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Sport Clips Customer Experience Survey

You are invited to Sport Clips Customer Experience Survey. They appreciate you taking the time to give them your feedback to help them know how they might better serve you. You can take the survey and talk to Sport Clips about your recent experience with their haircuts services.

Sport Clips Customer Experience Survey Guide

  • Visit the Sport Clips customer experience survey page in the Reference Links 1
  • Enter the store code, receipt number, and the date based on your latest visit
  • Your contact details are also required to enter in order to make sure that you could be informed timely
  • Click the “Submit” button to finish the survey

 Sport Clips Customer Experience Survey

About Sport Clips
Sport Clips is an American-based chain of haircut salons which caters primarily to men and boys. They mainly provides sports-themed haircutting. In order to encourage their business, the chain touts the broadcasting of sports programming throughout the stores.

Reference Links

  1. Sport Clips Customer Experience Survey Link: www.sportclips.com/survey
  2. Sport Clips Official Site: www.sportclips.com

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Rating 5.09votes

  1. Rated 5

    Angelic 40 at the Lakewood store is AMAZING. Great attitude, fun conversation. And I swear she has MAGIC FINGERS. She had me so relaxed that she gave me goosebumps while giving me my MVP treatment. I will definitely be going back to Anglic 40 for all my future haircuts.

  2. Rated 5

    Getting my hair cut by Bridget is like a fine wine it gets better every time I go

  3. Rated 5

    Rosalind and Michelle are at store #108 in Columbia, MD

  4. Rated 5

    Rosalind Smith is a fabulous hairstylist. She makes sure the cut you requested is the one you get. Michelle Noak is great as well.

  5. Rated 5

    Kat did a great job I love my hair it’s spiffy

  6. Rated 5

    Leanne always does and excellent job!

  7. Rated 5

    Shawna gives me the best haircut EVER! She’s the reason I keep coming back. She’s also a lot of fun to talk with while getting my hair cut.

  8. Rated 5

    Darla in Denton is the best. She jokes about her OCD taking control. I always tell her GOOD! That means it will be perfect before I leave. Good haircuts are easy. Stylists like Darla are dedicated to the cut bust mostly to the customer. I trust her to do whatever she wants with me because I know I will look as good as possible. Take care if this stylist. She is irreplaceable.

  9. Rated 5

    It was a very good visit and nice venue. Very good concept I think.
    Shayla cut my hair and did a very good job. I used a voucher from the war vets promotion booklet and am glad to see you sponsored the vets. I will be back. Kingsland Village

  10. says:

    (Store #43-214 and receipt #170213-295314)
    Yasmin cut my 6 year old boy’s hair this evening. While the cut was nice, her customer service wasn’t. My son was just a number rather than a valued customer who she was trying to gain return service for. When I told her his neck hurt, she just gave me a look and said, “Well, I need to finish.” He sat the entire time with a sad look on his face and she did nothing to accommodate him.
    At the end of the cut when he wanted some water, I had to follow her to the cash register rather quickly to pay instead of helping my son, because she was ready to be done with him even though he had hair all over the back of his neck, ears and shirt. She made little attempt to clean up the hair she had cut.
    Instead of tipping the usual $5, I tipped $3 to reflect my disapproval. I know this place isn’t known for specializing in kids, but given the area and time, you’d think Yasmin would be a little friendlier towards children. After all, it was just after school and there was several younger boys getting their cut while we were in there.
    We’ll still continue to go there. However, we’ll just see other stylist there as this was our 1st time to receive such service.

  11. says:

    Always a great experience, Rachel was amazing! I wish you could still call in , for a 10- 15 minute wait time for hairstylist of choice…

  12. says:

    I had a very nice experience with Sport Clips toady… Good haircut with a very nice girl named Breanna #300

  13. says:

    Tracy’s cut my hair at the store at 10-141 under receipt 170208-10872. She has cut my hair a couple times as I’ve come in recently. I’m going for interviews for a new job that want to look good and she’s really done a great job and listening to what I need.

  14. says:

    Angie at store # 05-407 gave me a great haircut today. She was very helpful and offered suggestions on how it should be cut to look the best. Great Haircut1

  15. says:

    Received great service and a cut above the rest by Caitlin at store #25-107

  16. says:

    It was always most convenient when I could call ahead and get on the list, now that has changed and they took that away. Please reinstate that, other than that, I really like everything else about sport clips.

  17. says:

    Store # 30-204: SHANNON 29 gives a great haircut, has a delightful personality,along with being a wonderful conversationalist. MY compliments on her courtesy and professionalism.

  18. says:

    Store # 01-306 rec.# 170203-20935 i give Jamie a 10 on her service & my visit I will be back again THANKS

  19. says:

    Jamie was friendly &my cut was very nice I liked it.I also had a birthday coupon to get an upgrade that was the first time I had that it was nice I wish I could afford to have it done every time. Jamie remembered me from the last time I was in there that made me feel better about her service was excellent. I will tell people to go to your store

  20. says:

    i had a great experience. Shandi knew exactly what she was doing,was friendly and left my hair looking neat.

  21. says:

    Store #13-602 (rec 170130-122678)
    I would give Ashley a 10.
    My Grandson loves for her to cut his hair.
    Highly recommend

  22. says:

    Jessica 85 @ store #09-379 not only gave me the cut I asked for with precision but represented your company with sincere and friendly professionalism!
    I will be asking for her in the future!
    My receipt # is: 170127-123419 (23)

  23. says:

    I really enjoy having my hair cut by Jochelle she has a great personality always very professional I recommend her all the time

  24. says:

    Rachel Romero is a Great Hair Stylist. She also has a really good attitude. Keep up the wonderful work Rachel!

  25. says:

    Good haircut, friendly and no waiting !!

  26. says:

    Brittany B at Sports Clips in Caledonia is the absolute best. Total professionalism in everything she does. Cuts expertly, recommends the best shampoos and other products without being pushy. Highly recommend her!!!

  27. says:

    Jenn was condescending and acted like my view on Donald trump was idiotic (that he is a racist homophobic biget ) I will not request her aging

  28. says:

    On Jan 14 I had a FIVE STAR stylist cut my hair LAURA is the best I’ve ever had some 1 please comend this individual of the great work she does I will be returning to her AL ways!!!store number WI greenfield west 76 the st WI 103 p.s. LAURA YOU ARE AWSOME!!!

  29. says:

    My hair was cut and feels much better. The employees are always polite and the atmosphere is always nice. Just wish it wasn’t $18 for a hair cut because that means I can’t tip as much as I’d like to. Everything else is great though.

    • says:

      I am not the Kevin that posted a complaint by the way.

  30. says:

    I went to get a haircut as I usually do and they have what I get all the time. Just this time the stylist sandy at the moment who was cutting my hair ended up messing it up as I noticed leaving the place as my hair was cut to far and lumped sided and had long hairs still in certain spots.

  31. says:

    i asked for a taper and got a military hair cut. not too happy about this.

  32. says:

    Went to the location 13-162, for the first time. My stylist was Claudia C, and I like my haircut very much. She did a great job and is very friendly.
    Recpt # 170112-61916

  33. says:

    Enjoy going in , the staff is so nice Melinda is awesome at getting my hair cut just right, a big thanks to her.

  34. says:

    Hi, we stopped in because my daughter wanted the side of her hair above ear shaved with rest of hair the same. We had Emma as her stylist in Indian trail, 22nd. Store 33-114. She was amazing with her, happy, energenic, most of all treated her like she was important! Needless to say she didn t know my 12 year old has bipolar and life can be difficult for her. Emma made her experience I would say the best She’s ever had and she wants to go back and see her again. People like her really make a difference in small ways they Don t even know sometimes. She deserves to be recognized. Thank you.

  35. says:

    I had a great experience and my hairstylist is wonderful what steal her away in a minute wish I had her phone number

  36. says:

    I had a wonderful hair cut by Essence from new York. ..her personality is so awesome , she is a funny and helpful ..come visit sport clips on forest hills..

  37. says:

    I loved her work, she always motivated at work she kind friendly and perfect at what she does .Sportclips at13900Horizon Blvd 915-852-4848

  38. says:

    I liked my haircut very much and I would not like to cut my hair anywhere else.it’s an experience to die for each time I go.Eunice-03 is on of the best stylists I know.she’s always on top of her game.

  39. says:

    Like my haircut very much I would not want to cut my hair anywere else.IT’s an experience to die for. Eunice-03 is a great stylist. She’s always on top of her game

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