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Meijer Customer Feedback Survey

Your feedback is greatly crucial for Meijer to improve. Tell your own shopping experience in the Meijer customer feedback survey for being better greeted on your next visit. Meanwhile, you are available to a sweepstakes for winning a $1000 Meijer gift card as long as you are a legal resident of the United States aged 18 or older.

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Meijer Customer Feedback Survey

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Meijer Customer Feedback Survey

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Meijer Customer Feedback Survey

About Meijer
Meijer is a regional American hypermarket chain based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Its products include beauty products, toys, sporting equipment, electronics, housewares and pet supplies etc.

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  1. Rated 1

    Too many times I walk into the store on a Sunday and find empty shelves where products should be, Gold Bond foot cream, shelf empty. I don’t ask anymore because of the sarcastic remarks I get for answer. I just go shop elsewhere.

  2. Rated 1

    Same thing week after week, No items on the shelf, after 2 weeks you would think they would have it in, that was tomato juice, one week, all out of Miracle Whip on had lite or in squeeze bottle. Asked one of the staff, they told me to buy Hellman’s I

  3. Rated 1

    All three doors to the Garden Shop had the same sign, “EMERGENCY EXIT ONLY..USE OTHER DOOR”. So I wasted time going door to door. No sign saying the Garden Shop, which I had just visited five minutes ago…was now closed. Disgusting waste of my time…it won’t happen again. Thank goodness we have Wal-Mart

  4. Rated 3

    Not a very good experience at the Escanaba Store, took my out of town family there to shop they were so excited to go since they have never been ther, to only experience the ride check out person in isle 12 by the name of Crystal. Beside the tattoos showing, and rolling of her eyes the rude not wanting to help answer her attitude towards the person in front of me , myself, and my family behind me showed us no courtesy or friendliness, she should get sent home with that kind of attitude, my sister was going to purchase a smart tv to take back to Madison, Wisconsin but was not able to find anyone so she was going to ask at check out but Crystal did not even give her a chance! So now you have lost a $600 sale and Walmart got it, please teach your employees friendly costumer service so we can continue shppping at Meijer, this by the way is not my first experience there. Thank You

  5. Rated 1

    Meijer feedback Survey does not exist.
    Store 231-
    ‘1000’s prices dropping’ and many rising-e.g., Tuna fish $0.69 to $0.89 and now $1.00.
    Out of spinach, as usual.
    ‘Silk’ protein milk has been out for 2 weeks.
    Still many empty shelves.

  6. Rated 1

    All I am trying to do is give a delightful young woman a complement and this download nonsense in CRAZY!!

  7. Rated 1

    Horrible service at self check out. Person could not fix wrong price on salami and did not offer any help

  8. Rated 2

    The Angola Indiana store is not a good store to shop at. The checkouts are not manned with enough help. The Check out yourself machines always seem to have issues, ie the machine touch screen doesn’t always pick up entry, the items scanned do not show up and the attendant needs called to correct. Checking out is too long. Also, the deli department is not manned with enough people and the ones there are too slow. A busy weekend only has two working the lunchmeat counter. These issues happen at this store all the time. The Fort Wayne Indiana store where I also shop at does not have these issues. The product carried is good and price levels are competitive.

  9. Rated 5

    MPERK customer at Howell Mi
    Discount Coupon 46788806413222222001000011873166 For Sunbeam bread (my Favorite)expires 7/30
    The bread has been discontinued at Howell Mi Meijer.
    Apply the coupon to another bread????? Good target market mailer mail.

  10. Rated 2

    Store 231-
    Many items in circular already out Monday.
    Stockers blocking package deli area-against wall.
    Self scan No. 15 had broken separator and attendant just set it up temporarily.
    Feedback Survey still doesn’t work.

  11. Rated 1

    my mom I get so mad at Meijer #71 in Muskegon MI, If you get there to check out before 7:00am they expect you to go through the self check out, we refuse to do so, They are open 24 hrs. & either to cheap to pay for more help or the workers are to lazy. My mom is in her mid 80’s & not going to even try it. We just got a local Walmart in our area & that’s where we will be shopping from now on. WE ARE DONE WITH MEIJER!!!

  12. Rated 5

    Glad to find Kettle brand potato chips. Can you add “New York cheddar” flavor, please.

  13. Rated 2

    I was at store #290 today and purchased “The Shack”. The movie display had a sign on it that stated the movie was 19.99 but on sale now for 16.99. When the movie did not ring up correctly I went to the Customer Service desk. The young woman there firmly told me that they had that problem yesterday with a customer and that she had verified it with the Electronics department that the movie was 19.99. She offered to refund my purchase. I asked to speak to a manager and Rob came up to talk to me. I told him the display had a sign on it that stated the movie was on sale and that I either wanted the difference back or a full refund. He told me that he would refund me the difference this time but that “We cannot control if a customer picks up a product and places it back in the wrong place”. I disputed his statement and told him the movie was not in the wrong place and that if they were not going to honor a sale price then it should not be marked that way. He was rude and made no effort to research the issue. I even offered to walk back and bring him the signage. When the girl went to refund me the 3.00 the computer showed that it was on sale for 16.99 just as I had stated – she showed me the computer screen and apologized. I told her that I did not need to steal 3.00 from Meijer after making a 100.00 purchase there and that I did not appreciate the manager inferring that I was lying. I did not appreciate the rude attitude or behavior and think that the manner in which they treat the customers needed to be adjusted. I did not have to purchase this movie today or at this location. If you do not value your customers I think that we can find other places to ship. I believe that I am owed an apology but I will overlook it today and hope that once he discovered his error he might investigate a customer claim prior to accusing them of poor behavior. BTW, your customer feedback link does not work!

    Thank you.

  14. Rated 1

    I was just at your Bowling Green Ohio store to buy plants. The plants were totally dried out and I mentioned this to the employee. She noted, “Yes, I know, but it is not my job to water.” The water was DIRECTLY in front of the clearance plants! I try to not go to Meijer much as I cannot use my own cloth bags due to that merry-go-round method of plastic bagging you have. Might I mention that the local Kroger just opened a super store & now we have shopping options. I’d water the plants if I were you. Not to mention, the MAIN road to your BG store is going to be closed for a month+ soon for road construction. I’d sell those plants fast.

  15. Rated 1

    I was at your Oregon, Ohio store this afternoon and once again found the fast lane check out employee to be extremely terse and unpleasant. As the last time the same employee had served me instead of being helpful when the scanner did not pick up items she acted as though I had done something wrong. When I asked if she could print my receipt because it did not print she insisted I had already grabbed it. After these occurrences being forced to answer a survey before my receipt wood print is extremely frustrating. Then, this same employee told me that when they get new machines I’ll have to answer even more questions. It’s as if this location does not want customers to return. As such I have been doing the vast majority of my shopping over the last two years at the local Costco. On average I spend about $100 a week. I sincerely wish this location would focus more on improving their employee customer service as well as the accuracy of their equipment.

  16. Rated 5

    Shirley is a cashier at store#55.

    Previously posted “Shirley is an excellent cashier. She packs items just right. As we get older it is much appreciated when just enough items are placed in bags for us to easily transfer from cart, to trunk, to inside one’s home.”

  17. Rated 5

    Shirley is an excellent cashier. She packs items just right. As we get older it is much appreciated when just enough items are placed in bags for us to easily transfer from cart, to trunk, to inside one’s home.

  18. Rated 2

    i was at your stonecreek store today where i shop all the time but have noticed the quality is going down.
    I purchased your products that are buy 5 and save 5 well it did not ring up correctly and did not give methe credit iwent to customer service where I was there for 20 minutes trying to explain what had happened and even changed one of the products but the clerk continued to tell me my refund was 3.60 not 5.00 so why advertise this if you are not going to honor . I am quite upset because I shop there because of the deals . I have found numerous products mis priced and its very stressful for someone that is on a budget .
    After 20 minutes and 10 people in line because he was the only one working the desk he gave me the 5.00 dollars but please exlain why that would happen if your items are priced correctly .
    It was embarrasing for me and stressful for the people waiting in line .
    feel an apolgoy or something is needed . If you advertise 5.00 back off of 5 items bought why woukld your register continue to say 3.60 there is a problem

  19. Rated 1

    P.S. when I press credit on my credit/debit card the machine cancels, I have to enter my pass code. It works fine everywhere else.

  20. Rated 1

    Once again survey cannot be reached, either Site Fot Foun (Chrome)or Server Not Found (Firefox).
    Store 231:
    Needs more Handicap spaces especially on south (food) side.
    On a Monday and sale items-empty shelves.
    Personnel are oblivious to customers. Once again some wlked right in the front of my electric cart (I had right of way).
    Stock personnel leave carts in front of shelve areas, especially when no one is there yet.

  21. Rated 3

    Very disappointed in the understock shelves last weekend. 6/24/17 Howell #172
    I’m an early shopper. I couldn’t purchase may of the sale items, due too the empty
    shelves. This has happened on several times. Meijers was always on the ball over the years, very upset shopping there now.

  22. Rated 5

    Many thanks to Kris D. in meat department who took time out of his restocking of product and answered my questions about lamb price and availablity of lamb. Thanks to him I not only purchased a lot of lamb on sale, but also beverage and dessert. He was courteous, attentive and smiling. It was a pleasure to shop at Meijers today because of his attitude and conduct. We’ll be back.

  23. Rated 5

    Thank you for giving your customers very good prices on Rd. I have no Rx insurance and I’m have Medicare because I am a senior citizen. Since I need 3 Rx daily, I price shop and Meijer has the best prices. Therefore, I buy 95% of my groceries, cleaning supplies, and paper products along with my gasoline at Meijer.

  24. Rated 3


  25. Rated 1

    I frequently, probably every week, find an item mis-marked at the store #50. Taking time to checking sizes, specials, discounts and then to have it not ring up as posted makes shopping at Meijer extra difficult. Simply not customer focused.

  26. Rated 1

    I had a cashier named Richard on check out line 13 at the Owensboro,KY store. He had to be the rudest man I have ever seen not only to me but the 2 customers in front of me too. He didn’t bother with my coupons, didn’t help me when I asked questions about my Mperks or when I didn’t understand whether to swipe or use the chip.Last time I was in there the chip reader was broken. He acted so bothered having to ring up all of our groceries.

  27. Rated 3

    I tried to give you my feedback but was told the site was unavailable. I would prefer to phone in my feedback. It is easier to do.

  28. Rated 1

    Customer Feedback Surcey still not workin (‘Server cannot be found),
    Large carton left in aisle blocking get around.
    Electric cart with gauge to show if it has been charged.
    Only 2 of 4 Self Scan-Unimited out of service 9Thus sems to be a standard at this Meijer).

  29. Rated 1

    Why on earth would you close the self serve lanes at one end of the store because it was after 10pm? Make a person who has trouble walking go all the way to the other side to purchase one item and walk back again because that’s where their car was. It makes no sense to close self serve lanes at any time of day or night. An employee was there anyway tell customers who wanted to use the lanes that they could not.

  30. Rated 5

    While at store 211 I was treated so good I just had to say thanks to all the nice employees at this store it is a great feeling i got in your store today w

  31. Rated 5

    Transferred the bags to my car. What a trooper and sweet gal. I thanked her several times and told her I was very appreciative.

  32. Rated 5

    Hats off to Patricia H in the garden center at your Grafton location. I wanted bags of mulch that were on sale. The sale price was ending the day I was there 5-31-17
    The way the bags were stacked there was no way this “senior citizen” could reach them. I saw Patricia and asked if there was any young man who could help me, she smiled and proceeded to tell me it was only her. Patricia not only secured a dolly and loaded it with the number of bags I needed, she instructed me to drive around to the loading area and
    area and

  33. Rated 1

    let me begin by stating I am a 75 year old female. When visiting my Mejer today to pickup a few items, my husband dropped me off at the pharmacy door as I needed some items on that side of the store. There were no carts in the store, I asked a female attend if she would be able to get some carts. She told me to go to the other end of the store and get one. I said no, I came in this door because I wanted to shop at this end and I didn’t think it was my responsibility to get one. I asked her what kind of customer service was this. At the same time, a female customer told me I was a lazy bitch because I wouldn’t go out to the parking lot and get one. I am in shock at the horrible treatment and feel this is my very last trip to a Meijer store. Kroger here I come.

  34. Rated 5

    Shopped today and found most of what I went in for. Check-out staff Dawn at the Pike Plaza site was very friendly and caring, in that she bagged my food properly. Please thank her for me.

  35. Rated 5

    mPerks! love this program. It took a while for it to really kick in, but I received some coupons in the mail. Not coupons for things I don’t use, or coupons that state that I must buy $12.00 worth of shampoo. I received coupons for products that I actually buy on a regular basis. I LOVE IT!! Thank you and keep up the good work. I love my Meijer store #43

  36. Rated 1

    I tried to return my empty twisted tea cans at the store at 13000 middlebelt in Livonia MI. And as always the machine rejected them. I ask the guy why they wouldn’t take them back and he said they didn’t sell that product. I told him they did sell it in bottles and cans and he basically called me a liar until I walked him over to the aisle and showed them sitting on the shelf! Don’t know if I’ll go back there

  37. Rated 3

    I purchased $204.77 worth of product on 6/10/17 and couldn’t remember my wife’s rewards phone number/pin that she used to set it up (Theresa Kukla)in her absence. I was told that I could go online line and enter the receipt information and acquire the discounts we normally get for this but I’m confused on how this happens. Can someone call me 248-762-5576 and/or email me the procedure? Store #70 (Woodhaven, MI), Receipt (under bar code): A007002SE44ZOQS, OP: 2140804, Time: 17:14:59

  38. Rated 5

    I find things unique and am very pleased shopping at Meijers.

  39. Rated 1

    My wife and I did some grocery shopping today, and we picked up birthday cards and a Fathers day card,I was in the isle by the plants and my wife was in the next isle over looking for cards and she came and got me she wanted me to see something that was on a card, I couldn’t believe my eyes it was a bedbug crawling on a card, we should have taken a picture of it but I told my wife lets tell someone that works here, we told 2 employees one at the end of the store putting up supplies near the medical department and the last person we told was the cashier lady as we checked out in lane 12 I hope they can resolve this issue, we know they just refurbished the store, I hope someone can address this issue, the last person we told was Sharon at store #63 on 06/04/17

  40. Rated 1

    Customer Feedback survey still doesn’t work.
    Store 231: The signs at each end of food section don’t reflect all items in the aisle (eg. Salad Dressings, Soup). I have not found a single person who can see the other side. Most just look at sign at their side.
    Why is Tartar Sauce buried with Mayonnaise? No sign either.
    Still need more Handicap spots, mainly on South (Food) side.

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