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Walgreens Cares Customer Satisfaction Survey

Have you purchased at Walgreens? How do you like your visit experience? Voice your opinions in the Walgreens Cares customer satisfaction survey, and you may receive better customer services next time. Meanwhile, you have the chance to win a $3000 grand prize as long as you are a legal resident of U.S aged 18 or older.

Walgreens Customer Satisfaction Survey Guide

  • Go to the survey site given in the first Reference Link at the bottom
  • Select the language used to finish the survey from English and Spanish

Walgreens Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • View the Official Rules and Winner List at the bottom of the page or through the Reference Links below for learning more about the sweepstakes after finishing the survey
  • Enter the survey number & password located on your receipt and click the “Take Survey” button to continue

Walgreens Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Follow the instructions to complete the survey

About Walgreens
Walgreens, founded in 1901, is a chain of drug stores in the United States, based in Chicago, Illinois. It provides products as well as pharmacy, health and wellness services to customers. It is the largest drug retailer in America. Apart from the large selection of products, the company has been employing more and more talents from all walks of life. Those who are in need of a job or want to refresh his or her career can finish a Walgreens careers after which you may get a interview chance to be one of the team member.

Reference Links

  1. Walgreens Customer Satisfaction Survey Link: www.wagcares.com
  2. Walgreens Customer Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes Official Rules
  3. Walgreens Customer Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes Winner List
  4. Walgreens Official Site: www.walgreens.com

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Rating 4.710votes

  1. Rated 5

    They were friendly and very helpfull

  2. Rated 4

    Vey good service. I have been doing business with same people for years.

  3. Rated 5

    Love ever one that works at my Walgreen.don’t remember there names but remember faces.

  4. Rated 5

    I live in the central west on lindell lachelle is a very professional person who should be the store manager very helpful allways take care of her you don’t find people who cares like she does

  5. Rated 5

    Great service tiday, as always. Thanks Wendy and Tina for getting my scripts filled quickly and explaining the medications to me and my wife.

  6. Rated 4

    The survey is not working correctly. However, I am very happy with Walgreens and they do a great job of taking care of the customer. Thanks Walgreens team!

  7. Rated 5

    I have attempted to do the survey several times but this app is not user friendly. I get all my perscriptions at 1488 and 2978 store. The pharmacy and the techs are great and very helpful. I work in an ER and it is nice to recommend my store to patients who ask for nearby pharmacies. I know I should remember all the techs names by now but they are deserve to be recommended on their great service and friendly attitudes.

  8. Rated 4

    Store is very clean staff is helpful, nice

  9. Rated 5

    I always go to the Walgreens on Sunset first for anything related to a pharmacy. The staff there is unbelievably on top of everything, they feel like a partner in my health care plan.

  10. Rated 5

    Friendly greeting from employee, Leon. (Maybe incorrect name). Regret this wasn’t submitted earlier, traveling past week. Great Customer service and positive shopping experience.

  11. says:

    The check out was very good experience

  12. says:

    Everyone is always so friendly when you walk in and the staff always takes time to help. I am especially impressed with Sharik in cosmetics. SHE is very knowledgable with the products very helpful and patient as well.

  13. says:

    great service; prompt, efficient, professional

  14. says:

    I appreciate the courtesy in The Help of the staff at Walgreens pharmacy is way better any pharmacyeverything I needed I’ve always found at easethe cashiers are very polite

  15. says:


  16. says:

    As the pharmacy workers the Potsdam Walgreen’s,I think most highly of their knowledge, assistance and courteousness. I have chosen Walgreen’s over all other pharmacies in this area – including mail order discount offers because I can rely and trust Walgreens completely.

  17. says:

    Your app sucks. Trying to use it is like pulling teeth. It freezes constantly. You need to enable a customer satisfaction survey for this type of issue.

  18. says:

    I use the Forney, TX Walgreens. The employees are very kind and helpful. There is a very nice checkout employee named Isnacio that is always so pleasant. I appreciate some one that makes me fell like I want to return to the store again. Thank you.

  19. says:

    Walgreens on corner of matlock and green oaks in arlington is one of your nicest teams and most polite staff you have, its always a pleasure to enter with a greeting and a smile.Had the pleasure of chatting with Denny today as he is very polite and very helpful.

  20. says:

    Went to the 24 hour pharmacy in Romeoville, IL and had a great experience! I did not have my insurance card and needed my medicine for my child and the employee was nice enough to offer to call to find out my information for me. The pharmacy was very busy and the line was very long but moved pretty quick and all the employees were very helpful and efficient! Every time I shop here always have a positive trip. Someone always helps me and everyone in the pharmacy is always friendly.

  21. says:

    Guy in the pharmacy at the Goleta (Càlle Real) is always so helpful, knowledgeable and professional. He really goes above and beyond. I appreciate the service that I receive at the pharmacy especially when Guy is working!!/

  22. says:

    I had purchased a picture locket, and went to Walgreens to print out a picture to fit in the locket this lady at Walgreens in Hesperia on main St her name is Josie took her time and was patient with me. She even put the picture in the locket. Because of Josie, my girlfriend had the biggest smile on her face on Christmas. Thank you

  23. says:

    I love your commercial showing 2 elderly ladies getting an Rx filled and buying suntan lotion. I get a big smile when I see Walgreen’s is so down to earth you show these elderly women going to a nude beach and not gorgeous young ladies.

    You have me as a customer for “LIFE”

  24. says:

    I haven’t gone to pick up the photos yet (this is my first experience using your service), but I am compelled to complain about something. I just spent way too much time trying to upload photos to your service from my Mac’s Photos app. After searching around online, I found some info stating your service is no longer compatible with iPhoto and that the photos need to be exported to the desktop instead. Well, that did the trick and took moments. But I wasted A LOT of my time figuring this out simply because you did not state this and provide advice on your site.

  25. says:

    As a guest who came in today, I am very satisfied with the service provided to me by Walgreens and even more specifically with the help, care, and kindness of Antoinette. She made the whole experience a pleasure and would give her a 10/10.

  26. says:

    Walgreens is a great store to shop at.

  27. says:

    I am writing to express my appreciation to Hector who works at St Joseph MI Walgreens on Hilltop Ave. Store 4536

    I would like to compliment Hector for helping me put together a photo Christmas card. It would have taken me a long time to put the card together and thanks to Hector it was completed in less than 10 min. It was a collage of pictures. I have been in this Walgreens store many times and I’ve witnessed him helping other people and he always has a smile on his face.
    Don Alsbro

  28. says:

    I was at the Walgreens Store on Higley and Chandler Heights today in Gilbert AZ. I was new at getting photos from my phone printed. Eric helped me do this and was very patient and professional. I really appreciated all of his help. He has great customer service skills. I reason I continue to shop with Walgreens is because of employees like him. Thank you Eric.

  29. says:

    I shop at the store located at 17811 E 24 Hwy. The parking lot/sidewalk is so trashy. Why don’t you send an employee out to clean it up at least daily? It would make such a difference in the appearance of your store!

  30. says:

    I was in your store at 9329 Katy Freeway in Houston today. I enter acted with three different employees and have never been treated better in any store. The only one who’s name I know is Kanan. She helped me in the photo dept. with making photos off my IPhone. I had no idea how to do it but she took the time to assist me through the whole procedure while assisting other customers also. What an outstanding young lady. I use Walgreens in Town and Country and am pleased with the service but this store has an outstanding team. Just thought someone should commend them. I was impressed and will go back for my future purchases.

  31. says:

    I filled out a survey w/o putting the name Ferdousi, who was our cashier. She was lovely and so helpful. She works at the 625 8th Avenue Duane Reed.

  32. says:

    The store and staff looked great!

  33. says:

    I like your business because your costumers are very nice to me

  34. says:

    I like you business because your costumers are nice to me

  35. says:

    Joe went out of her way in customer service. She helped me pick out Christmas gifts. It was an informative and joyful experience with your sales person. Thank you for hiring a patient and kind young woman.
    A Satisfied customer
    Sharon Grant

  36. says:

    The last 2 times that I purchased a prescription at the Walgreen’s on Davis Lant Drive in Evansville In. my receipt has not include the survey codes. Has the survey been discontinued?

  37. says:

    Some time ago, I purchased “Well at Walgreens” corn cushions. Although the cushion,
    itself, was fine, the adhesive was terrible. I wasted several cushions because they
    didn’t stick to my skin. My feet were clean, dry and free of lotion. Recently, I
    was desperate for corn cushions and purchased the same brand. I had the same problem.
    I will not waste my money on this inferior product in the future. Too bad Walgreens
    doesn’t sell a better product or another brand. Your competitor will be getting my money from now on.

  38. says:

    I shop at the Walgreen on southmore in Pasadena tx the people are all so nice
    at the pharmacy casher sima she is so helpful we do love have her to take care of us.
    t wont go any other store.iam very to be part of thissurvey

  39. says:

    My Walgreen’s is on Merger University Dr. located in Macon Georgia. Now every time I go in this location, there’s this manager that is overly rude to me. I don’t know her name nor do I kknow her other than to be an employee of Walgreen’s. I don’t know what her problem is but I’m pretty sure Wal-Green standards are way higher than that if what she portrays. She need to do better or move on to something else more suitable than customer service.

  40. says:

    Reach me on Facebook as Danny

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