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Qdoba Mexican Grill Guest Satisfaction Survey

Enjoy delicious food in time is very important for you and your family. As one of the most famous fast food chains, Qdoba Mexican Grill is now listening to its customer about their food and service and determines to serve you better on your next visit. Your feedback benefits Qdoba Mexican Grill big time.

Qdoba Mexican Grill Guest Satisfaction Survey Guide

  • Visit the Qdoba Mexican Grill Guest Satisfaction Survey online( See Reference Link 1)
  • Click on the button and choose the language you prefer to use

Qdoba Mexican Grill Guest Satisfaction Survey

  • To begin the survey,enter the 15 digit code located on your receipt

Qdoba Mexican Grill Guest Satisfaction Survey

  • Answer some questions and continue
  • Follow instructions to complete the survey

About Qdoba Mexican Grill
Qdoba Mexican Grill is a famous fast food chain in the United States and Canada. It serving Mexican-style cuisine.The restaurant fits into the “fast casual” category, offering both quick service and a higher quality of food than typical fast-food restaurants. Customers order by selecting an entrée, then choosing its ingredients. All of the items are made in plain view of the customer. The chain’s current slogan is “We Live Food.”

Reference Links

  1. Qdoba Mexican Grill Guest Satisfaction Survey Link: www.qdobalistens.com
  2. Qdoba Mexican Grill Official Site: www.qdoba.com

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  1. Rated 1

    We frequent Qdoba about once a week. Tonight I was so upset by the treatment of the staff. There were 7 people in line and they were more concerned about cleaning up then putting my order together. 4 staff behind counter and 1 waiting on customers. They were so preoccupied that they tried to charge me for the meal behind me. Never asked and then thought it was my fault. Will think twice before I go in that Republic Road Location Springfield, Mo

  2. Rated 5

    I love eating at Qdoba hear in Shawnee Oklahoma

  3. Rated 5

    Haley was wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!! Such nice service!!!!! So sweet and kind. Jade was super thoughtful and gave perfect portions!

  4. Rated 1

    I love qdoba always have…even worked for qdoba for a few years. I recently came to a location im not usually at in castleton in indianapolis in…..the experience was appaling…i stood there for over 5 min being ignored as the front end server walked past me multiple times not even saying it would be a moment or be right with you…just ignored me. Then finally a worker who was prepping food noticed and she stepped up to wait on me.

  5. Rated 1

    I came into the store today in the White Oak Shopping Center Richmond Virginia first off I was greeted with a not-so-friendly face I asked the female at the counter what was the difference between a white tortilla and a wheat tortilla she laughed with a smart, demeanor and said one is white and one is weat and turn to the female who she was training and busted out laughing she thought it was hilarious but I thought that it was very rude because I actually wanted to know the difference between the taste she was rude she was sarcastic she was not friendly she acted as if she had a chip on her shoulder speaking of chips she gave me a big bowl of nachos and the smallest bag of chips I’ve ever seen in my life and by which I’ve been there several times and I normally get a normal sized bag of chips. Moralh of the story she was truly truly rude and not to mention she was also in the middle of training another employee and by which I feel so sorry for the employee. Sad to say but she acted exactly how she looked (ugly) I will not be going back because what people fail to realize is you come to these places you spend your money you expect to be treated right and fairly but you have some fast food restaurants who hire these people who truly do not want to be there they’re truly just coming to collect the check and they make it very known no more Qdoba for me

  6. Rated 5

    I went to culver city mall great service

  7. Rated 5

    Had a very good experience will recommend this restaurant the person who helped me was very professional and nice I give them 10

  8. says:

    Jazz was our server and she did a great job! I appreciated how courteous she was and was impressed with how handidly she was composed while doing her job with purpose.

  9. says:

    I have tried to get a response from Qdoba concerning the transfer of points from my old card to the new card. The number they list for customer service is filled with offers from other companies. What the hell is with your company and bad service

  10. says:

    The Novi, Michigan store has run out of taco shells for the bowls two nights in a row well before closing time..WTF…how incompetent…bad way to try to reduce food costs…how pathetic…

  11. says:

    I bought a gift card on line for $30 . I received a email that said I have a free entree . I went to get free one and buy one. I was told gift card Doesn’t work . I sent email right away to customer service and have heard nothing !

  12. says:

    On 11/6, we visited your restaurant at 14231 W Colfax, Lakewood, CO. Frank took care of us, and he was very pleasant and helpful. Due to a “no call, no show,” he was having to works two shifts, and he’d been working overtime for several days straight. But his smile was broad, his energy high, and he really made it the best meal we’d had there so far. Wish we could have tipped him, bur he said it was against company policy.

  13. says:

    Ronald is s great manager!! He took care of us for despite the guacamole shortage in the US. He made us feel welcome and provided a great guest experience after the uofm vs msu weekend. Grest job, well done to all members!!!

  14. says:

    Good food

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