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Peter Piper Pizza Guest Satisfaction Survey

Is Peter Piper Pizza popular around your neighborhood even in your city? Do you think its pizzas taste delicious? Peter Piper Pizza strives to improve its service and pizza varieties and taste through the guest satisfaction survey. If you are one of its customers and have kept the survey invitation, you can help Peter Piper Pizza deliver better experience on your next visit.

Peter Piper Pizza Guest Satisfaction Survey Guide

  • Click the first Reference Link and enter the survey page. Choose a language for this survey from English and Spanish and then enter the 13-digit survey code printed on your survey invitation

Peter Piper Pizza Guest Satisfaction Survey

  • Think about your visit to the Peter Piper Pizza where you received this survey invitation. Answer questions based on your experience and complete the survey

About Peter Piper Pizza
Peter Piper Pizza is a pizza restaurant chain in the Southwestern U.S. and Mexico, starting its business 40 years ago. Most locations feature a large game room. Besides pizza, other food offered include chicken wings, salads and desserts.

Reference Links

  1. Peter Piper Pizza Guest Satisfaction Survey Link: www.pppsurvey.com
  2. Peter Piper Pizza Official Site: www.peterpiperpizza.com 
Rate your recent Peter Piper Pizza experience and discuss with friends
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Rating: 4/5 (300 vote casts)

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42 Responses so far.

  1. Dave says:

    good food very fun. I wish they had a non dairy allergy friendly menu tho

  2. Joe Leija says:

    Very great service and friendly employees

  3. Jazzia says:

    Great pizza

  4. Alex says:


  5. David Young says:

    My favorite pizza for the past 40 some years. Peter Piper pizza never had a pizza that cost more than 5$ in the early days.

  6. Cindy says:

    Love it

  7. Rosa says:

    Excellent service, great food, and kids enjoyed games

  8. Fryda says:

    The food was spectacular and my kids had a nice time the service was great Malinda an employe there gave great service

  9. Elizabeth banda says:

    Very good pizza, good service.

  10. Diana Lara says:

    Very disappointed in your store#102 in Harlingen TX to start off the pizza we ordered was not done with the ingredients that we paid for and then to make matters worser the pizza was covered with ashes.when I returned the pizza the manager was very rude and ask if I wanted my money back because they were orders infront of the pizza that they were going to remake.

  11. Sara says:

    Great lots of funn great food

  12. Mary ruiz says:

    Its a major ripoff it does not let me do a survey.It clearly says they are no longer taking surveys.Why do they give us these kind of false advertisement?They should be honest about it.I was so looking forward my $2 off Coupon cor my NEXT visit.U honestly should send us coupons or honor what u say on your receits.Shame on u PPP!

  13. dora zamora says:

    i have been trying to do the survey but it says it no longer is accepting surveys . i do this survey so i can get discount on my next purchase. this is a rip off. please get this resolved for your customers. greatly appreciate it or send me coupons so i can continue going and spending time and my money there at the harlingen,tx peter piper pizza.
    thank you
    ms. dora zamora

  14. Elva gardea says:

    The location in central where attentive and helpful with any questions their costumer had.

  15. stephanie says:

    Great customer service

  16. Danny says:

    i am really glad to have peter piper pizza here in del rio, the pizza that i ate was amazing and i could actually taste the flavor of the pizza :) it was also hot wich i enjoy it was awesome, and the employees where really nice and have a great smile jeje not even mc.donalds serve a great big smile. Theese girls have the place good looking and sanitized i think the the girl’s name was sonia maybe shes a manager because she is the only one wearing black but idk, AWSOME PIZZA. just how i like it and i will surely be back :)

  17. francis zamago says:

    Very crowded tables tooo close

  18. Gabriel says:

    You guys are the best pizza place i have ever had. Glad to be customer

  19. Paola Morales says:

    Great place to make parties

  20. Luis says:

    El Paso’s pizza is better. A little bit undercooked for my taste, pepperonies were extremely unevenly distributed. Service was good.

  21. elsie says:

    I was at peter piper on 12/3/ 2016 I have a coupon for 2 dollars off I have 20 numbers to enter and its asking for 13. Why make us go through the the trouble to do the survey when you can not get this right.

  22. Rachel burris says:

    Had a 15 pervert discount from Somerset high school and the marbach Rd store and they did not ohonorer it so are experience was not do good we are back family of low income so make it right

  23. sergio s says:

    Dont go to store #619 on gateway s blvd…wait 45 mins for a pizza that was cold

  24. Cristian says:

    The best pizza ever I would recommend this pizza place on a weekend

  25. Leticia Flores says:

    Service was great and I will definitely be back

  26. Carlos Mondragon says:

    I went on the Peter piper survey online to leave my feed back but it won’t allow me to. It’s asking for a 13 digit code when my receipt has a 20 digit code…. Guess they really don’t want our Feed back….

  27. Beatriz Salcedo says:

    I have been trying to do the survey since I got my recipe and not being able to do that survey…I would like to know what’s going on please

  28. Mario Calderon says:

    People need to take thete job seriosly

  29. Joe Lopez says:

    Love peter piper pizza

  30. Krystal says:

    I love the pizza here and great quick service

  31. Aleyda Tavera says:

    We had bad experience at the north 10 st peter piper pizza with the cashier so we did our survey and were very satisfied with the quick response from the manager Fidencio we are defenetly coming back and booking our next party here. We were surprised and very happy with the customer service that manager Fidencio gave us and made us leave with a smile,they gain a new family of customers Thank you

  32. Mela says:

    It was ok very busy

  33. Kiara Jimenez says:

    Perfect !

  34. Heriberto says:

    Was fast service good workers

  35. matilda Kelly says:

    Cashier polite and help when ordering

  36. Mayra Camacho says:

    My cashier Karla was very polite.

  37. Perla cossio says:

    Karla is a grate person well we were here than a lot

  38. Iris Camacho says:

    Karla is awesome great customer service

  39. Marina G Perez says:

    Your survey asks for 13 digit number, and receipts have 20…..had no access to the survey.

  40. Yvonne Heincy says:

    Hi, I realize .78 is nothing but its just the idea. We bought a pizza today carry out at the 1840 lee trevino location el paso tx 1:02pm 915-252-8731. When we got home there was no ranch dressing (2)……we left it alone, we would have spent more than .78 in gas driving back to get the dressing. Cashier was Erick, just an fyi, your employees need to check that all that is purchased is included.

  41. Esmeralda says:

    It was great

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