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Greyhound Customer Experience Survey

You may have enjoyed a good journey with the Greyhound Lines. And how were you waited on at the Greyhound food store? No matter how was your Greyhound visiting experience, just speak out in the Greyhound customer satisfaction survey. You will have the chance to win $500.

Greyhound Customer Survey

  • Visit the survey site via Reference Link 1 below
  • Input the 6-digit code located on your receipt and press the “Next” icon to continue

Greyhound Customer Experience Survey

  • Finish the forms with what you remembered and click “Next”

Greyhound Customer Experience Survey

  • Enter your personal information for prize drawing

Greyhound Customer Experience Survey

  • At the end of the survey, you’ll be given the chance to win the prize and earn points for the next trip

Greyhound Customer Experience Survey

About Greyhound
Greyhound is a manufacturer of the Dial Soap and Armour meat products in the United States. It is the parent corporation of Greyhound Lines, a producer of intercity bus transportation.

Reference Links

  1. Greyhound Customer Survey Link: www.greyhoundsurvey.com
  2. Greyhound Official Site: www.greyhound.com

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  1. Rated 1

    The stupid bus left me at a gas station I hate greyhound and will not be using it again. worst experience of a life you should be put of business

  2. Rated 1

    This trip was terrible our bus was late which made our miss the next bus. The lobby and bathroom was dirty. I will say staff in Tyler super nice however the staff in Dallas are rude no customer service.

  3. Rated 5

    It was great it went by fast and had wifi on the bus I am looking forward to Riding Grey hound again this week!

  4. Rated 2

    It was an awful trip that was saved at the end by a wonderful gentleman that gave us the taxi ride home after missing our connection. The Knoxville station was very rude and would not tell us what was going on with our bus ended up leaving a hour and half late!! This caused for a lot of stress whether we were going catch our last transfer which happened to be the last bus on the schedule for that day which we did miss. Just not a good trip!!!

  5. Rated 2

    Most of the drivers were surprisingly very rude. Seemed very irritated with me even though I thanked every single one for taking my ticket. I got an eye roll or a big breath like they were sick of me. I spent a lot of time on these buses so I am very disappointed. I understand a job can be frustrating but not everyone is irritating. Do not appreciate being treated like I was.

  6. Rated 1

    I heard that the owner of greyhound left his business handed down to his son and I hope that he does read the comment status.I Never thought that I would actually be commenting on anything but I’m dam tired of BUSINESSES taking advantage of peoples money.THIS LAST TRIP FOR 2 PEOPLE IT WAS THE COST OF A ROUND TRIP WHAT A RIP OFF!! THE HELL WITH A COMPENSATION ON A FOOD VOUCHER I WANT MY MONEYS WORTH.

  7. Rated 5

    The service and prices are outstanding, my only concern is that there is not a closer stop to LAX Going to Union station from the Greyhound station seems to undermine your service. By doing this I feel Amtrak is steeling your business, Amtrak has it’s problems which excede those of Greyhound. I would like to see Greyhound station providing a Private Airport Shuttle Contracter, which would compliment Greyhound, Rather than take away from.

  8. Rated 5

    Driver was excellent took her time driving very professional and polite.

  9. Rated 5

    Excellent service

  10. Rated 1

    This dog needs to be put Down!!! The 10 hour trip took 12 hours. The dog has broken legs. Put it down!!

  11. says:

    I traveled from San Bernardino, Ca on Jan 29, 2017 to Victorville, Ca.at approximately4pm.
    I was impressed with your professional and friendly staff and impressed with how clean the station and the bus were.
    When I arrived in Victorville to an empty station, an attendant stayed with me until my ride arrived. She was concerned about leaving me in the dark with several homeless people about the very nice station. I’m happy to say that I will travel with y’all when I return. And, I will recommend your service to my friends. Thank you, sincerely, D. L Thayer

  12. says:

    I took the Greyhound bus from Edmonton to Kamloops on Dec 30/2016. At Valemount, we got a new bus driver.
    He was extremely rude, yes the bus was 2.5 hours behind schedule, but that was no excuse for his bad behaviour. He yelled at the passengers. He stated “no-one gets off the bus at any stop except to disembark or if it is a BREAK STOP.” Then he said loudly, “Don’t bother the bus driver. If you need the heat adjusted, wait till I stop at the next town”. However, at Blue River, a female got on, sat across from the driver in the front seat, and they chatted non-stop all the way to Barriere where she got off). Then he also said” do not walk up and down the bus” which meant to me that I could not use the washroom. I started wiggling around in my seat (I was 2 seats behind the driver) and he said “however that is moving around, stop !!!”.

    Where does Greyhound find these jerks? I am a 71 year old lady who has not travelled by Greyhound in over 8 years. I am disgusted with the treatment that I received.

    I hope that Greyhound takes this letter seriously and offers me compensation,

  13. says:

    On the second leg of my trip from Pitt to Cle, I experienced something I have never in my many many travels. It was the midnight bus, late to depart. It had been a long day for me. There was a man at the Pitt station wearing a green and yellow ball cap, Caucasian, dirty blonde curly hair, mid 20s or 30s, washed out jeans and sneakers. So, basically, this man moved to the front of the bus and was yelling anxiously about the queen of England, France, it was urgent he get to Colorado, he was made an English citizen (nonsense), borderline harassing the driver refusing to sit still and quiet. As a woman travelling alone of small stature, I became uncomfortable as he carried on. I thought my God what if he has a weapon because there is no airport type security at bus stations. I called my boyfriend’s telephone leaving a message as the bus driver had pulled over and exited the bus for a few minutes and I didn’t know if things were going to escalate. She told us there is a situation but that it was being handled. Soon after two police men boarded the bus, I was relieved. They told him to exit the bus and he complied. They spoke outside for a few minutes and to my surprise he reboarded the bus, was placed right behind the driver like a child, except this was a clearly unstable man. The driver did ask if anyone was uncomfortable being seated next to him and I said that I was very uncomfortable and would not be seated next to him. I was disappointed the police didn’t remove him as I believe the driver requested. I kept my phone ready and he laid down in the seats behind the driver, one seat away in front to the left of me. I was very tired, uncomfortable and watched him from that point FWD. A greyhound employee, young male, African American boarded the bus and told the man behind the driver he must get off immediately in no uncertain terms. I was relieved. I have back and neck problems that were aggravated by this trip. I saw the man out in front of the station walking quickly across the street, after arriving finally in Cleveland, OH. I was waiting for my ride and gave change to a homeless man claiming to be a veteran, he was African American, long coat, winter knit hit. As I was leaving I looked back into the station and saw him standing in line to board another bus. I wanted to go back in and speak with an employee but my ride was anxious to go and my neck was really hurting at that point. I believe there should be better security at all bus stations, especially in these days. Greyhound employees leaving and returning were good. I don’t know who should address security at the stations but its unfair to all of the other passengers and potentially dangerous. This is true renderring of events and it deserves your attention.

  14. says:

    im on schedule number GLI1115 coming out of Indianapolis,IN.supose to have left out at 9:20 but left at 9:40 this bus operator is just plane out rude to everyone on the bus as if we dont have any wright or any thing we can say to him about any complants and its just not right because we are adults we are carrying ourself according but he want to treat of as if we are kids now if we are hot and its uncomfertable we have a right to awear him of us being uncomfertable

  15. says:

    Today while heading to NY our bus driver (Charles Taylor) avoid a major accident on the parkway. While everyone panic he remain calm, confident and professional making all feel safe. He is such a good driver and I wanted to take the time out to compliment him on his driving and professionalism because that could of went so very wrong so thank you Mr.Taylor.

    • says:

      Charles Taylor
      Bus number #6463
      Thank You Mr.Taylor

  16. says:

    My comment was for travel booked for Dec. 22/16

  17. says:

    My husband and I (both seniors on walkers)pre-purchased tickets to go from Lloydminster, Alberta to Edmonton, Alberta to travel to the city to meet our son and daughter to spend Christmas with them. On arriving at the Lloydminster depot, we were told that the bus would be at least 3 hours late. No explanation, no apology, no offer of at least coffee, as it was lunch time. We were cold and hungry by the time the bus arrived. The driver, when the bus finally arrived at Lloydminster, was friendly and helpful, and did his best to make up time. I was disappointed with
    Greyhound, bus there is no alternative for people who do not drive.

  18. says:

    If the managers and officers from Greyhound are strict and strongly enforce their drivers and workers to be better there will be change. Experience from 1 -10 is a 6 from me. Last time this driver left us in the rain outside while we switched buses in Kaiti, and air was cold on bus. Not sure if his name is Jesse and wears like a chain andlight blue uniform. Only because of customer service I rate it a little above medium..
    Laredo there’s never a problem. Overall, service Is decent but does need improvement by a chunk. I hope it gets fixed because I take Greyhound bus once a month.

  19. says:

    I was treated good but the poor lady behind me traveling another 20 hrs was treated like crap. WE stopped for a lay over in Calgary alberta and the customer service lady came on the bus and start hollering at her about greyhound policies and your not allowed car seat on the bus. This lady had a 3, 2 and 6 week old in car seats very well behaved. The customer service lady took her car seats and put them under the bus and she was told to hold the babies or put them in their own seats. The greyhound 1800 number was of no help and kept her on the line almost the whole 2 hrs. She had to call 911 before customer service lady would give her car seats back and board her.

  20. says:

    The worst way to be treated for spending money to travel and get treated like cattle yelled at spoken down to and be two days behind schedule for school because of the bus stations treatment to there passengers acting like we’re coman criminals on a bus to the big house I’ve never been so offended by how they act twords good hard working Americans

  21. says:

    The worst way to be treated for spending money to trav

  22. says:

    I lost my ticket due to the fact an employee threw away my ticket when loading my stroller.

  23. says:

    Just to let you know, there is an error with your survey as it did not request contact information. A proper survey must follow the steps it indicates.

  24. says:

    I recently went to Laredo TX and back using the grayhound bus lines and the first bus going to Laredo TX looked more like the older ones because the seats had Tear’s where seat and the transfer Bus driver looked like if he was little waisted but other than that it was an awesome trip I had a blast besides all of the worst things I said before I would be traveling using this bus system again

  25. says:

    Just rode your bus from Red Bluff Ca to Sacramento Ca. seats were torn and worn out , also felt bad for people waiting for the bus with no place to set down only on the curb , no shelter at all. I’ve ridden the bus many times and this was the worse date 9-3-2016

  26. says:

    The most horrable bus ride ever!!!! This is about the 5th time i have had to use grayhound and everytime its has been horrable . I’m on the bus now headed to fortworth texas from Dothan Alabama. I have been over priced . And very under minded. The bus drivers were very rude. None helpfull. The staff were very rude and also unhelpfull . I will never recommend Gray hound to anyone. And they will never get another dime from me are my family. 27 hours to make an 11 hour trip.. U suck Greyhound!!!!

  27. says:

    Hello everybody Happy Halloween.
    My first day at the greyhound station at Vegas was great until we were riding the bus and the bus driver was going great but I guess his back was hurting so he decided to get a massage with the bumbs on the road which it feel good though but I was really scared because I think he was sleeping after that the bus driver switch to another one and he was really well fast and safe. Then I got a surprise transfer when my transfer supposed to be on Kansas Salina it was in Denver Colorado and to top it off it was late but he was fast until he decide to go back to get the a/c fixed we were there for a while. So we were already 2 hours late then they told me that this bus was going straight to Wichita Kansas but the drivers switch and now I’m here at Kansas City Missouri waiting for the bus at 8:00 in the morning. From Vegas to Missouri was not my ride so I would want a full refund because I’m here at the station from 12:00pm to 8:00am and then I went to get a water and the machine and sold my money. To top off everything I been in the bus for 3 days Sunday, Monday and Tuesday

  28. says:

    It was a surprise of how comfortable the seats where so comfortable that I fell asleep freak fast to Saskatoon and the on the way to Edmonton thank u guys great pirce and quick thank and I’ll see u guys soon

  29. says:

    This is off my bucket list going to the West Coast from the East Coast. So is Greyhound Bus. I never want to ride your bus line again. Some things I know you have no control of like one of the buses I was on got a flat tire. I took two hours for them to come fix it. It set me back four hours. The one thing that considered me the most is how some of the bus drivers were not friendly at all. Like Drill Sergeants or Robot Bus drivers. I would like a refund. I was unsatificated with the Customer Service and Hospitality shown. Also Greyhound needs to be better prepared and organized for emergency situations. You should hire more drivers and have more buses. The bathroom and the buses are not well kept. The buses and the bathrooms need to be cleaned better. Buses need through inspections of cleanliness. Also perhaps some new buses with TV. Some of the buses I could not charge my phone or get connected to internet. For the distance I and paided I should not have been treated like just a number. From Providence RI to Phoenix Arizonia and then back. I enjoyed my vacation but the bus ride was terrible. I thank God for getting all there and back safety. I would however like to thank the bus drivers and dock personal and ticketeers that were professional and curiosity. I finally made it home Saturday. My confirmation # 1487977201. Departed October 16. Sunday at 8:30am from Providence RI to Phoenix. I arrived in Phonenix Tuesday night midnight. DEPARTED from Phonenix Tuesday October 25th. Back to Providence RI. I had a round trip ticket which cost me $275. Dollars. My phone number is (704)281-3902. I would love for Greyhound to call me and to refund my money. Thank you. Have a blessed day. Sincerely Rosetta Davis/ email
    [email protected]

  30. says:

    I got to the bus stop for the Portland bus at 8:01am and the bus was already gone. That is rediculous!

  31. says:

    Bus drivers are RUDE!!! Staff is lazy! Buses are late! Please save your money and time, do not ride their buses!!!

  32. says:

    Todo muy bien trato ,amabilidad, los baños de los sentral en buen estado , chófer amable , autobús más o menos porque las clavijas de el lado derecho n funsionan

  33. says:

    I want a refund for sitting in your urine smelling bud for 3 hours.
    Many others want to sue.

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