and helpful in helping us find a ring for my daughters upcoming engagement. Just a great experience.

  21. Rated 5

    Survey I’d#317-743-844-29 and d # 317-743-844-11…my husband purchased Levian diamond ring for me for Christmas.he did not catch the girls name but her I’d # 00755165 is on my receipt.we were in the Bridgeport west virginia store.the woman was very professional nice sweet and very curtios friendly to us during our visit…she explained every thing about the ring.she was amazing….therfore after the purchase we ended up buying a Joel and Jordan animals for st. Judea children hospital we are very passionate about st judes and she’s very passionate about them too…..again thank you kay healers of Bridgeport. West Virginia…..

  22. Rated 5

    The survey on Kay’s sight won’t come up, so we will do our review here. Our survey ID# is 220-812-817-39. We had a custom ring made in the Salt Lake City, UT Kay’s store in the Fashion Place Mall. Kelsie was incredible and went far and beyond what was expected of her. There was some mishaps, but Kelsie made sure everything worked out and was great to work with. Our ring was exactly what we wanted! She was very accommodating to make sure we got just what we asked for. Kelsie was extremely knowledgeable and has excellent people skills.

    Our most recent experience was with Gary at the same store. He too is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. Thank you Kay’s Jewelry for being able to work with awesome people. We will highly recommend this store to everyone because of our wonderful experiences there.

  23. Rated 5

    I’m unable to complete the survey through the link on my receipt.
    Excellent Fabulous Experience
    Have Been a Kay’s Costumer for awhile now. Now matter what I come for I received the undivided attention that I need, Even though I have a custom piece, I was kept somewhat within budget! After what seamed like months of going back & forth, I was able to get an exceptional piece that I love. Above & Beyond customer service, with a great atmosphere. Survey#227-639-218-00 10/18/2019 Salerep#000427635 Buena Vista Plaza

  24. Rated 1

    I went to have some earrings replaced and the rep that assisted me said I had to put a down payment of $21.90 although I purchased a warranty. I went ahead since it wasn’t that much but she stated I would get it back when I picked up my replacements. When she gave me the printed receipt it was not my information but someone else’s and I pointed it out and all she did was write my name on it versus giving me one that was correct. Fast forward to today I get the call to pick them up but didn’t realize that I didn’t get my money back so, I called close to closing and they said just bring it up there. Well I’m hoping tomorrow I get my money back because it’s hard to believe I had to put down any additional money just to get a replacement. I hope the lady that was helped me on 10/17/19 is there as well. Kay’s legacy isn’t what I thought it would be seeing how there was no notation in my file to give me my money back. I think this will be my first and last purchase based on customer service and quality.

  25. Rated 5

    I was a customer at the Kay’s store in the Holyoke Mall. Not only did my fiancé and I get the undivided attention that we needed, we were kept well within our budget! We were able to get the ring that I loved, but saved a lot as well. Above and beyond customer service!

  26. Rated 1

    My dealings with the store was fine but the way they have to sen things for sizing is extremely poor, they have no control on when their items get done. Makes the store staff look very bad. I will not purchase anymore items from Kay as I will use stores that can do their own work. I feel bad for the store employees. Was looking forward to dealing with Kays but now will not do again.

  27. Rated 1

    The people at the Kay Jewelers in Port Arthur, Texas are all about not caring if you come back or not. They are there for the 9-5 paycheck and that is all. The 800 number is safe away where they will never have to help you twice because you don’t get the same person twice. They don’t care how much you spend. If we quit buying, there are still millions of people who will. They give you a “no interest” plan and then we you try to pay the “plan” on time they don’t know how to apply it to the plan the store or the 800 number. We are paying off the account and going elsewhere THAT IS NOT AFFLIATED WITH KAY JEWELERS. IT IS ONE THING FOR THEM TO BE STUPID BUT IT IS ANOTHER WHEN THEY BLATANTLY BRAG ABOUT IT.

  28. Rated 1

    I would like to complain about a charge that I find ridiculous. My wife has a very nice wedding ring set and the set is very top heavy. When we purchased the set, the gentleman that helped us at that time, several years ago, talked us into getting what are called arthritic balls put on the inside of the ring to help keep it upright. We were not charged for these, we had already spend close to $5k on the set. Just this past week, we took the ring to our local Kay Jewelers and were told it would cost $50 to have these removed from the ring. I was outraged that they need to charge to have these two little balls removed and that it cost $24.95 each. I called the customer service phone number and was told that there was nothing that could be done, the charge was done at the store and put on my Kay Jewelers Credit Card. I will no longer shop at Kay Jewelers. This was the last straw. The last thing that happened was that we had purchased the extended warranty for our watches which included lifetime battery replacement at no charge, when we took our watches in to have the batteries replaced, the salesperson looked at us like we were crazy, they had never sold warranties like that. Mind you, we did buy these prior to Osterman Jewelers being bought out or combining stores with Kay Jewelers. Still, they would not honor the warranty and we could not find the right receipt showing this purchase. It’s been a few years ago. The whole reason that we wanted to have the balls removed from my wife’s ring, she is experiencing arthritis in her ring finger and it really hurts to get the ring off. I’m done with Kay Jewelers/Sterling Jewelers.

  29. Rated 5

    Great people

  30. Rated 5

    I received an email for my birthday and decided to treat myself. I went to Kay’s located at South Hills Village Mall in Bethel Park, PA. I usually do not wear jewelry, so I was unsure what I wanted. I was greeted by Kevin. After I explained to him about wanting to treat myself, but not being a big jewelry person, he was able to find exactly what I liked!!! He was beyond friendly and so much fun to shop with!! I ended up purchasing a ring and a necklace with a key charm, He also helped me pick out a longer necklace for the charm Kevin was awesome!!!

  31. Rated 4

    This is my second time purchasing a ring and band set from Kay Jewelers, this time from the store at Galleria Mall; 1300 W Sunset Rd #2437 Henderson, NV 89014. John Ray and Jorge Machado were exceptionally good especially John since he was the manager the day I went (last saturday) he was able to apply some discounts to accommodate my budget better, I was happy with the service and even got a Bulova watch before I left the store!

  32. Rated 5

    I have been shopping at Kay’s since 1983. Since you have changed to having someone else run your credit department I have nothing but trouble with them. If you’re one day late they start calling you to harass you and want a double payment. Once I get my balance paid I will find a new place to by jewelry. I love the service at the stores and it was better before you passed the buck on the credit department.

  33. Rated 5

    I visited the Cranberry Twp store today to purchase a special birthday gift for my granddaughter’s 13th birthday. Ted waited on us, he was so in tune with the younger styles and when I gave him a price suggestion, he did his best to keep me near which was so appreciated. He was very kind, not pushy and a wonderful part of our “first” real jewelry store experience. Thank you Ted for being such a great worker who will make this birthday one to remember!!

  34. Rated 2

    Purchased a citizen “blue angel ” watch, not in special edition box,No instruction manual or factory warranty. Staff was friendly but not sure how to handle it. Experience is like buying a high end TV but no remote.

  35. Rated 2

    Terribly customer service sept 11th 2019 in the cape cod mall kays awful attitude looks could kill me good riddance

  36. Rated 2

    A couple of weeks ago I brought my wife purchased kays jewelers diamond rings to be cleaned I was told that they couldn’t be cleaned cause some diamonds were loose and they had to be sent out for repairs luckily I purchased insurance on them so there was no cost to me I also left my crucifix which I also purchased at Kay’s to have it soldered back cause it was broken I was told it would cost me 43.99 no insurance I got a call from Kay’s located in Bolingbrook the promenade to say my jewelry was ready l was my total was 43.99 So I paid i got my wife’s diamond rings and when I asked where’s the crucifix they said it hasn’t come back yet so I asked so then why did you have me pay for it if you don’t have it the girl told me cause that’s what Kay’s jewelry’s wants so I asked so why didn’t you have me pay for it when I first dropped it off she said she didn’t know this makes me angry cause I now have to make another trip to pick it up and I felt I was forced to pay for my crucifix that’s not even repaired yet this is ridiculous I spend a lot of money at Kay’s and I’m very disappointed 221-765-400-31

  37. Rated 5

    Customer service representative was very nice and helpful. Survey I’d is 211-304-626-62.

  38. Rated 3

    I return a perchase back and they haven’t send me back my money of the down payment?

  39. Rated 5

    At Kay store in cutler bay, FL is amazing. Tilcia was very helpful and patient, she took her time to help me found exactly what I was looking for my girlfriend birthday. Tilcia was excellent and show great customer service and help made it possible. Thank you Tilcia and Kay store at cutler bay.

  40. Rated 5

    I kay Jewelers in the ststen island mall Anthony was very knowledgeable and friendly helped me apply for a credit card and get approved Anthony also helped me pick out a beautiful piece of jewelry. I am very happy with the experience and would tell friends and family.

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