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Chuck E. Cheese’s Customer Feedback Survey

How do you like your most recent Chuck E. Cheese’s visit? Did you get the right food and customer service there? In an effort to improve your experience, Chuck E. Cheese’s invites you to provide feedback on your recent visit. Your candid feedback is of great importance and valued. After completing this survey, look in your inbox for an opportunity to join the Chuck E-Club.

Attention: If you are using mobile devices, especially mobile phones, you may consider switching back to a notebook or computer to finish Chuck E. Cheese’s customer feedback survey since you are required to enter your contact information. It is not that easy to finish the survey with a smart phone.

Chuck E. Cheese’s Customer Experience Survey Guide

  • Visit Chuck E. Cheese’s Customer Experience Survey page (See Reference Link 1)
  • Enter the code on your itemized check
  • Enter your contact details

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  • Click on” sumit” to continue
  • Respond to two Chuck E. Cheese customer feedback questions to finish the survey

About Chuck E. Cheese’s
Chuck E. Cheese’s is a chain of American family entertainment centers. As founded as Chuck E. Cheese’s Pizza Time Theater by Nolan Bushnell in 1977, officially being labeled as the first family restaurant to integrate food, animated entertainment, and an indoor arcade. It is the main brand of CEC Entertainment, Inc., with its headquarters in Irving.

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Reference Links

  1. Chuck E. Cheese’s Customer Experience Survey Link: www.chuckecheese.com/feedback
  2. Chuck E. Cheese’s Official Site: www.chuckecheese.com
Rate your recent Chuck E. Cheese's experience and discuss with friends
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  • Very helpful
  • Somewhat helpful
  • Not very helpful
  • Not at all helpful
Rating: 4.1/5 (2077 vote casts)

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331 Responses so far.

  1. Diddy says:

    Had a terrible time food was gross, order was wrong, And the new point cards!!!!!! Worse thing ever. I HaTe IT!!!

  2. Yanetsi Rodda says:

    My dauther love tris place…

  3. Renae says:

    Love my experience

  4. Diana says:

    We enjoyed 08400130007011067402

  5. Diana says:

    My daughter had a great birthday

  6. Laura says:

    Great service, friendly staff

  7. Karin. Reed says:

    It’s Great !!! Good food. !!!

  8. Guardado Rolando says:

    Very good

  9. Rana says:

    It’s perfect place for kids

  10. Buen serbicio muy amable la cajera says:

    Me justa la amabilidad delas servidoras de comida

  11. Jennifer Rodriguez says:

    Have a fun time

  12. Ryan McCorvey says:

    Had a great time

  13. Lauren lewis says:

    I love bringing my kids….they just love chuck e cheese

  14. Roxana Garcia says:

    Nos encanta ir a disfrutar de los juegos y de las pizza estas deliciosas,

  15. amber says:

    had my daughters third birthday here. she had a blast

  16. Vernetta lewis says:

    My grandkids had fun I got 100 tokens 20 and code is 15700130004011084210

  17. Vernetta lewis says:


  18. Andrea Lawler says:

    Wonderful very awesome

  19. Andrea Lawler says:


  20. yesenia says:

    Good place!!!

  21. Dalia says:

    Very good

  22. Nadia says:

    very nice

  23. Christeen Farley says:

    Great service

  24. Shannon brown says:

    Great service

  25. Adriana says:

    good service

  26. Cary Figueroa says:


  27. Cary Figueroa says:

    Everything was fine

  28. Cary Figueroa says:

    The cashier was great

  29. Tara Bailey says:

    We had a great time like that it’s on the card don’t have to carry tokens

  30. Michael Malicki says:

    On our visit to your store in Toledo,Oh on Monroe St on01/07/17 I was very very disappointed in the pizzas we order

  31. Mary Lutes says:


  32. Kevin says:

    Would not come back very disappointed

  33. Kevin says:

    Very overpriced for the quality of food and games available ! $6.49 for six mouth size bites of cheese bread that’s very excessive !

  34. Mrlissa says:


  35. Gustavo Larios says:

    Good place for kids

  36. Myleeia says:

    I had a great time. It kept the children happy overall it was a great experience.

  37. Tamesha Leach says:

    Why you paid a meal and you do not get drink with it. Please serve soda or juice with meal especially paid almost $20

  38. Damaris A. Melgar says:

    Excelente servicio…!!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  39. Regina says:

    Very disappoint

    Tell me why they have a camera insite?
    Some one stole my cell phone and no one see?
    The camera WORK or it is a Joke?

  40. Gwen Taylor says:

    Great service great customer service and great food

  41. Jackeline rivas says:

    Good service

  42. Carmen Matthews says:

    Baby loves

  43. Michel says:

    Bad service. 15700130002001013080

  44. Michel says:

    Las personas muy groseras muy mal servicio jamás volvere

  45. Matthew says:

    We need tokens back

  46. Matthew says:

    We need the tokens back please!!!

  47. Leah west says:

    055 001 200 020 010 956 17

  48. Leah west says:

    My Kids love the games.

  49. Siva says:

    Very good.my kids like it and enjoy the games and food.

  50. Rosy says:

    Todo esta espectacular

  51. Tamikqua says:


  52. Coral says:

    Love the pizza

  53. caldas says:

    Buen servicio y muy atento el equipo de empleados

  54. apparacida says:

    Had such a great time. My son loves it, so many games,affordable prices, joyful environment, great food!

  55. Michelle says:

    My kids like coming here.

  56. Valerie says:

    I got to say chucky cheese is no longer great for children. Now that you have changed to those greedy cards kids don’t realize how many tokens they have left.They spend them a lot faster then cry when get denied on machine. Used take them all the time and play for hours with 53 tokens each.lasted 1 hour . I have 4 children between those miserable cards,food,drinks cost me $140.00 for 1 hour. Very dissapointed chucky cheese has become so greedy to change things this way. I don’t know how families can afford to do this any more.Then they get to leave thete with lollipop each and 2 tootsie rolls machine don’t pay out many tickets.sadly I will not be returning with my children .cheaper for full day at roll on america. Val

  57. Michaela says:

    I love this place very cool

  58. Sandy Desaulniers says:

    Kids love it, lots if fun

  59. Veronica Levine says:

    I love taking my kids to Chuck e cheese. They always have fun here

  60. josh says:

    Every time we come is a good time…

  61. Jorge says:

    I love it

  62. Ryan chen says:


  63. william says:

    Safe for kids , don’t. Need parents following 5yr. olds an up.
    they have a stamp on your arm, no one gets out without numbers bring the same, on kids an Adults.

    One PROBLEM , THEIR Buffet,, adults $5.99 that’s fine ,

    But kids, under 8, where. They may eat 2 slices of pizza, $4.99 , is a high price,

    What Should be done,,, 10 yrs., an younger Childs price , $3.99 , DRINK SHOULD BE INCLUDED,,

    11yrs., an up $4.99, price,,, DRINK SHOULD BE INCLUDED,,

    charging $2.49 a drink is high, , yes refills are free, but mist kids may refill one time, on ave,

    There making a killing on the gift shop, spend $40 on tickets, get back merchandise that cost around $9, maybe $10,,,

  64. Karla says:

    Very good service

  65. Patricia Gomez says:

    Todo el servicio bien

  66. Danielle says:

    Great experience

  67. Angel shaw says:

    Our service by Diana was wonderful

  68. Francisco Aparicio says:


  69. Massani says:

    I love it

  70. Cindy Leer says:

    Great safe place for my kids to play

  71. Yeira Rosario says:

    Very disappointed, first time that I come to a Chuck and cheese and the front gate is empty. The employee that supposed to keep eye and safe of the kids was doing another duty, the front door, was along for few minutes for 3 times, went ask for answer, the supervisor states that she was short of staff. My question is.. The cotton candy machine is more important than the safe of our kids? Always visit this place and first time that I see this and feel uncomfortable and unsafe.

  72. Yvonne Clecley says:

    My grandson and I go as much as time will allow, he loves it,and the pizzas!

  73. everardo says:

    very nice place for kids every time we go they love it, we always order pizza and salad,i love the pizza and salad there,and the people is very friendly I love this place is very fun for my kids.

  74. Yadira says:

    I got a good services in chicle cheese thank you

  75. Blanca Ibarra Vergara says:

    Good place for the game, but 55 minutes wait for wings, and not good service!!!!!


    Great place but took 50 min just for an order of wings and then when I get my wings they super dry as if they didn’t even get any sauce can do better next time I think this is the second time t happens already at same location

  77. Randall says:

    Manager was held and attentive.

  78. Brandy says:

    I order a small salad and there was a bug on the lettuce that she just brought out

  79. Rajaa says:

    Very good customer service. People very friendly.

  80. Emily says:

    Was very fun

  81. Derlyn says:

    So much fun

  82. Ray C. Bernard says:

    Excellent service, with a smile–Beer was cold as well for the adults !!!

  83. Carrie Tension says:

    My family and I enjoyed playing here.

  84. Diana Auguste says:

    We love it

  85. Mireya Gastelum says:

    We love Chuck E. Cheese

  86. José José says:

    Love da spot but still waiting for Pancho Claus to drop in.

  87. Marcela paramo says:


  88. Cicerly Noel says:

    Will the Chuck E cheese in Sheffield Al be doing the special dor special needs children on the first Sunday of every month.

  89. Maribel Esquivel says:

    Esta muy divertido

  90. Graciela Sandoval says:

    My granddaughters love this place

  91. Bernise Santiago says:

    Very friendly, great customer service.

  92. Falak says:

    I love Chucke.cheese,because we can have a lot of fun and I won the ball.

  93. Concepcion E. Rivas says:

    It is a nice place for kids. But they need to improve their Salad Bar. Some times the items there are spoilt.

  94. Diana Ramirez says:

    The manager here was awesome!

  95. Richard says:

    Good chuck cheese

  96. Neelab says:

    Dec 9th with marquis as the host in Hayward location and it was an amazing service. Still waiting to receive the survey to give it a perfect ten! Thanks to every body there for making my kids bday enjoyable for them.

  97. Juan Guerrero says:

    Best service ever

  98. Linda says:

    Love this place

  99. Kim nieves says:

    It’s a great get away for kids

  100. Zulema says:

    Awesome service

  101. Rina says:

    Came to have fun with my girls. The day after her birthday. Order pizza, and buffalo wings pizza was good but the wings were nasty

  102. Jarilyn says:

    Great ganes

  103. Fernando says:

    Good places for play

  104. Yanea says:

    We had fun

  105. Stinzel says:

    Kids have a lot of fun earning tickets to buy stuff. This a treat for good behavior.

  106. Becky Cameron says:

    We come over I nice month with special needs. She enjoys.

  107. Yahaira says:

    Was nice service and happy people

  108. Jose garcia says:

    My son loves this place . I recommend this place for all my friends and family. And yes I would come back

  109. Linda says:

    Favorite place

  110. Monet says:

    its was very nice

  111. Martha says:

    Fun to My children

  112. Martha says:

    The personal is so nice

  113. Martha says:

    The experience was excelente and the personal is so nice

  114. Adam craire says:

    I bring my family here at least once a month and things have been getting worse everytime. Not a clean table in sight! I couldnt even see anybody around to even clear one off. I eventually just cleared the table myself. These tables weren’t in use by other customers either. What this place needs is more staff!

  115. Sonia Ramirez says:

    I love bringing my family to chuck E cheese’s. They love the games and the food

  116. Renee says:

    Very good pizza and fun for the kids

  117. Mary says:

    Stafff wasn’t helpful. Loud and dreary looking place. My toddlers enjoyed it. Too crowded. Yuck.

  118. Shasta says:

    Good service

  119. Griselda says:

    Beautiful place my kids love it

  120. Aquia says:

    The service was stellar.

  121. Cherell says:

    We had a lot of fun today and they workers was very nice and kind

  122. Jose l manuel says:

    The service was excellent

  123. sandra gentile says:

    the service was excellent

  124. Tana says:

    cool play, haven’t been to a chuck es in a while, things have changed. still good for kids.

  125. john paez says:

    kids enjoyed it, nice place, loud tho…

  126. Lili says:

    the service could’ve been better, some of the staff seem like theyre not sure what theyre doing, the food took forever to get to the table.

  127. Christie Monteago says:

    Totally fun, came here with the family and the nephew had a blast! Definitely coming back for his birthday.

  128. Nina Williams says:

    Very busy during the weekends, but still entertaining for the kid.

  129. Anna says:

    Excellent service at register,food came out quick, birthday parties seem fun, might take my son here for his birthday…

  130. Sarah ann says:

    Service was okay, great breadsticks, but took a while for my food to arrive.

  131. esteban says:

    nice food, good place to take kids who have a lot of energy. service was nice. I like.

  132. Juan pelaez says:

    A mis niñas les gusta chuckecheese es un lugar muy divertido

  133. Juan pelaez says:

    Good place food food

  134. Dina says:

    Is ver fun my Child like to much

  135. Haylee says:

    Great place for kids

  136. Lela Marich says:

    Great place to take two boys full of energy

  137. Diego says:

    It was fun and I liked coming here

  138. Saji lahcen says:

    Code# 030 001 200 160 210 874 42. I had a coupon that ur manager said is not in her system I had it from ur wed site and code # is 1502 but she wasn’t helpful she made me paid extra for another coupon wish is more expensive than the one that I had

  139. Florinda boyer says:


  140. Shirley says:

    Very bad service do not know how to load card manager has very bad service .he doesn’t know how to talk to customer

  141. franklin says:

    Muy bueno

  142. Analilia says:

    Todo bien

  143. Karyn says:

    Super fun!!!

  144. Rosie says:

    I really love it, and my kids love it even more.
    A great place for days off from school

  145. Jorge says:

    Excelente servicio

  146. Jarelys says:


  147. Marlene Sanchez says:

    Good service

  148. Kenaia M Victom says:

    I enjoy it .

  149. Vanessa says:

    It was fun and clean

  150. Carlos says:

    Nice and clean

  151. Martha says:

    Divertido lugar mis hijos se divirtieron mucho

  152. Martha says:

    Solo estar al pendiente de los tikets en las máquinas x que luego se acaban y ya no dan tikets gracias

  153. Lucio says:

    Muy bueno

  154. kathleen vinglas says:

    Went to Chuck E Cheese with my 4 grandkids and coupon stating on Veterans day, vets could get a small individual pizza. The store in Bridgewater New Jersey said they were not doing that. Can you explain why some store honor veterans and some do not?

  155. Raysa says:

    Muy divertido para los niños

  156. Raysa says:

    Very nice play

  157. Delbie says:

    Excellent place!

  158. Luisana Goubat says:

    Excelente sitio para los niños

  159. Alfredo says:

    Pleasant experience my kids loved it!!!!

  160. Lina says:

    Wonderful place for kids to play and enjoy

  161. Casey says:

    My niece love this place and the employees is very nice!

  162. Dina Palacios says:

    Presioso lugar

  163. Dina Palacios says:

    Bonito lugar para compartir en familia

  164. Dina Palacios says:

    Presioso lugar para disfrutar en familiy

  165. Rosa says:

    Had fun!!!

  166. Byron C Allan says:

    Had fun

  167. kelly rose says:

    had a great time,great service

  168. Victor Wright says:

    Good family time, however pizza size could be larger or the prices cheaper.

  169. Sonny Alcotas says:

    Great place to have a Birthday.

  170. JENNIFER says:


  171. MaryClaire Torticill says:

    Always great service!

  172. vanessa escobar says:

    i love my son this place favori

  173. April Young says:

    Food okay kids enjoyed themselves

  174. Jose says:

    Good really good

  175. Linda Hernandez says:

    It was good everything was fine except Papa shooting at work and the salad bar head hair in it

  176. Deborah Haynes says:

    Love this place

  177. Karla says:

    Is good service

  178. Tia Dorest says:

    Staff is always pleasant!

  179. Zara says:

    Good moments my family

  180. Heather Winthers says:

    We had a great experience at Chuck E cheese

  181. magdalena says:

    Good moments my family

  182. Karina says:

    Good place. Employees are friendly and birthday parties are super fun for kids

  183. Jennifer says:

    Great time with the family

  184. Gabriela says:

    We had a great time here on son birthday.

  185. Angelica says:

    Great place. Rate 9

  186. Laura says:

    Place looks clean, however pizza could be better.

  187. Ludivina says:

    My kids had lots of fun

  188. Oscar says:

    Very fun!!!

  189. Anthony says:

    Very fun place! Great for kids and adults :)

  190. Crystal says:

    Cool place ! Shariye makes this place so love!

  191. Ismael says:

    Nice place

  192. Ruth says:

    Great experience…
    food delicious…!!!:)

  193. Sara lynn says:

    Good job

  194. Janique Jackson says:

    Great experience, food was good.

  195. Jorge silva says:

    It was a very Good experience. I loved it

  196. mariana Villegas says:

    Good job we love chuck e cheese

  197. Anthony Robinson says:

    The store manager was the best we had a great time

  198. Jeremy says:

    Had a blast

  199. Vanessa says:

    Ben was an amazing server and the games were really fun, I also loved the taste of the food and how each meal had great flavor and taste

  200. Lourdes says:


  201. Duniesky says:

    Is a good place for kids, but there are some machines needs to be Repaired. Thanks

  202. Sherry says:

    Good service

  203. Sarah says:

    Shaniah was great

  204. pricila martinez says:

    Good service and clean place .

  205. Elizabeth says:

    Cada vez que visito este lugar es volver. Se niña,me gusta la pizza y bailar con chucke cada vez es una experiencia nueva

  206. Xinia bernal says:

    I liked chuckcheese

  207. Jackie cuellar says:

    Great service

  208. Cj says:

    Had a great time. Mr. Jerry was awesome!! Good manager.

  209. Emma says:

    Todo estuvo bien en la atención del personal, nada más un poco molestos mis hijos xq varios juegos no servían y no les daban tickets

  210. Rosalyn lee says:

    They can be a little kid friendly because kids see and observe negative or a long unhappy day

  211. Charnell says:


  212. Maria uribe says:

    Muy buen lugar los niños se diverted un buen

  213. Tameika Cook says:

    The cashier’s were very professional. My order was in a good time frame i would recommend my family and friends here.

  214. Jenn says:

    We’re having lots of fun

  215. Adriana says:

    Muy bien

  216. Adriana says:

    Muy buen servicio

  217. stephanie almonte says:

    Very fast service and good music

  218. natasha says:

    Buen servicio
    Five star

  219. Jennifer Ramirez says:

    Great service and my boys had fun.

  220. Nicole Priest says:


  221. Monica Solano says:

    1st time at greeley chucked cheese and I think I like it!

  222. Ruth Jones says:

    Great time!

  223. Aldahi says:

    Great service

  224. Jill Ogdie says:

    Today was not as great as 2 weeks ago

  225. Tanya Knowles says:

    Great atmosphere

  226. Dolores Lopez says:

    Great service!!

  227. Diana j. says:

    We have been taking the grandkids to Chuck E Cheese in Metairie, La for ten years and even though employees and ownership have changed over the years it has always been a wonderful experience. However, there has been one employee that has not changed and that has been Nona who has been there almost every time we were there. She has always been pleasant and helpful in taking our order as well as assisting us when turning in our tickets and patient while the kiddies selected and then changed their minds numerous times. In addition to Nona all of the other employees were very pleasant. The dining and play areas were very, very clean and the food was very good. The kiddies are now older and can roam freely and my husband and I can sit and relax. Love Chuck E. Cheese!

  228. DIANA RAMIREZ says:

    Buena atencion

  229. Aryanna says:

    My husband and I have taken the boys here for years staffs are always helpful and pleasant, lots of fun, and good food. Thanks chuck e cheese

  230. Melissa Massey says:

    Good time and great service

  231. Naomi says:

    Excellent service!

  232. Sonia hernadez says:

    Les gustan los juegos

  233. Marisol says:

    Exelent customer service!!! Mark rock!!!

  234. Kema says:

    Very good experience but needs to upgrade food taste

  235. Saul says:

    Shaniah is so nice at Chuck E Chesse

  236. Saul says:

    The host Shaniah was very helpful was so nice

  237. Saul says:

    She was so nice

  238. Maranda says:

    Love this place

  239. Alma valencia says:

    This is the 3rd time I come and order pizza it takes them 40 to 50 minutes on a slow day and I say slow because there are only 5 tables takend I think they should do nothing about this because they are to slow to cook the food and the customer survest is not the best

  240. Gabriel says:

    Service was very well and the food was delicious I come again with my family it was fun

  241. Anderson Cavenaghi says:

    I Luv Chuck

  242. Christine says:

    Good food fun .and nice people my kids loves it

  243. Dana Moeder says:

    My daughter and I had a blast best 2hrs we spent there. Thanks Chucke Cheese

  244. JJ says:

    We had fun with our Gbabies

  245. Crystal says:

    Enjoyed our sons birthday time spent here

  246. Thomas Malcore says:

    Good time

  247. AnabelAvalos says:

    Great experience Loved it Very clean great service

  248. Ana says:

    Es bonito

  249. Janet says:

    Una cajera muy poco Cortez no tiene tacto con los niños

  250. brunilda says:

    My kids love go to chuckecheese

  251. Tania balderas says:

    My kids love coming to Chuck e cheese they have a lot of fun

  252. Kristy says:

    Lobster money and a lot of the games nobody was there to help us I think they should have gave us are tokens back or a refund what are you going to do

  253. Kristy says:

    A lot of the games that we played we did not get our tickets took her tokens and nobody was there to help us very disappointed had the kids with me and they kept asking where’s the tickets

  254. Martin ruiz says:

    Is Goodyear atention in the ate and Good and everthing

  255. Carmen says:

    very good for the child but the service very lousy food pizza you buy the girl I got it almost without cheese and burnt

  256. Eudalia says:

    Is good atention in the ate and good and everthing

  257. Samantha says:

    Kids enjoyed their time there!!! Will come back again

  258. wanda says:

    Plate for $7.99 is not good

  259. Claudia Solis says:

    Great service

  260. Lyla Boulton says:

    For $30 a large pizza looks like a small you need to fix that because that is a waste of money on our end it’s a waste to come here because it’s so expensive.

  261. Dalia palacios says:

    No Estoy muy contenta hoy lleve a mis hijos para que se divirtieran un poco ordene algo para comer. Cuando llevaron la pizza a la mesa, me miraba muy Seca no estava muy Buena pero en fin la aceptamos. Como yó tenia que supervisar a mis 2 hijos pequeños mi hija se quedo sentada en la mesa todo el tiempo pero en el momento que ella se levanta por un momento llega la persona que hace limpiesa y Tira todo a la basura! Era obio que todavia no terminabamos de comer , que las bebidas todavia tenian y cuando me acer que a la mesa el señora me dice: solo eran las bebidas le puedo dar otros vasos! La verdad me dio coraje y le dije que no y por no decir algo Malo mejor me di la media vuelta y agarro a mis hijos y me retire del lugar. Esta visita a chuck e cheeses no fue nada agradable.

  262. Cetin Sasmazer says:

    Enjoyed really good time. PERFECT FUN!!!

  263. Mayan says:

    We got our food fast

  264. Lucia says:

    My family loves the pizza and chicken wings. The games are fun and the price is right. It’s a clean and safe environment.

  265. Bobbie Price says:

    I have a great time there with my grand kid.

  266. Irasema says:

    Hope to win

  267. Maurice Davis says:

    Thank you

  268. Yisele Minier says:

    Nancy was very helpful ❤️

  269. David says:

    The young lady named Nancy was very helpfull. When ever I bring my Grandson she’s always so pleasant. She’s always busy helping guests. People like her are the reason I keep coming back.

  270. Ellen piguing says:

    Asked staff La Mirada,Ca what time Chucke cheese will perform and was told every hour on the 30,unfortunately no chucke cheese from 12noon to 1pm,so disappointed..

  271. Alma says:

    Enjoyed really good time.

  272. hαlєч says:

    thє ѕєrvícє íѕ grєαt

  273. Maria j camargo says:

    The games are good prices plus the chuck e does great shows for the kids

  274. Maria j camargo says:

    We brought my son for his birthday he likes to come here to play games plus the good great deales yoou have all the time and its great for family time the food is great

  275. pepe says:

    bonito y divertido lugar para niños
    muy buena comida

  276. Jacky says:

    Very nice and fun place to be

  277. Ashley Jarrett says:

    Nice place

  278. Maria Gonzalez says:

    Great restaurant great survice

  279. Kelli Lane says:

    There was an amazing manager Chelsea at the Chuck E. Cheese in Ann Arbor MI. We had a problem with the salad bar and she went over and beyond to fix it. Love the personality and great customer service. We will attend this location again. It is by far one of the nicest indoor activity places for a little kids and big parents who are kids at heart. Thanks again Chelsea and staff for an awesome experience!

  280. Patricia says:

    Enjoyed a really good time . Nice and clean and the service was great . It’s truly a place where a kid could be a kid .

  281. Kinley says:

    Great service

  282. Julia Williams says:

    Had a wonderful time :)

  283. Tammika says:

    my son and i enjoyed are day Cynthia the cashier was a good help to us terminal 370 longbeach ca 290 east 4th st

  284. Tammika says:

    my son and i enjoyed are day Cynthia the cashier was a good help to us

  285. Terrance Coats says:

    Samantha have great Customer service and is really friendly

  286. Lorena carrillo says:

    Great for the kids
    167 000 200 150 110 392 05

  287. cruz uribe says:

    Me gusto muy buen servicio que tienen

  288. terri says:

    Great service

  289. Sergio says:

    Bonito lugar muy limpio , la comida es exelente

  290. Susan Stewart says:

    Great service.

  291. Tara Lawless says:


  292. Laura jacobs says:

    Everyone was very nice.

  293. Vincenta Parker says:

    My family and I had a wonderful time.

  294. Mason evans says:

    You guys have met customer service needs and standards you keep your place clean there’s always somebody to ask if we need help your team is excellent thank you

  295. Martha Sánchez says:

    Me encanta llevar a mis nietos a comer y divertirse

  296. Katie says:

    Had a great time

  297. Mike says:

    Had a great time with my kids

  298. carly says:

    Very disappointed in the salad bar my granddaugters loved the older selection no jello no potato salad no cottage cheese longer selling coke products

  299. chanell wilson says:

    Great service

  300. Brianna says:

    Loveing the new system

  301. Wittboldt Mary ann says:

    They were so awsome

  302. Maria says:

    Good cervice

  303. Maria says:

    Bien cervicio

  304. Luz Arbaiza says:

    We had fun love spending the day with my daughter

  305. Ashley Rok says:

    Great time!!

  306. Dolores says:


  307. Dana Vanderhoek says:

    Excellent service

  308. Orlando L Ferreira says:

    Chuck E Cheese is a great place to let our kids have a good time.

  309. Kim Barnett says:

    I only come if I get coupons because it’s overcrowded and over priced. Pizza is good, games are fun, but there are hardly any workers around when you need them. One person at the counter on the weekdays to redeem tickets and take orders and of course the undecided children with tickets to redeem come first!! Smh……definitely not all that thrilled with this place.

  310. lady says:

    Good service

  311. Deatriz ovalle says:

    I like chuck E cheeses

  312. eleanor havens says:

    I think it is stupid to have the “Won’t take cash back” so small and far down on the token machines. I only wanted to spend $5 but instead spent $20. It’s a rip off, and I don’t care who knows it. so either make the words bigger or give the money back!!

  313. Gail says:

    Love the food and the service

  314. Bernidetta JOHNSON says:

    No help around

  315. Jennifer Ryan says:

    The pizza and service was very good

  316. Kari says:

    Great service, great food and lots of fun

  317. Capri tucker says:

    Great service really nice staff

  318. Melissa Lehman says:

    Had a good time.

  319. Maryann West says:

    Pizza good

  320. Steven brooks says:

    Good customer service.
    Fun time with the kids and delicious pizza

  321. Sonia N Sanchez says:

    Good place to enjoy , thanks

Survey Discussion