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ACME Customer Satisfaction Survey

How do you think of your recent purchase experience in ACME market? Do you think the assistants there are helpful? You are now invited to share your candid feedback with ACME market through this customer satisfaction survey.

ACME Customer Satisfaction Survey Guide

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ACME Customer Satisfaction Survey

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ACME Customer Satisfaction Survey

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ACME Customer Satisfaction Survey

About ACME Markets
Acme Markets is a supermarket chain operating in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland. It mainly offers bakery, dairy, deli, frozen foods, general grocery, meat, pharmacy, produce, seafood, snacks and liquor.

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  1. ACME Customer Customer Satisfaction Survey Link: www.acmemarketssurvey.com
  2. ACME Official Site: www.acmemarkets.com

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Rating 4.410votes

  1. Rated 5

    I visited Acme on Lenola Road Cindy S wwas so helpful to me even taking time to walk me to what I was looking for. Thanks Trx:146 Ooperator 103 Term 2 Store 7963 on Maarch 18/17

  2. Rated 5

    Thank you for changing the Acme at Bustleton & Cottman Ave. I was happy before now I’m twice as happy. Thank you ! Deanna Varillo

  3. Rated 5

    On March 12 I had been in the Havertown Acme shopping in the freezer area. I came along an employee who I noticed was helping an elderly customer. She was very kind to him she took the time to stop what she was doing and help this elderly gentleman shop for his items then she asked him how are you going to get the groceries I to your car and house. She was genially concerned not many people take the time to help someone in need her name is Jen thank you Jen for your concern help and kindness it makes me feel good that Ij shop at a place that truly cares about their customers!

  4. Rated 5

    I visited the Woodbury, NJ Acme and was quite pleased with how courteous and friendly my cashier Jimmy #117 was to me. I will definately be back to that store.

  5. Rated 1

    I visited acme in Bryn Mawr pa as I do almost everyday for lunch but today I have to say that I am very disappointed in the service. I walked over on my lunch HOUR to get a cold cut sandwich when I reached the dept where they make the sandwiches I waited 20min before anyone said anything to me then a worker asked me did I need anything and I said yes I would like a sandwich and he proceeded to say I could order from the computer screen so I did that it only took me 30 seconds to order my sandwich because I always get the same thing so once I ordered the sandwich I stood there for another 10min and still no one attempted to make my sandwich by now I’ve been in the store for about 35min and still no sandwich mind you I only have a hour for lunch and by this time I’ve already spent 35 minutes in the store so I kindly told the guy that he can cancel my order and he asked why but I was very upset and didn’t want to say something not nice so I kindly walked away and left the store and went back to work without lunch.

  6. Rated 5

    I visited ACME Greenburgh. Nick is very knowledgeable and courteous and helpful.He is an asset to your business

  7. Rated 5

    I visited ACME Greenburgh today. Nick is very welcome and courteous and helpful. He is an asset to your business.

  8. Rated 5

    I just visited acme store number1063 on rate 22 in Patterson New York. There are two outstanding employees that need to be acknowledged, their names are Marissa and Donna at the courtesy desk. No matter when I shop at this store they great the customers with such a good attitude. It truly makes me want to keep shopping at this particular store. Please let both of these people know how they are appreciated. Thank you

  9. Rated 3

    Hi I just had an interesting experience at Your New Providence location yesterday. When I walked into the floral department. Where Jill the floral manager gave me a friendly welcome, and help me pick out the perfect flowers. When I went to costumer service Jocelyn who was behind the counter refused to answer my question about where something was located by saying “No I can’t i’m going on lunch.Then she took her phone and stated texting before walking a way from the counter. A few minutes later, Jacob walked behind the counter, and he helped me fine the item I looking for. With the nicest of attitudes. Right as the cashier was about to check me out. Jocelyn ran right in front of me and asked the cashier to give her red monopoly pieces, because someone gave her brother the black ones. When I said something her response was “Sorry” in a sarcastic tone. She was not sorry. I am sorry for saying this buy Jocelyn needs to go! Lastly, Beth the cashier was very nice and checked me out very quickly. I gave this store a rating of three because of Jocelyn and her attitude. Otherwise it would have been a 5 star rating.

  10. Rated 5

    Hi! I say you have Wonderful friendly employees at your Greenburgh Ny store 2499. I have been shopping at that store for a every long time. Our employees are over the top. They are friendly helpful. From you cashiers to your store manager. That store is always clean. I am rung up with ease. They are a pleasant bunch that that store. I always rave about that store and the employees to my friends and family members.

  11. says:

    John is the seafood Mgr. I have been dealing with him for a couple of years. He is so kind and generous. He always helps me pick out the right fish and he’ll make sure when I get it home, it’s perfect. He really is a terrific person. THANK YOU JOHN!!!!!

  12. says:

    I’ve tried several times to enter for the $100.00 gift card. When I enter my store number 7727 which is in Trooper,Pa I’m told there’s no such store number. I called the store and theyou verified that their store number is indeed 7727. Is this how you get out of awarding gift cards? I’ve been an Acme shopper for over 30 years!

  13. says:

    Catherine and Debbie are in the Tuckerton, NJ store and are two of a store full of wonderful employees. Each and everyone of them are helpful and polite and make shopping a very pleasant experience.

  14. says:

    I had started a comment about Catherine and Debbie’s excellent service and started to write about their helping me with a sale product but hit the post comment before I was finished. They helped me with one of the buy four and get reduced price for each item. The register was not giving me the price I was entitled to and Catherine and Debbie worked together and solved the problem. They always try to go the extra mile and always greet you with a smile and I think that Acme made an excellent choice when they hired them!

  15. says:

    Catherine and Debbie in customer service deserve a 10 for their excellent service and courtesy.

    One of the ways they have helped me is with a sale product

  16. says:

    The cashier Dan was so very helpful and professional. We always try to go thru his line. Dan L always makes our shopping experience better, even if Acme is out of sale items. Now that Acme offers better pricing then past years we do more of our shopping here. The Mymixx was down and Dan L. helped us to get the prices we came in for. Thank you for employing such a helpful Young man.

  17. says:

    I was looking for a digital coupon item today & Becky from floral knew exactly where it was & directed me. She always greets the customers with a smile. She is always extremely helpful & nice too! She always stops what she’s doing to help a customer even if

  18. says:

    I shop at the ACME in Patterson, New York and I went to the Deli part of the store and they were VERY VERY helpful!!! They helped me find the right types of foods I needed. They did it very quickly and I appreciate them. Their names were Anthony and Tom.
    The date is February 3 and it was around 9:15 p.m. Thank you very much!!

  19. says:

    I shop at the Acme and Pleasantville Road in Briarcliff Manor I find the cashiers to be very pleasant the managers are always very nice the service ass is always willing to help you

  20. says:

    I was told to fill out a survey from the Ocean City NJ store and now it looking for specifics of what I bought. I don’t have that anymore nor do I really care about winning a $100 prize. All I really wanted to say is that I avoid Acme with a passion. Their overall price structure is ridiculous. Since the Acme is walking distance from my house I will go there only out of absolute necessity. They rip the customer off in the winter as well as the summer tourist season. Shop Rite in Marmora is the primary place to shore in this area. Not sure if I could give a rating number to Acme but I would put it about a tenth out of 5.

  21. says:

    I was shopping in your Fort Lee Acme and was helped by a employee of the bakery. He was so helpful with all the cakesI was looking at. The bakery was beautiful and well stocked. I got a cake and my family and I loved it. ThankYou so much. The employee that helped me was Stanley

  22. says:

    on dec.28/16i was in line ,store was crowed so the manager told this cashier to open a lane up, and he was really upset was very rude to me ,shoving my groceries down, got an attitude with me because I wanted to put in my mix number.i spend a lot of money at this store I don’t appreciate being treated that way.not sure if I want to shop at acme any more.store7977,ter3,operater206,trx;15

  23. says:

    I’m writing you about a recent shopping trip to your store in Clark, NJ – store #0178 – it was a very busy day for me with my 2 year grandson Hunter – we had been doing several errands and the last one was at the Acme – needless to say, I was slightly tired and Hunter had fallen asleep in the cart – I at this point had to carry Hunter in order to finish my small but necessary shopping – although I am at this store several times a week, I could not locate 2 particular items – as I rounded the corner, I must have been quite a sight – store manager Pete March asked me right away if I was okay and did I need help – I said I thought I was fine, but right away he got me a cold bottle of water, assistant manager Angie got me the two items I needed, Justin quickly checked me out and Theresa (who Hunter lovers)took Hunter from me and walked me to my car – this was help above and beyond – they were all very concerned about me, made sure I was okay to drive home – they could not have been any more accommodating or caring about Hunter and myself – those in management should know about this – I love shopping in this store – always clean, very rarely do I not find what I am looking for – the personnel stays the same, workers know the customers by name, they take the time to have a quick chit-chat – it has a pleasant and friendly atmosphere – all departments are clean, workers friendly – no wonder I am there at least 4 – 5 times a week – there’s always something I need to buy! – once again, a heartfelt thank you to Pete, Angie, Theresa and Justin – you all rock! thank you, thank you, thank you………and a quick special shout-out to Anthony F – although he wasn’t there that day, I know I could have counted on him, also (as always) sincerely, Rachel

  24. says:

    I just want to say that I just love the staff at the Montclair store 1764….Marilyn is always very helpful whenever I shop there….Great job everyone. Thank you

  25. says:

    Pleasant shopping in your store. Cashier was helpful too.

  26. says:

    Medford NJ store 7964 I have done a survey for this store many times and frequently mention cashier’s indifference as far as bagging. I don’t mind bagging my own groceries but this store does not have a moving belt after the cashier & if they don’t push the groceries to you, you have to lean over the counter to grab them and bag them. I’m over 70 and have back pain and sometimes this is hard. At times, a cashier will automatically bag the items in the reusable bags I bring but often they just push the bags at me and don’t bag anything. The cashier this time repeated my total of $83 to me several times and I finally responded, “as soon as I’m done bagging, I’ll get the money out”. He then proceeded to stand and talk with a co-worker, as I bagged my stuff and the line behind me got longer. One time a female cashier stood and read a paper I had purchased as I bagged my groceries. This is why I usually go to Shop Rite.

  27. says:

    I used to hate this store BUT NOW I LOVE IT. The people you have there now are fantastic. There was a young man keith was very helpful with me with the orange juice i was looking for. Also Sam the cashier was every every pleasant. Explained. How much i safe and ask if i collected the stamp for the pots set.he is very friendly. NOW i shop at this store once a week. The rye store 10573 store 2450

  28. says:

    I filled out a survey for 10 minutes and then I was told I was on the incorrect survey! Here I tried to compliment to terrific woman who helped me. One lady was in the seafood dept. and couldn’t have been more helpful with my style toon and wright per person for fish and then helped me on finding something while also helping others and did it with a Emile: her name was Wendy. kudos to Wendy and her personal skills and an asset to Acme. Then needed more items got a recipe I was assisted by a Cathy up at the customer service and office who also vouldn’5 have been more helpful and because your store fidb’5 carry 3 bean salad anymore she printed out what I would need to get the same flavor. By the way shop rite and Oublux in the Douth have the three and four bean salad and u no longer carry it for your information so it is still out there in case I return. Lol. Just informing u I Coukdn’thave asked for these woman to be mire thoughtful and I am living in the Diuth now and they showed the birth it also can be done. Kudos to them and to u for hiring people that leave their customers happily satisfied when exiting your store.

  29. says:

    I was at store # 0109 to purchase deli meats for a party , the deli manager Mary pat took time out for me and was extremely helpful and courteous a true asset to your store, my party was a success. Thanks

  30. says:

    I use the Acme when I am purchasing sale items from the weekly sale paper. I also have purchased items from the salad bar, it is quick and easy.

    Tobias Johnson

  31. says:

    Recently I received outstanding Help at the jersey City Acme from 2 checkers. They were #131 and #141. I have had occasion to note how helpful others in the store have been. Your manager deserves great credit for his efforts in customer satisfaction. You have a great market.

    Thank you
    Bob Gleeson

  32. says:

    I shop often at ACME in our area in Dresher PA. store, #7722. On October 19th, I needed some help with a product, and the employee named Donna was so helpful! Every time I shop there, she is always pleasant and very knowledgeable. I really appreciate her kindness and knowledge. Thank you for having such an excellent employee.
    Barbara London
    814 Jennifer Dr.
    Dresher PA 19025

  33. says:

    I routinely go to the tuckerton acme. the trip is always a pleasure.I feel that fran in the meat dept. deserves special recognition. Hes always pleasant and always goes beyond to help me.I tell him what im looking for and he helps me select the meat im looking for. He is a real asset to the store. My visit was on 10/22/16 at 13:10:15 cashier:AnnaMarie. thank you clyde vigil.Feelfree to contact me at 609 296 9140

  34. says:

    Saturday morning on 22nd of Oct.2016; Dave was very helpful to me at the Customer Service Desk with my purchase. Thank you Dave! job well done.

  35. says:

    Worried Acme @690 Millbrook Rd Randolph NJ 07869 is needing attention. I have noticed empty shelves, change in products, elimination of products, and less manned check out station.

    It is frustrating to have to return for items because they were not avaliable . This has become noticeable the last month.

    sincerely, Eleanor Coutts

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