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Tell Coles Customer Survey

Tell Coles Customer Survey Guide

  • Visit Tell Coles customer survey page
  • Read contest rules by clicking the link at the bottom of the entrance page
  • Enter your store number, receipt number and the date & time printed on your receipt

 Tell Coles Customer Survey

  • Rate your shopping experience at Coles Camberwell store and answer a few general questions

 Tell Coles Customer Survey

  • Enter your flybuys number, if your are not a flybuy member just click on ‘Next’ button to skip the page

 Tell Coles Customer Survey

  • You are nearly finished when you are asked to enter your contact information, you can choose to receive either 1,000 flybuys bonus points or a voucher to receive $5 off your next shop at Coles when you spend $100 or more

 Tell Coles Customer Survey

About Coles
Coles Supermarkets is an Australian supermarket chain owned by Wesfarmers. For over 90 years, Coles has had a rich history in Australia, and it has been a highly-regarded and much-loved part of Australian life.

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  2. Tell Coles Customer Survey Link 2: www.tellbilo.com.au
  3. Tell Coles Customer Survey Contest Rules
  4. Coles Official Site: www.coles.com.au


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  1. Rated 4

    2 comments. The staff at Coles Northern Beaches Mackay are first class. I am extremely annoyed in being taken for a ride with the chicken kebabs that have recently been radically reduced in size whilst the price has gone up. With the oposition in the same shopping complex it is becoming tempting to change.

  2. Rated 3

    common to all Coles is something that really pisses me off… that is the 2 for $6 offer or similar, when if i want to buy 1 it costs more than 1/2 the price… you may find this counter productive as both my partner and I get so pissed off that we rather buy none or shop elsewhere…in fact it was due to this persistent marketeting exercise that we decided to more regularly shop at the opposition across the road that doesnt appear to do this type of marketing… just a thought for you to digest…

  3. Rated 5

    I shopping every week at cole supermarket. I always use self services check out. I am quite happy with it.

  4. Rated 2

    Good Morning

    I wish provide some feedback from my shopping on Saturday 6 May 2017.

    I have been shopping at Coles, Northpoint Shopping Centre, Ruthven Street, North Toowoomba since it first open a few years ago.

    I am sure you could not imagine what it is like to find an article (fantales) that I buy every fortnight has been moved from the bottom shelf to the top shelf.

    Yes I could ask a Cole’s worker to get it down for me but I feel that is not necessary as I am independent person.

    Please answer the following:

    Why was the fantales moved from the bottom shelf to the top shelf, you also did this with some cat food and I now shop at Aldies for that cat food.

    Kind Regards


  5. Rated 1

    Why are customers now subjected to not being able to round out by cash advances. All of a sudden “we are not able to do that anymore” because someone in a glass tower somewhere decided to inconvenience shoppers by taking away our rounding.
    I am going to shop somewhere else where the rounding still is for my (your customer) convenience.

  6. says:

    Phill the manger was to rude today the way he speaks to his team members is disgusting he needs to be spoken too

  7. says:

    Please send me the online survey and any job vacancies in this email.

  8. says:

    Getting good customer service at coles merryland’s.

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