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Lowe’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

Did you find the home improvements items to decorate your new house or outdoor living stuff to upgrade your garden at Lowe’s? Share your most recent Lowe’s shopping experiences in Lowe’s customer satisfaction survey and you will have an opportunity to enter a quarterly drawing for a chance to win $5,000 Lowe’s gift cards upon completion of the survey. You don’t need to purchase to enter or win. View Official Rules to see whether your are eligible for the sweepstakes prizes.

Lowe’s Customer Satisfaction Survey Guide

  • Go to the survey page and select the country you live in from US and Canada. Click the “Next” button
  • Select the language you preferred to use from English and Spanish. Click the “Next” button to continue

Lowe's Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Enter the time of your visit, the total amount spent and the 12 digit ID number on your receipt

Lowe's Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Answer questions about your recent visit to the Lowe’s and provide your feedback
  • You need to fill in your personal information for the purposes of the sweepstakes

Lowe’s is one of the most popular home improvement retailers in the country, if you shopped a lot for your home decoration recently, you may also visit The Home Depot, never forget Home Depot customer opinion survey if you have a valid receipt and win The Home Depot customer survey $5,000 gift cards.

About Lowe’s
Lowe’s is the second-largest home improvement retailer worldwide running houseware and appliance stores and has retail stores in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Customers can shop online or at a Lowe’s retailer for Lowe’s merchandise.

Reference Links

  1. Lowe’s Customer Satisfaction Survey Link: www.lowes.com/survey
  2. Lowe’s Customer Satisfaction Survey Official Rules
  3. Lowe’s Customer Satisfaction Survey Winner List
  4. Lowe’s Official Site: www.lowes.com

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Rating 4.1143votes

  1. Rated 5

    Kirk at Longmont store, was the best salesperson I had all day. That includes Sears, Best Buy. He is so special. Treat him well.

  2. Rated 5

    Was in the NYC store – on 23rd street – for a drill – on May 19. Was helped by Donald. This guy is great. A true customer service person who is helpful and really smart.

    I hope you have your eyes on him for advancement and promotion.

  3. Rated 5

    I would like to thank Liz for all the help she is so sweet and nice,
    she is a number 7 !!!
    She was Great.

  4. Rated 4

    My experience on this visit like most was satisfying and without complications.I stopped the whole store and had helpful sales staff through out the whole store

  5. Rated 5

    Very helpful everyone very nice

  6. Rated 5

    We were extremely pleased with Max and his team that installed our flooring. They were courteous
    and efficient. We give them a score of 7+. Excellent job!

  7. Rated 5

    I wanted to buy new interior doors for my home, and I went to the Lowes store, 2252. When I went to the desk, I explained what I wanted to the lowes staff. Jennifer was pleasant and helpful and found Jason, a door expert, who had thorough and professional knowlege on helping me select the right products for my home. I was so happy to have been assisted from the start to the finish in my purchase today!He even loaded my car with the doors, all six of them.Forget 5 stars this worker deserves at least seven or more. I will always shoppe here
    from now on. I left with such a good feeling,and feel confident in this store’s excellent
    customer service treatment.He also helped me place a special product order, door # 7 . In the past, I bought items and services from the Home Depot and most of the time have been disappointed. What a huge difference when I shopped at Lowes today! Keep up the great work:-)
    I shopped at store 2252, today at 13:28:47 and spent 319.27 Also, the Manager, Wayne, was pleasant and helpful, he has a very good team!

  8. Rated 2

    trying to get on your curvey is one great problem.time 12:29:08 7/11/17 trans#17790514 purchase 164.08

  9. Rated 1

    horrible experience shopping online at lowes

  10. Rated 1

    I purchased Olympic One paint and primer that has a beautiful color. I’ve always bought Walmart paint but I thought Lowes would have better quality paint and decided to try Lowes. It went on the walls nicely. But when I tried to do touch up spots it never blended with the rest of the paint. I tried over and over with the same amount of coats in each area to blend with the rest of the wall. It never blended. The wall still has a two toned color because I refuse to buy more paint. It was VERY time consuming and frustrating. I paid right at $30 for the first gallon of paint and primer. I had to buy a second because I had to keep going over the same walls. That’s $60 worth of paint for a small room! I had to paint the whole wall over everytime. I finally just gave up and left it as it is. I am VERY dissappointed with this paint. Walmart paint wasn’t so bad after all. I’ve NEVER had to do this with Walmart paint!! I could do touch ups with Walmart paint and it blended as long as the coats were evenly matched. This was indeed a very bad experience for me. My perspective has changed very much for Lowes paint.

  11. Rated 5

    We would like to give an accommodation to Sandra Knudsen in indoor home and garden .We recently purchased a bagger for our lawn mower. She did an exceptional job in helping us with our purchase.It was a pleasure to work with her.She has a very nice personality.

  12. Rated 5

    Store # 1532 love the store everyone very nice
    Had to return a item was helped by Sarah and Liz both very professional extremely friendly truly a pleasure to be treated the way they do

  13. Rated 1

    I went to lowes today 6/30/17 at 10:58:48 to pickup mulch some was helping other people some was just walking around and i just had serugey there was five people working in the load yard one said we have to help other people and he was doing nothing just plain LAZY

  14. Rated 5

    Denise is one of your best advertisements! I have not encountered one thing that she couldn’t help me with–always with a smile!

  15. Rated 5

    I was looking for a certain item and an associate asked if he could help me so I asked him where to locate what I needed. He told me where the item should be but I couldn’t find it. I saw another associate,Abigail,and she looked up the item and also took the time to walk me to the location to make sure it was the correct thing!
    She also asked if there was anything else she could help me find!! Kudos to her for taking the time and she was very professional and courteous.
    This took place at the store in Palmyra,Pa 17078

  16. Rated 5

    Easily found what I wanted. No line at checkout. In and out in just a few minutes.

  17. Rated 5

    Recently I had an issue with the Lowes store in Marquette Michigan.I tried to solve it on line not realizing my e-mails went to corporate.It took them days to acknowledge that they got them and began their run around B.S. stuff. I drove the 50 miles to the store and solved it in no time at all.The people working at that store are wonderful and very helpful.This time a gal in customer service named Ashlee Sanford gets my A+.She went out of her way to get me a satisfactory solution to my issue.Thank You Again Ashlee….Bill

  18. Rated 5

    Total Purchase was $1941.55, time was 6-13-17 @ 14:25:38 ID#15683 1085 164
    I purchased a Husqvarna 22HP Riding Mower with 3 year extended warranty
    from the Lowes located on 1351 Manhattan Blvd. Harvey, La. 70058 the sales person was
    Mary Letellier : She was very good at her job and made it easy for me to make my purchase. I recommend Lowes and Mary if you are in need of a lawn mower. I give Lowes and Mary the highest rating.

  19. Rated 5


  20. Rated 5

    the Pace Florida store #2715 is great! way better than the orange store two blocks away

  21. Rated 5

    I placed an order by phone for an item that is no longer carried by Lowe’s. Athena was helpful, and very patient in tracking down a Lowe’s store that still had the product. She was very polite throughout the conversation.

  22. Rated 5

    Would like to give an employee in Fayetteville. Arkansas two thumbs up… Her name is Jasmine. Us from Fort Smith being Lowe’s shoppers here at this store ran into a small problem doing a job in Springdale. She offered a solution and it worked. Her P.R. skills are second to none. She is a great value to this store. We thank her, Morgan’s Quality Improvements

  23. Rated 5

    Great service from Mark and Mike inside seasonal

  24. Rated 1

    Lowes quickly took my $2,700 for riding lawnmower but it already needs repair. ISSUE: I can not pick it up and deliver to repair shop which is closer to my residence than lowes or even when it is done so it sits at Lowes for an unreal amount of time as my grass grows. BIG mistake to purchase from Lowes and Opinion will be expresses to others…..TOTALLY CONFUSED on their operation…..PS Man that sold it to me would not give me (GARY) time of day to help get it fixed. Find new Job please.

  25. Rated 1

    Athens,al store employees, all have bad attitudes, stay away from that store, they have so many employees walking around with nothing to do. bad management

  26. Rated 5

    Best service ever

  27. Rated 5

    It’s a great place to shop,the workers are very helpful and prices are fair

  28. Rated 1

    Bought an electric chain saw and was ask if I wanted a 2 year warranty for $11.99. I got the warranty with the understanding that for 2 years if anything happened it would be replaced. “Not True”. Six weeks later I tried to exercise the warranty and was refused. Instead, the price of the saw was credited back to my account and I lost the warranty portion and the new saw cost more. All but one appliance in my house came from Lowes, never again…

  29. Rated 1

    I went Burbank store (BUC 1144) 2000 W. Empire ave, Burbank, Ca 91504 on 6/5/17 and order and paid by visa
    1. Tile invoice # 88242 $244.80
    2. 8 ft track, invoice # 88243 $ 39.96
    On 6/9/17 I went to store to pickup. I went customer service Ms. Diana. She look my order in computer more then 45 minutes (I ask more then 3 times that it is in store and ready to pick up, she said it is in store) and did not find 8 ft track in store. She said only item # 1 available.
    I asked her, if item no 2 not available, you can inform me at the beginning. Why you take more then 45 minutes to informed me 8’ track not available ?
    I talk to store manager Mr. Toni, He said 8 ft track, invoice # 88243 not available in store. He took my cel. Phone and land phone number, said he will call me when the item available. He never call me.
    Today I check LOWS website, it shows “11 available today at Burbank”. He never calls me.
    I request to delivery to my home free of cost.

  30. Rated 5

    After spending an hour at Home Depot talking to two sales associates who had no idea where outdoor blinds or misting fans were, we gave up and went to Lowes where Jonathan immediately asked us what we were looking for. Jonathan not only found the location of the items we were looking for, he walked us through the store to show us where the items were. We purchased over $200.00 all because of great customer service from Jonathan.

  31. Rated 5

    I Love Lowes wouldn’t shop anywhere else

  32. Rated 5

    Easily found everything I needed. Reasonable prices

  33. Rated 1

    Still waiting to get cement blocks checked it at 1:32 now 2:23. Took 30 for s manager to open the gate. Still can’t find the blocks. Call to talk to a manager he was talking to someone else and could figure out how to help or get someone to help. Really! Have a pro service person trying now. One hour to pick up 6 blocks that you are supposed have 300 plus of.

  34. Rated 5

    ID 11455 2726 155 time 15:10:21 terminal 11 store 2726 $15.18

  35. Rated 5

    I visited store 0466. Terminal:15 on 06/08/17
    @14:42:53. My ID #1583 0466 159. The two employees at this terminal were so very helpful in getting someone to assist with what I needed. So was the person appointed to assist me. I got just what I needed.
    Thanks guys!!!

  36. Rated 5

    I for got to tell you what store and what number 0192522270156 and the store was in Stockton. Calif Trinity Parkway

  37. Rated 5

    I want to thank Mosses for his kindness, helpfulness, knowledge, willingness to please me in all ways he could with his job. Nothing was to tough. also at the register was Jackie. Very helpful. I was not shopping and she put all my order on hold for me. also ask for help to load my purchase. My husband just had open heart surgery and cant lift. Mosses and Jackie made my shopping a pleasure…I dont see it but I rate them a 7

  38. Rated 1

    Lowes in Danvers Ma has quite possibly he worst saleman I’ve ever dealt with. Peter G has zero customer service skills but I expect nothing less as the actual customer service team has less. I don’t even want to drive by another Lowes never mind buy anything from this awful company.
    The fence company who did the actual installation was tremendous. I recommend All Fenced In if you have a project comming up. DO NOT waist your time or money on Lowes. They are nothing but a second rate organization who doesn’t really care about their customers. You will waste time and cause yourself undo stress. It’s simply not worth it.
    I couldn’t leave a zero rating so I guess 1 will have to do.

  39. Rated 5

    While my husband was shopping at the Lowe’s in Sylva, NC I was sitting at the check out lanes waiting on him. While there I watched a young lady whose customer service skills were absolutely superb. I observed her having the patience of Job when dealing with older people. she is a true to the Lowe’s organization. When my husband was ready to check out I made sure we went to her register so I could make sure I had her name right. I had asked another employee her name. She should be commended for her kindness to people while doing her job. Thank you Kay Archambo

  40. Rated 1

    Lowes is terrible for fence installation. Never ever buy a fence there.

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