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FedEX Customer Satisfaction Survey

How do you like the service of FedEX? You can tell them how to improve through this customer satisfaction survey. Your candid feedback will be valued extremely.

FedEX Customer Satisfaction Survey Guide

  • Log onto the FedEX customer satisfaction survey page in the Reference Links 1
  • Select the language from English and Spanish
  • Click the “Next” button to go on

FedEX Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Answer the following questions and click the “NEXT” button to continue

FedEX Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Enter the transaction number found on your receipt directly beneath the barcode

FedEX Customer Satisfaction Survey

About FedEX
FedEx Corporation, is an American global courier delivery services company headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee. They mainly operate post delivery, express mail, freight forwarding and third-party logistics.

Reference Links

  1. FedEX Customer Satisfaction Survey Link: www.fedex.com/welisten
  2. FedEx Official Site: www.fedex.com

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  1. says:

    A young woman , Lorrie helped me unload a multitude of boxes of private mail to be shredded
    She not only helped get them into the store, but open’d each box, patiently emptied them into the tub to be shredded, but was so cheerful about the entire proccess I was so happy to get them taken care of. she remained so helpful through out the entire process. What a pleasure to work with such a helpful employee.
    Thank you Lorri

  2. says:

    I was given great assistance from Eddie Almaguer at kinko’s fedex in city of industry with uploading some documets, He went out of his way to help me.

  3. says:

    November 22, 2016, I took a Christmas Card drawing to have 40 copies printed. Every year for 17 years, I would go to Kinko’s, now FedEx to have this done. Every year, your employees cheerfully run these off for me while I wait. Today, I walked into your Jensen Beach location, 2966 NW Federal Highway, FL, 34957. It was empty with one employee standing behind counter. No greeting from her and pointed to another terminal to take my copy to. I picked out my paper (on my own), and told her what I wanted. She said to leave it there and come back tomorrow. I told her I need to see sample run-offs to make sure it’s positioned correctly. This is when her ‘snarky’ side really came out. She ‘humphed’ with the copy and ran off a copy. I looked at it and said it will do. Since the machine was set up, I figured she could run the 40 copies while I waited. Instead she said,”There’s 3 people behind you. Let me take care of them first.” Then I said, “No, I was here first, take care of me, THEN you can wait on them”. Even the people looked at her like, did she say what she did? She grabbed my original and did run off my copies for me. I bought envelopes, too, and I did thank you for taking care of this for me. (We’re talking about 5 minutes to take care of me.) She mumbled something snarky back to me, but I didn’t respond. Remember, no customers were in the store when I walked in and she wasn’t working on anything, to my knowledge. I left at 1:15 PM, and her name was Teresa B. Never have I ever had such a rude employee at your store. Oh, I am one of those ladies that just ‘suck it up’ and not stand up for myself. However, I couldn’t help myself to ‘stand my ground’ in this instance. Thank you for this site. I know you want to know what kind of employees you have.

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