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Talk To KFC Customer Satisfaction Survey

Share your recent visit experience and feedback to KFC in Talk To KFC customer satisfaction survey. You will be entered in the sweepstakes to win the weekly $1,000 cash prize. The sweepstakes is open only to legal residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia who are 18 years of age or older. No purchase necessary. You can enter by phone, online or by texting.

We appreciate your sharing your story with KFC by leaving your comments.

Talk To KFC Customer Satisfaction Survey Guide

  • Visit the survey link from Reference Link 1 and view sweepstakes rules before clicking “Enter”. Choose your language from English and Spanish by clicking the flag icon

KFC Guest Satisfaction Survey UK

  • Enter the restaurant number

Talk To KFC Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Answer questions based on your most recent experience. Upon completion of the survey, you’ll be automatically entered in the sweepstakes
  • Talk to KFC to get more rewards either online, mail-on or text.

About KFC
KFC is the world’s most popular chicken restaurant chain and the world’s second largest restaurant chain headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky. Colonel Harland Sanders began the business and ever since KFC has expanded its operation from the United States to the world. It is one of the few brands in America that can boast about having a rich, 59-year history of success and innovation. The shining story of KFC is not a coincidence but a definite outcome of the combined efforts of so many dedicated staff members. For some job seekers, KFC careers is really a luring chance to refresh his or her job.

Reference Links

  1. Talk To KFC Customer Satisfaction Survey Link: www.talktokfc.com
  2. Talk To KFC Sweepstakes Rules: www.opinionport.com/TalkToKFC/kfc_rules.htm
  3. Talk To KFC Customer Satisfaction Survey FAQ Page – www.opinionport.com/TalkToKFC/kfc_helplink.htm
  4. KFC Official Site: www.kfc.com

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Rating 2.510votes

  1. Rated 5

    lovely and fresh and yummy, finger lickin good

  2. Rated 4

    Deals were good and service was fast.

  3. Rated 1

    I went to your store in Tahunanui Nelson NZ and was asked to fill out the survey form, I have triple checked the numbers and still it says that I have given incorrect information :(

  4. says:

    Die oberen beiden sind ja sowat von &qAel;habonwotlen".ulso so ne Jeanne d´Arc-Kette wird dann mein nächstes Schmuckstück von Dir.:-)))GrüßleSteffi

  5. Rated 2

    Had to wait 16 mins for chicken to cook. Not quite what I expected

  6. Rated 3

    There is just not enough staff in the Albany branch. Long wait. Poor service.

  7. Rated 2

    The survey site wouldn’t let me complete, so I’ll leave a comment intead.Not happy with rude service today at Whakatane KFC, usually we get good service however Donna H today has let the team down. She was rude and didn’t try to filful our wishes.Would have much rather left an unhappy survey, annoying site didn’t work.

  8. Rated 5

    Love kfc and the staff is friendly

  9. Rated 1

    This is the worse experience I had at KFC store 0670022 at 1860 Ashland ave Clovis Ca ticket #4122. At 9:17 pm they are already out of food and fryer shots off. Maneger very rude. And they said close at 10pm. Owner should be aware of this situation we were like 3 cars on line.

  10. Rated 1

    I am very disappointed I could not do the survey but nevermind. I will leave a comment instead my service by the cashier Jamie M when I walked into KFC Fairy Springs Rd was excellent very polite and well mannered, however the chicken it self was very dry both the original and the wicked wings a couple of the chicken had broken bones not happy as I have a disabled person and he was looking forward to KFC I was not happy with that the chips were perfect fresh and hot.

  11. Rated 1

    Hi how are you today I am a regular customer at KFC new Plymouth but I’m very disappointed in the service and the quality of KFC today at new Plymouth branch we are waiting there for 15 minutes before they took our order we waited another 10 minutes to get my food she was very rude and when I got my food the bun was dry the bacon was not cooked the salad was brown chicken paddy was still pink in the middle I am very disappointed I am considering never going back and less something is changed with the service and the quality of the new Plymouth branch

  12. says:

    Dear Sir/Madam
    i am a weekly travetler form the coromandel to Tauranga. i made a habit stopping over at Kentucky every tuesday since 6 months to have lunch
    I noticed a real bad experience during the month of january. no spoons, mashed potato, wicket wiongs. The staff however tried real hard to cope. My last vist on tuesday 7feb was as it used to be surprisingly still seeing some of the old staff. i was pleased to see that.
    I thought i like to let you know because i love your product and Wahi has always been a such a good stop to have a nice lunch.
    Remy Zibung

  13. says:

    I called in to the KFC in Tokoroa 19th January 20.52 (7740) and looked at the board of selection and could not find the box that I had had in Wellington. It was the (two pieces of chicken, a strip of chicken, chicken Pop Corn, Chips, Potato and gravy and a bread roll and drink) Surprise box???
    The server Ianeta 20 M did not say good evening, but “what do you want? of course by this time I could not find what I had hoped for so I asked for a small box of chicken. She suggested a two-piece pack at $ 9.90? I wanted something a bit larger, I was hungry and settled on the three-piece pack.
    I settled for that and asked for the Hot and spicy, she told me that they did not have any. “They were not cooking that anymore “was the answer! Yet I had had Hot and Spicy in Wellington and this is a national franchise!
    The meal came with a drink on a tray, as I was dining in. There were no serviettes were given, and I could not find them on the counter. When I got up from the table, there was a queue of people so I did not interrupt her work. However on reflection I was left a little miffed at the whole service or lack of from her. As well as this, there was no upselling! “was there anything else that you would like? Dessert perhaps?
    There was one good point and that was the young blonde school girl who was sweeping and cleaning the floor. She had done a great job and was nearly finishing when I came in the door. A much better presentation there, than in Wellington where the place looked like a typhoon had been through !

    In closing, the web site would not allow me to enter the details of the store so I have had to write a letter instead. I am unable to enter the survey code 5538190117205340

  14. says:

    I bought KFC today it was really finger linking it was fresh and tasty. KFC employees are very nice to to there customers there serves is good and easy I am very happy keep it up KFC wow to KFC

  15. says:

    Hello from Napier New Zealand I have here my receipt from a meal I purchased in Napier New Zealand 2 days ago it says that within 3 days if I complete your survey then I could win something??? this is not possible as your site talktokfc.co.nz is saying that I have missed out due to being expired this is not the case as the docket says 3 days to submit and it has been only 2 the survey code is 5523020117120216 the receipt is dated 2nd Jan 2017. Rather disappointing that I had to write to you like this… The experience has let’s say has been 2nd hand just like the food was which I purchased was only a minimal order but you would expect it to be fresh especially at that time of the day (12.01pm) any way I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind Regards
    Anthony Barr
    Disappointed customer
    3/89 Riverbend Road

  16. says:

    I live in Lesotho at a town called Maputsoe, the nearest kfc store is about 10 min walk away.My latest visit to the store was today and they offer pretty good services, yoh! the food its tasty and that was the best chicken I have ever tasted

  17. says:

    I live in Kimberley B.C. Canada. Our closest KFC is in Cranbrook B.C.(about 20 min) from where we live. About 3 wk. ago I bought lunch from there. That lunch was the most God-awful meal I have ever eaten. I will never buy from there it again. The only part of the meal any good was the fries. The chicken and the gravy was absolutely tasteless. The chicken tasted old. Never again. We have not eaten from there for a while. It used to be quite good. I will not recommend it either.

  18. says:

    The order number screen is confusing when busy and the font is too small

  19. says:

    Not good the maharagama outlet…….

  20. says:

    This trip I got 3 snack lunches but halfway home realized the 3 pieces of chicken were missing, I rang KFC Rangiora and it was sorted easily and a voucher is being sent out. Its fab that you fix your mistakes KFC. Fantastic and my kids love your food!

  21. says:

    I m very happy about the services rended at the Peradenihya outlet. Good food and value for money.

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