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Post Office Tell Us Customer Survey

Do you think the service of Post Office is considerate and helpful? You can tell Post Office your evaluation through this customer satisfaction survey. Upon completion of the survey, you will get a chance to win 250 pounds worth of High Street gift vouchers.

Post Office Tell Us Customer Survey Guide

  • Visit the survey page mentioned in the Reference Links
  • Choose the method of your entry, using invitation card or receipt

Post Office Tell Us Customer Survey

  • If you use an invitation card, enter the branch response code, visit date, language and click on “Enter”

Post Office Tell Us Customer Survey

  • If you use a receipt, enter the branch postcode, visit date, language and click on “Enter”

Post Office Tell Us Customer Survey

  • Answer some questions based on your experience there

About Post Office
Post Office is a retail post office company in the US. It provides postage stamps, banking to the public nationwide.

Reference Links

  1. Post Office Tell Us Customer Survey Link: www.postoffice-tellus.co.uk
  2. Post Office Official Site: www.postoffice.co.uk
Rate your recent Post Office experience and discuss with friends
  • Extremely helpful
  • Very helpful
  • Somewhat helpful
  • Not very helpful
  • Not at all helpful
Rating: 4.4/5 (3733 vote casts)

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18 Responses so far.

  1. Thelma Bailey says:

    I have popped into Devizes Post Office today to buy postage stamps and rolls of brown paper
    I found the lady serving me was pleasant and helpful even though I only had a £20 note to pay for the things that I had bought fher £10.80p. Thank heavens that we still have a PO !!


    i visited kirkby 2 st chads parade kirkby shopping centre kirkby merseyside l328rd went on 29/11/2016 at 17:01 to collect money out my account and was served by mr jav he was a very happy polite man very helpful always smiling you get served quick also admire the staff in postoffice for their ability to handle many different administrative tasks with speed and friendliness best postoffice by far know most custormers by name greet you with a welcome warm hello,ask how you are doing and hows you day been enjoy rest of day all giddy and smily makes your day and yourself feel alot better happy lovely hard workers would recogmend anyone to go kirkby postoffice.Branchresponse code 480420 SESSION:5-103613

  3. Margo Thomas says:

    very happy with the member of staff who served me. admire the staff in postoffices for their ability to handle many different administrative tasks with speed and friendliness.

    Branchresponse code OO79413

  4. Jean latcham says:

    Today myself and my partner visited Hurst park post office at the tesco store in west molesey. We went to open a current account due to the letter of acceptance for a control account. We didn’t know how to go about this issue so Barry one of the post office employees rang the customer help line for us and got us all set up with our new account. Excellent customer service given.

  5. Ruby Elizabeth Andrews says:

    Visited my local post office at Harleston Norfolk as always staff very pleasant and helpful.The subpost mistress knows most of her customers by name and greets them in a cheery manner.

  6. Mr. William Strutt says:

    Although the service was a bit slow, due to a customer wanting two parcels checked in,the lady who served me was quick and my parcel was sent the same day (16/11/2016).On tracking it was waiting for delivery on(17/11/2016).good service!

  7. mark brown says:

    I think the service of the post offices are really good and convenient as I pay some of my bills through the post office and I’m even thinking of getting broadband through it,they have everything you need and when I have posted important mail it has got there on time altogether there service is FIRST CLASS!!

  8. mujbur Rahman says:

    I have found the post office service very helpful and very useful.

  9. P Marson says:

    I visited the Crossways 3 Forestdale Shopping Precinct CR0 9AS post office at 1448 today 8/11/16 to buy some Christmas stamps. The lady who served me (Koki) was very helpful indeed and took the trouble to sell me a nice selection of the stamps as she knows I collect special issues.
    Receipt: FAD: 070013, Session 2-859348

  10. p longbottom says:

    Went in southemsal po friendly service,busy but que went down fast use po a lot,can do more on line like council tax,but prefer to do some like council tax in po again as there has been problems with Wakefield county council website,so po better it gets payed on time,po will always have a place dispite on line great service

  11. Yves Dubois says:

    I visited the Bath Post Office 0155047 on 31/10/2016 at 14-47 to drop in a parcel A lady called Sharon was most helpful and I got the parcel sent in seconds. She gave me a card and I typed in the link postoffice-tellus.co.uk; I filled in the branch response code, then the time and date, the I pressed enter and got a lovely blank page with no possibility of typing anything into it. I believe that the website postoffice-tellus.co.uk is not working, and I think you might like to know.

  12. AA Goatham says:

    Failed to enter the survey

  13. umekalsoom says:

    Nala at the walthamstow post office has been a great person. She was very friendly and helped me out in sending the post by first class on that day. The service she gave me on this day was quick and she has solved my problem.
    Thank you Nala

  14. Ian Kemp says:

    The service I received was a problem free, polite and the lady Helen at the Glasgow office was very helpful. The only problem I had was that the post office there is now further away and on a hill. It is a shame that it was move from the location it was in. I use that office everytime I go to Glasgow to post something or get something that I need for posting when I am in the vicinity.

  15. Samuel Rao says:

    Hi, Customer service agent MS. Tina was very good in all our query’s and help us in getting sorted out all our postal needs.

  16. khaldoun al najjad says:

    Very good

  17. robert sadler says:

    martlesham heath po Ipswich Suffolk in macolls

    is rubbish now

    lost all the old staff


  18. Graeme Lusby says:

    very helpful lady (Suzie) good service all round!

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