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Red Robin Customer Feedback Survey

Do you like burgers? If you are a burger lover, you can get rewarded for your love for Red Robin’s fire-grilled burgers. Take the Red Robin Customer Feedback Survey and tell them your feelings about their food and service. Upon completion, you will receive 10 chances to win $1,000 daily plus instant win $1,500 weekly.

If you purchase a Red Robin gift card valued at $25 between 04/01/2014 – 06/01/2014 and activate it, you will be entered to win:

  1. A trip to Hawaii
  2. One Godzilla picture themed merchandise pack
  3. A $25 Red Robin gift card
  4. A $25 TigersDirect.com gift card
  5. A Godzilla movie poster

Burgers and a movie, destruction never tasted so good. Go, Red Robin! Go!

Red Robin Customer Feedback Survey Guide

  • Visit Red Robin Customer Feedback Survey online (See Reference Link 1) to take this survey
  • Choose the language you prefer to use

Red Robin Guest Satisfaction Survey

  • Enter the survey code on your receipt

Red Robin Guest Satisfaction Survey

  • Answer some questions based on your personal experience

Red Robin Guest Satisfaction Survey

  • Enter your personal information to be entered into the sweepstakes to win the prize

Red Robin Guest Satisfaction Survey

About Red Robin 
Red Robin is famous for their gourmet burgers. Burgers are really mouthwatering and you can’t resist any of them. Except from fire-grilled burgers, there are fries, wraps and much more you could enjoy. Everything you eat at Red Robin is freshly prepared and made to order and that is the uniqueness of Red Robin.

Reference Links

  1. Red Robin Customer Feedback Survey Link: www.redrobinfeedback.com
  2. Red Robin Official Site: www.redrobin.com

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  1. Rated 5

    Leigh was very attentive and new what she was talking about. She checked on us often making sure everything was cooked correctly and tasted good. She knew her menu to a T and went above and beyond explaining the specials and rewards with your resturant. I am also a server and I never get good service and if I do it’s rare. She was one of the best servers I have ever had. I think every restaurant needs more of a hard working and attentive staff like Leigh! :)

  2. Rated 2

    My First experience with Red Robin..I called for take out..after 15 min on hold I drove over, while still on hold..was directed to the bar..explained I was on hold over 30 min..was told oh wells school today I’m busy..I finally placed order after she tended to the men at bar..was told 15 min…25 min later burger and fries gave to me , I gave her my card not even a thank you..I asked if ketchup was in box..she got visibly upset picked up the phone and said if you want ketchup you can wait…I got my own from bar and left. The food was amazing..I have been wanting to try your burgers for a long time..however the customer service was awful. Her name was Sarah. I was nothing but polite I’m not sure what the issue was. This was in Plymouth mass

  3. Rated 1

    You want me to give you my feed back but the your survey page dosent work. Sounds just like you store. Lazy waiters, lazy waitresses and shitty cooks or should I say food warmers that can’t get orders right. It’s easy to tell your food is all precooked. Gourmet burgers my ass, you should call it over priced McDonald’s

  4. says:

    I had a terrible time at one of your restaurants 2/11/17. I tried to get into the customer servey but I needed numbers that were not on my ticket.
    So here we go. We, my family of five, went to Red Robin at 4514 Centerplace in Greeley Colorado. This the receipt that I got at the table, so the information is limited. Chk 40012. When we got there I was told that there is a 30 minute wait. I said fine and gave them my name. Things seemed to be moving well and the line dropped Fairly fast. I asked the guys at the front how much longer, he said it wouldn’t be much longer. They then call for a family of five that got there after we did. I went to the front and complained as I had two little children that were hungry and the sat this family befor us. I talked to the manager and we got seated right away. We ordered some onion rings and when they came out they had only one sauce with it and the server said that it would be right out, fine, we asked about plates and the server said “we’re out of plates”
    So we ate our onion rings on napkins. The first freckled lemonade was fine the second was very bad, she replaced ant the replacement was just as bad. When I got the bill I was suprised to find that I had spent 72.88 and tipped well 14.58 for a total of $87.46. That is almost $18.00 each, even for two young girls who didn’t eat because they were so hungry the filled up on onion rings. So this was a bad experience and I was not happy with the food or with the price or the service. It will probably be a long time before I go to any Red Robin. And at this point I dought I will get a response from anyone with Red Robin

  5. says:

    I ate at Red Robin on 53rd St. in Davenport, Iowa last night. The food was great and my server Brelyn was fantastic. She waited on me as soon as I was seated, brought my drink, took my order and checked back with me several times during my meal to see if I needed anything. She was very polite and friendly. She is definitely a great waitress and an asset to your company.

  6. says:

    He was awesome!

  7. says:

    Your restaurant is the best place to get good food and great customer service. Today 12/10/16 we came to the new improved red robin in Escondido and our waitress was Tania. She was perfect. Always smiling. Always moving helping people. And when she got to us I asked her what I should get and she suggested the cesarean wrap which was amazing. Then at the end of our meal I had asked her if they still sold the Twisted Pasta Caesar salad, which she replied that was the best salad ever and I could still get it (YAY). You also had the just in quesadilla which we always used to get. But you took off the menu (sad) but that I could get that made too. She was really great and it’s so nice to get really good service even at a time when it’s really crazy. Thank you so much Tania. Happy Holidays

  8. says:

    great server…great food…..

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