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Mattress Firm Customer Satisfaction Survey

Mattress Firm is looking forward to your visit all the time. To serve you better for your future visit, Mattress Firm is inviting you to take the customer satisfaction survey to hear your feedback. Please feel free to talk about your true feelings.

Mattress Firm Customer Satisfaction Survey Guide

  • Visit the survey page through Reference Link One at the bottom
  • Select the city (closest to) where you made your purchase
  • Rate the statements using the scale listed below

Mattress Firm Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • After filling your personal information at the bottom of the page, you can click on “Submit” buttton to finish the survey

About Mattress Firm
Mattress Firm is an American retailing company and mattress store chain. It is committed to be a different kind of matteress retailer by foucusing on creating a unique shopping experience for the customer with a large selection of quality, brand name bedding products, competitive pricing and knowledgeable, well-trained associates.

Reference Links

  1. Mattress Firm Customer Satisfaction Survey Link: surveys.mattressfirm.com
  2. Mattress Firm Official Site: www.mattressfirm.com
Rate your recent Mattress Firm experience and discuss with friends
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  • Somewhat helpful
  • Not very helpful
  • Not at all helpful
Rating: 4.4/5 (146 vote casts)

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6 Responses so far.

  1. Jeff says:

    I have to say sleeply is the worst company to deal with. They Sell JUNK. 3 Matttress in 1 year. They are all under warranty or the 120 day in home. The sales man in The Bridgewater NJ Store on 202 is WORTHLESS. He tells me the Mattress comes with a box spring . You have extra money left you need to get something. OK 4 Pillows 39.99 each. I get the bed delivered NO BOX SPRING. I call the store the box spring is extra. Why would I pay 39.99 each for 4 pillow if I wasn’t getting a box spring. Now this company changed to Mattress Firm. I would never buy another Mattress from this company again. Stay far away from this company sales people are worthless and the new return policy is they have now is BS.

  2. katherine nierenhausen says:

    the manager was exceptional !! i actually enjoyed picking out our bed. the delivery was on time and the crew was top notch! cant say enough about Mattress Firm. a great place over all. thank you so much

  3. Lupe Presas says:

    I purchased a temper-pedic king size mattress at the store at Hwy 151 in San Antonio, TX. I specifically told the sales girl that I wanted the exact mattresses that were on display except for the massage feature, the dual king cool breeze. When they delivered the mattresses they were not what I ordered. When I called the store the guy that was there looked up my order and said that what was delivered was what I ordered. I told him that was not correct. I purchased the dual king with adjustable head and foot and received the one with just the head adjustable. I cancelled my order because he wanted me to pay an additional $1400 because the sales girl made a mistake and entered the wrong order. When I went into the store to cancel my order the guy told me that he spoke to the sales girl and she said that I told her I only wanted the head adjustment. I told him she was lying because I told her 3 times I wanted the same as the display without the massage. We went back and forth until he told me “Anyone can make a mistake”. I told him that is true but in business you are supposed to own up to your mistakes and not blame it on the customer. Also, I told him that I was charged for delivery when I was told that delivery was free. He said who told me that delivery was free. The sales girl did and the sign on the mattresses says it. He lied (the manager)and said that it is either free pillow, free mattress cover OR free delivery. No where on the sign does it say OR. I will NEVER purchase anything from Mattress Firm again and neither will my friends and family.

  4. AINES MAZA says:

    I bought my S&F FOUNDERS Queen prime Mattress set at the FORUM 005025 in Agora Pkwy, Schertz, TX on Nov. 25th. My brother bought his Full Mattress Set on the same day as well. The sales Associate Keith Dusenberry II who helped us, was so helpful, patient, pleasant, & knowledgeable! The gentlemen(Enrique & Ricardo) who delivered & set up our mattress sets were on time, efficient, careful, & pleasant. This is the second time my family has bought from Mattress Firm. Keep up the competitive prices & keep up the great job, staff!

  5. Carolyn Kovac says:

    We purchased our new mattress from Mattress Firm Clearance in Goodletsville, TN. The help from Michelle Long was amazing. She knows her product well, and made our shopping experience so positive. I was filling out the survey and got cut off. I wanted you to know how pleased we are with our purchase. We saved over $600.00 by going to this store.
    The two delivery men were most helpfully and pleasant in setting up our mattress for us.
    We have no complaints about customer service. Michelle is a good employee for the company.

  6. Debra Murphy says:

    I have made many attempts to contact you,but to no avail. Your customer service is the most difficult customer service I have ever tried to contact.

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