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Greyhound Customer Satisfaction Survey

You may have enjoyed a good journey with the Greyhound Lines. And how were you waited on at the Greyhound food store? No matter how was your Greyhound visiting experience, just speak out in the Greyhound customer satisfaction survey. Next time, you may be treated to your total satisfaction. Meanwhile, you will get a validation code for redeeming the offer upon survey completion.

Greyhound Customer Satisfaction Survey Guide

  • Visit the survey site via Reference Link 1 below
  • Input the 6-digit code located on your receipt and press the “Next” icon to continue

Greyhound Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Select the date, time and situation you buy its food and then click “Next” to start the survey

Greyhound Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Answer the questions based on your own experience

Greyhound Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • At the end of the survey, you are given a validation code to write on your survey invitation for redeeming the offer

Greyhound Customer Satisfaction Survey

About Greyhound
Greyhound is a manufacturer of the Dial Soap and Armour meat products in the United States. It is the parent corporation of Greyhound Lines, a producer of intercity bus transportation. 

Reference Links

  1. Greyhound Customer Satisfaction Survey Link: www.talktogreyhoundfood.com
  2. Greyhound Official Site: www.greyhound.com


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Rating 2.19votes

  1. Rated 1

    єmplσчєєѕ lσѕt mч вαggαgє & wαѕ vєrч rudє ín αѕѕíѕtíng mє whαt íѕ thє pσínt ín ѕpєndíng mσnєч wíth α cσmpαnч thαt lσѕєѕ чσur вєlσngíngѕ thєn wíll nσt αѕѕíѕt чσu í wíll nσt вє ѕpєndíng mч mσnєч wíth grєчhσund αgαín

  2. Rated 5

    Destiny (Dallas,TX Greyhound) was very patience, and provided professional excellent customer service for me and my mother!!! I really appreciate her smile!! She’s a keeper!!

  3. Rated 3

    The ride was ok but the only problem I had was the $73 you have to pay from Orlando to Fort Lauderdale if you purchase the ticket at the bus station via the $30 you would have pay if you do it online the price margin is too much and I did not know this was so.

  4. Rated 1

    Travel at your own risk! If you plan to be somewhere at a certain time or date…leave a day earlier!! My son just had to wait 11 hours in Raleigh NC for his transfer to Richmond VA. His 12 hour trip turned into a 24 hour trip. What’s worse is the employees are rude and disrespectful. They don’t care if they give you the wrong information. They don’t care about you period!! What a disappointment Greyhound Bus has been. Y’all don’t even deserve a 1…

  5. Rated 5

    Love riding with Greyhound,,very prefeshional

  6. Rated 1

    I have begin stand in the same places for 2 hours no bus no nothing. If a bus is going to be this late I feel that greyhound should work with us a little better. Like half off on our next bus ticket or something like that. We pay or money to get from a to b and it’s more like whatever with you all. How would you feel if you were in our shoes.

    Just do a little better

  7. Rated 1

    First off when we arrived to the bus station in Birmingham, Al, no one was at the front desk. It took around 15-20 mins for someone to come out. Then he was extremely unprofessional, he had ear buds in his ears and then answered his phone and used profanity. Secondly, no one called for our bus we had to get up and guess for ourselves if they were boarding or now. Then the bus driver for Birmingham to Nashville made us about an hour late. She was standing looking at us, talking to the other employees, then after we got on the bus she got off and disappeared for 15 mins. She and all the Birmingham staff need to be fired cause this was ridiculous.

  8. Rated 1

    This is the worst company ever.They have poor organisational skills.they give no time to customers. The place is dirty and the staff is rude. I miss my bus because the staff kept hanging up the phone and would not answer my questions. When I got the next bus, I waited almost ten hours and the bus wouldn’t work. That was an extra 30 minutes.they charged me $20 to change ticket. It’s shame it’s the only way to go from bakersfield to LA and vice versa when you dont want to drive. but this is the last time I travel with this company.

  9. Rated 1

    This is the worst company ever, no organization skills. They give no value to the customers. The place is durty.the staff is rude. I miss my bus because it needs of the staff kept hanging up the phone when I called for inquiries. I wish I could take amtrak but you need to book a train with. It’s a shame this is the only way to move from LA to bakersfield vice versa. The bus was three hours LA and I wasted my day. AND when you miss your business by 5 minutes they pay a ticket price to change ticket and you have to wait 10 hours for the next business or the bus would break down when you are about to leave.I would never travel with this company ever in my life and I don’t recommend anyone to.

  10. says:

    little pricy

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