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Safeway Grocery Customer Satisfaction Survey

How do you like the products and customer services at Safeway Grocery? Do you have some suggestions and advice to make your next visit better? Take Safeway Grocery Customer Satisfaction Survey and share your feedback now and help Safeway grocery store to improve. Upon completion of the survey, you will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win $100 gift card.

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Safeway Grocery Customer Satisfaction Survey Guide

  • Visit Safeway Grocery customer satisfaction survey page
  • Take your receipt at hand, first enter the date of your visit, which is at the bottom left of the receipt, then type in the first 10 numbers of the 14 digit code in the order of 4-2-4
  • Click the link below the button “Start Survey”

Safeway Grocery Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Answer the following questions and click the “Next” button to move on

Safeway Grocery Customer Satisfaction Survey

  •  To enter the prize drawing, you should complete your contact information correctly
  • Your comments and feedback will be forwarded to Safeway to help them understand what they could do even better for you and other customers

Safeway Grocery Customer Satisfaction Survey

About Safeway Grocery Store
Safeway is a supermarket chain in the United States, ranking number two in North America following the Kroger Company. It offers high quality brands at low prices varying from everyday necessaries like milk and paper towels to premium, specialty items like gourmet coffee and organic lasagna.

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  1. Safeway Grocery Customer Satisfaction Survey Link: www.grocerysurvey.net
  2. Safeway Official Site: www.safeway.com
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18 Responses so far.

  1. Ralph Brauwn says:

    TIME: 11:15PM on 11/22/16
    The survey that I was directed to for your store was at best a GENERIC COPY OF A COPY … At best . As for my experience at you store it leaves much to be desired. The lanes as narrow as they are were congested with vendors in just about every lane along with your employees trying to get their items from the back out at the same time.


  2. Chris says:

    I enjoyed shoping at Safeway Jefferson,its easy to find my needs . Its not crowded and the one the manager named Jenn who help me she was very pleasant.

  3. Gus Boersma says:

    Shannon W. our clerk was very friendly and helpful. She greeted us when we arrived at the till and even though we were the last people at her till she opened up for another customer as all the other tills were busy.

  4. khansa says:

    I enjoying shoping at Safeway,its easy to find my needs . Its not crowded and the Customer service is awsome

  5. Stephanie Decker says:

    Congratulations Safeway ! The Safewayway store in Monument Co is becoming awesome! I have relocated from Ca and love Vons. I was disappointed with the caliber of your store BUT in the last year you’re carrying way more organic your Deli is outstanding and NOW you’ve added fresh Sushi .. you’re really starting to rock the store has made a 100% turnaround since I’ve moved here ! Keep it up and add more organic!!!

  6. William Dalzell says:

    Was just in the Lihue, HI store, in the Starbucks dining area. The room was filthy, with food, containers and mixed liquids littering the tables and the trash receptacle overflowing onto the floor.

  7. Norman Stevens says:

    First – your survey is far too complicated to do even in the five minutes you say it will take. I could not get beyond the survey code!

    Next: Karla in the Hamakua Dr. Kailua Hi store # 1087 bakery area was excellent in all aspects of her job:
    1. Enthusiasm 2. expertise (the bday cake was perfect), appearance and accuracy in getting
    the cake done on time 3. articulate in explaining the options we had and more. You should have a store full of employees like her.

  8. Judy says:

    The prices may have gone down on a few items, but in fact they have gone up on many items, essential items such as toilet tissue, and fresh produce. The quality of fresh produce and the selection is also way down.

  9. Ann Rothweiler says:

    Recent Order 120300 10/23/16 for 130 items.
    22 items were sold out which is 20% of my order. It took over 3 hours to pick out that order. Online kept kicking me out and I had to resign in at least 8 times. A huge waste of time & patience.
    The store is HORRIBLE at having enough stock on hand, especially sale items, which is unacceptable & so frustrating after all that work! They know sale items are going to be in high demand yet they are always sold out of MANY items so they don’t know how to do their jobs.
    Then I mark the column ‘No Substitutions’ and they still send more expensive subs. That is called bait & switch & is illegal.
    So when this order is delivered late, I think it was a new driver, no sweat because I was staying home all day. The driver was in a hurry and left. I’m checking off my items on the receipt and only 4 of refrigerated, frozen, or produce items were delivered. I called delivery Mgr & he says call CS, which I’m sick of doing this because there are mistakes, missing, crushed, or expired items on every order!!! And done CS agents have made mistakes which caused me more problems.
    Luckily I got David Lucas at CS. He was thorough, kind, patient so I told his MGR I appreciated it. He sends list for redelivery to store because I WANT MY ITEMS! So today redelivery came and there were more items missing than delivered. I was at the end of my rope! 3 days to try to get what I paid for. I was on the verge of crying. I called Mike at store delivery & I had to go over every missing item AGAIN!!
    I’d had it!….so told Mike no more redeliveries. He was very nice and said he was refunding my credit card. Now I wait to see if I really get the whole amount I’m owed. I JUST WANT WHAT I PAID FOR!
    That’s seems to be impossible for Safeway.
    I work at a call center with 120 people and I tell co-workers I cannot recommend Safeway because I don’t want them getting mad at me.

  10. Anne says:

    I have been trying to do the survey it won’t except my codes of my receipt

  11. Brandon Uhlig says:

    Mike v and eddy in the meat dept were very nice. I bought some fish and when l started cooking it it didn’t smell right. They gave me some fish, to cover my loss. Thank you.

  12. Laura Dixon-Dybvad says:

    I was in the Safeway at 1410 E John St. in Seattle yesterday at about 2pm. I received excellent service from a deli employee and I believe his name was Tali. Unfortunately I didn’t save my receipt so I could not fill out the survey form on line. I did call the store and talked to customer service and he told me that he would tell the store manager about my commendation.
    I just want to be sure that he gets recognized for his service.
    Thank you very much,
    Laura Dixon-Dybvad

  13. Rosemarie Novalkowski says:

    It is pathetic that the survey asks for 10 numbers and mine is longer and will not accept it!

  14. Anne Packer says:

    I tried to enter the customer survey with great difficulty. There are a number of outdated contests dating back for years that google brought up that are not applicable. When I finally found the right contest I tried unsuccessfully to enter the numbers from 2 different receipts. The Start Survey would not accept the numbers: it appeared my numbers were 2 digits too long.

    If you’re doing a survey make it easy!

  15. marianne humphreys says:

    I shopped at the River Ave. Safeway store in Winnipeg Manitoba on Thurs. Oct 13th. I had the rudest clerk I have ever had in a Safeway store or any store for that matter. I told her I had a bag of potatoes at the bottom of the cart. I thought she could somehow put them in the computer without taking them out of the cart. She asked me to move the cart up which I did and she yanked them out of the cart threw them on the counter so hard scanned them and then threw them so hard into the cart the bag broke and potatoes went on the floor. She just ignored this. I politely told her since the bag was broken she would have to put them in one of my shopping bags. She plopped them in my shopping bag so hard I said “you must be having a hard day with the way you are throwing my groceries in the bags. She said “I’m not throwing them in the bag” I said well then you are tossing them in my bag and she retorted “Im not tossing them in the bags. She continued tossing my groceries in my bags. At this point I asked her, her name and she proudly told me Phoebe. At the end after I paid her she handed me my receipt and didn’t say “thank you” I sarcastically said “You are very welcome” She didn’t say a word. I was so upset I went to the customer counter and asked for the manager. He was very polite and asked if he could get me another bag of potatoes which I declined and he said he would certainly speak to her. He told me to have a nice day.; But you know I was by this time on the verge of tears because I was so upset.Safeway has always been on of my favorite stores not just because of some of their products but because of some of their staff.

  16. Steve Geving says:

    The quality of produce at the Newport, Washington store is terrible, fruit and vegetables are expensive and they have no flavor, they don’t honor coupons that they print in paper, the bakery at 10am didn’t have a third of their products out. I wouldn’t mind it as much if I didn’t have to drive 12 miles to shop. My experiences shopping there have been getting worse and worse. No more ever since Albertsons took them over it is a chore to get quality, yesterday I spent $128 and a lot of the herbs had turned, the organic tomatoes at $3.49 lb. we’re tasteless, I bought new York steaks that were tough.im going to listen to my neighbors and join them in a carpool to WinCo

  17. Ron Adams says:

    You have everything I need in groceries and at very good prices. Your “complements” products are all very good.

  18. Marie Georget says:

    I can count on Safeway to have any product I want.The produce is always nice and fresh

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