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Greyhound Customer Satisfaction Survey

You may have enjoyed a good journey with the Greyhound Lines. And how were you waited on at the Greyhound food store? No matter how was your Greyhound visiting experience, just speak out in the Greyhound customer satisfaction survey. Next time, you may be treated to your total satisfaction. Meanwhile, you will get a validation code for redeeming the offer upon survey completion.

Greyhound Customer Satisfaction Survey Guide

  • Visit the survey site via Reference Link 1 below
  • Input the 6-digit code located on your receipt and press the “Next” icon to continue

Greyhound Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Select the date, time and situation you buy its food and then click “Next” to start the survey

Greyhound Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Answer the questions based on your own experience

Greyhound Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • At the end of the survey, you are given a validation code to write on your survey invitation for redeeming the offer

Greyhound Customer Satisfaction Survey

About Greyhound
Greyhound is a manufacturer of the Dial Soap and Armour meat products in the United States. It is the parent corporation of Greyhound Lines, a producer of intercity bus transportation. 

Reference Links

  1. Greyhound Customer Satisfaction Survey Link: www.talktogreyhoundfood.com
  2. Greyhound Official Site: www.greyhound.com


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  1. Rated 1

    Made me miss my grandma’s funeral don’t nothing work on the buses toA/C the lights the plugs never on time

  2. Rated 1

    My trip was the worst bus three hrs late took me all the way to st Louis out of my way and missed a whole night of work hope I still have a job

  3. Rated 5

    All being good for me, with the exception to the seat stealers, maybe my last trip on bus. Because of getting my drivers license and a vehicle, but the greyhound bus served me well, see you on the road.

  4. Rated 2

    I suffer from colitis and was apalled to get on my bus and find out that there was no bathroom. It is a 150 mile ride with one 10 minute stop bull shit. I think people should be informed that there’s no restroom on board. Im making my return trip today and already my colitis acting up because of the stress of the trip I hope I don’t make a mess on your bus but if I do it is your fault and I’m not sorry for the mess

  5. Rated 1

    I cannot fathom how Greyhound is still in business. Obviously they know they are needed by those who cannot drive and take full advantage thereof. I am legally blind and CANNOT drive otherwise I would gladly do so, but must take the bus to go anywhere. The trip I took yesterday, by car would take 3 hours, by bus took me 18 HOURS!!!! From the bus overheating and having to transfer busses lIterally ON THE FREEWAY to it being 5 HOURS LATE to begin with!!! AMAZING, and I was never even offered a refund nor even a free ride coupon towards a future trip. I arrived at the terminal at 8:30am to return and arrived home at 2:30 am the next morning, UNACCEPTABLE! And, on the outbound trip, which was 1.5 hours late, when he arrived, WITH ATTITUDE, like it was our fault, he informed us that all the luggage WOULD NOT FIT and needed to be shipped. So I, being legally blind, asked him to open the luggage bays, to find a lot of room available with some rearranging. He was unable to bend down to reach inside so I got on my knees and rearranged to fit all our luggage in, to the cheers of those waiting with me. AGAIN, I AM LEGALLY BLIND! All the driver said was, ” hey man, Greyhound is hiring, haha.” The nicest guys I met this trip were the Security Guards at Los Angeles Main Terminal. Super nice guys! It seems so apparent that Greyhound KNOWS they are needed by those who either, don’t drive, choose not to drive, or CANNOT drive so figure that they can treat anyone any way they want because they have those in a corner, use US or don’t go. SUCH A DIS-SERVICE and this needs to be exposed and NOT TOLERATED. If other companies had a 2 rating, they would be in Chapter 7, but you see Greyhound is still going because they are the “only fish in this market.” Such a shame for everyone including those of us with handicaps. I sincerely hope this posts in its entirety to make others aware of the downfalls that must be endured. Trips of any kind are meant to be enjoyed, not filled with anxiety and stress. Than you for reading my facts and opinions. David A. Buchta

  6. Rated 3

    My son paid for my ticket. I had a senior citizen round trip ticket from Wichita to Kansas City and back. The price you quoted me was a lot less than the price he had to pay as there was a gift with taxes and fees added. I believe this to be an added rip off. My trip to KCMO (schedule 7320) was great. A young lady was our driver. Her name was Traci and she was very pleasant and drove safely. However the attitude of my return driver (schedule 7323) was a very bad Representative of Greyhound. Anyone with that attitude should not be driving. It was 1:00 and he was leaving, he was told there was a late transfer due to another bus arriving. He said it is too late and I’m leaving. Therefore he got to the front of the building and was told he had to wait. When the young lady was let on the bus he decided to lecture her for 10 minutes on being on time. We made 3 short stops that took more than 5 minutes each. At the 3rd stop smoking passengers ask to be let off while he took longer than the whistle stop breaks. He lectured them about the rules. A young man questioned him about the longer stop and why they could not take a quick smoke. The bus driver threatened the young man with throwing him off the bus and he could smoke all him wanted while the rest of us continued on. Later while pulling into Wichita. The same young man asked if he would be allowed to depart from the bus at Kellogg and Greenwich. The bus driver jumped at him hollering id he didn’t sit down he was calling the police. He said the young man had been hassling him enough and he was sick of it. . This same driver almost hit 2 cars in his reckless right hand turns going over the curbs. The cars were waiting there first for the light to change and he just bullied his way.He was determined that he was going to be exactly on time no matter of whom or what was in his way. I was hearing all his grumblings about how bad bus driving was as a job and that it was the worst job in the world and that being a long time bus driver he had seen it all. If his attitude was like the ride from KCMO to Wichita represented his service to you Greyhound got the short end of the stick. I was right at the front of the bus. He also did not believe me when I told him I was handicapped and need help on the bus. I was carrying my oxygen and my handicap does not show as the other lady he was nice to. I have lung problems and have difficulties going any distance or carrying heavy objects. If I have any other way to get to KCMO without taking Greyhound I would. I might even take the chance and drive myself with several stops rather than be exposed to such a bad attitude driver again. He and Traci were complete opposites. Traci gets an A+, the other driver a F-. I just thought You need to know the types of people who represent you.

  7. Rated 1

    After 8 hours of flight, I decided not to rent a car and return to my bus house. It was the worst decision of my life. Very bad service, the agents did not have change, bus arrived late and in trouble, was changed by another, which was dirty and full of garbage. I never want to use Greyhound services again.

  8. Rated 3

    Didn’t start off to well I purchased my ticket a day too early and when I tried to cancel my ticket right away I was giving my call with sync to India and I could not understand the operator and eventually became so frustrated that I gave up I went to the bus station to cancel and they said that they cannot change the scheduling or rescheduling of a bus ticket these people work at the local Transit bus station and they don’t even have the ability to run a credit card properly LOL but at least they did reimburse me for the lost money that I had on my ticket after I purchased another ticket in cash LMMFAO!!! Oh yeah and I bought a ticket from Cameron Missouri to Kansas City Missouri online or over the phone and when I went to give the bus driver my confirmation number he told me that there’s nothing that he could do and that he would not give me a ride without a ticket in my hand when my 73 year old father had driven me to Kansas City because I had no other way to get there the man working at the counter told me that the driver was supposed to have put me on the bus and taking me there without having an issue but that they have this issue all the time wow, at least I had my money returned without an issue.. I’m going from Kansas to Washington and have not yet got on the bus so I cannot tell you how horrible or how great the bus ride is going to be until later to be concluded…

  9. Rated 1

    Worst experience ever!!!!! Bus was late everywhere, we barely made our transfers. So crowded my son couldn’t even sit anywhere near myself or husband!!! Totally filthy, smelt horrible. On our trip back home my son again couldn’t sit a us and that was no room on the over head to place our carry on luggage so my son held his on the floor near his feet, some how is bag which contained his blanket was SOAKED IN URINE!!! he sat 3 rows ahead of the restroom!!!!! We had to throw it all away!!! I do not recommend greyhound at all, not a good experience cleanliness is awful and space is limited children are not allowed to sit with their parents.

  10. Rated 1

    єmplσчєєѕ lσѕt mч вαggαgє & wαѕ vєrч rudє ín αѕѕíѕtíng mє whαt íѕ thє pσínt ín ѕpєndíng mσnєч wíth α cσmpαnч thαt lσѕєѕ чσur вєlσngíngѕ thєn wíll nσt αѕѕíѕt чσu í wíll nσt вє ѕpєndíng mч mσnєч wíth grєчhσund αgαín

  11. Rated 5

    Destiny (Dallas,TX Greyhound) was very patience, and provided professional excellent customer service for me and my mother!!! I really appreciate her smile!! She’s a keeper!!

  12. Rated 3

    The ride was ok but the only problem I had was the $73 you have to pay from Orlando to Fort Lauderdale if you purchase the ticket at the bus station via the $30 you would have pay if you do it online the price margin is too much and I did not know this was so.

  13. Rated 1

    Travel at your own risk! If you plan to be somewhere at a certain time or date…leave a day earlier!! My son just had to wait 11 hours in Raleigh NC for his transfer to Richmond VA. His 12 hour trip turned into a 24 hour trip. What’s worse is the employees are rude and disrespectful. They don’t care if they give you the wrong information. They don’t care about you period!! What a disappointment Greyhound Bus has been. Y’all don’t even deserve a 1…

  14. Rated 5

    Love riding with Greyhound,,very prefeshional

  15. Rated 1

    I have begin stand in the same places for 2 hours no bus no nothing. If a bus is going to be this late I feel that greyhound should work with us a little better. Like half off on our next bus ticket or something like that. We pay or money to get from a to b and it’s more like whatever with you all. How would you feel if you were in our shoes.

    Just do a little better

  16. Rated 1

    First off when we arrived to the bus station in Birmingham, Al, no one was at the front desk. It took around 15-20 mins for someone to come out. Then he was extremely unprofessional, he had ear buds in his ears and then answered his phone and used profanity. Secondly, no one called for our bus we had to get up and guess for ourselves if they were boarding or now. Then the bus driver for Birmingham to Nashville made us about an hour late. She was standing looking at us, talking to the other employees, then after we got on the bus she got off and disappeared for 15 mins. She and all the Birmingham staff need to be fired cause this was ridiculous.

  17. Rated 1

    This is the worst company ever.They have poor organisational skills.they give no time to customers. The place is dirty and the staff is rude. I miss my bus because the staff kept hanging up the phone and would not answer my questions. When I got the next bus, I waited almost ten hours and the bus wouldn’t work. That was an extra 30 minutes.they charged me $20 to change ticket. It’s shame it’s the only way to go from bakersfield to LA and vice versa when you dont want to drive. but this is the last time I travel with this company.

  18. Rated 1

    This is the worst company ever, no organization skills. They give no value to the customers. The place is durty.the staff is rude. I miss my bus because it needs of the staff kept hanging up the phone when I called for inquiries. I wish I could take amtrak but you need to book a train with. It’s a shame this is the only way to move from LA to bakersfield vice versa. The bus was three hours LA and I wasted my day. AND when you miss your business by 5 minutes they pay a ticket price to change ticket and you have to wait 10 hours for the next business or the bus would break down when you are about to leave.I would never travel with this company ever in my life and I don’t recommend anyone to.

  19. says:

    little pricy

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