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Sport Clips Customer Experience Survey

You are invited to Sport Clips Customer Experience Survey. They appreciate you taking the time to give them your feedback to help them know how they might better serve you. You can take the survey and talk to Sport Clips about your recent experience with their haircuts services.

Sport Clips Customer Experience Survey Guide

  • Visit the Sport Clips customer experience survey page in the Reference Links 1
  • Enter the store code, receipt number, and the date based on your latest visit
  • Your contact details are also required to enter in order to make sure that you could be informed timely
  • Click the “Submit” button to finish the survey

 Sport Clips Customer Experience Survey

About Sport Clips
Sport Clips is an American-based chain of haircut salons which caters primarily to men and boys. They mainly provides sports-themed haircutting. In order to encourage their business, the chain touts the broadcasting of sports programming throughout the stores.

Reference Links

  1. Sport Clips Customer Experience Survey Link: www.sportclips.com/survey
  2. Sport Clips Official Site: www.sportclips.com
Rate your recent Sport Clips experience and discuss with friends
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  • Not very helpful
  • Not at all helpful
Rating: 4.5/5 (1006 vote casts)

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11 Responses so far.

  1. Cody moore says:

    It was amazing. Amanda is the gal who cut my hair and she did awesome she is my new stylist and the head massage she did really good as well

  2. [email protected] says:

    Fantastic experience, professional, friendly, attentive. I will make this my go to place period. Sport Clips #10-139

  3. Sean says:

    Jennifa killed it at store 21-114, or should I say she can cut it.

  4. Michael Holdenried says:

    I went into your shop in Arnold, Mo, about 10:30 while my wife went shopping at the nearby Walmart. The manager took my name and I sat down. She then called a name and a gentleman sat in a chair. I know that I was ahead of him but I thought maybe he stepped outside for a minute or two. About 10 minutes later she called another name and it was a guy who came in after me but I thought maybe he had his name in earlier. Again she called a name and it wasn’t mine. Then after 10 minutes more I talked to lady who came out to get paid and I told her that there were three guys that went before me that should’ve been waited on after me. She apologized and looked on the computer and admitted an error in the system. Finally I got the next open chair. The lady that cut my hair was nice and she did an excellent job on my hair and she knocked another $1 off my $4 coupon. I understand that things happen with computers but my complaint is with the manager. She never once looked at the customers sitting down and she never once smiled. The other girls would not have known that I was waiting but the manager was in the first chair where I could plainly see her, again she was oblivious to the world. I like Sports Clips but with people like that I don’t know if I will be going back. You need to train your managers better. Michael Holdenried

  5. James says:

    Another great experience at Sports Clips today. A great hair cut and friendly service by Amanda at Bloomington IL.

  6. Dore says:

    I asked for a haircut of 1 1/2 of my hair lenght and cut my bangs above my eyebrows at store # 05-648 in at 28901 S. western ave #227. Well June the person who did my hair, was a bit hard to understand. She just began working 1 month ago for the company and she is from Thailand. I was unable to communicate with properly. the only other person in the sports clips store was an african american woman who seemed not be on a good mood. I’m hispanic. Therefore, I was just asking for a trim and that was about it. Well, I got my trim. less than 1/2 inch.June, the lady who did my hair, refused to trim my bangs because they where already too short. I wanted them a little shorter. So much for my wonderful experience. They do take women and children, but their staff is diverse when it comes to hiring, but have no idea on who to cut a hispanic/Latino haircut. I’m very disappointed.

  7. David Janssen says:

    Store 13-301
    REC# 161011-169001

    Fantastic job done by Katie. I couldn’t have asked for better service. Very kind, polite, friendly, and knowledgeable on what I should do with my hair style.

  8. Patrick S. Bannister says:

    Bridget at Store #05-516
    Rec. # 161007-78404

    Terrific cut. Very friendly, comfortable, professional service.

  9. Darral Kandt says:

    Great job as normal Stephanie. Store 05-114

  10. Matt Miller says:

    Sandy was awesome! First class service.

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